Time to Face the Facts?

face-the-facts.jpgMy mind played big time tricks yesterday when I weighed in after the first week on my official LOA diet.

(Not your typical diet, you might imagine – it hardly deserves that moniker.)

But anyway, after I visualized all the right numbers, felt the happy feeling and then stepped on the scale – it said I’d lost 2.5 pounds.

Two and a half pounds!! In one week! That’s 20% of my goal already!

After doing a little woo hoo dance alone in the basement (with the scale), I reveled in all the good vibes. For about four minutes. That’s when gremlins kicked in and started explaining away 2.5 pounds.

  • “Well, you know, that scale’s not very accurate.”
  • “You’re probably just dehydrated.”
  • “It’s might be muscle you lost, not fat.”
  • “You should probably be gaining still, since you’re repairing impaired metabolism.”
  • “The first week is the easiest, you know. The rest will be harder.”

Oh my gosh! Could gremlins please cut me some slack?! Let’s just enjoy this, huh?  Two and a half pounds in one week – on the easiest diet anyone ever dreamt of – is GOOD NEWS! I’m not letting go of this!

But the gremlins continued throughout the day as I reflected on my progress.

Finally, I’d had enough.

I said to myself, “Face the facts. You dropped 2.5 pounds in one week. That’s all there is to it.”

Those cold hard facts turned the gremlin chorus off.

And honestly, those are nice facts to face.

I’m not a big one for facing the facts, you know. I prefer to make things up in my mind and let them manifest in physicality …

… but when the facts are aligned with what we want, it’s time to embrace them.  This is REAL.  This is TRUE.  Own it!  Claim it!  Revel in it!

I really did get invited to Oprah’s LOA show! I really am a Master Coach!  I truly am in the midst of living out my best relationship EVER! I honestly look ten years younger than I technically am. I live in a beautiful house with a lifestyle many folks dream about. And girlfriend – you are hot stuff – 2.5 pounds or not!

Relax and enjoy, huh?!

Sheesh – that’s the last time I let the gremlins crash the party!

The thing is I know I’m not alone with this habit.  Many of us show an uncanny ability to dismiss the good stuff (even the cold hard facts) to jump right back into whatever problem we’re focused on.

  • “I manifested $20,000 out of the blue? That’s not enough.”
  • “Mr. Right asked me out on a date? Wait till he gets to know me – that’ll be the last of him.”
  • “The boss just promoted me to Head Honcho? Now he probably thinks he doesn’t have to give me a raise.”

Can anyone relate?

I just hung up the phone with my ex boyfriend’s dad who complained that (four months ago, if you can believe we’re still complaining about it) his son showed up for his 70th birthday party with a beer in hand. (That’s a big no-no for devout Mormons, which my ex’s family is.)

“He shouldn’t have done that,” his dad said to me.

Well, let’s face the facts.

1) Your son came to your birthday party. That’s good right there, if you ask me. I have plenty of clients who wish their kids even knew when their birthday was, let alone showed up in person to celebrate it.

2) Your son remembered, he cared, he even brought nice friends along. We can give him credit for that.

3) And he was not only the life of the party, he was also sober. (So were his very polite friends, who were not drinking.)

Yes, he carried a beer and maybe made you look bad in front of your religious friends, but how long ago was it that you’d have been thrilled if he was just even sober on a Friday night? (Let alone Monday morning.) Or wished that he wouldn’t drink and drive?  Or even hoped that he’d hang out with friends, instead of being lonely and depressed in your basement?

There’s lots of good news here … let’s see it!

If you’ve heard it from me once, you’ve heard it a hundred times: we get what we vibrate.

So that means there is NO good reason to discount the positive news. We’re not setting ourselves up for disappointment if we think good things are in the works; we’re not motivating ourselves toward success by imagining potential problems; and we certainly aren’t headed in the direction of our dream come true by refusing to acknowledge the evidence that it’s on the way.

(I’m saying all this as a reminder to me as much as to anyone else who could use a refresher on this topic!)

