Thought Virus Protection

how to handle infectious thoughtsA colleague mentioned in passing the other day that she was a little freaked out from being cyber-stalked by one of her fans.  She shared the details of the experience, which were slightly unsettling.

Within 24 hours I’d received an email from my own long forgotten cyber stalker.


Deliberate creators know better.

It’s law of attraction at work – where what we hold in mind is what we bring to life.

I laughingly “thanked” my colleague for passing that particular bug along to me.

(She subsequently made up for it by detailing her experience with a handsome celebrity this week.  Antonio B. at her pizza shop!   Now that’s the kind of bug I’d love to take on!)

And I know I’m attracting this input myself – no one is infecting me with any negative thoughts I’m not already aligned to.

Fast forward to today, on Flavia’s Weight Loss in the Vortex call at GVU she mentioned a body-image thought virus picked up early on in life.

All this thought virus stuff  got me thinking …

Most people are so careful about ensuring their computers are protected from viruses, and really good at disinfecting their homes and bodies to make sure they don’t engage cold or flu bugs …

but how much effort do we put into ensuring the well being and health of our attention?

Because when the mind picks up something that isn’t good for us, that’s just as threatening (if not more so) than bugs that can take down computers or compromise our physical health.

How can deliberate creators be just as careful in ensuring we aren’t susceptible to thought viruses?

I think it’s a two-fold practice: first being proactive with our focus, and then having a good defense system in place when appropriate.

1.  The more tuned in we are to empowering thoughts, ideas and images, the less inclined we are to attract otherwise.  So developing a habit of positive thought could be compared to taking vitamins for the mind.

2.  And for those occasions when we do run into something we don’t want to become infected with, having a reliable defense system in place (via our emotional guidance) can indicate when it’s time to switch focus.

In fact, I did this with my ex-beau just the other day.  He was starting to tell a story about a couple of kids who photographed themselves with (I’ll spare the animal lovers the details).

As soon as I caught wind of the topic, I interrupted to say “I don’t need to hear any more.”

“But they were online with …”

“I don’t need to hear any more.  Let’s hear some good news.”

It can be as simple as that.

No need to fight it or make it a big deal; just an effective disarming and redirection.

Steve Aitchison writes about virus protection for the mind here, and Stuart Goodship discusses thought viruses as well.  Which got me wondering further …

You know how some parents are criticized for being overprotective of their children with continual disinfecting of hands and toys, and that overuse of antibacterial soaps actually prevents kids from developing a strong immunity?

I wonder if it’s the same with our mind.

Maybe the answer isn’t to seal ourselves off from “negative” experiences or news of the world, but rather to have a robust mental immunity to unwanted or undesirable thoughts.

Do you have any thought virus protection in place, or systems for handling potentially infectious thoughts?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

  • February 3, 2012
  • Sophie Mihalko says:

    Here is something new for me 🙂
    Now that I work one on one with people in transforming their lives, I know that I can either 1) walk into their universe and match their vibration 2) resist it and attract it as well or 3) be in total allowance of it and therefore freely chose something else.
    You bet I am going for #3. But it’s not always so clear. I had a client who kept talking about her molestations as a child. I first listened to her (and cleared the energy) but she kept repeating it and I could tell there was much charge on it. So I suggested that if she could stop telling the story, she may not hold on to the part of herself that was “broken”. Today she called to say how much sharing with others who had a similar experience helped her clear more stuff.
    While she was talking I realized how much I was “rejecting” the thoughts of child molestation. I had not seen how resistant I was to it. So while on the phone with her, I decided to allow the energy, without judging it. I felt overwhelmed and scared at first but after a few minutes, there was so much peace in my body I knew I had stopped making it wrong, hence there was no more possibility of it in MY life.
    I love the freedom I get from allowing the energies to be 🙂 The world is Divine.
    How does it get any better than this?

  • Not sure which one you meant, Jeannette. I can think of a few, but this one addresses the subject directly:
    Many blessings,

  • Jessica says:

    I think balance is nice–I think it’s good self care to avoid things that will definitely upset you, but building a fortress against negativity does feel like it’s keeping the focus on the wrong thing.
    Reading this post a news story from the other night popped back into my head. There’s a little South Carolina town with a castle. A castle! And the castle is, apparently, ramshackle and owned by an organization that had big plans but has been slow about renovating.
    So, the reporter was interviewing people who live near the castle who actually said that the castle was dragging down their property values. How funny is that? To think that a *castle* in any state of repair or disrepair could make your house worth less!
    Once I got over wanting to call each of those interviewed folks up and talk some sense into them, I realized the blessing of the story–yes, you can in fact find someone who will complain about absolutely anything. Even having a castle in the neighborhood. 🙂
    And I’m grateful for how often the reverse is true as well–that you can find a small spark of goodness in places where you might not expect to find it. The world is a mysterious place and for myself, when I keep my focus on keeping negativity out I feel like I’m so caught up in No Negativity that I’m more likely to miss the mystery.

