This IS Your Dream Come True

manifesting your dream come trueIn a recent newsletter I wrote that “waiting for your dream to come true is exactly what’s holding it up.”

My argument was that when we visualize a better future, we sometimes don’t realize that in that process we’re pushing against “what is.”  Universe hears that signal as “this sucks, but it’ll be better when … ”

Which, we know, Universe can’t make it better for us.   That’s on us to tune into that “better” vibe ourselves first.

Once we do, Universe cues all the good stuff we’ve been looking forward to (like the money, the vitality, the resources, the lovers, the opportunities, the ideas, the rainbows and unicorns and hot dudes with kittens).

I also wrote that getting happy now is easy to do when we recognize that our dream has already come true.

This post is to explore that thought more fully, because it can be a stretch for someone knee-deep in problems.

So how do I know you’re already living your dream come true?

I have a couple answers, but I invite you to find yours, too.

Because you could just as easily argue the opposite (that life sucks). But trust me, finding reasons to believe life is good right now is much better for your vibe. So here’s the evidence for proof of your dream come true already:

1) you’re here.
That’s one reason I know your dream has come true.  This opportunity to live this life, to be who we are – it’s already dream come true material.  I don’t know for sure about this, but I sure like it when channelers talk about the long line to get in to the hot party happening here on earth as human beings.  This really is a cool gig!

Notes From the Universe are great reminders of the fact that just by virtue of being here, we are winners.  Sign up if you’re not already getting those.

2) we acclimate to success quickly.
In many instances today’s “what is” is really yesterday’s “dream.” For example, I am writing this from the comfort of a home office with three dogs underfoot talking with folks about deliberate creation. Once upon a time that was so far from my reality that it was hard to believe in this possibility.  And now I do it every day!

Jerry Hicks talks about how it wasn’t until he pulled out a bunch of old vision boards from the back of a closet that he realized how many of his dreams came true.  We all have this going on to a certain extent, and we’ll see it when we look.

3) we tend to focus on problems.
Which makes it easy to miss the good stuff. My boyfriend had a habit of talking about one knee that was a little bit sore after a long day on the golf course.
One knee? Little bit of pain? After a whole of day of golfing?

There’s so much going right there that it’s ridiculous to even point it out – and yet, we all do this. Skipping over the good news to dial on what’s not quite right. When we change our focus, it’s easier to see that our entire life is one big fat miracle after another.

When you find THAT vibe, Universe drenches you in more good things.


So if you didn’t already know it, this is your official invitation to see your present day life as a dream come true.   As long as you feel otherwise, you’re holding at bay lots of cool things, people and experiences.
You’ll know you’re there when you’re feeling appreciation, joy and happiness; like the cool kid on the block.
Because sure enough, you are.
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  • June 23, 2011
  • Natural Childbirth says:

    Great reminder. If we are not happy now, when will we be? Life is a gift. Let’s be grateful for that every day. Thanks!

  • Ooh, nice “I AM” statement, Barbara!
    that’s indeed a nice one to stick to. 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    Love it, Jeannette! I am happy and I’m sticking to my story! 🙂

  • Aw, Dave, that’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a while – thank you!
    And yay for being aware of and willing to feel those mix of feelings. That’s a huge advantage in deliberate creation, if you ask me.

  • Anna says:

    As my beloved Larry La Prise wrote –
    You put your whole self in, and you shake it all about
    You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around –
    That’s what it’s all about!
    Go Dave!

  • Anonymous says:

    Well Bugger me!
    While reading this post a horrible realization came to me, i have have been applying the ” i’ll be happy when …. ” scenario for over 30 yrs with some small spaced out wins that have taken a lot of hard work and struggle and ,( i was always taught you have to work hard, no pain no gain, a price i having been paying for physically in recent years ) wondering if it was worth it.
    In the space of acouple of minutes it took to read this post i now have a clearer direction of things in so many areas . The scary thing is as i read the post and responses my emotions were all over the place, you know the ones anger, frustration, relief and now some happiness. Geeezzz!
    Time is probabley most peoples biggest want as it just ticks away , i have to say that the time i spend here with all you guys is the best investment i have ever made.

  • You crack me up, Anna: “giggles over the sniffles.” Well said!
    And that one, “I’m the mom I want to be for my son” – wow! That’s HUGE!
    I’m not a mom myself but I can sure appreciate the power of that “lens” as Catherine might say.
    Thanks for posting, my friend!

