June 28, 2009

Thoughts Manifesting Lickity Split!

There were a couple of points in Maureen Moss’ latest World Puja newsletter I thought worth sharing.  I’ve excerpted and highlighted my favorite parts below:

On this past solstice of June 21, 2009 a major doorway opened and supported a massive leap in consciousness to those who were prepared and aware. It is evidenced that the energy just prior to the Solstice and then fully escorted in on the 21st, is powerful, fast acting and will be staying. As a result we need to know how to play properly in it.
This energy that we are in now, ready or not, is manifesting thought into reality lickity split. Mind control is a must now. This new energy pushes us even deeper into the Mystery. Learning how to live in this new atmosphere is a top priority.
This new in-rush of energy is rapidly making a clean sweep of people, situations and ‘things’ not harmonious with this new cycle of time, while simultaneously and quickly creating magical meetings to bring people into alignment with others who they will be playing with and creating with during this next cycle of time. The serendipity is almost as staggering as the wipe-outs.
Many have shared that they feel like they are losing their memories, and indeed they are. It’s not a mind dis-ease. The memories are simply former stories written and produced by a third dimensional mind. There is no further need for them where we being moved to. They are irrelevant, thus intentionally being cast out. The trick is not trying to remember them or re-tell them. Stay in the moment. That’s where the magic happens.
And still more have shared that they sense pressure inside and around their physical bodies. It’s true. The new energy on this Planet is pushing the Soul deeper into the physical body to ordain our Divine natures. Expect more, not less of this amped up energy as you descend and ascend simultaneously.
Copyright Maureen Moss 2009.

The lickity split part I am definitely seeing – not just in myself, but with clients as well. 
Which does indeed make it feel top priority to get a good handle on where we point these powerful minds of ours, huh?
I guess that means the good news is our payoffs come faster than ever … and the even more good news (because we’re surely not looking at it any other way) is that we have great inspiration to consistently stay on top of our manifesting game!
Your thoughts?

  • sophia says:

    The part I can relate to about the summer solstice was the part about losing memory.. only I’ve had that “problem” for as long as I could remember. And I use to view it as problem but now I’ve learned to appreciate it by focusing on my now and enjoying it for what it is. Does that make sense?
    What I have noticed since the solstice is that my manifestations have been quick and powerful but those big manifestations left as fast as it came. So not the total manfestation but lots of close ones during this past summer. I contradicted my beliefs and desires but it amazing to be so close to it. But I’ve learned to let go a lot of fears and the ones that didn’t fully manifest finally manifest recently.
    It took me about 3 mths to let go to fears regarding money and gaining confidence in myself before everything I’ve been working on to manifest showed up.
    2009 was an amazing year for me, because of how powerful I’ve become at manifesting the things I want.
    Work in progress but have done amazing things this year! My awareness of this portal has been my dominant vibration this past month and that awareness feels awesome!

  • Michael says:

    I do love Dori! She can be trapped in a whale and still just roll around, laughing…I aspire to that!

  • Anna says:

    Michael, my fellow Good Vibe Break-er from more than a year ago… I’m sorry that you are experiencing the sadness of missing this loved one who has moved on to the other plane of existence – I have thoughts… email me, OK? findthebeauty@dccnet.com
    Your wisdom comes through as you watch Gabe – the little ones, man – they know everything! I know how Finding Nemo for the 417th time can be less than exhilarating (believe me – I KNOW). But we must remember the lessons of the blue fish, Dory…
    Just keep swimming
    Just keep swimming
    What do we do?
    We swim
    Dory Rocks! She’s one of my greatest heros… I mean, how much more perfect a role model can one have than the fish who forgets that she’s prey, and “supposed to” be afraid of other, bigger fish?! Did she die from the jelly fish stings? NO. Did she get eaten by another? NO. Disney story or not – we have much to learn from the blue fish…
    Rock on, my friend!
    Love & Lightenment

  • Rachel says:

    your words and breakthrough truly inspired and resonated with me. Thank you for speaking up. love, love, love, R.

  • Michael says:

    Thanks, we’ll get through it…I’d rather just get there SOONER over later. 🙂
    I am gently encouraging myself to take on a vibe I call ‘ahhhhh’ (like a big sigh). The idea being that all the security, peace, renewed happiness and joy I’m after can best be summed up by a big sigh.
    So I’m trying to relax a bit and watch a movie at night, really enjoy Gabe’s vibe…just get back to not taking ‘what’s so’ so seriously…I’m just not super-good at it yet, and I’m hoping I can offset my negative vibe enough so as to not get too many lickety-split manifestations of that sort.
    Also learning EFT, which I think will help all around.

