Three Keys to Instant Magic

keys3 keys to instant magicEver since Kim Falconer responded to last year’s popular post on witches and magic (she said, “Of course we are all witches, I thought you knew that!”), I’ve been wondering what I could learn from the art of witchcraft to enhance my law of attraction skills.
Kim went on to say:

Ritual magic, witchcraft, deliberate creation, prayer, chanting, evoking, shamanism, meditation…these are only words that describe a state of being—a state of awareness. We get what we vibrate and the witch, the shaman, the devotee or the ‘regular Joe’ who hires a GoodVibe coach is practicing deliberately the art of vibration management. Without awareness, the practice goes on just as powerfully in everyone of us….but not deliberately.

I’m on board.
Which is why today I want to share a tip I picked up from Christopher Penczak’s Instant Magick.
Unlike most books on witchcraft, this one doesn’t require herbs and moonlight and animal parts.
Penczak says while the physical tools have been an important part of traditional witchcraft, it’s not practical for the modern mystic to employ them, nor is it necessary.
He believes the key ingredients to a successful “spell” or potion (or to put in our terms, “manifesting”) are:

  1. Altering consciousness
  2. Focusing will
  3. Directing energy

Those familiar with deliberate creation will likely find the second and third steps a natural part of their “spell-casting” or deliberate creation routine.  It’s the first step that got my attention.
(And I know this isn’t news to Kim, who has long reminded me of the benefits of meditation.)
Penczak says altering consciousness is often overlooked by modern practitioners:

“When we change our mindset, our relationship to the inner and outer worlds, we find that place within our consciousness, that inner still point where the mind is clear and focused, in alignment with or will, and our magick is most effective.”

He writes that our inner still point is the foundation of magic, and that when we are immersed in and distracted by cluttered thougts of daily life, we cannot find that still point to do our best magic.
The reason I share this is because it’s clear to me this is an opportunity to increase my creative powers, and I suspect it may be for some of you as well.
The good news is that “altering consciousness” is easy.  It simply means purposely shifting your brain wave state from beta to a lower state like alpha or theta.
A couple of slow, deep breaths can get you started.  Developing meditation skills would be even better.
But this post isn’t a primer on consciousness altering – just a suggestion to explore it if it’s not already part of your manifesting skill set.
If you’d like more information on developing the first step in Penczak’s formula, check out his book or share with us your favorite resources for enhancing the alpha state.
And if you have other great books on modern day magic and spells to share, I’d love to hear them!
“So mote it be.”  hee hee

  • October 14, 2009
  • Alain, I think that “altered mind” step might also be called “get aligned.” You know, drop your worries, release your resistance, get in a state of allowing.
    Law of attraction is ALWAYS working, so when we purposely shift (improve) our vibration, we’re lining ourselves up for what we want to manifest.
    Now, if you’re already feeling fabulous (perfectly vibrationally aligned to start), probably no need to alter your state of mind.
    If that makes any sense?

  • Alain says:

    This post of yours is so interesting… I’ve been attracted to magic before but I come from a Christian background and the whole thing is a little bit tabboo, you know? I can’t deny that it’s really interesting though… haha
    I thought about it though and do you think it’s really necessary to alter your state of mind before you visualize for instance? Because the law of attraction is powerful enough as it is in my honest opinion. What do you think?

  • Max says:

    I had almost forgotten about you guys!
    What is magic to you? Being stuck means you must know what you want and are not getting it. Most don’t really know what they want but when you realize your intent with a focus it suddenly happens (magic) to you who receives.
    Each day is magic but you must be open to receive it! If not, it passes you by.

  • Anonymous says:

    Magic… I wouldn’t call it that at all — it just happens with no control and it’s weird. It’s hard to explain or have anyone ever understand without you feeling like a freak, but it does get you out of a jam or two on ocassion. I guess, it’s only when the so called “magic” stops then begin to realize you are really in trouble.

  • Max says:

    Having been on the circuit teaching meditation, I can tell you any learned meditation inhibits you to operate in that box. There is so many different types of meditation and you are meditating in most things that you do.
    Be conscious of your thoughts and breathing. The intent is what matters, not the technique.
    Meditation, like hypnosis or the combination of both can move you to new heights with your desires. Expect it to happen and it will. Get into a routine and work your magic!

  • AjahAgni says:

    You do realize that this is all just philosophy …

  • Vrose says:

    Thank you Jeanette! I will try to!
    I do “thank you” for your response.

