July 28, 2008

The Thing About Numbers

numbers.jpgOkay guys, something very cool is happening here, thanks to all of you!

At least, I think it’s cool.
Here it is … drum roll, please …
the Good Vibe Blog is quickly becoming one of the most highly trafficked law of attraction blogs on the internet.  !!
Yes, us!!  Right here!  This is where (much of) the LOA blog action is!!
How do you like that?
I’m amazed!
And thrilled!
See, Jeff (the technical guru who delivered you my pray rain journal ebook) wrote the other day to say this Good Vibe blog was approaching the million mark on Alexa.  I looked it up a couple days later to confirm what he said, and lo and behold, it had crossed!  It was at 999,962!
woo hoo!
Ok, I admit I don’t know exactly what that means.  But I know lower numbers mean more traffic.  So … more people are reading.  Very cool!
But a million – that still seemed pretty high, so I looked up other LOA blogs.
Here’s a sample of what I found:

  • Eva Gregory’s Law of attraction in action blog.com was at 1,176,754
  • Zoe Routh’s fabulous blog showed 3,581,160
  • Zen Law of Attraction is 819,184
  • Law of Attraction Simplified is 1,727,878
  • BethandLeewordpress.com says 2,782,897
  • What-is-the-secret.blogspot.com is 1,003,662
  • You Create Reality shows 3,124,448

(All great blogs, by the way!) 
So, this is one time I’m grateful to have six numbers instead of seven.  And it’s all because of you.  Thank you!
This excitement I’m feeling for the numbers reminds me of comments several of you posted about my excitement with my scale.  Some suggested I throw out the scale and forget about the numbers altogether. 
Which is usually what I suggest to clients: ”Don’t get hung up on the numbers, what you want is the FEELING, put that foremost in your mind.”
And yet, I realize, there is something about confirming evidence that can be empowering.  Can be.  Not always, but it sure has the potential, right?
Like seeing the numbers accumulate in the bank account.  Or doing Dr. Oz’s Real Age test.  Or seeing the cholesterol figures drop, or the scorecard for our favorite team. 
There are times when looking at numbers helps maintain – or even amp up – a good vibe.  Because it makes it more “real” – and we all know how easy it is to believe in reality.  😉
It seems our opportunity lies in knowing when the numbers support our vibrational alignment.  I mean, if the numbers make it easier to feel good, why not leverage them, right? 
And when the numbers aren’t where we’d like them, our opportunity is to feel good despite them, or putting them out of our mind altogether.
I’m curious what you guys think, though, since we all have experience with the “numbers.” 
How do they serve you?  How have you made peace with them?  Or do you live a great life ignoring “the numbers” altogether?  I’d love to hear your story!
And .. thanks again for making this blog one of the most active on the net.  You rock!! 

  • Yay, Eva! Thanks for checking in here … you are such an inspiration!

  • Eva Gregory says:

    Congratulations Jeannette!!!
    woo hoo!! Couldn’t happen to a finer person! This is the first time I’ve seen your blog and it’s beautiful and you are creating valuable content!
    Keep up the great work. You da BEST!
    warmest E

  • ha! Dawn, thanks for such an encouraging post! That’s incredibly rewarding to hear. 🙂

  • Dawn says:

    Post too much? No way!!! I’m constantly checking for new entries! I’m with Missy B … disappointed when there isn’t a new one.
    Leslie R also summed it up for me … “Jeannette makes law of attraction be the fun it is meant to be.” BINGO!!! I also found some of the other Law of Attraction authors very intense and serious which made me stress out about every thought I had.
    When I found you, Jeannette, there was just no turnin’ back!!! You’re awesome! Keep up that monkey approach that we all love! Congrats on the numbers!

  • I’m holding you two to that! lol

    Thanks, Paul – your humble opinion is a huge compliment. 🙂

    And Anna – I’ll never get tired of your unique style of expressing gratitude! lol You rock!

    Thanks for reading and for posting. Love you!

  • Anna says:

    Jeannette, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again —
    You’re Pretty Effen Cool, Baby!
    Eternities of Love, Light & Gratitude

  • Paul. says:

    Jeannette, I agree with Missy; I so look forward to your posts. I learn so much and my brain and my heart really get going.
    (So, in my humble opinion, I do not think you post too much–not at all.)

