The Vibration of Rallies, Protests and Petitions

The Vibration of Rallies, Protests and PetitionsMany conscious creators care deeply about planet earth, its inhabitants, and the well being of all humanity.

Many of us express that care by being proactive in our support for change.

But sometimes those efforts to create positive change are couched in negativity. (As in when we push against what we don’t want rather than support what we do want.)

Which LOA savvy folks know doesn’t actually promote the outcome we prefer.

In my experience, it’s been easy to get on the wrong side of something, even knowing this LOA truth.

Yet it also doesn’t feel super fab (to me) to ignore a situation or ‘do nothing’ when it seems important.

I mean, just because we’re conscious creators, that doesn’t mean we leave it to muggles to engage the challenging work that’s being called forth, does it?

Maybe it does. (But I doubt it.)

This subject has been up for me a couple times just this week …

Which is why I’ve been paying special attention to the vibration behind rallies, protests, and petitions.

Years ago I used to spend every Friday night joining protestors on the street in front of the fur shop. I placed vegan propaganda in the airline seat pockets every time I traveled. I protested the rodeo event for Utah’s 2002 winter Olympics. I gathered signatures to lobby those in office for animal-friendly legislation.
It doesn't matter what you do; it only matters how you feel.

That was before I learned about the power of where we place our attention.

If I focus on the problem, I’m not helping to diminish it. Because whatever I resist, persists.

So I eventually realized I had to shift my focus.

Which all these years later I’m still finding my way around.

I remember what I’ve learned from Abraham and Bashar: that it doesn’t matter what I do, it only matters how I feel.

So, what feels better: ignoring the request to get involved or putting my energy behind it?

Or maybe there’s a third option to choose.

Sometimes when I respond to a call to action I simply remind myself that I’m here to __(fill in blank with desired outcome)__, rather than join the fight against the “problem.”

If I sign, I’m signing for this, not against that. And if I don’t sign, I take a couple seconds to vision the desired outcome. That’s where my true power lies anyway.

Occasionally what feels better is to do nothing other than remember that all is well and everything’s working out perfectly. Which drives my activist friends crazy. (Even my own gremlin asks if I’m being irresponsible or callous.)

A lot of times what makes the difference for me is the way the call to action itself is worded.

Perhaps it simply comes down to this:

  1. drop any limiting beliefs about how things won’t change if I don’t join the fight, and
  2. when I do join in, make sure I engage in a way that empowers what I prefer rather than what I don’t.

I’d love to hear from fellow creators on this one.

How do you handle it when someone’s calling for you to join a cause that matters to you?

  • March 12, 2015
  • Jeannette says:

    Agreed, Frank (“… protesting against something puts too much negative emotion on what is supposed to be the desired outcome”).
    In fact, I’ve heard from a couple of sources (two of them channeled) that we’ve recently had presidents elected not so much because so many supported them, but rather because so many others opposed them. All that “opposition” energy propelled them into office!

  • Frank says:

    Hello Jeanette,
    I’m not a fan of being an active protester for any cause. By definition the word protester means to express a strong objection to (something). I feel strong emotions attached to an object is what I’ve been practicing more and more of, only I’ve been attaching “positive” emotions to my wants. I’ve always felt the protesting against something puts to much negative emotion on what is suppose to be the desired outcome. In all honesty, in every protest I see covered in the media the crowd is so angry. I’ve been on a quest to eliminate as much negative energy or vibrations as possible. The older I get, the more I come to realize that negative thoughts, feeling, emotions, etc. are not good for my health and well being.
    In the four examples you cited about people wanting your help and support for their causes, I bet had the request been stated in a proactive way such as “the benefits of a consistent clock” your response might have been very different.

