There You Are!

You all know my mad love for blind kitty (aka Handsome Boy).  He’s not only my quick ticket into the vortex, but is teaching me tons about energy, vibration and possibilities. 
Here’s my latest lesson on energy shifts: 
Ever since he stepped off the threshold, kitty has been a first class backyard adventurer.  He gets to explore on his own, but eventually I call him in from the ground cover he’s hiding in, or the pine branch he’s lounging under, or the grasses he’s trekking through. 
We have a routine where I call him a couple times before he comes leaping back to my voice.  I finally realized it’s the energy I flow that makes the difference as to whether he responds or not.
It turns out that when I can’t see where he is, I call for him in a more questioning, tentative voice.  Which he doesn’t respond to.
But as soon as I spot him, I call for him differently (with more confidence) and he comes leaping home.  (It’s the cutest thing ever when he does that!)
There’s a correlation here between our successful manifesting and my success in calling kitty back in. 
When we can’t see how we’re going to get what we want, our vibration about it can be doubtful and tentative.  But doubt doesn’t signal Universe to deliver.
And waiting for the evidence before I change how I feel isn’t powerful manifesting.
Finding that confidence and creating an aligned vibration first without knowing how (or even that) it’s coming – that’s tapping into powerful stuff!
Maybe you’ll see the differences in the vibe with a live demo.  Let me go call him in now …

It works just like that every time! 
You see how this translates to our manifesting habits?
This is your invitation to look where you’re using questioning versus confident energy as you call out your instructions to Universe.

  • Are you asking Universe to fill our bank account, or telling it?
  • Are you hoping for a healthier body, or sure about it?
  • Are you wishing for a new romance, or expecting it?

Universe responds to us the same way kitty does to me.  Once I find the “There you are!” vibe, he responds.
My opportunity is to get confident before I see where he is.  Because often, depending on what we’re creating, we won’t be able see it first.  And it would be a shame to hold dreams at bay because we can’t see “how” they’re going to happen. 
Our power is to feel it before it’s done.  That’s the energetic instruction that Universe can have some fun with.
You game?

  • July 10, 2010
  • Irene says:

    As a new subscriber, I have just seen “There You Are”. Love it, love it, love it. And what a beautiful boy he is. Thank you so much Jeannette.
    Melbourne, Australia

  • Parul says:

    I just remembered a “There you are!” story, where I used it to locate a silver hoop, literally in the middle of nowhere and in the dark of the night too!! 🙂
    I should try it on the big stuff… 🙂
    P.S. – The video is a sure shot vibe-shifter. Thanks for sharing!!

  • First: He’s lovely. He looks like he’s a Maine Coon (or at least has strong Maine Coon parentage)! I love Maine Coon cats. 🙂
    Second: I love the metaphor here. Brilliant.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely kitty and the excellent metaphor.

  • Parul, I noticed how easy it was to miss that that’s what I was sending (doubt). But kitty is good at clueing me in to my true signal.
    Julie, I’ve done the same thing! lol I haven’t gotten tired of seeing that cutie patootie bound right up to the camera. He’s such a sweetheart.
    Thanks for enjoying him with me, you two! 🙂

  • Julie B says:

    Okay Nancy/Affirming Spirit, Jeanette, et al — re handsome kitty boy. Not only a blog!… A book and maybe even a movie!! I now have 3X gone to the blog to just look at his beautiful face and energy… “Into the vortex I go”… look at him for a minute and then get back to work or whatever.
    Such good stuff in these posts… thanks all!

  • Parul says:

    “… doubt doesn’t signal Universe to deliver.”
    Thanks for the reminder, Jeannette! 🙂 Blind kitty is gorgeous!!

  • How cute is Schnoodle, Harmony?! I love her already and all I know is her name. (And her good taste in online videos. ha)
    I’m sure you’re right – Handsome Boy has no interest in helping me prove myself right. lol
    Thanks for reading, Harmony, and especially for writing. 🙂

  • Harmony Harrison says:

    Jeannette, when I played the video and heard your voice saying, “Kitty Kitty?” my cat Shnoodle popped through the catdoor and trotted straight to me. She rubbed up against me, hopped up next to the laptop, and settled right by the speaker. Her head was turned away from the computer.
    Then, right when you said, “THERE you are!” Shnoodle turned and looked straight at the speaker.
    And when the video was over, she was done. She jumped away and took off. 🙂
    Mr. Handsome Boy is definitely reading the energy behind your thoughts, as was Shnoodle. I’d bet you a catnip doughnut that he knows when you’re really calling him, and he knows when you’re playing around just to see what happens. I imagine that he loves your pure joy-love energy on seeing him, but it’s possible he’s not into the “proving it” vibe.

