To Insure or Not To Insure

What role does insurance play in the world of the deliberate creator? When we drop the limiting beliefs of traditional programming, we may each find a different answer …

We’re often told we’re supposed to be responsible and do adult things like:

  • get proper insurance coverage
  • put legal documents in place (like wills, marriage contracts and custody agreements)
  • wear our seat belts
  • get our mammograms and flu shots
  • lock our doors and
  • don’t talk to strangers.

Which can be fear-based activity sometimes.

I won’t say always, because sometimes our guidance does say “don’t talk to that person” or “find a different parking spot.” But most of us aren’t taking these actions because of internal guidance. We do it without thinking; because it’s what we’re supposed to do.

This morning my sweetheart gave me a hassle about the fact that I don’t regularly wear a seat belt.

I’m old enough that the only time we wore them as kids was when it was frighteningly bad weather or if our driver had been drinking.

Which I’m sure is how I came to associate buckling up with a feeling of nervousness.

To this day, if I buckle up it gives me the feeling that I’m “watching out” because something could go wrong.

Since I know the vibe rules, I’ve easily remedied this by not using a seat belt.

It’s no different with health insurance.

A couple of times over the years I’ve researched and found a plan I like, completed and returned an application, been approved (it was nice to know I could get affordable coverage), but never felt a green light to actually activate the policy by making a payment.

Not because it was expensive – I was actually surprised at how reasonable the rates were, for all the complaining we hear about how unaffordable premiums are.

But rather because I have this feeling that I’d want to get my money’s worth if I were spending money on insurance. Like, maybe I’d find a prescription to be on, or a mole to have biopsied. And I’m really not interested in having those experiences.

So, to me, it feels better not to have coverage.

Which is why I don’t. And savvy creators know that’s reason enough.

We don’t all have the same beliefs and we’re not all served by following the same rules.

(Which is why I don’t criticize anyone for doing it different.)

We each know to pay attention to how we feel. Anything else is ludicrous once you know and really understand how important the vibe is.

The challenge comes in finding the best peace when my partner is worried about what relaxes me.

So, time to experiment. I may very well practice buckling up next time I’m in his car just to see how it feels. Who knows, maybe this conversation is enough to shift it. I’m open!

But that’s all I can promise: to continually suss out the “feel good” based on the changing circumstances and energy around me.

The contradiction is not lost on me that I do carry car insurance as well as home insurance (on a paid for house, so it’s optional), and that I do sometimes wonder whether it’s wise to microwave my food, and while I rarely visit a doctor my animals regularly do.

No one said “feeling good” had to make sense, though, and it continues to be an ongoing process to find my best “feel good” as I release more and more beliefs that aren’t mine.

My suggestion: let’s have fun with the process!  😉

  • September 29, 2010
  • Harmony Harrison says:

    So, I wear my seat belt all the time. And to be honest, I never think of it as a safety measure.
    I wear my seat belt because I love the feeling of wearing a seat belt. It feels snuggly to me. Like the in-the-car equivalent of cuddling a shawl over my shoulders. In fact, when I don’t wear a seat belt, I start to feel a little ungrounded and out-of-body. So, for me, seat belt it is!
    Now as for another “safety measure” that I completely buck: I won’t keep my cats indoors. Just as Jeannette associates tapioca pudding with loss, I associate indoor cats with the nasty neighbor vibe, because of some old dramas from this one place we lived when I was a kid.
    My cats come and go as they please, because it feels so good!

  • Jim Catano says:

    @Maria. Do look into Vitamin D as a way to arrest your MS symptoms. In countries where people live in sunshine MS is not a problem. We American “cavemen” (we live in the sun-shine deprived recesses of our houses, offices and cars) do not get enough sun and are woefully lacking in Vitamin D. If you thoroughly check out this site, I think you’ll find the resources you need.
    if you do a search on that site’s search windo for MS, you come up with four pages of articles of scientific research. I hope this comes through, but you can do it yourself on the main site, too.

  • Katie says:

    Oh my god!!
    What a fantastic topic to discuss here. The essence of which is clearly, do what feel right to you. I love the variety of responses here. It is extremely impressive! It feels so freeing to be in the context of your blog Jeanette, and to have this conversation.
    To discuss our personal freedom, to choose what feels right… Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really feels so good.
    So, more than the details of my insurance or seat belt wearing is the discussion of the variety. That there is no right answer. This is a brilliant topic, and in the context of such ingrained ideas of right and wrong, just downright delicious to be in on.
    Thank you Jeanette, for bringing it here.