  • Jeannette says:

    Pollyanna, what an inspiring example! Loved how you said, “once I am aligned, that’s when the magic happens.”
    Here’s to more alignment to what we prefer all around! 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    Mitch, I love your prediction!
    And wow, it does really all come down to feeling good, doesn’t it? Good reminder.
    I totally get this, too: “I see it as gathering with like-minded people to speak my truth because it feels like the right thing to do.”
    Always a pleasure to hear from you, Mitch. 🙂

  • Practically Always Pollyanna says:

    This is such an inspired piece. Thanks Jeannette.
    I have found with trying to sell a particular book on a taboo subject – which I will just go ahead and say out loud else I am also making it so; it’s stillbirth – the times I have made the greatest progress have been when I have felt peaceful and inspired to take action. I am a Literary Agent (and Stillbirth Awareness Campaigner… focusing on the love and healing side of things), so there have been many times when I have felt outraged and in despair at the rejections and stony silences of UK publishing houses to take this beautiful U.S published book on!
    And then once I am aligned, that’s when the magic happens. I have been practicing that vibe so much and refusing to look at ‘what is’ (128 rejections and seemingly no more doors to knock on) and then suddenly, out of the blue, I happen to meet someone who is setting up a health imprint for their small UK publishing co and they jump at the chance to take the book on.
    Long story short – it will be in major retailers across the UK this summer!!
    So it really is only when we give up the battle and getting others to ‘get us’ or our cause that the good things start to happen. And almost always in ways we could never have dreamed!
    And Janette, the quote you mention about expressing emotions that are human nature and then deciding whether to own those or to move toward peace, well, that really speaks to me right now with regards to a family situation that’s playing out! Thank you so much.
    Such a great post 🙂

  • Mitch says:

    Jeannette, again, you and I are vibing the same thing. I knew that coming to your blog tonight was the right thing to do. 🙂
    When I first learned about LOA, I had that zealous conviction of the newly converted. lol That may be a strong way to put it, but that’s kind of how it was. Every time someone I knew complained about their problems, I immediately wanted to contradict them and point out how they were only making their problems worse by focusing on them. And while that may be true, it usually doesn’t help someone who’s suffering to tell them that everything is perfect.
    Likewise, when I’m suffering over something happening in the world, I can’t always just tell myself that it’ll all be okay and I don’t need to take action. Sometimes, I can. But not always.
    I predict that there will be a time when humanity knows its power to create through thoughts and emotions, and it will be easy for all of us to accept that and practice it. But in my experience, we’re not quite there yet. Or at least I’m not, not all the way.
    And so yes, action is okay and taking a stance is okay when we feel called to do so. But I only do it when I really feel called. I get regular emails from the Human Rights Campaign that works diligently to make sure that the LGBT community is treated fairly in America. And there are so many emails that motivate me and inspire me to sign their petitions and work with them to make America a better place for people like me. I don’t see it as protesting. I see it as gathering with like-minded people to speak my truth because it feels like the right thing to do.
    But there are times when it just doesn’t feel right for me. And I can’t even explain why. There are times when the emails maybe rub me the wrong way or I perhaps don’t totally agree with the message, and I can’t, if I’m being really honest with myself, sign my name to what’s being said. I’m certain that there are people who would judge me for that, but that can’t be my concern. Because as a conscious creator, I know that if I give from a place of discomfort, no good will come from it anyway.
    And I really, actually know that. I’m not just spouting from all of the books that I’ve read and the seminars I’ve attended and the brilliant Abraham You Tube clips that I’ve enjoyed. 😉 I have been playing this game long enough to really see what my life is like when I am regularly feeling good and what my life is like when I’m regularly feeling bad. So when something feels bad to me and I fight against it instead of finding my best feeling place first, it turns out mediocre at best. (And really effing awful at worst! ;))
    So thanks, Jeannette. This post was a great reminder for me, and one that I needed today. 😀

  • How can I thank you enough, Gary and Joshua? Your comments are not only specific to me & my situation, but very helpful. Not to mention loving, kind, and thought-provoking (good thoughts, I might add.)
    I’m at a loss right now to see what positive aspects this episode has taught me. It’s never been about the money; it’s always been about honoring my mother’s wishes and her architectural legacy, both of which have been uhm, not honored in this process. I don’t know, maybe that’s the point, that neither are important. It’s just hard to achieve a ‘greater perspective’ that allows me to *feel good* about what has happened.
    Thank you. I know what you say is true, and that I need to get to a point that I feel good, and now I’ll try to figure out how to do that. Thank you again.

