When It’s Time to Manifest Clients

How to Manifest ClientsIs it time to get some clients?

Conscious creators know the traditional advice business owners get for acquiring customers isn’t necessarily the most effective approach.

Instead of leading with action-based strategies (like tweaking sales pages, networking for leads, adjusting prices, launching promotions, etc.) that doesn’t account for energy or focus, deliberate creators look to a vibrational strategy.

Because getting customers isn’t about having the best website, most attractive rates, best testimonials  or most extensive experience.

(Technically you could be doing all of those things and still be vibrating “no clients” instead of “clients.”)

Getting clients is done by activating the vibration of clients.

Which puts every entrepreneur on a level playing field, no matter the status of your business or sales process. (Well, the advantage goes to those who know how to work the vibe.)

So how do we do that?

First of all, we stop focusing on not having clients. The more we fret and worry about not having enough customers, the more we repel potential business.

Second, we think the thoughts and see the images and feel the feelings of having clients. Whether you fantasize, journal, affirm, script, use a vision board, or even just notice someone else’s experience of getting clients – find a way to start seeing, thinking and feeling clients.

(In fact, here are a couple of vibration activations that might get your juices flowing: activate new clients; business success by Stella and sold out offers by me.)

You can create your own client attraction strategy by playing with your favorite processes for activating the client vibration.

I’ve done it a variety of ways over the years, and found all of it works as long as it shifts your attention from “needing clients” to “loving my new clients.”

What we vibrate is what we get. So when you find a way to tune into “tons of perfect clients showing up in droves” (or whatever you choose to create) that’s what becomes true.

The quickest path to getting clients is that you don’t wait for them to appear before you start seeing, thinking, feeling and enjoying them.

If you’d like extra help in manifesting clients, check out my Perfect Client Creator home study course here.

  • August 4, 2014
  • Deanna says:

    Hello Jeannette – I have read this post over and over and did so again today, as I am “trying” (oh dear, perhaps too much efforting??) to find my way to new clients, and encourage them to me… Namaste – I copied out your entire response in my notebook – I love your questions – asking myself these questions right now. I must have some resistance somewhere or those new clients would be here. Thanks for sharing here, the post AND the comments!

  • Doaa K. says:

    This is very true, i’ll tell you a strange analogy that has been happening once and again; i was thinking/fascinated about a spectacular aspect in a particular country then i find a client coming in from that country. Yes clients feel your vibes!
    Just for reference here’s is a great collection of Self-Help Positive Affirmations:
    Absolutely awesome!

  • Traci says:

    Thanks for the wonderful thought-inspiring/provoking answer! The multi-verse theory is not one I thought to apply to this situation, but I suppose if it’s valid, why wouldn’t it apply to everything??! And if you think about it, if we do create our own reality, this would be the scientific/physics-based explanation. We all do create and then live in our own world(s), don’t we?! 🙂

  • That’s a nice set of questions to run through, Namaste. I can see why they serve you so well!
    Thanks for sharing them with us.
    I know once upon a time I had an open client slot so I did my normal routine to fill it – which was to close my eyes and feel the delight of getting a new client. To hear the sounds of it and see the pictures of it and feel the feelings of it.
    Normally after flipping that vibrational switch a new client would appear within 24-48 hours. I realized like three days later that they still hadn’t shown up!
    I didn’t dwell on that “they’re not here yet” thought too much, since I didn’t want to start creating that. But it was odd to me that they hadn’t revealed themselves yet since I had such regular success with that process.
    Then a few days later I finished a project that had been taking up a lot of time. And I heard myself spontaneously say out loud, as I emailed off the last bit of work I had to do, I heard myself say as I leaned back in my chair with my hands crossing behind my head – “NOW I’m ready for that new client.”
    I hadn’t realized that I wasn’t really READY before (because I had my time filled with this other project). As soon as I had the space – the new client showed up the next day.

  • Namaste says:

    My favorite client attraction strategy is a series of questions that identifies any resistance I might have to new clients and gives me the opportunity to release it….
    Am I ready for new clients?
    Do I want new clients?
    Am I certain I can help the new clients who will show up?
    Am I certain that the hourly rate I’m charging is fair to me and fair to the new clients who will be coming into my life?
    If I answer, “YES” to all four of these questions, I know that I can relax and they will either show up or my intuition will guide me to them. If there is even a slight, “NO” to any of these questions, I immediately stop and figure it out. I learned the hard way that energetic alignment is EVERYTHING when it comes to new clients. If I feel resistance, when answering any of those questions, I can market till I’m blue in the face, but my results will suck until I release whatever resistance is there, blocking new clients from showing up. You can manifest anything you want, as long as you let go of the resistance you have to it =)