For that reason, I’m inviting all of you to join me in a little 2.5 pound victory dance from wherever you’re sitting right now. Shake your shoulders, give a big smile, or do a little jig if you’re standing and holler “woo hoo!”

Even better, share YOUR good facts here to get a group investment going in what you’d like to see more of. It’s a simple way to grease your wheels for the journey to your dream come true.

PS – I’ll share the details of my LOA “diet” after I’ve proven it works as well as I think it does.  In the meantime, thanks for sharing my fun facts with me, and yours with the rest of us!  🙂

  • July 12, 2008
  • Gillian says:

    Thanks for your compliment Jeannette, your blog and is a wonderful learning place and to share our knowledge.

  • Thanks for the link, Phillis. 🙂

  • Phillis says:

    Jeannette: Great conversations . . . . loving the readings — here’s a great but long video on UTube . . . by Louise L. Hay . . . I’ve watched it several times . . . my favorite part is around the 1:13 mark — the entire video is well worth the viewing. Enjoy –

  • I agree, Gillian – tremendous freedom for us there when we don’t let those negative thoughts run willy nilly through our head! ha ha

    Thanks for posting, Gillian – you are treat to learn with and from!

  • Gillian says:

    Ya, I guess its really what we are vibrating that determines everything. I have to get used to the idea that past “faux pas” doesn’t affect our results unless we let them affect us. Its very intersting and very liberating, especially for those people, who tend to have issues with guilt or past regrets.

  • Yepper, Tom. I’ve heard gremlins referred to as “mind chatter,” “monkey mind,” “ego,” “smaller self,” “the *sshole in the back,” etc.
    I like distinguishing those thoughts from ME in that it helps me break free from them. When I know they’re not MINE, not ME, it seems to be easier to deal with them.
    Or maybe I just like placing the “blame” elsewhere. lol
    Thanks for posting, Tom! Would love to hear more from you on another post!

  • Gremlins eh? Sounds like they are related to my chatter monkeys – thanks for the article.

  • Woo hoo, Cheryl!! Welcome to the magic of deliberate creation!

    I think that’s cool that Richard knew not to call a weight loss plan a diet – even back then – and even MORE cool that you’re recalling those wise words to help us here.

    Thank you! And thanks for the high five. 🙂

  • cheryl says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I just started practicing the loa—-and all I can say is wow–this is the best thing ever!! In regards to your “non-diet”–an idea for you– the live-it? I remember exercise guru Richard Simmons on his show in the 70’s–He said do not call your weight loss plan a diet—it is a “live-it,” —-My sister and I (we were around 11 and 12 yrs. old) made our journals and called them our live-it books—-Thanks for sparking those memories for me and a great big smile and high 5 for your success!!!!

  • Gillian, your post brings up a number of good questions.
    First, those gremlin thoughts often inspire feelings of guilt and regret. I think of it as the gremlin as the THOUGHT, and the negative feeling is a sign that a gremlin is at work.
    Coaches tend to call them gremlins, but we could just as accurately say that it’s us departing or wavering from our inner being knows, or our connection to source.
    Second, regarding “unpopular” people who “make it to the top,” I would say success isn’t bestowed on one based on whether they’re a “good” person or not. It’s all about what we vibrate.
    I have to admit I admire someone who doesn’t give a damn about what other people think of them. (That could be liberation at its finest.)
    Third, what success is is a whole nuther question. Just because they’re famous or rich doesn’t mean they’re successful, or even getting what they really want. In fact, fame & fortune could potentially take them further away from what they really want. Possibly, you know?
    The bottom line is we know NOTHING about what someone else is vibrating. We can’t even tell by what they’re attracting, because how THEY experience that result isn’t anything we can know.
    (What makes one person deliriously happy could make another one bored to tears.)
    Am I making any sense? lol
    Good questions, Gillian. I appreciate the opportunity to explore these ideas with you!

  • Gillian says:

    Would gremlins also include feelings like “guilt”, “past regrets” or “enemies”? From an LOA perspective what happens, when people, who are so unpopular or have many enemies, but still continously make it to the top and laughing their way to the bank, like for example Simon Cowell of American Idol? I could name other personalities, who are are always booed at and still climb up the success ladder. I suppose it is after all we alone, who determines our success and not other people or our environment. I feel, that those people, who don’t give a damn about what others think of them and do what ever fells right to get what they want, are those who always get what they want. I suppose, it is our unwavering confidence in ourself, that determines our success? Curious what you have to say.

