Tigger’s Success Secret

Did you ever think of Tigger as a deliberate creator’s role model? It wasn’t until last weekend that I realized Tigger epitomizes one of the manifestation success secrets: strong bounce-ability!
I tagged along with my boyfriend to Reno for the National Bowling Championship, where I watched several hundred competitors give it their best shot. (Thankfully, I’d remembered to set strong intentions for a good time, because otherwise, that much bowling might have been a challenge to my “feel good!”)
Cody is on my sweetie’s squad; a friendly young guy who stands out as upbeat and optimistic. He is a pleasure to watch bowl, not only because he’s good, but because he’s rarely upset with “off” shots. He’s got a smile ready after every throw.
After bowling teams and doubles, they started singles competition. (FYI, that’s a lot of bowling!) Two strikes into the first of three games, Cody turned to his buddy with a smile and said, “34 more to go!”
Now, 36 strikes in a row is three perfect games. I thought he must be joking. I watched him in teams and doubles, and he’s good – but I never saw anything close to a perfect game. The thing is he didn’t say it in a joking tone. He said it in a “mean it” tone. You know the difference? (In fact, when was the last time you had a “mean it” tone? Universe likes those.)
So Cody calls out three perfect games, and then starts a roll like I’ve never seen before. At Nationals! That’s a tough shot – even good bowlers don’t do so well in this house. Halfway through his perfect game all eyes were on him, and I could feel the nervous energy building.
But I don’t think he did. Or at least he didn’t let it affect him. One strike after another after another!
Until his 11th shot, when he left one pin standing. Although he picked it up as a spare and shot a final strike, that one pin cost him a perfect game. It was heartbreaking to watch! But even after that one pin miss of a perfect game he had that smile ready.
As other competitors came over to shake his hand, I heard whispering about how awful it was that he choked right at the end. They weren’t celebrating his great run, they just saw the failure. I myself was sick for what he just lost. I couldn’t believe he was that close and missed it.
But you know what Cody said? With a big sincere smile? “That’s okay, I’m startin’ over!” Ha! Is that a first class Tigger bounce or what?!
What if we all looked at how well we did, and gave ourselves credit for what we DO accomplish, instead of dwelling on what’s lost or “almost was”? And had fun regardless?! Cody didn’t “miss” a perfect game by one pin. He had a fabulous run – at Nationals, no less! Can you feel the difference in perspectives? Honestly, a 289 at Nationals is pretty cool! And he had fun doing it.
When your natural tendency is to be hard on yourself, focusing on what you did “wrong” instead of the many things you can be proud of – a strong Tigger tail comes in handy. Practice your bounce, my friends. It’s what allows us to enjoy the journey, and inevitably brings more good things our way.

  • April 19, 2007