The Vibe Rules

So there I am, on my way to Chicago to tape for one of Oprah’s Law of Attraction shows.  If you read Sunday’s post, you know I had mixed feelings about the deal.

Actually, Sunday my feelings weren’t so mixed.  They were mostly terror.

But I was taking responsibility for my vibration and doing my best to calm it down.  To relax.  Enjoy.  Breathe deep.  Maybe even have some fun.

This is what I reminded myself the entire three hour flight there.  Relax.  It’s okay.  You’ll be fine.  Just be yourself.  Relax.  It’s okay.  It’ll be over soon.  Lots to enjoy here.  Relax, for hell’s sake!

I didn’t sleep a wink even though my eyes were closed the entire flight and I’d started the day at the ungodly hour of 4 am.

This isn’t my favorite way to live … where I need to do so much “work” to have fun!

But it’s Oprah!  What are you going to do??  Say no??  That would be ridiculous!

Of course you don’t turn down an opportunity like this.  (I hadn’t read Jennifer’s comment on yesterday’s post and the thought she shared hadn’t yet occurred to me.)

So there I was, “Relax, enjoy, just be yourself.”  It’s way too soon to start sweating, Jeannette.

Plus, who knows, with the snow storm in Chicago, I might not even make it.  (That was a thought of relief.)  My flight was seriously delayed due to weather, and what I learned later was that one Chicago airport was shut down completely and many flights didn’t arrive at the other one.  But mine did.  (Anxiety returns, even though I know I should consider it a miracle.)

And then there was the greeter waiting for me at the airport to hustle me into the limo.  <hee hee>

Okay, this isn’t so bad.

Once we arrive at Harpo Studios (me!  at Harpo Studios!) the driver escorts me past security because we’re so late.  (Although I had to leave my suitcase full of pray rain journals there that the producers had asked me to bring along.)

They whisked me into “hair and makeup” where no less than three professionals did their best to make me beautiful for the first half of taping.  I was to tell the story about how awful life was before I knew to practice Law of Attraction.  How I had my little breakdown in the backyard where I threw the pooper scooper on the garage roof and the bag of poop in the neighbor’s yard and went to bed for four days, which is when I read my first book about LOA.

Okay, you know what was going through my head right?  We KNOW not to focus on these things that don’t feel good, and here I was, not only re-living it, but doing so for millions to join me in.  I was hesitant at the wisdom of this, to say the least.

But I did it.  It’s Oprah!  What are you supposed to do?  This is no time to ask yourself what feels better.

After that I had a whole ‘nuther night to practice relaxing, which I was only mildly successful at.  In fact, we watched a screening of Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life movie, where I was reminded about the importance of my negative, stressful thoughts.

The next day I go through the whole hair & makeup routine again, and we’re ushered (like important people) into the audience for taping of the first show.  After the first show taping, we’re moved up to front row so we can tell the second half of our stories on the air and have a one on one exchange with Oprah & friends (Martha Beck, Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson).

Except that Martha and Cheryl didn’t have time to talk about their vision boards on the first show as originally scheduled, so they picked it up on the front half of the second show.  Which is when Oprah was scheduled to talk to me.  I got skipped!

Once again, I feel those same feelings I felt the week prior when Harpo was originally flirting with inviting me up and then saying sorry, we filled it.  All over again!  Same vibes!!  (Anxiety, relief that now I can relax & enjoy, and disappointment.)

Which is understandable since I was still flowing those same vibes.  A mix of anxiety (talk on air!?) and enjoyment (rock star treatment).

I knew I better clean this vibe up pronto because this wasn’t my idea of a great time.  It’s a little more roller-coastery than I prefer life to be.

So when the incoming snow storm threatened to keep me in Chicago another night (I really missed my regular life), I relaxed.  For real.  I knew tension would either get me home tense, or keep in Chicago tense.  And I’d had enough of tension.

“Relax,” I told myself.  It all works out perfectly.  Maybe Rick’s still at the Omni.  <hee hee>  And though we sat on the tarmac for 35 minutes waiting to see if weather would allow us to take off, we made it home safe and sound.  And I got to really relax, instead of try to relax.  And I looked for the upside of the experience – which was a LOT.  I could fill a book with what I was grateful for about that trip.

