Thinking Positive or Irresponsible?

faucet.jpgA good friend is in dire financial straits. He’s behind on his mortgage and not making enough to cover basic monthly bills, like food and gas. This guy is also very LOA savvy. He knows the power of his thoughts.

So he knows not to worry about money.

Which is what he’s been doing the last several months – not worrying. But he also hasn’t been acting. He’s been trusting everything’s going to work out just fine, and doing what he always does. Goes to work, covers the bills he can, and tries not to worry.

He’s actually been doing such a great job of not worrying that everyone around him is starting to do it for him. I myself asked a couple times what his plan is. He just responds with, “Please don’t send that energy my way.”

Okay, I get it.

Don’t worry. Sure.

But the financial planner in me, the cautious Capricorn in me, and as the friend whose couch he’s likely to end up sleeping on, I can’t help but feel it’s irresponsible to not take SOME sort of action after five missed mortgage payments. Like reducing expenses – increasing income – refinancing – phoning creditors – exploring bankruptcy .. something!

Now, I take pride in saying action is overrated in getting what we want. I know James Ray says if we just sit on our couch just visualizing, they’ll repo our couch. And that Mike Dooley talks about taking inspired action preferably, but ANY action at a minimum, to give the Universe something to work with. And I really think they’re making it harder than it needs to be.

Because my experience is most of us already have the action part of the formula handled. Action is so ingrained in our programming, that we’re usually better served by focusing on adjusting our THOUGHTS and FEELINGS to get what we want.

But in my friend’s case, I’m ready to quote some Ray and Dooley. He’s flowing the good thoughts about money, but jeez, isn’t it time to take some action? If I were his coach, he’d be getting an earful from me. Since he’s a friend (and I’m committed to not offering unsolicited coaching), I’ll do as he asked and limit the worry energy I send his way.

Bottom line is that if it doesn’t feel good for him to take action to address things, it isn’t likely to help his situation. I think many people would find, though, that taking some action makes it that much easier to feel better – more reason to believe things will improve.

It’s worth asking of ourselves, though, about how we’re balancing out the manifesting formula in our lives. Are you combining inspired action with right thought? Or are you missing part of the formula?

If things aren’t going your way, it’s worth checking in on. How are your thoughts? And what actions are you taking? If you’re having trouble seeing things objectively, ask a friendly someone outside the situation who can offer you that objective perspective. When we get a good combination of action and thought, we’re absolutely unstoppable.

  • May 12, 2007
  • Good question, Tarielle! Surely it’s just because that’s how we were trained to think about it, don’t you think?
    And indeed, it is that simple. Put a plan in place that feels good, and focus on what you want, finding ways to feel that way now. Very simple. Thanks for summarizing it so well!! : )
    And thanks for posting! Nice to hear from you!

  • Tarielle says:

    After reading all of the above posts and with myself going through being scared and then not doing anything about money problems, I decided to go back to where it all began for me… I watched The Secret again.
    And guess what?
    Money is just energy. Why do we still place such a huge importance on money as if it’s such a big scary monster?
    I’ve been reminded to get the best debt reducing plan in place that I can and then focus on prosperity and more money coming in to have and do the things I really want. At least I won’t be lying awake at night stewing over the money I don’t have anymore.
    Seems simple in the end doesn’t it?

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Update on my friend’s situation: the day he was supposed to have $7 grand in hand for the mortgage company to prevent foreclosure, he was at work and met a guy who happened to be the state’s foremost expert on specialty residential financing. He explained his situation to this expert, who confidently picked up the phone and said “I’ll be surprised if this takes more than two phone calls to solve.”

    Two hours later my friend had an appointment with people who would purchase the house from the bank (at a reduced market price), put cash in his pocket to pay off other debts, lower his monthly lease payment, and give him the option to buy it back at their cost in two years’ time. That was a few weeks ago, and all is going as they promised.

    I’m impressed with how he didn’t worry, and right up to the last minute he maintained his cool, and allowed a solution to come from “out of the blue.”

    Very impressed. Not that that’s how I’D want to do it, but it goes to show how I would do well to keep my nose out of his business. He’s doing just fine on his own!!