  • Good question, Traci.
    I’ve heard it said that positive love-based energy is always tremendously more powerful than any negative energy. So that’s a nice thought.
    But the way I tend to think of it is that we all get to be right. (You know the leading multi-worlds theory of infinite parallel realities?) They get to have it their way (whatever negative picture they’re manifesting) and I get to have it my way (whatever I choose to focus on and thus vibrate).
    So it isn’t so much which of us wins – we all do.
    I just want to be sure that I don’t let THEIR vision overpower or become MINE. Know what I mean?
    So they can keep telling their version – but I’m sticking to MY story. One where wonderful things unfold, and happiness abounds, and miracles happen left and right.

  • Traci says:

    Hello Jeanette –
    Great post! But I have a gnawing question which I’ve asked to other LOA folks about, but haven’t ever heard a response that really makes sense to me, so I’d like to get your thoughts –
    This would apply not only to business endeavors (getting more clients, selling more widgets, or whatever you happen to do) but any issue where the outcome is dependent on other people’s involvement.
    An example of this would be you work for a company where your boss or other team members are vibrating negativity or “we’ll never get this sale” or something similar – who’s vibration wins in this vibrational tug-of-war??

  • That’s exactly it, isn’t it, Jacqui? Being it first.
    Here’s to engaging those identity-shifting skills! 🙂

  • It’s funny how often this happens … that we forget/don’t realize that we’re focused on what’s missing, rather than what we actually want.
    It’s the same with things like ‘paying off debt’, and ‘don’t want to be lonely/fat/sick’. It *sounds* like a positive affirmation but the emphasis is one the very thing we want to change.
    Shifting into BEing who we’ll be when that-thing-we-want arrives and doing the corresponding aligned actions … that’s where the magic happens.
    Yay for having all the clients we want, even before they get here.
    And yay for all of us having Paypal accounts that ‘don’t know what hit it’!!!

  • I’m delighted to hear, Ken, that you already feel intuitively drawn to tend the “inner environment” first. That makes all the difference in the world when we take that step first!

  • Ken says:

    Just when I needed to think about marketing and all the things associated with growing my work as an artist comes this wonderful reminder of what I was thinking yesterday; that the first priority is that I tend the inner environment, that I make sure that I practice self-affirming and self-nurturing and remembering that I have something to offer in the world. That is a rich-feeling vibe (for me at least), and it feels really good to remember that Spirit says yes to me, to my unfolding, to my succeeding. It helps me to connect with that Divine support. This is all still a bit new, but after attracting two new projects in a way that was unambiguous and clear, I know that this has become “embodied” enough that signs are starting to show up. Your blog has helped with this, and I’m so grateful to have found this resource.

  • I love that we’re on the same wavelength, Cassie. 🙂
    And Jay, I laughed out loud with delight in reading your story! Thank you so much for sharing that here. “My Paypal account doesn’t know what hit it” – how fun is that?! I wouldn’t mind some of that action myself!
    So glad you’re doing your work in the world, Jay. (And what a beautiful site! http://theheartist.me)

  • Jay Atkinson says:

    Thank you so much for this very valuable information. I can tell you here and now that IT WORKS! The more I focused upon no clients and nowhere to stream my gift, the more the evidence of that feeling appeared for me.
    Then, my beloved mom transitioned… Something changed in me, as she began interacting with me from her new perspective in Source (!) and I helped me to realise that I was determined to do what I do come what may.
    I then took myself off for a 3-day holiday with a couple of girlfriends. Nothing heavy, just fun. Whilst swimming in the sparkling energy of the beautiful sea on the coast of fabulous Wales (where I live) I had a couple of very valuable insights that helped me to see where i was actually blocking my own flow. These insights took me back to childhood, to the origin of my ‘off’ vibration about financial security and flow. It shook me literally to the core as I could see so clearly how this energy had been cut off when I was so young.
    I went home refreshed and renewed and with a newer and fresher vibrational energy altogether. I wanted to flow in tune with who I really am, and decided I would do anything to keep the energy of me doing what I love flowing. This week I have filled two evening events and have attracted over 10 clients for ‘interactions’ with Source!
    My Paypal account doesn’t know what has hit it! 🙂
    I realised that for me, all that mattered was that I flowed… FLOWING = GROWING
    I am so excited. I know my vibration has changed. Yours can too…
    With love from the heart, Jay (North Wales, UK)

  • Cassie says:

    My favorite strategy (no surprise to Jeannette) is scripting! It’s the quickest way for me to be “enjoying them.” This is an awesome post. I was just talking about this this morning.

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