The Year of the Manifestor

The Year of the Manifestor at Good Vibe UniversityI’ve got a new design for Good Vibe University in 2015 to share the best stuff I know about mastering the art of manifesting.

It’s unfolding in my personal style: boiled down nuts and bolts, no fluff but plenty of fun, completely practical, easy to understand and delightful to implement.

Because discussing theory is a waste of time if we don’t put this into practice in our real every day lives!

After playing with this LOA stuff for 15 years, and coaching others on it for the last decade, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be really good at creating reality.

When I asked how I got to be so good at this manifesting stuff, I thought of four things: Practice, Self-Awareness, Support and Immersion.

Which is exactly what GVU delivers.

Are you ready to get even better at this LOA stuff, too?

Here’s what I think goes on the list of what makes someone a really good conscious creator:

  • ignoring reality, naysayers and gremlins
  • believing in your dreams and desires (know it’s possible!)
  • allowing things to unfold rather than trying, forcing or pushing
  • feeling your feelings (another form of allowing)
  • learning to identity shift (be it before it’s real)
  • becoming a master of appreciation (including positive expectation and optimism)
  • tuning into and trusting guidance (aka leading with joy)
  • getting picky about your thoughts, in favor of thoughts that feel better
  • practicing self love and becoming a good receiver
  • focusing skills!
  • spotting and celebrating evidence of success

Easy to see how someone with these habits would be a natural and powerful manifestor, right?

So with that in mind, here’s the lineup at GVU this year, which everyone is invited to tune in for.

Remember you don’t have to be a member to hear the live calls! But if you do enroll, annual members get a free coach session with me to use at any point during the year.

January: Raise Your Standards
We launch the new year with a new vibration by identifying and eliminating energy drainers (aka irritations & tolerations). Because many times it’s not about what we need to start doing to allow our dreams to manifest, it’s just a matter of what to stop doing that allows them to unfold magically. And this is a  powerful activity to engage in a group. You’ll be amazed at your transformation!

February: Your Ultra BFF
How’s your connection to Inner Guidance? This is the time we develop an even stronger relationship with our best buddy – whatever name it goes by in your world – higher power, inner being, inner wisdom, higher self, etc. It’s what holds the key to all of our dreams come true, so this month we master that connection.

March: The Art of Saying Yes
Next we learn to drop resistance to whatever we may be pushing against. We’re going to learn the power of saying yes to everything, and replace judging with allowing, as we become a cooperative component to our best life.

April: Getting Thought-Picky
This month is about committing to better feeling thoughts. That’s right, we’re going full on Pollyanna! We stop letting gremlin thoughts run rampant through our creative minds, as we master the art of pivoting – which we all know is key to our manifesting success.

May: Eyes for the Gifts
Opening your eyes to the gifts is our work this month. Appreciation, thankfulness, enjoyment – this will become our default setting and natural way of seeing the world even in challenging circumstances. This skill alone (and it is a skill) can transform anyone’s manifesting game.

June: How to Believe
Abe tells us the two keys to successful manifesting are strong desire and strong belief. Of those two elements, belief is by far and away the one we have most room for improvement. So this month we learn how to believe in our biggest and best dreams – including the ones that muggles would write off as fantasies. Because we understand how the system works, and that’s a powerful step in allowing those big desires to manifest.

July: Because You’re Worth It
Self-love and worthiness is our key focus these four weeks, as we adopt the vibration that requires Universe to deliver us the goods. This is the single most powerful and (often most neglected) manifesting skill in any creator’s repertoire.

August: Eyes on the Track
This is when we learn to focus like a NASA Hubble telescope. No more foolin’ around, no more excuses, we are going to own this technique like it’s a billion dollar payday. Because seriously, it’s that valuable to be able to do this.

September: Leading with Joy
We all know having a good time is important, but for one reason or another many of us fail to prioritize this in daily life. Until now. This month we begin removing the obstacles that keep us from living our highest excitement. Get ready for a good time!

October: Let It Go
Release techniques are our focus this month where we become exceptionally good at the art of surrendering. We’ll learn when it’s called for and sift through the most effective processes to get really good at doing it.

November: Let It In
Are you a good receiver? Most of us have been so strongly conditioned to be generous givers that we really suck at receiving. But after this time together we’ll all get really comfortable at letting the good stuff in, whether it’s compliments, money, support, or whatever else wants to help improve our experience of life.

December: Owning It
Do you know how to ‘be it’ before it is? You will after this month’s drill. Alignment-inducing identity shifts will be a cinch with the skills you learn here.

Each month is launched with a live introductory call led by me, followed up with a group Q&A discussion mid-month, with guest expert contributions sprinkled throughout.

We’ll also feature spotlight interviews with master manifestors to pick their brains about best manifesting practices throughout the year. (Starting with Pam Grout this month!)

This will likely be our most engaging and uplifting year at GVU yet. And that’s saying something.

Check the calendar for upcoming calls, which everyone is invited to join.