  • Iyabo, you’re making a good point how easy it is to feel differently about the numbers depending on the situation and our experience.
    You can see how it’s our thoughts and feelings we’re projecting on the numbers that make them seem helpful or immovable, right? And also how we make up meanings based on what the numbers are.
    Using our power to choose our thoughts/feelings is super helpful in making friends with the figures. OR – just eliminating the figures from our life altogether.
    Wherever the peace is. 🙂

  • Iyabo says:

    Numbers! I sometimes have a hard time looking at numbers. I do not like the numbers on my scale or the bank account balance. All numbers. However, when I was trying to follow a calorie restricted diet, it did help me to know how many calories were in what food to be more concious of what I was eating. I like numbers when they are in my favor but when they are not, they can appear to be immovable facts.

  • Missy B – you made my day! “365” – that’s one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever heard! Sometimes I imagine I post too much.

    Thanks for helping me let that thought go!

  • I’m glad you didn’t delete it, Tia, because it hit home for me.

    Sometimes when I get on the phone with clients, doing what I love most in the world, I am WAY up there. You should see me addressing a GROUP – it’s ridiculous! I talk so fast people can hardly understand me because I get so excited.

    And I’ve actually coached myself to bring it down a few notches, to be more at their level.

    When I read your note I realized that isn’t serving ANYONE. Not me, not them, not their forward movement. But I didn’t really “get” it until you reflected it to me.

    So I’m glad there was no delete button. 🙂

  • Missy B says:

    I love numbers ! But you don’t need numbers to tell you how good this blog is … just look at all the comments you receive after every blog entry. I know what number I’d like to see though … 365. A blog for every day of the year because these entries are so damn fine, I’m disappointed when there isn’t one !
    Well done you !

  • Tia says:

    I knowwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Right after I posted that I thought hmmm why did i say that? I shldve just gone HA HA instead of argh 🙂 Maybe I was subconsciously thinking of what my ex-manager said about my personality being not quite the fit they were looking for and tried to tone it down … but I realised in 2 secs that thats just what makes me who I am and I love that about me and not everyone will like/appreciate my energy and I dont care about them cos the people that do like it are the people that I like as well!!! LOL but there was no option to delete or change the comment…

  • Tia, I was just admiring your facebook photo, and I have to say, YOUR energy shines through! What a treat you are!

    Thanks for being here, and please don’t EVER feel you need to tone it down! You’re good company when you’re your natural UP self!

    Much love, girlfriend.

  • Tia says:

    Yay congrats Ms J!! Im not the least bit surprised though, there’s just something about you, your energy, your aura of fun and games, how CONNECTED and INTERESTED you are in all our lives and thoughts and it just SHINES through! I believe thats called the X factor -you can’t fake genuine interest (underline, underline)!!!! Ha ha I feel so clever having said that 😀
    Anyways, thats what draws me like a moth to your brilliant flame (argh tone it down, Tia!) cos its just so muh FUN being here and that is soooo very important to me!! AND I also come here for all the other fantastic people you attract into your life that become a part of this virtual community. Bring it ON sista!
    Much love and hugs to ya’ll from the West Coast xxxx

  • Thanks, Judi. Sending you and Marv really good vibes for big smiles and happy healthy love!

  • Judi says:

    Congratulations Jeannette!!! You so deserve it. As has been said, but I will repeat it as I feel it strongly – you give so much and it is so obvious from the vibe that comes across, that you just love to give and get such a huge buzz from the giving. Of course, we all get a buzz from receiving too!
    It’s so good to be part of such a great crowd, and you are responsible for that crowd getting together and we’re having so much fun together!!!
    Congrats from me and Marvin, who could do with some good vibes coming his way as his old body is getting a bit tired of this life.
    Love you all, Judi

  • Malu says:

    I Love It!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats to you all!

  • Freakin awesome would probably sum it up nicely, Paul! lol

    Yeah, the hundredth monkey theory … good point!! Numbers can have significance!

    That’s good food for thought.

    Thanks, as always, for posting, Paul!

  • Paul. says:

    I’m always glad to make you laugh, Jeannette, and I’m feeling no pressure–as long as you want to talk to me, I’m here for the party!
    But I started thinking some more about these numbers and I think they may be even more significant than (I had) originally thought:
    There’s what I think is called “The Hundredth Monkey” theory about how behaviours spread through communities. At first, it’s through trial-and-error, direct observation and mimicking, which is pretty slow-going. But then, after a large enough part of the community adopts the behavior, it starts to spread throughout the remaining much faster than anyone can explain. Some have postulated that the new behaviour at that point spreads because it’s become part of the shared unconscious.
    (Yeah, I know The Hundredth Monkey name comes from the original, discredited studies but more recent, better-constructed studies seem to bear out this phenomenon.)
    Anywho, with the popularity of your blog, Jeannette, and those other fine blogs, well, we get closer and closer to that tipping point….can you imagine?
    So, if I was stoked before, I’m even more so now. Jeannette, you are truly–as Abraham puts it–on the leading edge of creation here! (How does it feel? Delicious? Fabulous? Freakin’ awesome?)