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    Just read an Abraham quote and thought it would be appropriate to share for this blog post:
    “Let others vibrate as they vibrate and want the best for them. Never mind how they’re flowing to you. You concentrate on how you’re flowing. Because one who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful, more influential than a million who are not.” ~ Abraham Portland OR on 6/10/1997

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    Ahhhh … Jeannette! I just love your blog posts and how they stir up a really great scintillating conversation! (all opinions included) Bottom line … you are just bringing your way of thinking to the table but are not trying to convince anyone of anything. It’s just “food for thought” – that’s how you put it out there and that’s how it should be. There truly is no “wrong” or “right” in any of these topics. It is ONLY about how we feel that should determine the action step we take. So, kudos for you for sharing and getting my brain to think about the whys I do what I do and the “feeling” behind all of it. Because the underlying “feeling” is what attracts to us our life personal experiences.
    So, onto the specific topics we are discussing, here are some of my thoughts and beliefs (and what perfect timing of this post after our conversation about my health insurance and the decision that I was trying to make).
    1) Seat belts – I only wear them because it is the law. (I guess I am a goodie goodie like that) — I don’t even think about WHY it is a law (safety) and I have absolutely “no charge” around wearing it.
    2) Health Insurance — well, this is a big hot topic for me right now. As you know, I so have health insurance coverage (which I purchase for my own business) and just recently, around renewal time, I got the notice that it was going up by quite a bit. Now, this stirred a whole bunch of feelings in me because like many said above 1) I am very healthy 2) I rarely go to doctors 3) It only went up in price because I moved into a new “age bracket” — which that in itself could be a whole other topic because I don’t buy into the “as we get older, we get sicker” mentality. That’s just a belief. But here’s the thing that may confuse many people (but it only matters how I feel).
    => I expect great health and wellness, but I still buy health insurance. So why is that? Well, it comes down to weighing out both sides and seeing which feels better (AT THIS TIME) for me. It’s kind of like that story that many of you have heard where back in 2002 when I was diagnosed with MS the doctors told me that I had to go on a drug therapy. Now, I didn’t want to go on a drug (didn’t really believe in them), but at the time there was a fear and an uncomfortable feeling of not going on one of the drug therapies. I wasn’t in that vibrational place where I felt 100% comfortable making the decision to NOT go on one, so at the time, I decided to choose the one that felt “best” to me (least invasive – in my opinion), and I was on a drug. BUT, I also said at that time that I intended to be “off” a drug therapy some time in the future and I had no idea HOW that was going to happen, but that was my intention. And you guessed it! 4 years later, something happened (the series of events is another story) where I decided to go off the drug that I was on and go totally natural with what I put in my body. And I have been doing great since that decision (which was 4 years ago) and I plan on attracting this great health for the rest of my life!
    So, back to the health insurance issue … right now, I have it (and I do kind of agree with one of your readers above that it’s kind of like “extortion”, but that being said … I am not at that 100% comfortable place yet to NOT have the health insurance. And by the way, it is not because I EXPECT bad health. Quite the contrary – I EXPECT WELLNESS and absolutely experience it. I think my choice for choosing health insurance right now says more about a “money vibe” I may have, vs. a health vibe (even though, one would have to happen for the other to happen) – but that too is a whole other post!) Boy, I am creating multiple blog topics for you and I! 🙂
    3) A long time ago, prior to my DX of MS, when I was in corporate, I was going to this financial advisor who highly advised that I purchase long-term disability. This was prior to me being a Law of Attraction Life Coach (I was a Statistician in corporate – need I say more), so I did buy the policy. I wasn’t feeling really good about purchasing this thing that I had no intention or expectation to use, but I did it (we make the same choices with car insurance and home insurance). Then, I was diagnosed with MS and my financial advisor told me that it was a good thing I had that. Now, I was not disabled, had no intention of being and still wasn’t convinced it was something necessary, but out of some fear or influence I still kept paying for it. Then one day – after I started learning about the Law of Attraction and teaching this stuff, I said “what the heck – I need to stop paying for this!” And I did. I am so glad that I stopped that silly thing! I wanted to stop it way before that, but again, I wasn’t 100% comfortable with it, so I waited until I was and then BAM! … One day, I did it with no negative emotional charge and felt quite empowered by canceling it!
    I probably have way more to post about this topic (it is SO juicy), but I will leave you with this:
    We should just do what feels good to us. Let other people do what feels good to them. And be OK with it all. And sometimes, our decisions don’t make a lot of sense or are not very logical (like my decision to have health insurance where I absolutely expect and intend great health or your decision to not have health insurance for yourself, but your animals do have health insurance), but it doesn’t matter whether any of it “makes sense”, it just has to feel good to us, in that moment – and that is ALL that counts!
    So, thank you again, Jeannette for a wonderful “food for thought” post. I should really visit here more often and get stimulated by your viewpoints!
    Have a Lovin’ Life day!