I also had an epiphany on the plane home that meant a lot to me, but that’s another post.

So there’s my update on the Oprah experience, because I know you were wondering.

What I mostly wanted to impart, though, is that it’s time for us to step up.  We’re not alone in this deliberate creating thing any more.  We have lots of good company.  It’s time to embrace the principles of attraction even more than we have already and continue to stretch into what’s next.  It’s time to quit screwing around and really walk this talk.  Not abandon it because Oprah called, or give up what we know because we’re in a new element.  We’ve got to make this part of who we are, how we think, how we live.  (I am saying that for me especially.)

And if anyone can do it, it’s US.  We know this stuff.  I didn’t set a great example of it in this story, but if anything it’s a reminder of what not to do.  It’s truly time to abandon old habits and live what we know works.

I’m happy to have you all as company in this journey, to help me stay on track and enjoy the process.  Much love to you!

  • February 6, 2008
  • Ha ha! I like that, Shama. With that perspective in mind, it feels like I’ve already gotten my Oprah appearance out of the way – hee hee – and I can move on to whatever’s next!
    Jack Canfield – here I come! lol (His Chicken Soup / LOA book will feature one of my stories this spring.)
    Nice to hear from you, Shama! Stay in touch!

  • Shama Hyder says:

    So close and so cool!
    It reminds me of the story Jeannette where a lady really wanted a new china set (this is in the 1920’s) and is given a broken china plate by a friend.
    She is really disappointed until someone (her coach!) reminds her that it’s just a sign of things to come.
    So, what does this sign point to? = )

  • Thanks for the links, Zoe! I echo that sentiment about what wasn’t covered … but am also so excited about Oprah helping bring Tolle’s New Earth to the rest of the world! I’ll see you in the course!! 🙂

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Tanks for sharing what you were not ready for – to be an unknown peon – and I ‘get it’ having watched the videos on You Tube (show doesn’t air until 6 months from now in Oz).
    There was a TON of stuff missing from that show – still did not share the whole picture of LOA and manifestation – where WAS the Secret behind the Secret? I did not hear that part on the show.
    For anyone else who has not seen the show, here are the YouTube links:
    The other AWESOME thing though is that Oprah is teaming up with Eckhart Tolle
    (author of the Power of Now and the New Earth) to
    offer a FREE 10 week on-line course to help guide
    people to their own inner awakening. I just joined
    up myself, so there is still room.
    You can get in the course (for free) by signing
    up here:
    p.s. I SOOOOOO felt hat vibe too – that one of ready for a bigger audience to connect and share with – people NEED to know how good it is to living in resonance with LOA principles. I felt the shift for me too – let the knowledge speak through me and drop fears, and limitations.
    p.p.s. I love that you used that word ‘peon’ – you are so not a peon – you need not play second fiddle to anyone – I can soooo feel your light burning bright – you are a radiant star!

  • Thanks for the Aingel blessings, Irth! 🙂
    I like what you’re saying here.
    In fact, I have to say the more distance I get from that experience, the more I am enjoying it. lol Nervous fears can ruin so much potential fun! ha!
    Live and learn, huh?

  • Irth Aingel says:

    Hello Jeannette,
    Perhaps there was a universe connection with Oprah’s recent LOA airings over the past two years and your inner desire to gain a larger audience (the media being one of the easiest ways to do this). It could also be that others made the connection in their minds and Oprah manifested for you…
    We all know that if the ‘statement’ isn’t specific enough, the universe will accommodate our sub-conscious as well as the conscious.
    I have felt that your message will be heard around the globe by billions; it is coming sooner than you think. Perhaps the Oprah experience is part of the training ground to get ready for such a level of exposure with ‘composure’.
    Aingel blessings on all you do,
    Irth 🙂

  • PS to John – I’m glad you got that about the pedestal. I wasn’t sure I said that well.
    Thanks for reinforcing that knowledge. 🙂