  • Oh yeah, those *$@& naysayers. lol

    Best way to handle that situation, you ask? It’ll be different for each person and may even depend on the situation itself, but my preference is to laugh at what little they know.

    If they had ANY IDEA what’s possible, they’d realize how foolish those naysaying words are.

    One of my favorite mantras for that circumstance is “Oh yeah? WATCH ME.” hee hee

    It WORKS for me. Very empowering and freeing.

    And I get that it wouldn’t work for everyone.

    I also prefer not to give someone the chance to tell me what I can and can’t do.

    Also, reflecting on others’ comments to see if there’s a part of you that thinks the same thing – nice to pull those gremlins out of the dark and hold them up to the light of truth.

    But, let’s face it. Sometimes someone says something that really sticks. In a not so good way.

    What then?

    That’s a really good blog post.

    I’ll refrain from going into it in detail here, but sometimes I’ll find another “expert” or friend who will give me reason to believe otherwise; sometimes I amend my intentions or goal to accommodate the new limiting belief (if it’s particularly sticky); sometimes I’ll look to someone else’s experience to prove the thought wrong; sometimes …

    Yeah, this topic definitely deserves its own post. Thanks for the inspiration, Daphne! Be sure to check in on that one, too. 🙂

  • Daphne Bazemore says:

    Hey Jeanette,
    This is a GREAT example of the LOA at work. I do have a question though. What’s the best way to deal with a situation where people around you (not you personally, but the universal you) are telling you the opposite of what you believe (i.e. you don’t look younger than your age or i don’t think you could play this part)? Is it any use debating with them or should we just quietly pump out our own “results”.

  • Leslie, your observation about gremlins reminds me of something Martha Beck covers in Finding Your Own North Star.
    She has an exercise to help us realize that when we worry what “everyone” thinks about us, we’re really not talking about anyone else’s real thoughts. We’re talking about what WE think. Not even what we think someone else thinks, but what WE think.
    It’s our gremlin, all the way. Enlightening perspective.

  • Leslie R says:

    You know what, Paul brings up a really good point, which is that gremlins are often about what other people would think, a projection of other’s values and perceptions.
    I mean have you ever noticed it’s okay when you are hanging out with yourself on whatever the issue is but start to think about what other’s might think and all of a sudden the talk starts.
    There you go, be true to what you think, like Missy B said 2.5 is bloody marvelous.
    Oh and another thing I am in love – throw away the scale – truly you are onto something Paul. Liberation and happiness. Woo hoo!

  • I couldn’t agree more that the best way to celebrate is with a big chocolate mess!!! And I love that about me. 🙂

  • Paul. says:

    (psst…I totally agree with you, Peregrine John, that immersion in chocolate’s a good thing)
    Jeannette, would “Feed your (Healthy) Vibe” way of eating be a good replacement for “LoA diet”? (I hate the d-word too. Only thing worse, IMHO, is the French word: régime. Ugh!)
    (OK, I’m gonna stop hogging the posts now….)

  • Peregrine John says:

    Well, ok; but to me, immersion in chocolate sounds like the perfect metaphor for all that!

  • Paul. says:

    Thanks, Peregrine John, but I think this post is a celebration of Jeannette’s, Zoe’s (Booty Bootcamp–hehe, love it!) and Missy’s achievements and Leslie’s cleverness, Harry Potter, Gillian’s generosity, Steve’s creation skills (and Cake Walk–who knew there was such a thing), Sherry’s re-programming of childhood patterns, Michael’s support, Anna’s face-off of her gremlins, your gratitude and, perhaps, my observation about my gremlins. Let’s immerse ourselves in all this delicious creativity, courage, graciousness, success and joy for a bit longer, shall we?

  • Peregrine John says:

    Paul: Do tell! I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not as far off-topic as one might first think.