  • Ronald Agustino says:

    I agree with you..


  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Yeah, this is an interesting thread, isn’t it?!

    So here’s my take on Vanessa’s question (which I LOVE, by the way).

    When fear rules the day, it’s tough to know what “inspired” action is. Who was it that said every action is either fear-based or love-based? Maybe asking yourself that question, “Is this action driven by fear or love?” would help reveal that.

    Maybe it’s not that black and white, though.

    I do know THIS, Vanessa. Anything is possible. All we have to do is get in alignment with it, and its ours. Our work is just to create that vibrational alignment. Which, sometimes is easy, sometimes not so.

    There are some vibes I’ve been working my way up to for two years now. Others I can get to in less than a second. Kind of the fun of deliberate creation, isn’t it? 😉

    So, update on my fabulous friend: he received his foreclosure notice today and isn’t freaking out. We called a debt counseling service last night. He met with a bankruptcy attorney this afternoon. And he’s calmly seeking his feel good on this. Hasn’t found it yet, but trusts that he will. And he’s in action.

    Which he may just have done to placate me so he can sleep on my couch in peace, I don’t know. lol But I’m going to join him in the knowing that everything works out for the best. Always.

    And I’m following his lead in being relaxed and calm. Worry isn’t going to help a thing.

    It’s easy for me to relax when I remember that the system is set up for our success. Period.

    How cool is that?

  • says:

    Feels like we are all looking for the same thing, grace. I read this great quote that you couldn’t create abundance when you didn’t feel safe. I suppose we aren’t inspired until we instil that. When we feel safe and secure, loved and supported what mountains can’t we do? Suddenly there just is that grace and assurrance and we know exactly what to do.


  • jeffri says:

    I can relate. It is interesting because in my case it has alot to do with the subject at hand. I am super creative and proactive in just about every area of my life. In fact, I get paid to solve problems, create solutions and be artistic in general. Yet, when it comes to “money”, I freeze up. I become terrified and am unable to act. I still have not done my taxes for the last two years. Why is this? I don’t think it is black and white. I don’t think we “take action or don’t take action”. Maybe it’s an old conversation i have going. When it comes to “money” I have begun trying to FEEL myself into alignment. I do not even know what action to take. But I do know which thoughts feel like relief and which create negative emotion. I believe my money solutions will come on the heels of feeling my abundance rather than trying to bang it all into place. LOVE.

  • Vanessa says:

    Hi friends, and what a fabulous thread!!! My question is, what if you don’t know what action to take? Sometimes you can become so frozen with fear, that either you run around in circles chasing your tail, or you are just frozen into non-action; both situations I have been in, and neither seem to manifest anything more than ulcers! What do you do then? When does thinking that the best solution will come along become nothing more than wishful thinking? I never know when I am in the right “vibe” or not. Sometimes I am not sure if my thoughts are nothing more than pie in the sky.
    Any pearls of wisdom would be appreciated.

  • says:

    Good Morning,

    Thank you for that Jeff, I did notice I was hooting from the peanut gallery yesterday.
    And yup I agree,I am only responsible for my own inspired actions. Thank God!
    I knew as soon as I stepped into the peanut gallery yesterday -my issues were up. Gotta love it.

    Thank you bright beings.
    And I loved your inspired action of claiming your couch Jeannette.

    It always comes back to owning what is yours, doesn’t it!

    What a great day!

  • Jeffri says:

    With all due respect, I think we may be missing the real point here. It really is none of Jeannette’s business what her friend is doing about his money vibe. It’s his life, it’s his journey, it’s his connection with source.

    The real trick here is to be able to look at Jeannette’s friend and feel good, period.

    By asking him to behave in a certain way in order to be able to look at him and feel good is living an unconditional love.

    Jeannette’s friend is the captain of his own ship. Source know’s what he wants, he knows what he wants. And the trick for him is to tune out the “peanut gallery” and stay focused on his own guidance. Then what ever his desires are will manifest.