  • Wasn’t sure it’d translate, Angela, so I’m glad to hear it did for you!
    Loni, that’s a great “there you are!” story to hear! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Loni says:

    I suspect this has always been at work in my life, but I’d like to add my recent experience.
    I’m currently on the hunt for a particular series of children’s books. I know they have them at our library – which made my ‘there you are’ vibe even stronger.
    I didn’t even get to the library. The exact books (plus extras in the series) were delivered to my desk at work today for free. It was like they appeared out of thin air.
    love it! love it! love it!

  • Jeanette,
    That was a fantastic way to illustrate your point. Excellent. It makes so much sense!
    Thank you~!

  • You and me BOTH, Nancy! lol
    I’ve got enough video of him to fill a feature film, which I’ll get compiled soon.
    Glad you enjoyed it – and thanks for commenting so! 🙂

  • OK, Jeannette…I love ya, but seriously…I can NOT get enough of your beautiful kitty-boy!
    Isn’t it about time for his own blog? 😉
    Just asking!

  • Oooh, Nicole – I LOVE that: “Life looks great on you!” I’m so borrowing that!!
    Thank you, and thanks, Jessica, for not just reading but also for sharing your comments here. Much appreciated to know I’m not just entertaining myself here!
    Big love!

  • Jessica says:

    Wow thank you for this! You couldn’t have had better timing! You have a beautiful yard and kitty.

  • Nicole says:

    Thank you for this powerful example of using our words and intentions to create what we want!!
    Shine on…Life Looks Great on you!!

  • Being “delusional to our advantage” – I like that, Maria!! ha

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    Meant to say that we sure can learn a lot from our pets and also younger kids when it comes to being in the vortex and being delusional to your advantage! 🙂

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    Very cool message, Jeannette! Thanks for sharing and what a cute kitty! 🙂
    Next video … one of you speaking to all your GoodVibeBlog fans???
    Hmmmm … what are you going to cook up for that one?

  • Funny you should mention that, Susan. I was thinking the same thing.
    So last night, it’s dark, I’d been sitting on the patio with Russ and the dogs, and of course Elvis is somewhere out there as well. It’s time for bed. And rather than doing the usual routine, I figure it’s time to switch it up.
    And I say to myself, “ok, let’s see if this works.” (My first mistake.)
    I know my next move is to declare “There you are!” with lots of conviction and then kitty comes magically bounding out of the darkness onto the patio to join us as we go inside.
    But I can feel some hesitancy. I can feel some doubt.
    It was really not believing that he would come to me before I could see where he is. For some silly reason, I still found it hard to truly BELIEVE he’d come running if I couldn’t see where he was.
    Which is just ridiculous! Because he’s clearly not waiting for me to lock eyes on him before he comes home (we know that since he can’t see me). We know it’s STRICTLY an energetic thing!
    So … with, I will add, some imagined pressure since Russ is sitting there too and I know he’ll think I’m nuts … I say out into the darkness with no real belief in the words, “There you are!!” Even though it sounded good, it was an imitation of the real thing.
    When Elvis didn’t come bounding right in I turned on my heels and brought the dogs in. I was partly feeling a bruised ego and partly thinking he’d hear the dogs go in and that’d be his cue. It was clear I didn’t believe in myself or in my instruction.
    Before I even had a chance to turn around and go looking for him, Russ walked in behind me with Elvis in his arms. So apparently he did come in rather quickly – I just didn’t give it much of a chance.
    Easy to see I’ve got some practice to do here, huh? lol

  • Excellent example and the next video will be you. closing your eyes so that you can ‘see’ the same way kitty does and announcing There you are and opening your eyes to see him romping towards you.

  • That’s a gift, Amreta – or maybe an acquired skill – to be able to see/expect something positive coming out of big challenges like that! Reminds me of the breakup in the vortex post.
    I’m glad you shared this here, so others know how feasible it really is to live this way!! (Not to mention the payoff in doing so.)
    Thanks, Amreta!

  • Amreta says:

    Wow! Brilliant post, Jeannette! Now I understand how confidence makes all the difference. From my own story, back in 2002 and 2004 I experienced two similar series of not-so-lucky happenings, each of which was followed by a fabulour chance to go to Europe for a really cool project + vacation on the same year. In 2007, another tragedy struck, this time was a big flood that devastated the house where I lived with friends. I still remember in the middle of chaos my boss came to visit our ‘wrecked’ house and he was kind of “girls! what have you done to deserve this? and you do not look sad at all!” and I also remember answering spontaneously, “well, boss, it’s probably a sign that this year we’ll have another chance to go to Europe for a cool assignment. In 2002 I also got some setbacks then I went to Europe in June, and in 2004 similar events occured and I also got the chance to go to Europe in May.” I knew my boss thought I was joking or trying to console myself, but we were laughing alot. Talking about feeling good regardless of what’s going on! It was in February and a few days later I got an ‘urgent’ news from headquarters (through my boss) that I had to attend a training in Europe in March! A few weeks later, my friend who was there ‘joking’ with me and my boss, got a new job which required her to undergo a training in Europe, in June!
    Different setbacks variably came back and I noticed everytime it’s kind of ‘devastating’ I somehow had the confidence instead to say “hey, this happened before, a cool project is on the way and I’ll go to abroad” And guess what, the same sequence happened again in 2008, and this year (yip! I’m going to Sweden in september!). After reading this post, I think I got that “seeing the kitty” feeling, when going through the setbacks, if you know what I mean…because it had happened several times before, I had no doubt and definitely expected that the cool things (e.g. exciting projects or going abroad) was on the way. And it’s been ALWAYS like that! Just like the kitty I suppose 😉 So, who’s afraid of setbacks if they’re only a good sign of great things to happen? Whohoo! Thanks Jeannette!! :-))

  • hee hee – Nicole, you know I’ve been working on my tech vibe, right? So you know the pleasure that comment of yours gives me!!!
    Love you!!
    Oh!! But what I meant to say in response to your post was that you totally captured it with the “strut” comment!!
    In fact, my aunt was just telling my cousin the other day that all the best manifesters she knows don’t even know about LOA (she better have been excluding me in that observation – ha) but they get what they want so consistently because they EXPECT it. It’s the Strut Factor, I’m sure.
    Nicely said, Nicole! Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂

  • Nicole says:

    I love this post! The video adds so much, you are such a techie Jeanette!
    You inspire me live with a ‘strut;’ confidence in my step and the fortitude to embrace the universe’s love. Thanks for being one of those winks from the universe =)

  • Sara, I was getting ready to ask if you saw the stinker kitty laying there the whole time ignoring me for over a minute, before I remembered – this is on ME not on HIM. I’m the one with the “where are you” energy – I can’t blame him for ignoring me when I’m sending out the vibe of “I don’t see you; I can’t find you; you’re not here.”
    The same way I’ve known LOA practitioners to give up on deliberate creation because it doesn’t “work” – I think this is what’s happening in those cases. We’re sending out signals we don’t realize are not in alignment with the results we want!
    Anyway … thanks for reading and for adding to the conversation here, Sara. Much appreciated!

  • Sara Blumenfeld says:

    Wow, what a powerful example. I love your statement about asking tentatively for what you want, vs telling the universe, with confidence, what you expect. Showing us a live example of how that works was brilliant. Thank you, and your beautiful kitty, for demonstrating this important principle.

  • I do, MissyB. I can be pretty good at complicating it, so it’s nice to hear I got the “simple” part across in this one. lol
    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • Mia says:

    Great reminder – thanks, Jeannette!

  • MissyB says:

    Oh my – I do love your translations of life in to LOA nuggets of golden info.
    Another example to show that LOA is such a simple universal law. So simple its often complicated…if you know what I mean ?

  • Barb says:

    Jeannette, Kitty is gorgeous!
    The video and the whole idea is fabulous. (Btw, it works the same way with Brinkley, my beagle). I still struggle with my “gremlin” sometimes (athough I prefer to call her “my inner child”). When I want something or wish for something, suddenly that little voice appears (again), saying: “What if it doesn’t work out? You will be disappointed. You’re going to waste so much time / energy / money on something that will not work out. Why don’t you just stay in your comfort zone which is much more comfortable?” 🙂
    I use release techniques and positive affirmations and visualization to put my inner child back to sleep, sometimes it works better, sometimes it works a little bit less fast, but the first step is to realize that this “inner child” is not real, it’s just a collection of past experiences and thoughts that no longer serve us. Observe it, embrace it and let it go. (Without resistance, because as we know, what we resist persists, so the more you don’t want to listen to your inner child, the louder she gets :))
    When my inner child gets too persistent, I remember what my business coach Donna Amos says: To decide means cutting off all other options.
    It works with manifesting too. You decide and you cut off all other options. And your real voice gets much stronger!

  • Barb, this is one of the smartest things I think I’ve read all year!!
    (Pretty much your entire post, so pasting my favorite parts won’t really work – since it’s the whole thing.)
    Your positive perspective on deciding is really cool! In traditional coach training, I was taught that we want to encourage clients to choose, rather than to decide, since choosing is more “open” and doesn’t feel as threatening.
    But the power in deciding when it comes to our manifesting – I totally get it!!
    Very cool. And the part about not fighting with that inner voice – that’s an important point, too. Thanks for sharing, Barb!