  • Anna says:

    HALLELUJA and AMEN, Girlfriend!
    Time is going to pass regardless of how we opt to feel as it’s passing – and I much prefer a case of the giggles to one of the sniffles!
    Sometimes all it takes is a little shift in perspective to recognize just how fully I AM living my dreams – on 1/2+ acre, discord is rare, I’m the mom I want to be for my son, who continues to test his wings where professionals thought he might never stride, laughter everyday, heartfelt “I love you” often everyday – and now we have a furry four-legged expansion of love, great replacement carpet for the living room, and the pool I wanted is half-price at Canadian Tire this week! Woo-hoo!
    I say it Rocks, my kid says it Rules – both ways, I love it!
    Thanks for giving me another opportunity to revel, Jeannette – You Rock, Baby!

  • Glad I’m not the only appreciating the hot guys with kittens, Patty. lol
    And also not the only one committing to ending the self sabotage of not seeing the dreams already come true.
    woo hoo for us! 🙂

  • Patty says:

    “if you didn’t already know it, this is your official invitation to see your present day life as a dream come true”.
    LOVE IT! Invitation accepted enough sabotaging myself, I know I am perfectly capable to have and do what I dream and to allow the law of attraction to work for my benefit.
    Thank you for this great reminder!. By the way I loved the part of the hot dudes with kittens, unicorns and rainbows : – )

  • Sophie says:

    Thank you Jeannette and all for the very helpful reminder. Always good to hear.

  • LOALoveCoach says:

    Hey Jeannette and all…
    I love the part about today being the presence of yesterday’s dreams! I love what Bethenny Frankl says when she talks about adjusting herself as she gets used to being a wife and mother.
    I am definitely in the adjustment business too. Adjusting my dreams as I see what IS here right now. I was asked to write a commentary on a recent suicide here in San Diego. He was a life coach and he was bankrupt.
    When I was researching the article, I came on some shocking figures about the earning power of life coaches. I know that I didn’t do any research when I decided to follow this path. I had the promises of others but I didn’t do the due diligence to see what my odds of success are.
    I am now adjusting myself because I am looking at my success as a Love Coach through a different lens. I also have a sense of ease when I realize what the last three years has actually yielded. Though I am ahead of average, according to the figures, my success is really in the hearts changed, the marriages, engagements and self love that have bloomed.
    I feel naive because I listened to others without really investigating the big picture of earning potential in this field but I am also learning stark lessons about life. I really am living out the evidence of yesterday’s dreams.
    I also appreciate that LOVE is free. That I don’t have to wait for love. That love connections are available everywhere all the time. I love that the adjustments to my dreams allow for me to provide love lessons in a model that works for me.
    I appreciate that I have other revenue streams that are appearing on the scene and that I am welcoming them and not resisting them insisting that my coaching business yield more than it’s fair share of fruit.
    Actually, I am spinning a part time effort supporting others as a VA with a specialty on blogging. Ha! The Universe must be tickled pink. I DO love being a supporter and I LOVE blogging and the other VA tasks. Like I said….adjusting is the juice of life!
    I would love your opinion of the post:
    Fair warning: Not for the weak of life coaching heart.

  • Thanks for reading, Sophie!

  • That’s a good practice, Catherine – being able to adjust the lens you’re seeing life through.
    I read your article (it was excellent!) and can appreciate how valuable that skill was on that particular topic.
    I also love your take on love. 🙂
    Thanks for posting here, my friend!

  • Ha – that’s a nice thing to be known for! Way to establish yourself a reputation for vibing high, Parul.

  • Parul Bhargava says:

    Interesting post. And this point was driven home again as I was leaving work today.
    Just like any other Friday, as I left work today, I said good bye to everyone and wished them a cheery weekend and my colleagues wished me right back. My boss’s response to that was, “Oh this one always has a fun weekend!” (She has NO CLUE of what I do after work or on weekends!!!).
    And that set me thinking about the vibe I must be emanating… a happy, good fun girl, to have her think this of me. How cool is that!! 🙂
    I am going to deliberate and, “see my present day life as my dream come true.”

  • Kerry, how about we start with some plain old fashioned appreciation for the little stuff in present day living? That may help you get a foothold in it.
    That also takes the pressure off other things to manifest before you feel better. “Little” stuff to be thankful for is very effective for raising the vibe.

  • Kerry says:

    Thanks for this post Jeannette!
    Wow.. very happy to hear that you’ve manifested many things that you wish for. I’m also happy that some things have come into my life, like good friends, supportive people etc.
    It’s always good to put things in the present tense (those things you want to have or experience) but I hope I can feel it and believe it more! Tricky! Sometimes the ‘thinking’ side of me just don’t get it and won’t believe or feel convinced with stuff that my eyes cannot see yet! I’d be grateful if you would give some tips/advice on this??

  • Glad to hear it hit the spot, Cheryl!
    That reminder that “I’ll be happy when …” thinking doesn’t work is one I regularly appreciate myself.