  • Paul, you are giving me good material to work with!

    Kudos to you for having lower case g’s – hee hee – and for inviting us to appreciate chocolate messes. I’m all for that. !!

  • Paul. says:

    OK, Confession Time: I know I shouldn’t have but I put off reading this post because I’ve been “facing” the wrong kind of facts in my life at the moment. (Yes, yes, I know what that’s going to get me/ Not to worry; I’m working the mantras.)
    Had I known (and I should’ve–I’m sorry, Jeannette) that this was a celebration post (2.5 lbs. in a week! Whoo-hoo!); I’d’ve been right up at the top of the replies. Congratulations, Jeannette! I’m not only impressed by your progress but also how, since this is a LoA Eating Plan, you’ve attracted more and more tips here (and I’m sure elsewhere) on how to further your progress.
    If I may add to those offerings: ditch the scale. That’s right: just walk away, ignore it. After all, the end result, hopefully, the vibe you’re going for is that sexy, healthy body in the (fill in the blank) dress/bikini/between the sheets….well, you get the idea. The “number” (i.e., the scale) is just false information; it doesn’t have anything to do with the Best-Shape-Ever Jeannette that you are now and becoming more of as I type.
    I’m glad to know that I’m not only in doing battle with gremlins (mine get lower case g’s). Steve, what a great idea of working with yours as a safety net! One thing I’ve noticed about my gremlins is they never say “I;” mine always say “You.” What I’ve decided, for me, is that these are not my Wellbeing speaking (my Wellbeing is “I” or “we” or “us”, etc.). These critters sound in my head like voices of other people who’ve come along for the ride (and stuck around long after their tickets have expired). I listen for the “you” and then work on giving those stowaways the boot.
    Leslie, I’m going to add your “” I live a charmed life” to my bag of mantras, if it’s all right with you.
    3 stone, Missy? Way to go; that’s great creating on your part.
    Oh, and, Steve, (at the risk of oversharing) I recently made a living selling chocolate for the express purposes of people getting into a “chocolate-y mess.” It might, um, be a lot more fun than you’re imagining. I’m just saying…. 😉
    Whoo-hoo, Jeannette!

  • Steve, I’m laughing at the thought of your twelve year old virgo self covered in chocolatey mess. Virgo and mess – that’s not something we see every day, right? Or is that a myth?

    Anyway, I like the idea of you finding clarity and balance with your 12 year old spirit. Nice thought indeed. 🙂

  • Steve says:

    Jeanette said: “Your “try so hard” (to later replicate your easy success) in your first post stood out as something that probably wasn’t present in your first manifestation. But that’s just an educated guess. It’s also not a surprise to hear you were 12 with that easy creation. Before we learned how hard everything is, huh?”
    Wow, very clarifying – and very correct. I’m a Virgo and as an adult my “logic” can really goof things up. The 12 year-old me didn’t over-analyze (and thus locked the gates to the gremlins). I suppose I’m seeking the balance, and for me the balance is going back toward the 12 year-old spirit, but allowing a few manageable gremlins in to give clarity to my desire (so I don’t end up a chocolate mess)…

  • You two crack me up.
    That was one of the nicest things I’ve ever read, John. I feel the same way:
    “I am so grateful for the community of people here, the challenging, enlightening, reaffirming, vastly insightful and very unlikely collection of wonderful souls who haunt (this) blog. It’s no secret that I think the world of (you all), and that you’re the major reason of why I come here. Thank you.”
    Ditto indeed. 🙂

  • Anna says:

    (shut up and say thank you)
    …and Ditto!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Woah, a whole deluge of really useful little epiphanies here already! Let’s see, we have –
    Jeannette: “Those cold hard facts turned the gremlin chorus off.”
    Jeannette again: “We certainly aren’t headed in the direction of our dream come true by refusing to acknowledge the evidence that it’s on the way.”
    Zoe: “It becomes easy… because you have become that person already.”
    Steve: “Maybe we just need to embrace our little gremlins as part of the process of clarifying and defining what it is that we really want.”
    Anna: “When I’m complimented is their favorite time of attack.”
    Wow. Ok, my brain’s full now. Gonna take a fair while to digest all that. So instead of my usual “ok, so what about…” post or outlandish postulation, I’ll simply do what I should have done before, which is to say this: I am so grateful for the community of people here, the challenging, enlightening, reaffirming, vastly insightful and very unlikely collection of wonderful souls who haunt Jeanette’s blog. It’s no secret that I think the world of our stellar hostess, but the rest of you are no minor part of why I come here. Thank you.