  • Jim, I just got done talking about you in my Masters of Creation Circle! I was sharing about my response to your email to me last night wondering if I’d deleted your post, and how mortified I was that you would think I would delete someone’s comment just because I didn’t agree with it!
    I don’t think I can properly express how much I appreciate it when someone is willing to share – especially so thoughtfully and articulately as you do – a dissenting opinion here. Because what kind of boring conversation would it be if we all said exactly the same thing? That would be pointless, I think.
    I love that you are here sharing thoughts that inspire us to question our own, to find even deeper convictions about what we REALLY believe, and perhaps to learn and grow in the process!
    So before I even respond to your most recent post, I want to say THANK YOU for stirring things up, for presenting an alternative perspective (although you probably think mine is alternative – ha), and for giving us a chance to really examine what we believe to be true.
    I think it’s not just fun, but also important. Well, it’s fun when you do it the way YOU are, anyway – without anger or resentment or that sort of negativity. I really do appreciate it.

  • Jim Catano says:

    Oops. I knew that wasn’t right. James Earl Ray was a serial killer. James Arthur Ray is the LOA guy…and killer.

  • Jim Catano says:

    OK, guys, the rational skeptic has re-surfaced. How come…
    1 …you don’t have a mechanic disconnect your airbags since they might attract an accident to you?
    2 …you take any precautions at all about any kind of safety matters like washing your hands after going to the bathroom and before preparing food, making sure your kids don’t run into the street, etc?
    I think you’ve made an error in logic. You’re saying that since things are going so well that the causative factor is not worrying about anything bad happening. How about those of us who say, “Something bad might happen and therefore I take these precautions?” Things are going fairly well for us, too, but the lack of accidents doesn’t prove that we are keeping them away by anticipating or not anticipating them. They just aren’t happening even though we prepare for them.
    And how do you explain it when something horrible does happen to an LOA master? Explain James Earl Ray’s little episode.

  • Marielle, that’s exactly where I’d be with it.
    Even in the event I had something requiring treatment, the places and people I might go for that treatment aren’t currently covered by most insurance plans.
    And can I just say how much I love your tip about visiting with the new stuff in my vortex?!?! You are brilliant!
    I’ve learned this before, but I sure appreciate your reminder that: “People are not ‘just who they are’. People are who we think they are.”

  • Mariëlle says:

    Great post again Jeanette! I can totally agree on this one again. Altough I do have a health insurance because we have to here in Holland, I’d rather not have one because it is costing me more than I receive for it. (Even when diagnosed with a disease I chose not to be treated by the hospital and instead take the vibrational road with a bit of help of homeopatic drops, which they didn’t cover.)
    But the thing I want to respond to is about the experimenting on this subject. I think you have put a new version of Russ (or your partner) in your Vortex. One that is much more at ease with what you belief and the way you act. One that appreciates your different views on life and the way you are so committed to what feels go to you… et cetera.
    Instead of jumping into action in order to try to sooth the situation you might also consider visiting this Vortex version on a regular basis and then see what happens…
    I did this with my partner a couple of times and was amazed by the results. People are not ‘just who they are’. People are who we think they are. And this can change quickly without them even knowing or resisting their natural change towards you.
    Thank you for being so open about what you’re experiencing in your personal life. It makes your blogs really intesting and inspiring to read!

  • MissyB, I imagine I would have huge feelings of love for my crash helmet had I had your experience! It would probably get its own shrine in my house. ha

  • MissyB says:

    My crash helmet saved my life. Perhaps that’s why it always felt good to wear it…so I could feel good to wear it again ? This topic has certainly got me thinking…

  • Anna, when I first heard that from you (about not locking your car) however long ago it was when we first met, I fell in INSTANT and MAD love with you!!!
    My ex lives that way, too, and I do aspire to join you some day!!! That’s the kind of ease and trust I want to go through life with.