  • Every time I look at those numbers, Zoe, I think “Zoe deserves WAY more traffic than this.” And I have to coach myself out of that feeling that feels like something’s not fair or right in the world. lol

    From what I understand Alexa says if you’re not in the top rankings, you really can’t rely on the numbers at all anyway. But that doesn’t stop me from looking every now and then. ha!

    Next time you post PLEASE leave a blog link so people can find their way to your cool stuff!!

    Love you, Zoe!
    Thanks for reading, girlfriend!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    How cool! Thanks for the plug about my blog – much appreciated! Rankings – glad they make you feel fabo!
    I have no idea of course what it really means, except that yours is more popular than mine! Hahaha! You must have the right vibe for traffic!
    Right now I have the vibe of smiling and gratitude that you are such a groover and soooo generous – love ya, woman!

  • PS – is this the Erika I know and love with one of the most beautiful accents I’ve ever heard?

  • I like your approach, Erika.
    It’s very much in alignment with what matters most, which isn’t the numbers. At least, I don’t think so. But what do I know?!
    I was thinking about it while I ate strawberries for dinner tonight. If I had the highest trafficked blog anyone ever heard of, but I didn’t get to feel the connection with fabulous people the way I do now, it would NOT be a satisfying manifestation. So the numbers are … meaningless … without the people.
    Thanks for posting, Erika!

  • Erika says:

    I am so glad to see you getting what you deserve and vibrate!
    I prefer to ignore the numbers until later. Then I look at them only to validate my actions and intentions and make adjustments if needed.

  • “Brilliant about vibration” – ha! I couldn’t help but repeat that, Leslie, I like the sounds of it so much.
    Especially coming from you.
    Thank you!! 🙂

  • Paul, you made me laugh so hard I snorted when you said “Believe it or not I do edit for brevity” … ha! You are a hoot!
    And very good reasons for suggesting ditching the scale. My true goal is best shape ever and how’s the scale going to capture that?
    A perfect example of when a number is meaningless.
    And even the traffic rates at these blogs are meaningless, you know? What matters is we’re having a good time, we’re learning, we’re sharing, we’re growing and we’re connecting. Who cares if it’s two people or two thousand?
    As long as I’ve got you and Leslie to talk to, I’m happy. hee hee (No pressure, you two.) lol

  • Leslie R says:

    I recently bought a Law of Attraction book and yes it has some lovely things in it but the author makes being “focused” so much work! There is a hard edge to his message and it just doesn’t sit well with me. Jeannette makes law of attraction be the fun it is meant to be. (It must be the monkey in her.)
    But seriously, Jeannette has a wonderful way of sharing and showing work in progress and makes it all so much more approachable. She just is in my opinion brilliant about vibration.

  • Leslie R says:

    And it’s you that rocks Jeannette.
    I am so glad to be here and part of this high flying numbered blog. Woo Hoo!
    Possibly the word got out we are having too much fun
    at the Good Vibe.
    You give so much Jeannette it is only natural to have it come back to you.
    Paul the FIRST one to comment today (Lol) said it so perfectly.
    Yah, Jeannette.

  • Paul. says:

    First off, CONGRATULATIONS on these great numbers, Jeannette! How very cool and I’m glad to be a part of this great crowd you’ve created.
    And this is coming from the guy who told you to get rid of the scale! (Believe it or not, I do edit my comments for brevity and I may have editted that comment too much. I suggested you get rid of the scale for 2 reasons: 1) the numbers on the scale weren’t giving you meaningful information about your goal–being in the best shape ever–it wasn’t showing you how your endochrine system was repairing itself, how you were getting stronger–muscle, being more dense, wieghs more than fat–etc. AND 2) the scale wasn’t helping your vibe. That number was irrelevant.)
    However, this number is SUPERB and meaningful and definitely is worth celebrating, which I am doing over here on your behalf.
    (And, can it be true? Am I the 1st responder? I know that’s not an important number, but for some reason it feels like it to me )
    Yay, Jeannette!

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