Three Rs of Manifesting

rSometimes I think I’m so clever …
Last week I told a client that deliberate creation was this simple:

First, you Recognize a thought that’s not serving you;

Second, you Release that thought, and

Third, you Redirect toward a new thought that serves you better.

Simple process, and works like magic.
In fact, I’ve probably done it a dozen times already today.  Once when I recognized I was thinking about how mad Russ would be if he knew Verrall was leaving special kitty food on our front porch in early morning hours; later when I thought I’m going to be tired all day because I woke up at five and couldn’t get back to sleep; and  just a few minutes ago when I wondered whether the little female kitty was also fighting off distemper virus.

(Her brother just got released from the hospital this morning after being diagnosed with distemper Saturday afternoon. That’s the quickest recovery we’ve seen/manifested for our foster kitties- YAY!  Thanks, Pray Rain Bloggers for joining me in it!)

Anyway, in each instance I recognized I was holding a thought that would take me to a place I didn’t want to go; I let it go in order to clear the slate for a new thought; then dialed up a new thought that was more aligned to what I wanted.

  • With “I’m going to be tired all day now” … I recognized that’s not cool.  A quick mental release of “Mm, not that” cleared the way for “Excited to start a new week; the energy flows great.”
  • With the sabotager thought, “Russ will be ticked if he finds out Verrall stopped by,” I released it with, “No, not that” and moved on to, “He doesn’t even know he was here.”  (That was easier to embrace than “He appreciates the help Verrall provides.”  Going with what feels best!)
  • With “I wonder if this kitty is fighting a distemper bug,” I skipped the releasing/clearing part and jumped right to, “Give up the drama, Jeannette!  She is FINE!”

And, of course, Russ didn’t know Verrall stopped by this morning (maybe because Verrall didn’t); my energy’s been great all day; and sister kitty is sleeping peacefully in my lap right now.  I’m 100% positive all is well with her!
So next time you’re thinking this manifesting stuff is too complicated, just remember the three Rs: Recognize, Release, Redirect and put them to practice in your life to create yourself a miracle or two.

  • June 8, 2009
  • MarySmiling says:

    This is an OMG moment!
    I always tell my cats, “You are the best kitties in the world,” even though they are quite capable of destroying expensive furniture and knocking my mouse and keyboard off my desk. But when the going gets tough, like yesterday when they were accidentally locked inside without a cat box, they “held their own” against nature and didn’t make a single mess.
    Now, for the epiphany: A man left me a couple of months ago, and I’ve been crying and moaning ever since … but it just popped into my mind that he is “the best boyfriend in the world” … and, actually, that is TRUE, because his vacating has created time and room for me to make some great changes in my life!
    And wouldn’t a “wonderful boyfriend” do that?

  • Annette says:

    LOVE IT!!
    I am going to make a card – no, MANY cards to post about the house & the car.
    Along with Anna, I love to giggle. So I have put the 3 R’s in a trigger: when I am tense or mad, I normally make a growling sound (kind of like rrrrrrrrrrrr). I thought about the 3 R’s and my mind kept saying (like a Pirate) “Arrrr Arrr Arr!!). Now when I growl at something, it will immediately make me think “Arrr Arr Arr” = 3 R’s!!!! turns into ‘Oh, OH, OOHH” real fast! And it makes me giggle!!
    Thank you Jeannette

  • Madisen says:

    LOVE this post! Great idea, just as everyone else said, it’s so simple & easy to remember! Because we all know, as Abraham seems to always remind us, we make much too much out of all of this!!! 😀 I also enjoyed your comment about the duckies responding so quickly to your energy and it inspired me to change my energy/vibration I’ve got going on about a mischievous doggy we have! Looking forward to seeing the results of my changed energy! I’m thinking something like…she’s such a good dog, she really knows what’s “right” and “wrong” in our eyes, she just can’t buck our negative current we’ve got going on about her! Thanks again for the always inspirational posting!!! 😀 ps-I’ll vote for you! :]

  • Erik says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I guess it is always hard to let go of the wishes that are strongest, but it seems you have to. Isn’t there an old saying that goes like “If you love something, let it go – if it comes back, it was ‘yours’ all along”.
    Had to grin as I read that after you changed your thoughts, they stayed for “HOURS” longer 🙂 – I think they tried to show you ‘yup, that’s exactly right how you’re doing it’.
    I’m glad I’ve found your blog and the inspiration that comes with it :)!

  • Well, that’s the first time I’ve heard this material/blog compared to going to church – but it fits in that context, doesn’t it, Edward?!
    In fact, I remember working with my mentor coach, after the second month of our work together I realized she was telling me the same thing over and over again. It just took me a while to really get it. ha!
    Here’s to our willingness to stay immersed in the good stuff! Thanks for being part of the community, my friend.