And if you’d like to become a member, you’ve got very attractive options.
Good Vibe University
Happy 2015, fellow creators!

  • January 2, 2015
  • Sandeep says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    After getting the inspiration from your “November” agenda, I realized I have been more of a generous giver than a generous receiver. Today being World Water Day, I shared my poem “Autobiography of Water” from my book “Autobiographies of Silent Creatures” with organizations and people on Facebook, and I am continuing to do so. Since the idea came through you, I am acknowledging it here gratefully.
    Now regarding the content for receiving generously, I am sharing it here.
    With Love and sincere regards
    Dear Fellow Human Being and Water Consumer,
    Today is World Water Day on 22 March.
    As we all know, every human being needs water for sustenance.
    So on this occasion, I have a poem “Autobiography of Water” from my book “Autobiographies of Silent Creatures” to share with you.
    Please feel free to select your contribution at, and I shall gratefully acknowledge your contribution on the website, press release, and social media. On your demand, we can also give you a digital certificate for your generous contribution.
    Many thanks
    With love and sincere regards
    Your Earthly friend,
    Sandeep Sinha
    (Honored with the Title: Scientific Poet of the 21st Century)
    Autobiography of Water
    Hello! I am an earthly inhabitant- water,
    I sustain the life of every son and daughter.
    To express my inherent right,
    I tell a poet to explicitly write.
    I cover two-thirds of the surface of earth,
    in the same ratio by weight, I share a human’s berth.
    It’s my duty to care for every living creature,
    without me, they can not nurture.
    I am available through many sources,
    lakes, rivers, oceans as well as seas.
    I flow through a maze of channels,
    then made potable by filtration panels.
    When it rains, I hide myself underground,
    traveling through pores, I’m bound and unbound.
    In drought, I come out by boring and extraction,
    industrial chemicals poison me by contamination.
    As long as I continue to flow,
    my health booms, and I glow.
    When I stagnate due to poor sanitation,
    I foster diseases that cause destruction.
    When humanity makes my proper utilization,
    I serve it with love through my distribution.
    You need me; please do not waste me,
    use me, harvest me, but kindly do not pollute me.

  • Yes and yes, Alexandra! Thanks for asking the question.
    And Matt, I’m so glad to hear the relief you found your way to! That feeling of a “lifted weight” is SUCH a vibrational improvement!
    Thanks for the suggestion to spotlight ho’oponopono. I’ll put that on the agenda for this month.

  • Matt says:

    First time commenter – I’ve recently (consciously!) taken up LOA again after a period of not using it properly – and sifting through this amazing blog has been SO helpful with sharpening my skills and makes it seem like fun. Which is totally is. I’ll definitely look at joining the GVU this year.
    I had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday I wanted to share too – I’d been struggling with ‘letting go’ of a certain visualisation (getting a former partner back into my life). After looking through all the helpful hints and tips from yourself and the community I did a combination of things yesterday and I feel like a weight’s been lifted overnight. Which, we all know, means that something’s on it’s way.
    I can’t wait to get manifesting again! Bring on 2015.
    PS – Jeanette, I’d love to read a post about ho’oponopono and other’s experiences with it. I can’t believe how simple and effective it is at unblocking little irritating doubt issues.

  • Alexandra says:

    Hy Jeannette, all this sounds very interesting to me! And I think I would like to be part of it.
    But I have two questions:
    1) Is “Full access to GVU library archives and forums” also part of the annual membership?
    2) Are the monthly coach calls recorded? I’m asking, because it is not possible for me to parcitipate “life” because of the time difference between you and germany 🙂
    Thanks for all the info in advance 🙂

  • You’re so fun, Karen! Delighted to be on this journey with you! 🙂

  • Karen says:

    I like it so much I came back to read it again.

  • Karen says:

    Can’t wait! Sounds really exciting and just enough structure to keep someone like me on track. You rock, Jeannette!

  • I keep hearing over and over, Namaste, from various sources these last couple weeks, that the energy has shifted here to where it’s easier than ever for us to accomplish our desires. That wherever we might have experienced a “slowdown” before – the way is cleared for us.
    And I’m already hearing from people who can feel a difference. I’m so excited to see what unfolds in 2015! And delighted that you and I are connected for this adventure. mwah!

  • Namaste says:

    I remember back when the only real Law of Attraction steps were to figure out what you want, and don’t focus on how, let the Universe figure that out for you.
    The past 10 years have been amazing. So much new information and understanding has been brought to the LOA conversation. I smiled and nodded my head in agreement when I saw the title of this post. This year really will be THE YEAR of the Manifestor.
    Loved your lineup and looking forward to new distinctions and growth that are sure to come out of it =)
    Thanks for doing what you do,

  • Good news, Humphrey! I can put you on the wait list for a complimentary membership (for the next time one becomes available), and in the meantime, there’s a TON of helpful information right here:

  • Humphrey meso says:

    Yes i need it but i dont have money to pay you help me my business was down even to pay my rent is difficult even money 4 food

  • >