  • Jeannette says:

    Appreciation is my manifesting tool of last (and often first) resort, Vrose!
    When you feel stuck, if you purposely take the time to notice what’s been working, what went right, what’s not so bad – you’re guaranteed to shift out of “stuck” and into a better vibe.
    Let us know how that works out if you try it out. 🙂

  • Vrose says:

    I’m not new to LOA, but lately I seem to be stuck.
    I feel I’ve tried the 3 steps above…but have come up
    feeling dissapointed in my outcomes. Any suggestions?
    Thanks…stuck in NJ

  • Thanks for the smile, Diane!

  • Diane says:

    Then, I will say it…”So mote it be!” That’s my pagan soul talking 🙂

  • Indeed, Jeanne, feelings rule and you set a lovely example of using them as fabulous guidance! I like your style and am committing to following your lead.

  • Jeanne says:

    Jeannette, while I’ve ALWAYS embraced magic and fairy tales, and while what others think don’t hold back my beliefs, it’s very, very lovely to know that so many people embrace the same, so thanks!
    I don’t have a “schedule” for meditating, it just kind of happens (when I find myself in a “still” place, usually in nature). My work as gardener is so conducive to stillness that it’s become a meditative occupation for me.
    When I find myself so busy with “stuff” I feel out of whack, which tells me I need to find the still place, quickly! Feelings rule, eh?

  • Thanks, Mitch! I’ll pull out my copy for a revisit.

  • Mitch says:

    Jeannette, it’s a chapter in The Power of Now. I think it’s called The Inner Body. 🙂

  • Thank you, N_8! Always nice to hear from someone new!
    Can’t wait to check out the link you shared …
    Before I do, I gotta share a cute story:
    Russ & I are in Vegas (he’s golfing while I’m at Blog World Expo). In the middle of the night some strange sound woke both of us up in the hotel – sounded like someone slamming a door down the hall every minute or so.
    After 25 minutes of both of us not able to go back to sleep (and him not getting up to check it out – which I thought he should have done), I remembered I don’t need a boyfriend to handle it. I know how to weave a spell now!
    And I did! I imagined a web of silence (or, for Kristy, I focused my will on creating this “web” that blocks sound) that encapsulated the entire room. I imagined it a couple of times for good measure ..
    .. and then guess what? I fell asleep! For the rest of the night! I don’t know if the sound continued (for everyone else) or not – all I know is that I didn’t hear another thing after that. he he
    Liking this magic stuff already!
    Thanks again for posting, N_8!

  • N_8 says:

    Long time lurker, just thought of posting because of the great post. I’ve been quite interested in vipassana meditation and Majick. It really was the western spiritual way of understanding that our reality will be created by ourselves, therefore affirming the non-dualistic aspect of nature. I’ve heard the fact that Alistair Crowley’s ( yeah if you ignore his infamy and get to the essence) four stages neatly corresponds to the for paths of enlightenment of Theravada Buddhism.
    ^ A really good site which gave a lot of information for n00bs like me. There are really advanced practitioners on the site that Kim can resonate with

  • Kristy, maybe another way to think of it that won’t feel as foreign is as INTENDING.
    I’ll pull out the book and see if Christopher has to say about it …

  • Kristy M says:

    Can you elaborate on ‘focusing will’? 🙂

  • Wow, thanks for the great resources, Dr. Jenn!
    I’m still smiling at the visual of your horse’s hat! lol
    This might sound really unpowerful, but I have to admit it makes me feel more comfortable to hear all my “witch” friends coming out of the closet. he he
    Not that any of you were IN any closets, but I guess it must be that now I’m just ready to hear how magical we all are and the different ways of thinking about that power.
    Thanks for posting, Dr. Jenn!

  • ooo-What fun!!!
    Thanks for the poke in the behind to get back to working on the altered state of consciousness thing!
    Ever since I actually saw a wizard’s cap on the leader of my healing horse herd- I swear, it was there! Stars and all!- I KNEW I’ve been supposed to start meditating out there with the horses!
    Animals can help us alter our state of consciousness because they so easily alter their own! (Especially cats and horses.) Just hanging out with them, getting still and quiet, holding the intention, even asking for their assistance can get the ball rolling.
    We all have an inner wizard and SOURCE-eress! Now’s a perfect time to get down to making some magic!
    One of my favorite tag lines of all time (that I’ve seen out and about) is: BE THE MAGIC!
    Yes, let’s!
    For all of you energy healers out there, Penczak also has a book called Reiki Magick that I really enjoyed for it’s down to earth, yet unique tools.
    And if you like novels, I totally enjoyed a fictional intro to Wicca and Witches when reading the enchanting Paulo Coelho book Brida.
    Plus, for a no-brainer altered state, I super enjoy the ease of using Brain’s Guided Meditation CD’s- they have various ones on different topics, and for different states, theta, alpha, etc.
    The last time I listened I got very clear guidance to host the first ever Adventure Speed Dating at the Ranch event so some soulmates could meet- which we just did- and I am tickled to announce that it looks like 2 soulmate couples did connect- so those CD’s work to bring the magic to mind!
    Here’s to Marvelous Magical Manifesting!

