The “Truth” About Affirmations

Louise Hay’s new movie “You Can Heal Your Life” reminds us the power of affirmations.  Byron Katie says affirmations are great except that they don’t work.

Gene Simmons uses affirmations regularly, as seen on Celebrity Apprentice when he affirms he is a “powerful and attractive man.”  Saturday Night Live’s Stuart Smalley still gets laughs from his affirmation practice (“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!”).

My law of attraction coach told me affirmations would work if I believed they would.  And if I didn’t, they wouldn’t.

So what’s the deal – do affirmations work or not?

Here’s what I’ve noticed.  ANY thought we repeat consistently becomes our “truth.”

We prove things with our minds; we create the truth with our attention to it.  I’ve seen ridiculous things proven simply by the repetition of the thought.   And we are only limited by what we can conceive.  Examples (good and not-so-good):

  • I had no fat or cellulite to speak of, but kept telling the girls at work I did.  (Trying to fit in and make friends, so I joined them in their body-hate routine.)  Within a couple months I had both!  (This was obviously before I understood the power of affirmations.)
  • I started my coaching practice with no clients, but consistently affirmed I was in high demand.  Within months I had a full practice and was feeling the demand!
  • My girlfriend spent years having no luck with men or jobs, but then began repeating she had an abundance of opportunities before her.  Soon after her life was filled with new men and job options.
  • Reality show contestant Ali from Biggest Loser repeatedly said “I am the biggest loser” and went on to become the first female winner of the show, despite great odds.

I don’t think it matters if it’s a “lie” or not – if we repeat anything long enough, we attract evidence of its “truth” and come to believe it.

But I could be wrong.  If you think I am, please don’t tell me, because I’ve got a good thing going with affirmations – and I invite you to join me!

If your past experience with the practice of affirmations has been less than stellar, I invite you to wipe clean that old slate and give them a new try.  If you’re already a huge fan of the practice, post your success story here to inspire and encourage others!

To create your affirmation, first get clear about what you want.  With that outcome in mind, come up with a word or phrase that captures the essence of having achieved that desire.  Another way to think of it is: What do you WANT to be true?

Example: my boyfriend and I just moved in together, and one of my affirmations to support my desire for a harmonious and rewarding relationship is: “Smart money’s on us.”  For some reason that works better for me than something like, “I now choose to allow healthy and nurturing relationships in my life.”

Once you’ve got a combination of words that takes you to the feeling place of your realized desire, the next step is to get those words in your head!  Whether you read them, write them, say them out loud, listen to them on a recording – doesn’t matter.  Just get them in your brain – often and repeatedly!

I accomplish it by simply putting colored sticky notes in my office.  I figure if repeated and consistent exposure works for billboard advertisers, it’ll work for me!

Many others find wonderful success by writing a page of them out each night, or recording their own voice repeating the phrase and listening to it as they drift to sleep.  Follow your instinct and do what you’re inspired to play with.

Here are a couple of weight loss affirmations I enjoyed from Michael Neill:

  • Nothing tastes as good as thin feels
  • I feel energized and alive throughout the day
  • The more I speak my truth, the thinner I get

Louise Hay’s “I love and accept myself just as I am” works wonders for many.  I found “You go, girl!” to be effective for me personally.  Last but not least, you’re bound to love at least one of these Abraham affirmations:

  • All is well.
  • I’m on the right track.
  • I’m doing extremely well.
  • Look how far I have come.
  • Aren’t I having a good time.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if …
  • I am where I am and all is really well.
  • Things are going well for me.
  • Things always work out for me.
  • Life is really good for me.
  • There is no place I’m supposed to be that I am not.
  • I am moving into what I am wanting.

If inspired, read more on using affirmations effectively.  Let me know if you’d like additional assistance in making your dreams come true, but don’t be surprised if all you need is a little help from a handy affirmation!  Enjoy!

  • February 18, 2008
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