  • Dear Michael – I got tears in my eyes while reading you comment – I know I can’t even begin to imagine how tough this must be for you and your family….. and I wouldn’t know how to try to comfort you – all I have to offer is sending you a lot of love, healing and blessings from my heart.

  • Mitch says:

    Well this blog explains a LOT! lol Like my renewed zest for manifesting projects, my new and improved positive storytelling skills, and the fact that seemingly minutes after I speak a word or think a thought, its real world equivalent walks up and shakes my hand. (And I’m talking both good and bad things here. Mind control is the order of the day!)
    It’s funny too how I find myself reaching for old negative stories out of habit, then quickly getting bored with them and letting them go. Yep, yep. This is a magical time.

  • Can'tRememberMyName says:

    Dear Michael,
    I feel the pain you’re in. My heart goes out to you and I wish you much love.
    All the best,

  • Michael says:

    Boy, I have to be honest…this is so tough right now!
    For weeks, I’ve kind of settled into a low-level grief at the loss of a family member, just to get the grief out so I could get it out of me and onto the next thing.
    Well, the fallout from the death is catastrophic. It’s got me looking for a less expensive home (and I’m exhausted from looking at rentals), working to be responsible with the funds I have coming in, because my partner isn’t able to work right now, living out of boxes, borrowing cars because I can’t afford to replace the one that broke down until I’ve got us moved into a place….I’m just feeling like ‘MAN, my vibe must have SUCKED for months and I didn’t know it to be at this level of breakdown’.
    My bright spot is my little boy, Gabe, and I try to ‘fake’ that the world/universe is a great place to be, even though I’m pretty pissed off at the universe right now for taking so much from me (again, I try not to dwell in that, but I figure I’ve got to be honest about what I”m feeling so I can get it out and move onto the next thing!).
    Gabe is in the ‘terrible twos’, and it’s a bit harder to manage only because I’m so beat down by all of this. But other than that, and the stress we can’t help but pass on to a certain degree, he’s just the greatest little kid. I’m a little sick of watching ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Horton’, but watching HIM watch it is the best…his little eyes light up and he sings along…it’s a bright spot for sure
    Anyway, I’m trying to get back into the deliberate creation saddle again, but it feels kind of hollow…like, hell, I thought I was creating deliberately ALL THIS TIME, and look what I ended up with…

  • Anna says:

    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto – I Know, Me Too – AND My Friends!
    It seems crazy what’s going on around me, with the people in my life – especially in the past week or two. The drama, the change, the intrigue – I LOVE IT!
    I confess – I ADORE watching people I know move through major upheaval / change / transformation in their lives – almost as much as I enjoy such change in my own life (albeit slightly under the surface at times).
    I see it in my own life, much as all above have – a new and renewed energy and zest for projects (no wonder Michael Neill is offering this Creating the Impossible 30-day coaching program NOW!); the major boost to my self-discipline and support for my actions, especially on the improvement part (hence the perfect timing of Jeannette’s Money Mojo Magic!)
    Have an idea of where I’m going, yet I know it’s going to be much more exciting than I can even imagine – and I can hardly wait! I LOVE THIS LIFE!!
    Love and Light to all

  • Judiesjuice says:

    I love it! Yesterday I felt the sudden urge to start cleaning, decluttering and purging. It felt AMAZING! And, I just got off the phone for a job opportunity. Initially, I was not that excited about the opportunity but I had to prevent myself from laughing when the person used the term “steady, flowing income.” Hmm, yes Universe, that is EXACTLY the term I have been using with my mantra. I hear you loud and clear and I say YES to all good things.