  • Cheryl Corrente says:

    Jeannette, excellent post!! Also, as the others have said, very timely for me! I have been really working on finding a better feeling and now I want to work on seeing that”life is Good” right now today!
    I really believe that was what was holding me back and blocking me, that feeling that life will be good when…. I am done with that thinking and this post was just what I needed today to get me moving in the right direction!

  • Those “back door” manifestations can be a hoot, huh, Stella?!
    I’d love to hear details of what you’re cooking up … knowing you it is something fabulous!
    PS – loved your post on the Solstice Ceremony!

  • Jeannette, this post is so perfectly timed! At the beginning of this month I decided to relax and just enjoy what is, this set some events in motion that lead me to think; this is it, my manifestation is manifesting. And on Wednesday I was super surprised to discover it had arrived at the back door while I was looking out the front door expecting it’s arrival via another route hehehe. Unlimited possibilities… Life *is* good!

  • Lizette, I have to say I totally get that kind of inspiration to get happy! lol
    And love that it all started for you with making the decision.
    Yay for seeing results from your manifestations, too! You’re setting a lovely example of deliberate creation in the real world. Thanks for posting here, Lizette!

  • Lizette says:

    Wow – mind blowing stuff as always. I was in a very unhappy situation early last year and the person who was making me unhappy told me that I’ll never be happy – and I fell for that! Then I realized that he’ll be licking his chops knowing it, and decided to get happy. 🙂
    As a family we do a twice daily gratitude “session” and it’s pretty awesome to see how grateful our little 9yo babies are about our gratitude – that makes us grateful for so much in our lives. We also do 15 (and growing) affirmations every morning and we can already see some of it manifest after about 2 weeks.
    I couldn’t agree more with Kim above that resisting the now can keep our dreams away. After all, there is so much that we can be grateful for and happy about today.
    Thanks for the (sooner than expected – yay!) newsletter and this great post, Jeanette.

  • Nice quote from Deepak, Sarah!
    Thanks for adding it here. 🙂

  • Above was me, lol! Rolling in ecstasy…

  • Anonymous says:

    Great post and reminds me of Deepak Chopra- all you need do is go out – no, all you need to do is sit and wait….ecstasy will roll at your feet….
    My dream is right here- I am smack in the middle of it! Amazing:)

  • I have been enjoying your blog, Stacy! Nice way to stay plugged in to the good stuff (writing it as well as reading it).
    And I totally get that part about hormone explanation being downstream. Same for me with the stars, the magnetic planetary grid, etc.

  • That IS a pretty nice dream come true you’re living, my friend!
    Kudos for seeing it so easily, too. 🙂
    “Life is GREAT and getting better” – I’ll take some of that, too!
    Thanks for posting, Kim.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love this synchronicity, Jeannette! My son and I were walking back from the beach yesterday (a Wednesday afternoon), dead of winter, 72 degrees, sunny with a light offshore breeze, lush tropical bush track . . . . he’s got his 2 year old son in the backpack, I’m carrying the fishing gear, and we’re talking about how resisting NOW keeps the dream away.
    How could we resist such an ideal ‘now’?. *shakes head* Without awareness, we do it all the time!
    So I am putting the spotlight on my dreams ‘already’ come true: Published author, healthy and fit, son lives just down the road, rooftop garden, great friends, I don’t hate any of my ex’s, glimpses of enlightenment, 5 minute nature walk to isolated Pacific shore. Dream come true or WHAT?
    And, I’m imagining all my new dreams as things get better and better – Multiple occupancy in awesome seaside property with my son and his family, international publishing deal for our new series, best selling success, super fit body, friends, family, new lovers, all the time in the world!
    Life is great AND getting better by the minute!
    Thank you Jeannette for joining our conversation and pointing us in this awesome direction!

  • That can be a nice exercise, Rochelle – making the list of old dreams to see the proof of just how far we’ve come.
    At least, that works for some. For those who feel like that’s not the case, it might be worth dialing in on what REALLY matters and recognizing how/where that’s present in your life today. Even if it isn’t ALL there, something will be – and that’s what you want to focus on.
    Thanks for posting, Rochelle!

  • rochellemariah says:

    Thanks Jeannette for another fab post! Yesterday’s dreams have already manifested into my reality today- and until I made that list of old dreams I had no idea that I had already gotten everything I had asked for in the past.
    Why is it sometimes so hard for me to believe i’ll get the good stuff in the future? I have wine, chocolate and hot dudes with kittens( much to the chagrin of many friends who I immediately emailed that video to. Whats not to love?
    And that quote….already on my fridge.
    Thanks for, as always, helping me keep it in perspective.

  • Thanks go to Sarah Seidelmann for that hot dudes with kittens video (ha!) and to Nancy Barry-Jansson for the Catharina Goethe quote shared in the newsletter.
    (“How many joys are crushed under foot because people look up at the sky and disregard what is at their feet?” – C. Goethe)

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