  • Anna says:

    Jeannette – I expect you KNOW I can’t read this post and not comment!
    I wear my seatbelt and make sure passengers do because there’s a hefty (BIG hefty!) fine on the driver for not doing so. (though I agree with what the Aussie’s ascertain when it comes to police/government laws: it’s only against the law if you get caught)
    We have a considerably different health care system in Canada than in the US, so that’s not an issue – I don’t buy any extra coverage and I’m quite comfy with that.
    What I really wanna tell is that I do not lock my vehicle.
    I leave sunglasses, cash, & other “valuables” in transport IN my vehicle.
    Also, I leave the keys in it – on the floor at the base of the driver’s seat.
    And I have NEVER had a problem.
    Until my mother visited this summer from 2 provinces away and brought her fears along… I’ve lived on this coast for 10 of the last 12 years and have NEVER had an insurable experience. My mother shows up to stay for a week, vigilantly beep-locking her car, and one morning I discover that someone’s pilfered all they could from my vehicle. And for the remainder of her visit, she hounded me…
    “Did you lock your car? Did you lock your car? Lock your car! Right now – you better lock your car! Well don’t look at me if something gets stolen again!”
    It was a few days after she left before I regained my COS (Certainty of Safety – why don’t you lock your car? COS!)
    Happy again!
    It might also be interesting to note that I’m not much of a house locker anymore, either … usually at night, and sometimes when we’re away for a few days. But not always. And I’ve never had a problem.
    Home/tenants insurance? Nope.
    Doesn’t make sense to me. I had it throughout my 20s, into my 30s, and when I was thieved upon, the insurance didn’t even come close to making up for what I’d paid to that point, never mind what had been taken. Couldn’t see the benefit. Opted out. MORE AT EASE for it!
    Must ready me & kid for outing – grateful I don’t have to spend time searching for my keys!

  • Well said, Ellie! “What is relevant is What Feels Right or Feels Wrong to ME!”
    With the emphasis on the “to ME” part … which is why we will all never agree about the “action” since it potentially feels different to all of us. (Or is that a limiting belief? ha ha)
    Thanks, Ellie!

  • Ellie Walsh says:

    Great Comments!!
    So… it is all about – There is no Right or Wrong! Right or Wrong is irrelevant!! What is relevant is What Feels Right or Feels Wrong to ME!
    I am soooo aligned with that!! ;~)

  • “Doctators”! You crack me up, Toemaas.
    And helmets and warranties are also great topics here! I’m glad you brought those up, too.
    I’m a pass on the warranties, as well. And I like your style with the Harley and the (non) helmet, but have to admit – if my kid wanted to ride a motorcycle … I’d have to call Sara for some coaching on that. lol
    And I’m hugely grateful for your second post reminding us not to move forward when resistance is present. That is SO important to practice!
    Makes me proud to call you a friend. 🙂
    Thanks for tuning in and speaking up, Handsome!

  • Toemaas says:

    As I started reading some of the posts I just had to add, nothing happens outside of us that is not affected by what we have going on inside of us. So if it feels good to do it, do it, but if there is the least bit of resistance to it…..DON’t DO IT!!! That includes having a different opinion or position on this or anything else for that matter.
    I especially liked Michelle’s take on insurance, no resistance there……good stuff!!

  • Toemaas says:

    Great topic!!! You know I don’t wear seat belts either, have health coverage for my kids (required to) and don’t go to doctators. Don’t wear a helmet when riding one of my Harleys or even four wheelers not because I’m a dare devil, I prefer the wind in my hair (couldn’t resist). Some days I just don’t ride my bikes and it’s gotten to be so natural, I know it’s my inner wisdom saying “not today”. That feels so good!! Turning the day over to inner wisdom!!
    I like Chris Rocks take on insurance. He calls it “In case sh_t happens” and if sh_t doesn’t happen, shouldn’t you get some of your premium back? I’d be rolling in rebates as would you.
    Last thing on this… care or other extended warranty policies…..I love when the sales person pitches those things!!! Never buy those things, what for? Stuff works perfectly!! I always get this giddy feeling inside knowing, yeah don’t need that!!!
    Today I’m riding with the wind in my hair!!!

  • Good example and reminder, Stacy (even if an unfortunate one), that taking the action doesn’t guarantee we get the results we want.
    Your mom reminds me of me once upon a time. I used to freak out about a boyfriend that didn’t have health insurance himself. And yet I noticed over the years that the sky didn’t fall.
    Very interesting.
    You know what your seat belt sharing reminds me of? The red ferrari guy who slept naked to activate the vibration of freedom; while for me sleeping naked would more likely activate the feeling of insecurity. (Anyone who’s heard me interviewed or on a call has heard that story at some point or another.)
    I wouldn’t call it rambling at all, my friend. Nice to hear from you on this one.