  • Good comments (and questions) here! Thanks Leslie for your uplifting words! You always feel so good to me! Every time I read you I feel better!!
    And Ellie, I totally agree that if nothing else, this gave me good practice for next time I enter that arena. I remember being interviewed on the radio for volunteer work I was doing with women to get off welfare, and I remember thinking this is a good trial run for when you’re doing this for your coaching practice (which I was getting ready to start). It was nerve-wracking, but good practice for the interviews I did down the road as a coach. 🙂
    Zoe, to answer your question, I think what I wasn’t ready for was to be an unknown peon in the audience. I think I know LOA better than those fielding questions about it. (Actually, I think all of us here know LOA better than most.)
    I also think I was uncomfortable being out of my personal integrity (shining clients at the last minute, turning my life upside down to get photos and video and jump on a plane, delving into a miserable story when I know better, sacrificing exercise, sleep, healthy food, even water (!) to accommodate the show production, etc.).
    To answer your question, Irth Aingel, I actually didn’t have a conscious desire to be on the show. (Martha Beck’s business partner asked me if I’d consider participating.) I never actually had that desire written down or in mind at all.
    But what I DID – and DO – have a desire for – is to grow my audience and inspire more people in bigger ways than I have. I thought that could be accomplished there. And I have no doubt that many WERE inspired by the show that ran, and will be by the upcoming follow up, too.
    What this experience inspired ME to was to know, love, trust and respect myself even more than I already do.
    And Zoe, I think you’re right about my Rick Springfield vibe.
    Sheesh. That was a nice touch, Universe!! lol

  • Irth Aingel says:

    Hello Jeanette,
    I have a question. I love the Oprah show (when I can catch it), but why did you want to be on the show in the first place?
    Irth Aingel 🙂

  • Peregrine John says:

    “The pedestal thing is ridiculous.”
    Serious wisdom in that. Multiply useful, and enormously important.

  • Ellie Walsh says:

    Hi Jeannette…
    I think you set a Great Example!!
    Sometimes stuff is so new to us – sometimes it is so scary and wonder-filled at the same time — We do indeed take that up and down road….
    Sometimes we need a practice run — This was the Universe showing you – Yes you can have it all!!
    You did not miss an opportunity….
    When you are the “featured” speaker on Oprah — you will not have this same level of anxiety – as you will remember your “practice run”!
    So… Congratulations — on your soon to be Featured Speaker on the Oprah Show!! 😉

  • Leslie says:

    You are so much fun Jeannette. I am laughing at the almost on and definitely not on vibe. You know isn’t that the way sometimes, hmmm. There was a real sense of you not feeling authentic with your story, like having to tell the meltdown story when that wasn’t where you wanted to go. And really, why do they have to “script” people’s contributions?
    I love that hailing a cab was the best part for you. It’s a vibe you are good at, “I’ll have that”. I like Zoe’s insights as well, what would have happened if you had gone on?
    The funny thing is you know in our hearts you were on. You are so on!
    What a girl! woo hoo! what an adventure. Love you.

  • Zoe Routh says:

    I sounds like you’ve got a bigger vibe going on with Rick Springfield than with Oprah! LOL
    I’m curious, what would have happened if it had turned out with you being shown? What are you not ready for?
    And the other question is, how come Oprah represents the colossus of success and having made it for folks (me included?) She, if nothing else, is simply the embodiment of living your truth, of riding that vibe. Why do we feel so naked at the thought of being in her presence?
    Hmm… need to ponder this one.
    p.s. Good for you – you are still the coolest person I never met who made it on and off Oprah 😉

  • Kirsten says:

    Just sending you a big “wow!” and a congratulations right now. And hey, who knows–they might end up adding your segment to another show.