  • Erik says:

    now that you mention the special energies after the 21st and that it is “making a clean sweep of people, situations and ‘things’ not harmonious with this new cycle of time”: I had a potential job opening quite a while until on the 22nd I got the message, that the job opening was not there any more. But since currently I am working happily, this is completely ok, no need for an additional job. I felt that this job was not for me anyhow from the beginning and I wanted to be completely free-lance (this job would have tied me to one company). So the 21st did the rest and cut the connection that was not sooo warm anyhow.
    I am thrilled to see how much this new energy will affect me these next days and weeks.
    Regards to all,

  • Wauw – this is sooo interesting – and I can relate to it, cause lately I’ve experienced several times that I didn’t remember situations from my past, that others were talking about – and I didn’t care, it didn’t seem important to me.
    One sentence got my special attention: “Mind control is a must now”. – I’m very grateful that I not only know about the law of attraction but also is practising it most of the time – actually one of my favourite tools at the moment is “telling a new story the way I want it to be” – that may come in very handy now 🙂

  • Toni says:

    Something unusual has definitely been going on in my life, too. Most of my family, colleagues, friends and acquaintances have behaved particularly crazy during the past week, and normally I would have been tremendously affected by them as they’ve been trying to involve me in their individual dramas.
    I just couldn’t – or wouldn’t – or whatever… Every time a drama broke lose, I would just sit there, observing, feeling absolutely nothing but a vague interest, and that was just it. And from that deep quiet place within I would just send them love – being absolutely at peace with whether they would accept love or decline it. If they’re right for me, they’ll stay – if not, they won’t. For the first time in my life I’m completely at ease with that fact… (and what a relief that is!)
    Even when some of my girlfriends offered me sympathy and pity for my recent miscarriage, I very calmly felt those feelings were not for me. It’s very sweet of them, but I’m not there. I don’t feel pity for myself (or for anybody else) at all.
    A couple of nights ago a man of my past called me, and where he would have upset me simply by contacting me, I was feeling so calm and detached – and when he explained his current problems, I felt this quiet and calm love and how I wish he’ll allow himself to sort it all out.
    I, too, don’t remember very much of my past these days. But I don’t go there either – it’s gone, and I feel nothing in particular about it. Instead I know, I feel, something incredible is about to happen. And my husband feels it too.
    It’s become so much easier focusing on what feels good now, and if that’s owing to the solstice energy, I’m most grateful 🙂

  • Hmm. Well, I did find and surrender a block that has been with me for a long time. I knew it was there, but I didn’t know what it was or how to fix it, so I just had to surrender it, and, one evening, it just appeared in my conscious awareness and started to dissolve.
    In fact, and this is going to sound strange (even to me), I can’t remember precisely what it was. It had to do with finances and it had to do with habits I learned from my parents, I remember that much. And if I really, really search around in my head, I can find the “story”, but it’s not at all present any more. That’s a good sign that the attachment/block is well and truly dissolved.
    I also had an epiphany realisation on another topic, unrelated to finance/money… oh, and a particular person who once came into my life like a biting dog ended up getting an interesting karmic turn of events that made me… well, not smile, because I don’t take pleasure in the misfortune of others, but it did make me pay attention to the whole “reap what you sow” thing, and I do love to see the harvest people get sometimes (hey, if you plant stinging nettles, you don’t get a harvest of strawberries, that’s just the way it goes!).
    All of that since the solstice. Interesting. Verrrryyy innnnteresting (showing my age there, I think).
    I will admit that I DO feel like “the dam is about to burst” with abundance. I felt that since the financial block/attachment went, and the feeling is growing…

  • Inner Genius Coach says:

    Wow, Jeanette! This is powerful. You know I am not well versed in this approach to spiritual things. I learned a lot this summer solstice from Tia and others about the planetary implications of the summer solstice.
    What I do know is this: I have a whole lot brewing up in my vibrational escrow and it is about to burst! I can feel it. I can sense it. And it feels so good.
    I love the energy of lickety split manifestation. I am so ready for it.
    This is all inline with the Inner Genius Protocol that I have put together and with the energy you wrote about, I am excited about the fact that massive serendipity will occur which is evidence of your Inner Genius at work.
    I love it.

  • Maybe I should make that Physically, It’s DONE too!! That’s how good it feels!

  • My thoughts!? LOL we all know what’s been happening with me – within ONE one week I stirred up stuff in every part of my life, showing up fully, engaging people, telling my truth, blogging authentically, healing at a deep level internally, and manifesting the end of relationships that weren’t aligned with my deepest desires.
    For all this to have happened within days of sending out my intention to get what I want = I am SO on the right path! And excitedly manifesting better and faster. The angel signs are so insistent and visible around me – about 10-15 times a DAY that I have no doubt my wonderful magical world is coming true right now.
    Energetically it is DONE! Physically, it’s happening!! And I’m more than happy to have divine help in this – love love love the speed with which things are changing! 😀

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