  • Stacy says:

    The Wills thing is a touchy subject for me lately. My dad died a year ago and his wife claims he left everything to her. However, she refuses to let me SEE the will. So I’m absolutely certain that I AM named in the will (my dad and i were very close and I’m his only child) but since she hasn’t had to put it through probate I’m not getting what he left for me. Soooooo…my point is – sometimes wills are meaningless even if you took the time to have one drawn up.
    (And yes, I’ve talked to a lawyer – to force the issue and get a look at the will would cost me probably $3,000 to start because of legal fees, filings, etc.)
    Recently, I dropped my health insurance. I did because it had been on my mind and then I got to the point where I felt like it wasn’t in my best interest to keep paying it. The deciding factor was when I got a letter saying it was going up again. I almost NEVER used my insurance. And I’d been without it on occasions before and never had issues. Some what related I just got the reminder of my annual gyno visit. But since I’m insurance-less I’m going to skip it. I’m ALWAYS so freakin’ healthy, I feel no need to pay someone to tell me this. Plus if I really wanted to have an exam I could go to the county health clinic for a fraction of the price.
    Now, my mom is hyper-pro-insurance and she would FREAK if she knew I dropped it. It hasn’t come up recently, but if it were – I’d probably just lie rather than deal with her worry vibes. And my mom is a MAJOR worrier.
    That’s the thing for me; I really expect to be healthy. That’s just part of who I am – healthy. I have my blips – like the other day something did not work with my stomach right and I felt like shit all day and a bit off the next day. But those are just blips. I don’t start thinking anything is really wrong. I actually think that was the Universe letting me know to lay off buffets. lol I’d intended to eat better but then have the pizza buffet and then it hurts. So I look at it as Universe reminding me in a way I’ll pay attention to of my previous intention of eating better.
    Meanwhile, I’m a huge fan of seatbelts. Even as a teenager I was very pro-seatbelt. I wouldn’t let anyone in my car unless they were wearing theirs. But that’s just me. I can see how if seatbelts equal bad stuff and nervousness that wearing one would be counter-productive. However, I feel like if I do NOT wear one I’m in for a world of hurt. I seriously feel nervous going own my DRIVEWAY without one on.
    Wow, that was a lot of rambling! lol

  • Ooh, thanks for the Abe resource, Parul! Hadn’t heard it before!
    You’re a wealth of great information!

  • Parul Bhargava says:

    A great post! I just thought I’ll share Abe’s take on Insurance.

  • Well said, Michele, that self care and self-love underlie all good things. 🙂
    And that’s a great example, Sara (gummy bears could be one person’s self-care and another’s self-sabotage).
    Two smart women!! Thanks for posting here, both of you!

  • Sara says:

    I like your comment a lot, Michele!! I totally feel your ease about your choices. Bravo!
    It reminds me of how self-love and self-care can look a whole lot of different ways. What is self-care for one person might be someone else’s social-self talk. For me, eating gummy bears is very much an expression of self-love and self-care, no different than if I were to indulge in my usual green smoothie recipe. To me they are both acts of self-love, equally and deliciously. I feel the same way about health insurance, I have it, but I don’t think I would question the certainty of my well-being either way.
    (Random thought – It just occured to me that I can’t remember the last time I ate something when I was out of the vortex.) Ha!

  • This is so interesting. I believe it’s all in how you frame it.
    I buckle my seat belt because it’s a manifestation of self-care. That’s the same reason I have health insurance. And take vitamins and a calcium supplement. And eat fewer carbs and more fruit.
    I have life insurance as a manifestation of the care I want for my children after I die. If I die while they are minors, they would have some cash to do the things I would do for them – like college, or buying a home or paying for a shrink.
    As you know, Jeannette, I no longer have fears, including the fear of death. Doesn’t phase me.
    So I don’t buckle up because if I don’t I’ll die. I don’t have health insurance because if I don’t I’ll die. I don’t avoid foods because eating them will make me die. Hey, I know I’ll die. That’s one big old honking truth.
    I do what I do because, when it gets down to it, my self-care is the expression of my self-love.
    Which, we know, underlies all good things.
    Much love to you,