  • I gotta admit, Paulette, it WAS pretty cool being treated that way! I think it helped me stretch my game, and see bigger things for myself down the road.
    Not that I need to be escorted into a limo each time I leave the house, or have a hair and makeup team on hand 24/7, but … just recognizing that we’re not that different from each other. The pedestal thing is ridiculous. We all deserve and are worthy of whatever we want in life.
    My favorite part of the whole trip, though? Don’t laugh – but it’s when I hailed a cab. lol The movie premier was a mile or two away from the hotel, so I caught a cab to it after shopping at Neiman Marcus (we don’t have one here).
    We can’t hail cabs in Utah – you have to call for them by phone. So when I saw someone doing that the day I arrived – I was like – hey, just like in the movies! They’re hailing cabs!! lol
    And then I got to do it myself to get the movie … I just walked to the curb, put my arm out, and ZIP – there was a cab for me!!
    Honestly – it was a trip. He couldn’t speak English and I smiled the whole way. lol I hailed a cab. Look at me go!! lol
    PS to Rick – they taped me in advance, setting up the story I was supposed to tell, but when it came time to tell it in front of the audience for the show – they ran out of time. So I didn’t get to be on, and the taping we did the day before was not used. Make sense? Stop and go. I would advise against that vibe. lol
    But the hailing the cab part was really cool! And meeting Deb and her entertaining boyfriend Phil. And getting beautiful flowers delivered to my room from Jeff and Jason. And giving the flowers to my breakfast room service girl who was gushing over how gorgeous they were. And meeting Karen and Kathleen from New Jersey. And all the makeup artists. And the OH!!! AMAZING staff at Omni Hotel!!! HO!!! I’ve never been treated so well in my LIFE!! You’d have thought I was there with Rick Springfield or something.
    Ok, I’m signing off now. I have a TON of emails to get through! Thanks for posting, everyone!

  • Yeah, Louise, I think what I was doing was flowing stop and go energy, and I got stop and go results.
    And Deb – I agree completely that this is just the beginning of more magical things to unfold for us both. 🙂
    Thanks for posting, both of you!

  • Peregrine John says:

    I got kind of lost in there. You’re going to be on the show… on tape only?

  • Lesli says:

    Yes, thanks for sharing! This was a great story and you were so honest with sharing it–I really embraced your message and all the reminders of LOA and the vibes we put out. I saw that Oprah was having her “Secret” show today so I set my TiVo. I know someday you will be back on Oprah on your own terms, when you are ready.

  • Lauren C. McHugh says:

    Ditto on what Rick said:)
    You’re even more wonderful & beautiful & just plain awesome, Jeannette! Thank you sooooo much for sharing with all of us!
    Mucho hugs,

  • Paulette says:

    Swiftly clearing security! Hustled into the Limo (you must be important!!
    Being whisked into hair and make-up to enhance your glorious good looks – now is that not just about every woman’s dream experience!!! I bet a few of the fellas, aussi!!
    Thanks for the wonderful reminders of LOA, vibrational energy and manifesting what we want!! I agree with Rick — this story is not over. The Universe was allowing you a glimspe of “what could be” and reminding you of the power of maniesting “on your terms!!”
    Rock on my friend!!

  • Rick says:

    Wow …. you are truly my hero: courageous, transparent, beautiful, smart and able to learn from everything.
    You remind me that we learn nothing by sitting in our room imagining our future; it’s important, but we learn at the interface.
    You rock!

  • Deborah Gray says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I just e-mailed you but thought it might be nice to be added to your blog as well…. I e-mailed before I read your after the show feelings… I too felt slightly disappointed and mostly exhausted as many people who are exhausted the disappointment felt deeper then it does when I’m on my game… I have since taken it all in stride and am looking forward to what comes next. I think that maybe both of us found ourselves operating under someone else’s intention and not our own. Though we both wrote down a year ago that we would be on Oprah and perhaps we will be shown in the audience and will actually be on Oprah – it wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I had actually envisioned writing a book and being on Oprah to talk about it. I believe this is still in my future.
    The whole trip reminded me that in deliberate intention, though sometimes general intentions are good it is even better when the vision I hold is clear and detailed. I do not regret any part of the trip and would do it all again because lessons have been learned.
    I still believe that great things will come from this in mysterious ways. As mysterious as it was for me to even be invited I expect even more magical outcomes for the future.
    I’m looking forward to your epiphany in your next blog.
    Deb Gray
    Life By Design, PA

  • Louise Aspden | Attract More Joy says:

    Your honesty is refreshing. Yes, this is a great example of how we can attract what we don’t want in our lives.
    Looks to me like your vibration was so negative the universe tried everything in it’s power to keep you from being on the show. You must have had some resurgences of positive as you did make it all the way to Harpo!
    Amazing how powerful our feelings truly are.
    I can’t wait to see the show today:
    (Watch Oprah Today: The Secret to “The Secret”)
    With gratitude…

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