  • Gary Bodley says:

    This post is to Kelley from Joshua
    Dear Kelley,
    We see the tremendous momentum that has been built up and is causing you to feel betrayed by a system you once believed in. We seek only to make you feel better as this is a feeling reality and how you feel is the only thing that matters even if you think it’s not that important. We will attempt to show you the higher perspective that we see and maybe that will make you feel better. Here’s the secret: the only way to get what you want is by feeling your way to it. Everything wanted feels good. In order to get what you want, which is ultimately to feel good, you must feel good first. Good feelings align with good feeling and bad feelings align with bad feelings. You’ll never get what you want by feeling bad, angry, indignant, horrified, vengeful, or any other bad feeling.
    So we will start by saying that you create your own reality. You’ve heard that before but you do not want to accept that because you believe you would not have created the conditions that surround your mother’s estate. You believe that if you created your reality, everything you want would come to you easily. While this is possible, it doesn’t really work like that. The first step is to accept that all of this is your creation. You are responsible for every part of it. It’s your creation. Why did you create this? There are many possible reasons. But first you must acknowledge that there is something in this for you to gain. Things never happen to you, they always, always happen for you. It seems like abuse, but it’s really just a learning experience that will lead to your personal expansion. And that is a good thing.
    Now let’s think about how you feel. You feel bad. You believe that the lawyers and judges are wrong. You want them to be different than they are. You feel negative emotion. What is this all telling you? It’s your guidance system at work letting you know you’re looking at this from the limited perspective of self and by doing so, you’re missing the point of this experience. If this experience is occurring in your reality, then it’s happening to bring you to another level of understanding. You grow through experience. What is there for you in this specific experience?
    The way to resolve this issue is to modify how you feel. You cannot get what you want by being angry or outraged, for being so will only create more things for you to be angry about. You must think about what it is that you really want. You think you want the money, but that’s never what you want. You want this to be resolved and you want to go on with your life so that you will feel good once again. You can’t imagine feeling good from where you sit right now. In fact, this event has the potential to cause you to feel bad for the rest of your life. As you chronically feel bad, you cause inner conflict and stress on the body. As you feel good, you create an environment of well-being. You get to choose, so which one will you choose?
    If we were in your shoes, we would find another approach to the situation. First we would identify what we wanted and that is to feel good. Nothing else matters. We would not care about the money, who was right or wrong, or even who prevailed in the end. We would only consider our own personal feelings as important. You see, if your only goal is to feel good, then the universe must submit to that and create a solution that allows you to feel good. If you’re goal is to win, then you might win, but in such a way where you might not feel good in the end. This is not an effective approach to the situation.
    If our goal was to feel good, then we know that we must find a way to feel good while in the process of this situation. We know we must feel good even when we’re in the courthouse or lawyer’s office facing our perceived enemies. Remember, they are not feeling bad. They are not worried about the outcome. To them, this is a game. They are vibrationally prepared for the event, while you are not. So you must approach it as they do; like a game. You must enjoy the process. You must find the positive aspects. You must think of yourself as a confident and worthy opponent, not as the victim. You must look for ways to exploit their weaknesses and you must revel in your victories, no matter how small.
    Soon this event in your life will be concluded. You will be changed forever by it, which is the point of this event. You will expand regardless of the outcome, but you can determine the level of expansion by your approach to the event. Lean into it with confidence and know, as we know, that everything is here for your personal growth and benefit. You cannot lose. You will be just fine.
    You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could believe.
    We are Joshua

  • Jeannette says:

    Alexandra, here’s to being so well tuned to the energy! Even though I know some of our muggle friends might accuse us of apathy, we know it’s exactly the opposite.

  • Gary Bodley says:

    Everything is right. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Anything seen as wrong comes from a judgment based on a perspective which is limited. This was the first message we gave you. Your work in this lifetime is to come to terms with this simple realization; everything is right.
    Since everything is right and there is no wrong, then what happens when you see something you judge as wrong and you decide to fight against it? You simply bring more of that into your personal reality. Reality is a personal thing. The only thing that really matters is how you personally feel. If you see something unwanted and you believe that it has no place in your reality, do you fight to rid the world of it or do you simply turn your attention from it?
    Fighting against something creates more. This is the most basic and fundamental law in the universe. Your attention to anything, especially with the great focus of passion, creates more of it in your personal reality. Allowing everything to be as it is and then consciously deciding to focus your attention on that which is wanted causes the wanted aspects of life to grow larger and diminishes the prevalence of unwanted things appearing in your reality.
    Protest rallies focus on the elimination of some unwanted aspect, yet this inadvertently causes that unwanted thing to grow larger and larger. Look at the war on drugs. Are drugs less prevalent in your society? Some would argue that the war on drugs has created a cultured focused on drugs. This is the exact opposite of what was intended. Look at your war on terrorism. Is there more or less terrorism in the world today? Some would argue that your war on terrorism has created the environment where everyone is suspected of terrorism and your government is justified in its approach to the mass surveillance of its citizens.
    Now let’s look at marches. This form of protest focuses on the desire they seek. Marches are movements toward something wanted. Equal rights, gay rights, women’s rights all started with marches toward the realization of something wanted. When something wanted is the focus of your attention, you leverage the power of universal laws. Great change is created.
    Let’s take another look at terrorism, which from your limited perspective, you judge as bad and wrong. Think about the terrorists themselves. Why would they want to become terrorists in the first place? Because it gives the individual something wanted; the feeling of power and belonging. Terrorists are not conscripted, they are recruited and inspired to join a cause. It makes them feel better. Does their approach work? Definitely not, for the same reason fighting against anything cannot work. The terrorists have only helped to create a larger and more oppressive enemy.
    Look at those in your country who join the fight against terrorism. Are young men and women conscripted into your armies or do they join voluntarily? They deem the act of terrorism to be wrong so they join the fight against it. They feel good in their purpose. They like the feeling of camaraderie. They feel powerful handling weapons. They want the disciple the military provides. They all gain something from the experience.
    If you choose to eliminate something from your world by fighting against it, you do not allow a valid aspect of physical reality to continue. Since you cannot see the big picture from your limited perspective, you can’t see how everything works to bring experiences that are beneficial and necessary to those involved.
    However, if you want to strive for change that moves the evolution of life forward, then march toward something wanted. If you see injustice, focus your attention on justice and equality. If you see neglect, focus your attention on well-being. Look for the improvement of something wanted, not the annihilation of that which you personally and individually judge as wrong.
    There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Understand that everything is right. Focus on what is wanted. Remove your attention from anything you personally and individually consider unwanted. Allow others to fight if they choose to. The quality of your life is created by allowing others their right to determine what is best for them.
    We Are Joshua

    • Kelley says:

      All excellent advice Gary & others. Where reading great, general quotes from our favorite LOA authors is reassuring *when things are going well* it falls far short (for me) when I am confronted with specific instances of unwanted.
      What I seek are not general quotes that would make me feel better (if I was already in a good spot) but specific advice as to how to see justice while in the midst of injustice; how to see care in the midst of neglect. I know you can’t stop a train going 80 mph in one direction & get it to go 80 mph in the opposite direction- all on a dime. I’ve read the books, listed to the workshops, taken many naps to reset myself, and know the principals and generally live by them. But when my mother’s death confronted me with this situation of legal abuses, I’m at a loss as to how to respond the LOA way, so to speak.
      Any suggestions addressing this specific situation of judicial & attorney conduct – which I had little to no choice but participate in, as per the laws of the US – would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jeannette says:

    I love what you’re up to, Marielle! Keep us posted, please.
    Gillian, I totally get it. I did run across a petition the other day that was a pure pleasure to take part in … I can’t remember exactly how it was worded but it was FOR the positive outcome rather than AGAINST the problem. That makes all the difference in the world to me.
    Thanks for chiming in, you two! 🙂

  • Alexandra says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Jeannette! This topic was and still is very important for me. I’ve been one of the “against” activists before learning about LOA. And this was not only concerning water, pollution and things like too much electromagnetic or microwave radiation. I used to work against any kind of “negative” input to my or others bodies, too. It was “you must not” all the time.
    But at a certain point I realized that my world was growing more and more narrow and tight. And I had to admit, that I had locked myself in my own believes – which felt awful.
    Today I skiped a lot of my old believes. Now it is very important for me, to engage only into something, when I can see and feel what I engage myself FOR. It has to feel good to me and I need to be able to see the positive outcome instead of the “mess”. I’ve learned a lot from this tight and narrow feeling, which (concerning such topics) at once comes back to show me, if I am on the right side of the equation, or not.