    Inspired action is just that, “INSPIRED”. If Jeannette’s friend is not moved toward any action right now then he is correct in not taking any.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    I think you’re right on, Leslie. (He has a history of being bailed out.) While some would consider what he’s doing in his situation “irresponsible,” others may look at it and see “carefree.”

    I spoke with him last night to ask if there was anything I could do to help, and he said he was intending a particular solution (selling his house to investment buyers he met recently, and staying on as a renter) that would give him a lower rent payment and eliminate a few bills. (Don’t ask me how this works – it’s exactly the sort of creative financing deal he would attact.)

    Even though his mortgage company told him they’d sent in paperwork to initiate foreclosure, he’s confident his solution will manifest in due time.

    I also mentioned to him my couch was not available. lol

    So I took the action I needed to to feel better (asking how I could help; letting him know my place was not the answer) and honestly, that’s all that I can do. Work on my own vibe, right? Because he’s right, me worrying about his situation doesn’t do anyone any good.

    That might be the real lesson in this for me.

    As Byron Katie would say, there are only three types of business; yours, mine and God’s. Suffering arises when we stick our nose in someone else’s business.

    But – it did allow for a nice conversation about the role of action and thought, if nothing else.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    This is a good question, Jeff. Many times I’ll prescribe “action” to a client (well, I do this myself, too) because often it’s taking the action that allows us to GET to a better vibe. Know what I mean?

    Like, once you post a resume online, it’s much easier to hold thoughts that something good can happen. Or when you buy a new outfit, you feel better about yourself.

    What matters most, in my opinion, is getting the vibration right. Until you have that, you can action yourself out and make no progress.

    Once you get that vibe right, THEN you check in on inspired action, and do what feels good. But I’ve found so often that once we get the vibe right, that’s when things start happening. Even BEFORE we take any inspired action.

    In this friend’s case, I think he’s trying to ignore bad feeling vibes about money. But I am totally making that up, because honestly – no one knows what anyone else is vibrating. Shoot, it’s tricky enough for us to figure out our OWN vibration sometimes! 🙂

  • says:

    Okay how many comments are you allowed?

    I am wondering if perhaps we do know what we want at all times and that instead it’s more a matter of taking responsibility for our vibration. I mean maybe Jeannette’s friend actually wants to end up sleeping on Jeannette’s couch and be bailed out of his situation.
    And if he dug deeper he might find he wants to elevate and expand his wanting to find a solution by himself instead of wanting the universe & Jeannette to resecue him.
    Really that is what he is broadcasting, Rescue Me, and of course he will be.
    But how disempowering is that?
    Can you see my point, can we not raise the ceiling with our desires to be a more empowered and participating spirit in this lovely life of ours.

    Love Leslie

  • says:

    Nicely put Jeff,

    Yes I agree I think your friend Jeannette is not realizing the deeper thoughts he is having about his life.
    He needs to dig deeper.


  • says:

    Hi Jeannette,

    Here is the thing I think we totally miss the gifts from the Universe when we have expectations on how they are going to look or be. A powerful trick to stay in the present for yourself and to own what you want is to be proactive. I think your friend is not owning what he wants.
    I mean what is the message he is putting out, I am lying on the couch not worrying and it’s all going to work out. Yup! He is going to get exactly lying on the couch energy back, hello!
    It’s not right or wrong energy, it’s just wishy washy energy and he is short changing himself of passion and joy.
    Thank you for sharing this Jeannette – there is so much of this energy where I live. And I appreciate seeing why it pushes my buttons. I want the juice – the passion, the joy and the Oh My God recognition look at the gifts!

    Love Leslie

  • Jeff Atherton says:

    OK. Is it not true that our actions are a result of our thoughts?

    So if someone is saying that they’re thinking the right thoughts (money comes to me easily) but their actions and results show something different, then one of two things must be true.

    1.) Thoughts are not enough… it take action.

    2.) He’s lying about the thought he’s having. He’s really thinking about “doing nothing”.

    So how does it work? If the thoughts are correct then the correct action and results will just show up?


    Does there need to be deliberate actions for the thoughts to manifest?

    Blue Skies,

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