  • Ha! Thanks for including us in the fun, Anna! I feel like I was there. 🙂
    I’m agreement – diets suck. lol
    Which is why I’ve got to think of a new name for what I’m doing now … it’s like the anti-diet or the “non-diet” as someone sweet called it yesterday.
    Lucy, huh?! Susie told me she named hers too, following your lead on that, I’m inclined to join in that fun, too!
    Thanks for posting, my friend. I’m always glad to hear from you!!

  • Anna says:

    I did it, Jeannette – I did the dance. I read your piece and immediately started the “Sitting in Front of Lucy (my MacBook) Celebrating Jeannette’s Success” dance! I was so good my kid came in to ask what I was doing. He thought it was so great he wanted to get in on the fun! My Beautiful “3-more-sleeps-until-I’m-8” boy and I doing a jig and hootin’ Woo-Hoo for you! I have to thank you for that – turned out to be a wonderful boost for both of us, and boosted our vibe for the whole day! Fantastic!
    To diets and scales: I gave them up a long long time ago. Both proved particularly counter-productive for me. I’ve weighed myself 3 times in the past 9 years – each time I was feeling attractive, confident, my clothes were looser – I was great! And curious to find out how light I was.
    Each time the scale was flattering.
    Each time I subsequently gained weight.
    I recognized the connection to childhood mis-teachings, self-destructive patterns, and I chose to opt out of the unpleasantries.
    I am Beautiful and perfect exactly as I am! Right now! That’s what I say when those little buggers (literally) start yammering. Be gone! Ha!
    When I’m complimented is their favorite time of attack. I had to go hard in my opposition. “Shut up and say Thank You” works for me!
    Love Light and Laughter!

  • Ha! Yeah, they made me wear pink that day. lol
    (Purple the day before.)
    Thanks for the smile (and the congrats), Michael. I am carrying that good vibe through to this week as well! 🙂

  • Michael says:

    You *are* hot stuff! I think I spotted you in the front row on that Oprah show…was that you?
    Congrats on the 2.5, Jeannette!

  • Yep, Leslie – cause they’re always there! (Those facts that help us feel better.)
    PS – loved your weekend good news posts!

  • Leslie R says:

    Wow I love that perception Steve that gremlins are our saftey net and help us clarify how true the desire is. What amazes me about your chocolate cake story is the focus you had at 12 years old, never mind the fierce ownership of your manifestation. I hope you never lose that dynamite combination. And hey what 12 year old doesn’t need to learn a bit about grace.
    And Missy B I loved your post as well, pointing out there are always different facts to face. Truly lets look at the facts that help us feel better.
    Love Leslie

  • Booty Bootcamp! Zoe – I love your style!

    Thanks for the inspiration … I’m tuning in!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hey Jeanette
    Love those gremlins! They keep us feeling alive! I recently did my own LOA diet – called it the Booty Bootcamp – and over 6 weeks, I threw all my LOA tricks at the desire to fit in to a hot red dress. Did it work? You betcha! Dropped a dress size! You can watch the videos on my blog, just search for booty bootcamp to get them all, or go to You Tube. Here is the last one in the series:http://zoerouth.blogspot.com/2008/07/results-law-of-attraciton-booty.html
    p.s. And yes, I had the gremlins happening too!

  • 3 stone, Missy B!! Woo hoo!!

    I recently had to look up what a stone was after I was emailed by a couple UK folks – so I already know how impressive that is!

    Also impressive is your ability to see what’s RIGHT with your cancelled dinner plans. Not easy to do, I know.

    Feels good, though, huh?

    Even better than losing three stone with WW and LOA!! (Well, maybe not – I don’t know that.) woo hoo all around, though!!