  • Great post. I love this stuff. It’s like the concept of going to church. You’ve heard it before, but hearing it again refreshes and reenergizes you!

  • Body You Want says:

    Very insightful Jeannette. You have a simple and direct teaching style which I really like. That Recognition step is crucial; it can be easy to go through the day without knowing what it is that you are holding onto. My third step is another “R”, Replacing. I replace my old thought with a positive affirmation, whether it is a single word or short phrase. This gets me back on track. Ryan

  • Oooh – Replacing! That’s perfect too, Ryan!
    And I totally agree that Recognizing is the crucial piece here, because without that, we’ve got ducks waddling away and goat cheese not found! lol

  • Thanks for your vote, Erik! And for pointing out the wisdom and requirement for letting go.
    You’re exactly right in how you describe this .. in fact, I just experienced it this morning with the ducks in the front yard. I’m always excited to see them here, and really want them to spend more time here (I get such a kick out of watching them!) … so this morning when they started to wander out of the yard toward the street, I was CLINGING to them, trying to will them to stay put with thoughts like, “Oh, guys, don’t go .. you can stay here, this is a great place to hang out! I’ll give you more bread, I’ll make sure the dogs don’t get out and I’ll keep the cats in …”
    And the more I flowed those desperate thoughts, the faster they waddled away. Till they got to the edge of property line, and I recognized I was clinging to the idea of them staying, and then I let go of it with the thought, “Of course you guys can go wherever you want. Just know you’re always welcome here. And it was great to have you over for a while today. LOVE YOU!”
    And I’m not joking, Erik, with that string of thoughts they sat right back down at the edge of the lawn. And stayed for HOURS longer! Even through a huge rainstorm where they just moved to the spot under the tree. hee hee
    It made me smile to see how responsive animals are to energy.
    Thanks for posting, Erik! I was just going to say “hope you come again soon,” but then switched it up to “it was a pleasure having you stop by, and you are always welcome back! (Look at how good I’m getting at this!) hee hee

  • Erik says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    Thanks for your truly good vibes you send out with your blog posts. In my opinion, the releasing part is truly important, not only for clearing the slate but also for manifesting. If you cling to your wish, it means, you don’t believe you will get it – you fear, if you let go, it is lost and will not manifest. Whereas in fact you *have* to let it go for it to gather up speed and seek manifestation opportunities. When you let go, you trust it will happen and that you will receive.
    Best wishes (you got my vote 😉 ),

  • Look at you GO, Master Manifester Pernille! WOO HOO!
    And doing it on the things that REALLY count in life – FOOD!! hee hee
    You know I love your style, my friend! 🙂

  • Of course I’ll vote for you – I already did (a couple of times :))
    I like the three R’s – and as I love it when LOA is simple, I’m trying to translate it into Danish (maybe something like: genkend, giv slip, grib en ny tanke – the three G’s!).
    And it works too 🙂 – Yesterday I went to my usual store to buy various ingredients in order to make pizza for dinner, and I wanted to add goat cheese on it (yummie!). But there was no goat cheese on the shelves. I looked again – no goat cheese!
    Without the goat cheese I really didn’t want to make pizza; however I had already told my 9-year old and her friend, that we were going to have pizza – and they looove pizza!.
    Then I Recognized my thoughts were not serving me.
    So I Released my thoughts.
    And then I Redirected them to: Of course there is goat cheese on the shelves, there always is in this shop, I just haven’t found it yet – let me have another look — ahh, there it is, I better buy two 🙂 🙂 – and the pizza was great 🙂
    Love the pictures, thanks for the link, now I’m excited to see if my works – no, just realized this thought may not be serving me….. – now I’m excited to see my picture here after I hit the Submit button!

  • Amen for do-overs, huh, Anna? And I love how perfectly the three Rs fit with your chalkboard! lol
    Thanks for reading and even more for sharing your technique here!

  • Anna says:

    I ADORE alliteration! I’ve even gone grocery shopping for things that begin with the letter M (or B, or D, … and it’s a blast when my kid gets in on it! Ah, yes – I do love my sense of humor!)
    Your 3 R’s – brilliant! I seem to have adopted the chalk brush effect … I hear my words, feel my thoughts, and when they contradict my desires, I see this massive chalk brush wiping it all away, leaving my space and energy completely clear and pristine – and then I take my do-over. (Love do-overs)
    Mind you, since reading your 3-R post yesterday, when my chalk brush is done, I find myself with a little chuckle – and a great big 3 R’s written in place. I like that. A lot! If it makes me giggle, it takes me there quicker!

  • Thanks, MissyB, for the post – and Tia for the gravatar support!
    So nice to see all your beautiful faces here!

  • What a lovely bunch of coconuts we all are!!

