3 LOA Tips for the Funk

wall.jpgIt happens to all of us, right? Sooner or later we hit a bump in the road, or maybe more like a brick wall, and begin wondering if it was meant to be or what we’re doing wrong. Some ask why it works for everyone but them. We can feel that our vibe is in the toilet, but also feel powerless to change it.

Ever happened to you? If so, here are a couple of tips to get back on track:

1. Know it’s okay. This is not a big deal. It happens. It doesn’t mean all is lost. It just means you’re having a bad day (or week or month, whatever the case may be). You can make it mean whatever you want, so go with something lighter and easier than “all is lost.”

Do yourself a favor and take the pressure off perfection. Sometimes the path looks a little squirrelly. It is what it is, and your success is inevitable, so relax. Remember we can’t get this wrong!

2. Embrace the funk. It’s often the knee jerk response of a trained creator to resist feeling bad, since we know we get more of whatever we feel. But resisting funkiness just makes it more so. (Resistance does that to everything; makes it all bigger, since it’s just an unwanted form of focus.)

So the best way to manage a funk is to let yourself feel it. That could look like a proper hissy fit, a good cry, a private rant session, etc.

3. Consider there is a gift in it. Whether we can see it or not, knowing the system is set up for our success and that this situation plays an integral role helps you ride out the funk. Not saying you need to embrace the positive aspect right now, but just knowing that this unpleasantness leads to something better later can be helpful.

Final tip: Feel free to skip all of the above. Let yourself off the hook for having to change or do anything. Just be present to it, know it won’t last forever, and that it happens to the best of us.

  • July 1, 2007
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