    Thanks for pitching in, Missy B.

    I’ve got a feeling that a smart guy would know to put you in his corner (or get himself in yours) – so if this guy IS smart (which four texted sorries might indicate), your time with him will surely come.

    OR, someone else gets to be the lucky guy who wins your heart. Either way, you win! 🙂

  • Missy B says:

    Oh what a timely reminder habit you have Jeannette. The story you told about your ex’s dad is so what I need to hear at this exact moment. My special friend (a guy who I’d really like to be more than just my friend ) has broken a dinner arrangement with me. He’s double booked. I’m double gutted ! So sat here in tears I was searching for a change in the vibe. See the facts … this bloke can’t make it ! More tears ! But lets look at the other facts … he gave me two days notice … and having never once said sorry before to me when there has been a need to, he said sorry four times in one text ! There, I feel a little better now.
    I’m just coming up to losing nearly 3 stone this year. Weightwatchers for most and a bit of LOA. 2.5 in your first week … bloody marvellous !

  • Yeah, Sherry, I wish I couldn’t relate at all to what you are saying here! ha!

    Knowing myself and my gremlins as well as I do, I’ve got a new plan in action. I think I’m just scratching the surface as to what’s possible with it – it’s going to be … well, a CAKE WALK!!

    hee hee

    (Steve, I love it!!)

    Thanks for sharing your commitment to loving your light body, Sherry. That’s a nice vibe!!

  • Sherry says:

    I grew up in a “Weight Watchers” house. My mom was and is a perpetual dieter. Along with my siblings we too began the cycle of weighing and measuring not only food but ourselves. I reached my goal with WW in highschool and distinctly recall coming home after the meeting and eating a tray of chocolates! Yup the vibe didn’t last after I got my big brass key.
    Since that time (mid 80’s), I chose or quite honestly banned a scale in my household. Even going for medical appointments I tell them I don’t want to know the “numbers”, there are too many beliefs and I give up too much power to those digits.
    In January I decided to employ the LOA to lose weight prior to our trip to Hawaii, so in comes a fancy schmancy digital scale so I wouldn’t misinterpret the numbers, signed up online with a weight tracker, and really began to be conscious of eating, the food, and the movement.
    I was having fun and was successful for the first 2 weeks. I manifested the numbers on the scale that I had intended and things were going very well, I was Rockin’ it Out! The scale was quickly transforming into my BFF.
    Week 3 was when the wheels started to come off, I had quickly become attached to the numbers on the scale, the numbers would dance thru my head and I began to doubt and fear them. I began to fear the portions I chose, the food I consumed and my ability to succeed and you may have guessed it spent more time weighing myself than “feeling” the success in my body in the moment and beyond.
    I let the number gremlins win, I had to let my process go and I had to bury the scale. I had stopped feeling the good vibe and was attracting exactly what I was fearing.
    I choose now to believe in my present body, I love the feel of my body being lighter and even with the scale calling to me now and then (I don’t answer) I haven’t pinpointed my “belief” around that but am reminded and inspired to do so! thanks Jeannette! Here is a high 5 for ya!

  • Steve, how is it I’m not surprised to hear YOU have been on a LITERAL cake walk! lol

    I love it!

    You knew I would.

    I also appreciate how you befriend gremlins.

    Your “try so hard” (to later replicate your easy success) in your first post stood out as something that probably wasn’t present in your first manifestation. But that’s just an educated guess.

    It’s also not a surprise to hear you were 12 with that easy creation. Before we learned how hard everything is, huh?

    The thought of you as a big chocolaty mess out back – ha! Delightful!!

    Thanks as always for posting, Steve! 🙂

  • Steve says:

    Ooh, important post-script. In the shower I was remembering the Cake Walk. The prologue is I took that cake, sat out by the dumpster and ate half of it – leaving the other half a crumbly mush with no frosting. My mother scolded me for being greedy, and my brother cried because I didn’t share. I was a chocolaty mess, mom was mad, and my brother sad – and half that cake ended up in the dumpster. Maybe I could’ve used my Gremlins for a consult and clarification??