  • MissyB says:

    Yay ! It works.
    Great blog post by the way :0) Simple and effective – I’m off to find a way to remind me to implement it.

  • MissyB says:

    Forgive me guys – testing my pic too !
    So great to see everyone’s face

  • Testing to see if my Gravatar works…
    Thanks for the assistance, Tia!! I hadn’t been entering my email address up until now, so that may be why it wasn’t showing up.
    Fingers crossed that it works this time! 🙂

  • Debra, can I just say, I can’t WAIT for your rose-coloured glasses to hit the market! I want a pair of my own custom-created by YOU and your fabulous energy! lol
    Thanks for your kind words, my friend. You are such a natural uplifter!

  • Debra says:

    PPS~ Love that you’ve added Gravatars! How fun!! 🙂
    Here’s a link for those that want one:
    Oh..and I see Tia has already assisted with this, beautiful!

  • Debra says:

    Yes clever (as always)! Yes silly (one of the things I love most about you) and Yes good *reason* for a blog post (who needs an excuse?!)…
    More than all of these…pure genius. Alliterate on, my friend. Our brains like it. Makes it so much easier for our hearts to get our brains to say yes when our brains are given something to ‘chew on’.
    That’s right! You’ve thrown our brains a proverbial bone! :0) In so doing, our hearts (and guts) can flow in this feels so good direction of simplicity.
    With the 3 R’s ~ Recognize, Release, Redirect we can, with ease and grace, quickly…gently…shift! YAY!!
    This is something I’ve been using and recommending for forever…AND…my GENIus never delivered the process in 3 sweet and clever R’s!
    You and your GENIus ROCK! Thanks for another GREAT post, Jeannette!!
    PS~Yesterday was a major 3 R day for me! Interesting how some days there are more opportunities to practice our practice than others!
    It was funny. I’d notice the words coming from my mouth…or the thoughts floating through my brain…and at one point I even said out loud to Mark: “Sheesh! I must have misplaced my Rose Colored Glasses! What’s going on?!”
    From there (Recognize) the Rose Colored Glasses were back in place and Release and Redirect were stealthily back in action!! Whew!! 🙂

  • That’s my intention, Elizabeth! That’ll it’s easy enough to pop in when you can put it to good use!
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting, my friend. Much appreciated!
    (And continued thanks for all the Best Coaching Blog votes flowing in! WOO HOO!)

  • elizabeth says:

    I like the three R’s – stuff like that usually sticks in my head so hopefully it’ll pop up right when I need it! Thanks!

  • That’s what I love about you, Tia!
    And for the record, I’m looking to tie in votes, concede in comments. You’ve got a rockin’ blog going (along with Dana and Mary and many others), and they all deserve a big spotlight!

  • Mary, just go to and sign up for one. Then it’ll show up the next time you log in.
    Oh actually – I think you ARE signed up! I used to have gravatars on my blog and you still show up in my WP cpanel on a comment you made but not on the actual post – some settings got changed last month when my brother was helping me with my blog and I lost my gravatars :(.

  • You ARE clever, you! And I love you and think your blog is the bestest ever so I’d even be willing to let you win *wink wink* Just don’t let the others who are playing dirty win! That’s just not good karma for anyone, lol.
    What struck me in this post was that in order to let something you want in, you’ve got to let something you DON’T want out. If you don’t create space for it by ridding yourself of the -ve thoughts then where will the new ones party?
    In your headdddddddd, in your headddddddd,
    Zommmmmmbie, zommmmmmbie, zommmmmmbieeeeee,
    Hey, hey, hey. What’s in your headdddd,
    In your headdddddddddd,
    Zommmmmmmbie, zommmmmmmmbie, zombbiiiiiiiiiiiiie?
    Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, dou, dou, dou, dou, dou..
    Lol. It’s 3:30 am and I cannot and will-not be held responsible for any strange antics I’ve gotten upto on this page. Tia 😉

  • Oh, Jeanne, I hadn’t realized that’s one of the many benefits of having kids!! ha ha
    Lovely story, and congrats to you for finding your way to that place of peace and relief.
    I’m sure many others will as well for your having shared it here. Thank you, Jeanne!

  • Jeanne says:

    About 20 years ago my teenage daughter was in the throes of a huge, HUGE life crisis; it went on for many months, even years. I parented as best I could (a single mom); I went from anguish to sheer panic, losing sleep, not being able to focus at work . . . I distinctly remember one night realizing that I was indeed at my wits’ end and was totally helpless. I said to the Universe/God: “I got nothing else. It’s up to you to see her through this.” Once I did that I experienced a great sense of relief and was able to function again. The pain and anguish remained but it was under control. And the daughter? Through her own crisis and pain and in her own time, she came through that dark tunnel and now is the most wonderful, well-focused person, still growing in wisdom, and loving daughter. It was a time when I couldn’t make it happen (didn’t know how) so I had to let it happen. Since then, over the years, I’ve “caught” bits and pieces of LOA, embraced it all, and I can honestly say there’s no tension now — altho’ I call it stress. Stress-free is a lovely place to be, and when a thought passes through my head that looks like worry, I’m able to replace that thought almost immediately. I think I have my daughter to thank!