  • Janette says:

    Ooh, yes please to altering consciousness!
    Meditation and exercise are two regular practices that wisdom says are essential – but I have always struggled to make time for them. And I’ve only recently figured out why. It’s not because I don’t like them. Well, okay – you will never, ever find me playing golf… shudder (sorry Russ)… but I love a good walk once I get myself out of the house, LOL! I love meditating, too.
    The fact that I don’t prioritise them suggests I’m experiencing yet another symptom of the old unworthiness thinking. Spending time on ME, expressing self-love – for that’s what these practices represent – is still a new concept.
    So thank you Jeannette! How fabulous to be reminded that self-love is not just an optional extra – it is oxygen-mask-level crucial to my wellbeing. And I sure as heck deserve it 😀

  • Yep, Janette, I appreciated the reminder as well and I love how you equated this habit with self-love.
    That’ll make it that much easier to engage! Thanks for reading and especially for posting.

  • I was actually thinking about Rosette’s role in my “altered consciousness,” Kim … and almost included that in the post!
    I’ve got a feeling that people who experience you in some form or fashion (whether by reading or meeting you) often find themselves “altered” in very positive ways.
    I sure have!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    This post was a beautiful surprise to wake to! I’m honored! Wow…
    I love the steps of:
    1. Altering consciousness
    2. Focusing will
    3. Directing energy
    One way I find to alter consciousness, and Jeannette has written on this topic too, is Loosen Your Grip on ‘Reality’!
    It’s can be a little tricky to alter your consciousness when it’s anchored to a ‘what is’ (that ‘isn’t really…). Know what I mean?
    Ways I loosen my grip include the study of astrology, which effectively allows a glimpse of past, present and future possibilities all in superposition–all at once. Talk about shattering the status quo mind set! I also let go the ‘fixed view’ by immersing in story–my own (I write ‘for a living’) and others. Day dreams, films, novels, art, music–these are all stories that take us to another world. When you ‘go there’ consciousness lightens up, lets go, expands . . . alters!
    (And if you really want to combine consciousness expansion, immersion in story and some great spell craft, you might enjoy The Spell of Rosette trilogy 🙂 It turns your head around and, well, Jeannette knows. There’s a spell woven into the pages of each title!
    Thanks again, Jeannette for this wonderful surprise post!
    🙂 Kim

  • I don’t know this material from Eckhart, Mitch … where can I hook up with it? Might be something I already have on my shelf but perhaps I glossed over it?
    At any rate, I’ll have what you’re having. 🙂
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting, Mitch!

  • Mitch says:

    What a timely October post. 🙂
    For my altered state, I’ve been going crazy lately with Eckhart Tolle’s suggestion of feeling the inner energy field of my body or feeling my body from the inside. It gives a huge boost to all of my manifesting efforts (I’m having happy manifesting surprises right and left!) and what’s great is that I can quickly do it wherever I am to feel more grounded and secure.
    Like Judy said, whatever the altered state happens to be, it’s nice to get the thinking mind out of the way for a while and just have fun.

  • Yay for “critical minds snoozing away”! lol
    That’s a nice perspective, Judy!
    Thanks for the enthusiastic thumbs up for the process – that helps reinforce my knowingness to embrace it!

  • Judy says:

    Yes, ubetcha! Altering our consciousness is a direct route to creating magic, and just plain ol’ creating, period!
    Love this post, Jeannette, thanks!
    I believe that what we call altered consciousness now will become our normal, every day consciousness soon. Do you?
    Anyways, why wait?! Altered consciousness feels good.
    I’ve been enjoying a lot of success and joy via hypnosis these days. I love the easy and relaxed zone I create that allows my imagination to flourish. I’m so relaxed that my critical mind is snoozing away some where. So, all of my energy is focussed on what I’m conjuring.
    I’m w/ you completely Jeannette, find the altered zone that works for you and nurture the magic that’s naturally yours!
    I’m inspired to go do that now! : )
    w/ much love,

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