  • Gillian says:

    Jeannette. you hit it smack right on the head. I was asked to sign a number of petitions these past months concerning people unjustly accused as a result of a dysfunctional legal system. This problem really touched my heart, but somehow I inherently knew that signing a petition will only strengthen the problem rather than the solution. I thought exactly along the same lines as you did and as you outlined above. It should not come as a surprise to us LOA folks that. no matter how many signatures were signed globally, those guys are still in custody. I feel petitions simply get us nowhere.
    Thanks for bringing this topic up, because I am torn between doing a certain ‘Duty’ and knowing that petitions get us nowhere if the vibe is pushing against what we don’t want. I am signing no more petitions!
    Be blessed, Gillian.

  • Soon I am opening a new program where I will educate people to become Sparkle Leaders, so that together we can focus on new realities that we would like to bring to the world for the highest joy of all. Our greatest power is in aligning the energy, becoming a channel for it that brings the frequencies here on earth. The inspired action will then come on a whole other level. This is megapowerful energy, because there is so much desire behind it in our mass consciousness Vortex. Those who are up for playing in that energy and carrying it out into the world by BEING a walking, talking, vibrational match to it, those are the people that will make the biggest difference, start up new initiatives and will attract al lot of support to them.
    “One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not. And two who are harmoniously focused and connected to the Energy Stream brings about a co-creative endeavor that cannot be matched by anything else in all of the Universe.”

  • Jeannette says:

    Good point, Amanda, that often it’s easiest for us to bring good energy to the party when we’re not immersed in a crowd of folks who might not be as discerning about what they’re flowing.
    Kelley, having had a similar experience recently, you know it took me a while to find good ground myself. So here’s to being patient with ourselves in that process! And I love how well you’re finding good things about the experience. That practice takes serious skill!

  • As Jeannette knows, this topic has had special resonance for me for the past 18+ months, since my mother’s death, and the legal abuse and financial theft that is perpetrated upon heirs by attorneys, judges and the courts. For me, I was blind-sided by their actions as I attempted to inherit the money my mother very clearly wished me to have upon her death.
    I have struggled mightily with this issue/problem, and I’ve been negative about 99% of the time. I never, ever, in a million years thought I would have to fight attorneys and judges to receive what is rightfully mine and what my mother wanted me to have.
    But this post is wake-up call to me, as I figure out how to re-frame my experiences in a positive light. I really appreciate Janette’s comment above, including the quote from Julia Rogers Hamrick:
    “It’s human nature to react in horror, anger and despair to traumatic events. It’s [our] divine nature to respond with peace, calm and Love. Own them both and then choose which one you will empower.”
    After 18+ months, I think I’m close(r) to empowering peace, calm, and love, and there’s still plenty of growth opportunity. 😉 Through this issue, I’ve met many of this particular set of attorneys and judges other victims, who have lost not only a whole lot more money than I ever dreamed of inheriting from my mother’s modest estate, but they have lost their still living, breathing mothers, too, who have been imprisoned and drugged into submission by abusive court-ordered Guardianships AND had their millions of dollars stolen by the attorneys.
    As Janette mentioned above it’s just heart-wrenching and impossible to stand by and let it occur, especially because my friends’ cases are all sequestered and kept out of any type of public scrutiny or oversight, whereas mine was in open court, where the attorneys have publicly recorded their theft. So I’ve tried to use my more ‘open’ case to bring to the authorities’ attention and try to engage reforms.
    I’m focusing more on my new-found friends (all women) and their undying love and care for their mothers (that these attorneys will allow. Yes, the attorneys have the right to prohibit the daughters from even seeing their own mothers, much less caring for them, so these women walk a really fine tightrope, lest they have their right to see their own mothers revoked. If they were to attempt to report the attorneys and judges to any higher authority – and that’s tricky because in the US the judges authority cannot be abridged by either Legislative or Executive (governors) branches – the attorneys would take away this right of theirs to see their own mothers!)
    I’m focusing on healing and relief – not just for my friends, but for a very large number of families in all 50 states who are suffering from similar legal abuses and financial theft. Google “Abusive Guardianship” and you’ll soon see just how pervasive the problem is. is a good example, and the woman wasn’t even elderly, which shows we are ALL at risk. This is going on in all 50 states.
    I’m focusing on bringing light to those who have little-to-none, and I thank my lucky stars that all these a**holes got their hands on was my mother’s money, not my living, breathing Ma. Of course, had they dared to try, we might have all been spared! because my Ma wouldn’t have been their victim. And I’m not either.
    Thanks Jeannette for bringing up this important topic on the vibration of rallies, protests and petitions. I’d love to hear of others suggestions on how I can empower Peace, Calm, and Love around this issue.