  • Dan says:

    This is a great topic. I wrote a blog post on “the words we speak”. Unfortunately when we focus on not having preference to virus thought, it is too late. All speech is based upon thought first. If we use a focus on the words we speak, we then can counter the virus thoughts. It can be difficult at first, but just planting that seed will produce significant results.
    When we grow our immune system to defending virus thoughts and circumstances, they will eventually diminish from our experience of them. We then vibrate at a higher level and as light eliminates darkness, those negative environments will gradually fade as well.
    It isn’t listening to the infectious dialogue that causes the infection. It is the meaning we tie or attach to it that does. I usually say to myself, this isn’t mine or bless you for your choices. As coaches, we all bear the sad songs and it is necessary to hear them in order to bring about change in clients, so ignoring them is not in the equation.
    Great input here, thank you!

  • Ashley says:

    I know longer watch television (there is nothing on) or go to the movies and if I do, it is a comedy or a PBS type show. I also don’t read much of the newspapers. I generally stick to the human interest stories. Everyone knows what is going on without having to read about it. Media loves to create fear and drama. Ever watch the Weather Channel?
    There are many people that I stay clear of and many friendships that no longer work because we are at different vibrations. Some people are just toxic. If I need to be around people that are negative I’m fortunate that I’m able to recognize it right away so that I don’t buy into it or become swallowed up by it. Just by recognizing it I can just set an intention that it isn’t my scene and that alone is all the protection I need.
    These days I’m trying to only get involved with things that I’m passionate about and when the passion is gone, I move on to something else.
    When I’m with friends or clients who are complaining about life I often say, “Change your story.” Often changing your story is just using different words that puts the same situation into a completely different context or just write a different script.
    I love this topic. Thank you Jeannette!

  • Julie Masters says:

    Also, I really enjoyed the articles about mind viruses mentioned in this post. For another take, the book, “Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme” by Richard Brodie, is very interesting.

  • Julie Masters says:

    Great post–and comments!
    My children, and I, have been sick VERY rarely over the years–they’ve grown up hearing, “You can’t catch it unless you have your glove up!” (as in baseball). That was always my response to the fearful notes sent home from school, or comments heard in public, or commercials about “cold and flu season”. And if we did feel a little off, our take was that our immune system was getting a good workout.
    My own response to information, of any kind, that doesn’t feel good to me, is to say to myself, “I take that out of the Law”. Makes for a quick clearing and re-focus for me.

  • Anon says:

    oh thank you, this is such an interesting and important subject.
    I feel like I have been floundering in a life-raft in the ocean of life, an now find myself washed up on a beach, here in China.
    I am inspired to activate the ‘Virus Protection system’ that is lying dormant in my mind.
    Perhaps some daily yoga, meditation and practising The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Dr Deepak Chopra will be good medication for me.
    This is where I will start because I know the LOA starts with my vibration, making myself happy and healthy vibrationally, and once I shift my own vibration to a more joyful place, no matter where I find myself, what or who is around me, my world will change successfully. I am so tired of living in a fearful and negative hell.
    I will sincerely discipline myself to do these practices and find the joy in doing them, because the easy negatives will never bring me what the positives will, and changing a practice is never easy in the beginning, and maintaining the positive flow is not easy if we have been used to the negative flow for so long. Some things are worth working for. If I wanted to be a dancer, I would have to discipline myself continually and maintain a healthy, flexible body, daily, it is the same when changing my negative thoughts. LOA is not something we can achieve and then let go of, its something we need to work on every single day – especially if we have been practising negative thoughts for many years – as I have)

  • Parul Bhargava says:

    Wow Katy, I LOVED that story!!! 😀

  • Parul, lots of folks ask how to handle other people in their life who have a tendency to focus on the negative – so I love the example you set for them! Train them! Ask them! Remind them!
    Oooh, and I love the thought of GVU as an anti-virus!! ha ha! How perfect!
    Thanks for posting, Parul. 🙂

  • Parul Bhargava says:

    A fabulous post! I am infamous in my family for shunning all “bad news”. Quite sometime back, I actually requested all family members to stop sharing emails that warn against this or that. I don’t even read the newspaper or watch the news on TV.
    What still needs to be worked upon is my own tendency to scare myself by thinking negative thoughts. I think I’m going to install an anti-thought virus that runs regular scans and eliminates all such viruses.
    One such anti-thought virus is reading affirming stuff on GVU, or books or Abe video clips on youtube. Maybe just distracting ourselves.
    Loved this… “Maybe the answer isn’t to seal ourselves off from “negative” experiences or news of the world, but rather to have a robust mental immunity to unwanted or undesirable thoughts.”

  • I agree, Ming.
    There’s a poem called Ecstasy of Garbage that I think of often, that invites us to see the beauty where we might not think there is any.
    I imagine one day I’ll be able to hear stories that would have made me cringe before where I’ll now be able to feel appreciation instead.
    In the meantime, one step at a time.