  • Well said, Leslie! Thanks for sharing that here!
    And here’s to lots of perfect sleep – for both of us!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    One of my reframes around lack of sleep is… my body knows what it needs, it got just the right amount of sleep it needed for now!
    I was reframing my thoughts today around having unresolved feelings from the weekend and worried it would make me feel ungrounded and I would make mistakes at work. I made some small annoying ones but I see now thanks to you that I did indeed attempt to reframe but without releasing first. In other words let go of the attachment to the feelings first and then reframe with more punch.
    Love Leslie

  • PurePotential says:

    As for the picture, I wanted it to happen. I moved the cursor into the upper right corner and a box appeared. I copied the picture into it. OR…
    I recognized that I wanted my picture to show.
    I released the thought that I did not know how to do it.
    I redirected the thought into it will happen easily!

  • PurePotential says:

    As for the picture, I wanted it to happen. I moved the cursor into the upper right corner and a box appeared. I copied the picture into it. OR…
    I reckonized that I wanted my picture to show.
    I released the thought that I did not know how to do it.
    I redirected the thought into it will happen easily!

  • Yep, that’s my hero, PurePotential. Putting into immediate practice and showing the way! lol
    I didn’t/don’t even know myself how to get the gravatars in place .. I think there’s a global site to do that on, though.

  • Inner Genius Coach says:

    I like the three R’s. They are sticking to my brain like glue! Thanks for yet another timely post.
    Iyabo Asani

  • Inner Genius Coach says:

    Hey, how do I get my picture up here like Susan.

  • I want my picture to show, too!!

  • Thanks for the acknowledgement, Tiffany! It means more (to me) than you might guess!

  • PurePotential says:

    You alliterator you! Read the post and immediately used it with a client cobined with Michele Woodward’s blog post on retelling your story
    Thank you for the easy mnemonic of 3 R’s.

  • Tiffany says:

    Oooh la la! This post is delicious to my LOA appetite. I’m always looking for ways to simplify everything I do for LOA, and this is perfect! It’s what I’ve begun to do naturally, but now I know why it works.
    Jeannette, if you know how many lives you’ve improved you’d have a heart attack! Love you! 😀

  • Ah, if only we ALL had hairdressers who helped us redirect so well, MsNikki!
    (Actually, come to think of it … is it just me, or do they seem to have a really good gift for exactly that?!)
    At any rate, I think she’s helping you steer your thoughts in a good direction, my friend. Full steam ahead!

  • MSNikki says:

    The three “R”s of LOA! Yay! Another on time post!Today, I was telling the lady who cuts my hair that I may have a good idea on where I
    want to relocate. (Finally!). This place has pretty much everything on my wish list but it is incredibly expensive. Ditto for several other places that I have put on my list. How can I comfortably live in these places without resorting to a life of crime and donating blood and plasma every week? Or subsisting on rice, bread,and water?
    She then said “focus on the wants and not on the hows because many people live there and seem to make it work quite well…” Hmmm…Definitely food for thought.

  • Ha! Alliteration and a mnemonic all in one tip! lol
    Thanks for the link to Michele’s post, Susan – she always delivers! (As do you!)

  • Thanks for the votes, Mary, and everyone else! Much appreciated!
    This was my favorite part from your comment: “Guys LOVE being in relationships, especially with me!”
    Now THAT’S a powerful redirection – WOO HOO!!!

  • Hi Jeannette!
    Ahh, I was just doing this exact same exercise about an hour ago, so I’m glad to know I’m the right track! 🙂
    I’m in the processing of manifesting my soulmate and have been writing out my wish list, getting into the feeling place of having it, looking for positive signs that he’s on his way, etc. And all has been going SUPER well! But today for some reason all those negative thoughts and beliefs I USED to have about men and relationships just came flooding back to me out of nowhere…
    BUT, instead of getting discouraged this time, I just said to myself, “Great! Perfect opportunity to observe what’s been holding me back and release these blocks once and for all!”
    So my belief that “Guys don’t like to commit” became “Guys LOVE marriage and make their families their number one priority!” And my belief that “Guys don’t like relationships” became “Guys LOVE being in relationships, especially with me!” And now I’m feeling much better… 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the results from this in the real world!
    p.s. I voted for you, Jeannette! A few times:) haha.

  • >