  • Amanda says:

    I, too, don’t participate in rallies because it’s too difficult for me to keep my own footing. But the thing that does feel really good to me is a meditation where I breathe out my breath through the heart chakra blessing whatever the “problem” is, and covering it with love.

  • Jeannette says:

    Kudos for choosing consciously, Jackie.
    And Janette, that’s a great quote from Julia. Thanks for sharing it here.
    You’re reminding me how Abe used to tell Jerry that you don’t have to go out looking for victims to save or fights to engage. But you’ll know when there’s something for you to do because it will be on your path. And when it is, do what feels best.
    That’s been helpful for me to remember and practice. 🙂

  • Janette says:

    This has been a BIG one for me over the past 48 hours, with some specific actions by the Australian government which feel very much like a return to the dispossession and cultural genocide of Indigenous Australians. It’s a huge, hairy and heartbreaking issue for me, so for a little while I was caught up in the shock, dismay and helplessness which many of those directly affected were feeling.
    This is how humans function – our empathic mirror neurons mean that we are hardwired for compassion, hardwired to feel all the same feelings of helplessness and rage that those who are suffering are experiencing.
    And then I remember this quote from Julia Rogers Hamrick:
    “It’s human nature to react in horror, anger and despair to traumatic events. It’s [our] divine nature to respond with peace, calm and Love. Own them both and then choose which one you will empower.”
    Own them BOTH, and THEN…
    Simply ignoring social and political challenges doesn’t work for me, because like you it doesn’t feel great to stand by and let everyone else take care of them. So I need to allow myself to begin by owning the horror, anger and despair. And then – as quickly as I can manage while still honouring them – move into peace, calm and love…. and take inspired action from that place.
    For me, that usually means finding a well-written petition which is focused on the positive, or writing a calm and well-reasoned letter to someone who can make a difference. I’m learning to limit the ranting-on-Facebook and the sharing of ‘bad news’. But I will continue to unapologetically take actions which bring attention to ways we can support others in creating their lives being better, whether that’s animals or trees or other human beings.
    I tend to avoid rallies only because unlike Facebook, I can’t so easily manage the communication and vibration of those around me – but maybe one day when I’m more masterful at this, I’ll step up.
    Thank you for a great topic!

  • Jackie Taylor says:

    The first year of the war in Iraq, some local musicians started the Million Musicians March for Peace. They have it during SXSW in the hopes that some of the out of town visitors will join in. So far very little of that has happened. I attended the first on and I was downtown a time or two in a couple of other years and marched along as much as I could. However, it became obvious in a short time that the march has turned into more of a protest against war than a demonstration for peace. That is a whole ‘nuther thang. I don’t participate any more for that reason.

  • Jeannette says:

    Ming, that’s one reason I’m such a fan of the way Best Friends Animal Society operates. They do SUCH a good job of focusing on what’s going right, on wins and successes, and general good news with accompanying happy photos rather than spotlighting all the horrors and setbacks.
    And you’re right – we do train people how to treat us, don’t we? I guess by being grounded in the vibration we prefer law of attraction sorts that all out for us.

  • Ming says:

    Years ago, I had people send me all this stuff on animal rights. They would send me these horrific pictures of animal abuse. They would try posting them on my FB page and emailing them to me. I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I told people that I am an animal advocate but I choose to do it by not focusing on what is wrong out there. Those pictures physically hurt my heart. They also do not help me heal the animals in fact it deters me. I would tell them there are plenty of people that are fighting for the animals in that way. But I am choosing to love them and I will only post pictures of animals in that way. You know, your post got me thinking, people get that about me now 🙂

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