  • Ming says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Loved this. We do this at work. People love to talk about
    all the bad stuff in the news. Which is why I haven’t watched
    the news in years. ( I hear enough from people to get
    pretty much what I may need to hear) But now and then I
    will either STOP the person and say can you share something
    positive OR I will leave the table and listen to something
    that makes me happy.
    Its so true, what we put out there.. so very true. I had not thought of it as a thought virus though..
    And isn’t it just better all the way around surrounding ourselves with happier thoughts anyways? 🙂

  • I’d respond, Peter, but I’m too distracted at! Thanks for the intro!
    (LOVE her tagline!)

  • Peter says:

    Fascinating, Jeanette.
    I’ve been struggling with some persistent low-grade vibe droppers in my life that were continually dragging me down. I tried tackling each sharing of horror story etc. head on, finding the opposite and the positive etc. but found it exhausting, like trying to kill every one of the virus DNA one by one.
    Some writings on being an empath over at helped me to take a different stand so that I could take a ‘standard’ approach to every one of these irritants and that’s like developing a general immunity.
    Mostly revolves around holding a chosen, most joyful image in my mind and seeing myself as compassionate. And over time we will experience less and less of what bugs us if we’re strong enough to avoid rising to the bait.
    Just started on this and it seems to be working 🙂 work in progress!

  • Oh my word, Katy, I got goose bumps reading about that grade school teacher!
    More of THAT, please!! Yes yes yes!!
    And it really is that easy, isn’t it?
    Thanks for posting, my friend! 🙂

  • Katy says:

    I agree it is much more empowering to infuse your thoughts with wellness, ease, and expectancy of health and aging well.
    Society/media does a great job to over-ride those who are susceptible and it shows with so many illnesses on the rise. But notice I said ‘susceptible’ – no one is taught to ‘intentionally’ create their health with their thoughts…we are meant to feel as if being under the weather or illness is inevitable or happens ‘out of the blue’ (we know better) Being in natural health I have seen countless folks get well who added the aspect of ‘rethinking’ their health desires instead of focusing on what is or what statistics say. I have also seen those who accept everything that is told to them, or what they hear on TV or read in the news etc and have a difficult time of it.
    Personally I refused to accept certain health issues as my destiny 20 yrs ago…(before LOA) as I always felt…’there has to be a better way than this!’ And there was. Took time but loa in action brought me more and more answers each time I realized possibilities are unlimited! I try to infuse that into the clients I work with now – some get it some don’t but I’ll always make it part of what I do.
    I remember an article I read a few years ago about about a teacher who challenged his grade school students with ‘being healthier’ than any other class during cold/flu season. (lots of kids missing school) and he would start the day out with some empowering thoughts, ‘self’ talk of how healthy they and some daily exercise etc.He also promised an ice-cream outing if they beat out the rest of the school. Needless to say they won by a landslide and had the least amount of absences in the entire school. Just goes to show what a little intent can do :o)

  • Nancy, I’m glad you’re elaborating on this point.
    I wanted to talk about how Abraham said the other day to someone who was rather proud of how well she avoided news and negative people and such that that isn’t a really helpful stance. That’s kind of like being in resistance to negativity – trying to protect yourself from something that really actually can’t harm you. But when you take such a defensive position against it – that’s not a fabulous vibe.
    Except I can’t remember exactly how they said it. Did anyone else hear that track?

  • I heard Flavia talk about that in today’s call and thought it is wonderful that she’s clearing that belief as an adult. 🙂

    Maybe the answer isn’t to seal ourselves off from “negative” experiences or news of the world, but rather to have a robust mental immunity to unwanted or undesirable thoughts.

    Jeannette, you make an interesting point about building up immunity. When I first realized how much negative news was affecting me, I tried to avoid it. However, when I would hear about something it just about wiped me out. My immunity to negativity was non-existent.
    Abraham’s teachings about using the negativity as a jumping off point have been helpful. I’ve been practicing noticing what I don’t like in the news so I can quickly re-focus on what it makes me want to experience more of. Yeah, it takes mental effort to do this. It would be easier to just react…of course, then you have to deal with the aftermath of *reacting*. I’ll take the re-focus route any day!
    Also, learning to transmute the “perceived” negative into a positive “blessing” has shown me that very few experiences are truly negative. What you look for is what you find!
    Many blessings,

  • I was thinking that, Jackie – that even the “bug” bugs originate as thought viruses!
    I probably shouldn’t be laughing, but I am enjoying the sense of humor I can tell you accepted this sickness with! lol

  • Jackie says:

    I caught the first cold that I’ve had in 5 years in exactly this manner. Went to a yoga class and the teacher kept saying she was sick with a cold. The class was crowded and I was about 2 feet away from her. Then went to get some training at the spa where I work and met the owner who made it a point of telling me several times that no one calls in sick. We don’t call in sick here. 2 days later, I had a cold. I knew where it came from. I’m usually very good at telling such illnesses that they aren’t welcome in my body and then just forgetting about it and going about my business but this one kinda busted its way in.

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