  • Steve says:

    “It’s a cake walk.” How many times have we heard that? I remember when I was 12 at a bazzar, and I did just that – entered a Cake Walk. I distinctly remember seeing the big Chocolate cake and Knowing, without any doubt, that it was Mine. I could taste it, feel it in my mouth, the texture of the frosting on my fingers. So round and round I walked until the music stopped and – you guessed it – I won the cake. I wasn’t surprised at all with winning, I was too overwhelmed with the Deja-vu I was experiencing as I poked the frosting with my finger and scooped a chunkl into my mouth. I now know that the Cake Walk was a LOA experience. I remember the feeling I had, and I try so hard to replicate it when I want something. The feeling was pure. There was no question, no doubt whatsoever. It just “was”. But, alas, the gremlins pop up and stop me. “That’s illogical” they tell me. “That would be magic, and no sane person believes in magic” they whisper in my ear. “You can’t do that!”
    I wonder if the Gremlins are kind of a safety net? After all, can you imagine if every time that you wanted something, it just *poof* showed up? A real-life Midas touch dilemma, eh? Maybe we just need to embrace our little gremlins as part of the process of clarifying and defining what it is that we really want.

  • Interesting info, Gillian. Thanks for sharing it! I almost always prefer room temperature foods and drinks, which is why I don’t refrigerate my water and I take the next day’s portion of fruit out of the fridge the day before – to let it warm up!

    Very interesting – I may be able to leverage that!

    Thanks, Gillian!

  • Gillian says:

    Jeannette, I really love your quote:
    “I’m not a big one for facing the facts, you know. I prefer to make things up in my mind and let them manifest in physicality …”
    This is something we all have to make is a conscious decision to be conscious in each moment of the day and not let ourselves get caught up in the reality we are experiencing. It’ a great quote, Jeannette!
    You may want to hear a tip on dieting, since you are at it and are already experiencing great success. I experienced myself, that when we pay attention to the temperature of our food or drink, it will speed up our weight loss. After visiting a Chinese Herbal doctor, he advised me to eat or drink as little “cold” or “iced” as possible as it is bad for our digestive system and internal organs. If we could make a habit to eat and drink more “hot” or “warm” foods and drinks, we facilitate our digestion and excess fat gets washed out before it gets absorbed into our system. It makes sense, because the only way you can wash out greasy dishes is by using hot water and exactly like this does our body work. Fat and grease only dissolve in hot temperature. I drink hot green tea most of the time and it really helps keep my weight stable. I did not say I am completely depriving myself, I still am indulging in my iced tea or sundae fudge once in a while, I just make it a habit to eat or drink more hot foods and drinks, rather than cold ones. Especially after heavy, greasy meals like a cheesy pizza, I drink hot tea with it, instead of an iced coke. It really helps so much digest our food better and hence keep our body in good shape. Hope this helps.

  • Stinker cake nibblers! ha Who could blame them, though, it is such delicious cake!
    Your brick wall analogy hits home too, Leslie. (Harry Potter stories offer lots of good LOA material!)
    But even better for me was your “charmed life” affirmation that I picked up from your Good News post.
    It’s already brought me several smiles today as I read my bright pink new sticky note on my office board!
    Thanks for your post that brings me yet another smile today, girlfriend.

  • Leslie R says:

    It’s true isn’t it – gremlins like to nibble at your piece of cake, your prize and if you don’t watch out they will eat it all up. This is probably the transition wall where you either create the magic or you get your cake eaten. It makes me think of Harry Potter, when the kids had to walk through a brick wall to get to the other side where the magic school was.
    There is a wall to manifestation and you either get caught up in stagnant old energy and bounce off the wall or you get fluid and move through the wall. Imagine if Harry Potter bounced instead of wharped, the world would have lost one more magician and deliberate creator.
    More and more I like my new affirmation, ” I live a charmed life, no apologies”. Gremlins don’t live in magic or charmed lifes so they can’t stick around. They talk a good talk and always sound like they know what they are talking about, but really they are just after your cake!
    And in your case Jeannette your 2.5 lb cake.
    Love Leslie

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