  • Jeannette says:

    You know what I noticed on playback, Julie? As I’m scanning the perimeter looking for signs of him in the ground cover or along the back fence (his favorite areas), he’s laying right there in the shade of the tree (you can see him at 12 seconds in). Totally ignoring my question about where he is.
    I think he’s in that exact same spot when I DO see him a minute later.
    Which makes me wonder how often that happens with our other manifestations. That they’re right under our noses, just waiting for us to get the energy aligned before we’re able to see them.
    Thanks for reading, watching, and especially posting, Julie B!

  • Julie B says:

    That is awesome Jeanette! I have to say that is an ADORABLE (and yes very handsome) Kitty Cat! What a sweetie. (BTW – nice back yard Jeanette!) What a wonderful parable — thank you for sharing and for the invitation — I’m game!

  • Kim, I am SO looking forward to you meeting Elvis in person (and me!) on one of your U.S. book tour stops! I expect by then I’ll have mastered the “there you are” call to bring him in on the first call. 🙂
    Thanks for watching and for sharing your thoughts, my friend! 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Wow, what a beautiful back yard. 🙂
    Handsome Boy is so gorgeous and he does know the difference between you wondering to ‘no one in particular'(Where are you?) and you speaking to him directly (there you are!)
    I love it!
    Thank you!
    I’m going to watch it again.

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Wow, that video clearly shows the difference in attitude and vibration!
    I can very much relate to this, Jeannette. And it made me realize something about “me and money” 😉
    I’ve recently experienced several times to manifest substantial amounts of money in specific situations where I “needed” a certain specific amount (but “needed” without attachment!). And I’ve reflected a lot on why I’m not “just” manifesting more money on a more regular basis 😉
    Now I realize that I probably “call in” the money with much more confidence when I “need” a specific amount and with less confidence the rest of the time! Food for thought!!!!

  • “Shine and sparkle” – I like that, Debra! And that’s just what it feels like when I call him differently – the one responds to has shine and sparkle in it. lol
    I’m adding some shine and sparkle to my next Universal instruction, too.
    Thanks for dropping in, Debra! Big love, girlfriend!

  • Debra says:

    Incredible!! What a great way to demonstrate something so powerful. Your GENIus is Brilliant, Jeannette!
    I love the obviousness present in this example. So simple. So profound. Thanks to you and Blind Kitty aka Handsome Boy for sharing another Golden Ticket with all of us.
    LOVE it!! …off to add some shine and sparkle to my confident requests to the Universe… I like the sound of that! (…as does the U!) 🙂

  • Pernille, you are the Queen of releasing attachment when it comes to manifesting “needed” money!
    So much so I’ll be tapping you on the shoulder for a call on this very topic for GVU. 😉
    (Loved your latest $$ success story – which I know I’m not the only one who wants to hear more details about!)

  • Ande says:

    This is a great “parable” — a wonderful visual and auditory example of how we need to be it before we have it.
    I’ve had a similar experience with my dog. She loves to chase these little birds by the bay when I have her off leash (no cars around and no other dogs or people)–they taunt her and fly low, and she goes into obsessed mode and totally forgets everything she knows about “come.” In the past, I’ve gone into full panic when she’s running all over the beach. I scream for her and run after her, freaking about what if she gets up by the road etc. No matter how much I scream, of course, she keeps chasing the birds, for as long as 10 minutes or more.
    The other day, she took off, and I and thought, “She’ll come back,” and I expected her to, and after just a couple minutes, she abandoned the chase and came back to me.
    Now if I could only integrate this lesson on the money front. The struggle I’m having is how to get that “there you are” vibe with regard to a flow of income. I know I need to feel like I have it before I have it, and I’m doing everything I can think of to get that, but I also know I don’t have it. But I’m always up for a reminder that it’s my work to find that vibration instead of running around taking a bunch of unaligned action. 🙂

  • Well said, Ande! Well said.
    The misaligned freakout routine doesn’t take us anywhere good. And that you can find the relaxed, confident vibe when the your pup’s running after birds, in potential danger from traffic or whatever else, says a LOT about your ability to manage your vibe!
    Seriously, Ande, if you can do it there, you can do it with money.
    (Because I know how much your dogs mean to you.)
    For many who are agreeing with what you’ve shared here – that it’s hard to find that trust when we’re not seeing how the money’s rolling in – one of the things that might help is amping up our knowledge and understanding that all is always well. Taking the charge off what we really want/need makes it easier for us to get to a good place vibrationally with it.
    Thanks for posting, Ande. Always a pleasure to hear from you. 🙂

  • I think so, too, Anonymous! Thanks for seeing his adorableness with me. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    How Cute is your cat!

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