  • Jim, it sounds like we have pretty narrow overlap in our perspectives on life. Fortunately, I don’t take it upon myself to try to change someone’s firm opinion or convince them to believe mine.
    So to each his own … party on! 🙂

  • Jim Catano says:

    Jeannette wrote:
    > Jim, what are you doing reading this blog?!
    Out of the blue, I started getting notices about your blog posts via email. How did I manifest that? Better question…how did someone else manifest me here? 🙂
    > So the point of this post was that the vibe rules, not the action. And you heard me say that wearing a seat belt makes me feel nervous, right?
    Yeah, but why?
    > That’s why I don’t wear one. Not because it’s inconvenient or expensive. It’s how it feels that matters.
    So should we always go with the gut? If our visceral response originates for some irrational fear with roots in some childhood trauma, for example, would we not be better off confronting that?
    > As for accidents happening, (I believe) nothing happens that we’re not aligned to. I believe I’m more likely to be on the road with the drunk when I’m wearing my belt than when I’m not.
    Then why don’t you have your mechanic disconnect or remove your airbags, too. By your logic, all safety devices should create a negative vibe and their elimination should improve your safety. Oh, and next time your patio door breaks, put in cheap plate glass rather than safety glass as required by law. That would make it so no one (not even visiting kids or pets) would ever run into it with shattering glass cutting them to shreds.
    > Because it’s when it’s on that I get nervous. And fear attracts the sort of stuff we don’t love.
    I think the problem arises from exaggerated fixation on any perceived threat which then becomes the reality that we attract to ourselves. It’s the old “I hope I don’t screw up” mental framing rather than the visualization of doing something right.
    I put on my seat belt and then completely forget about it. Oh, and so does anyone who rides with me or the car doesn’t move…note to grand kids and Jeannette if you ever ride with me.
    > As for the laws of physics … you would be surprised to learn, my friend, what laws are cancelled out by intentions!
    Sorry, I don’t buy it. LOA might allow us to see/conceive/invent/chose options to make choices other than those that would put us in harms way regarding occurrences in the physical universe, but they aren’t going to insulate us from all of them. Mental asylums are full of people who are absolutely convinced they’re Napoleon (to use an overused example), but that doesn’t make them him and they aren’t living in Versailles…at least not in the real world of the rest of us.
    > You’re familiar with quantum physics and the observer effect? Fascinating stuff about the effect our conscious attention has on the “stuff” of life. (You’ve GOT to hear Dr. Fred Alan Wolf talking about “popping the quiff”!)
    Just did. Thanks. I don’t think he got past the Copenhagen issue, and he didn’t prove that intention can morph the “gooey stuff” into the “prickly stuff” we want. But Fred must have something going for him because he gets to talk in a very loud voice right in the middle of library, and I can’t get away with that. Or maybe he manifested a green-screen. 🙂 Oh, but I agree fully with the preamble to what he says in the last minute and a half of the second segment.
    But ‘splain to me something. How did James Arthur Ray bring into being such an unintended reality?

  • Monika, I don’t know if it’s “lazy” as much as it is “downstream.” Kudos to you for knowing it for yourself and honoring it.
    And for sharing it here to show another example of how to approach this topic successfully.

  • M(onika) says:

    Where I live, health insurance is mandatory. But I have no other private insurances that I would have to pay for myself. I feel safe without them. Whenever I can, I avoid wearing a seat belt when I accompany someone in their car. 😉 [no car of my own] 😉 I usually do not think much about health, accidents or such. No flu inoculations for me. But my cats …. of course ……. they see the vet regularly and have all the vaccines he thinks necessary :-p
    To be honest, I do this because I don’t want any *discussions* with the vet. He’s a great vet and I don’t care for discussions. *lazy* :-p

  • I am laughing at and admire your irreverence for the law, Anita. lol

  • Anita says:

    Yes! Totally! Seat belts suck!
    They wrinkle my clothes : [
    During the ten years I had my beautiful Ford Fairmont,
    I got several warnings (but no tickets! yipee!) about no seat belt,
    and when I did, I would dutifully put mine on, only to unclick it once out of site of the police officers. heehee
    Time to manifest a new car! Ford Focus? Hmmm : ]

  • I LOVE the idea of a “wellness shot”, Ande! And totally get not inviting a doctor to look for/find something wrong.
    What a different health care industry it would be if we visited professionals who regularly reminded us of everything going right in our bodies, and gave us good reasons to believe it would just get better. lol
    I’d buy into THAT system!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one, Ande. Much appreciated! 🙂

  • Ande says:

    I love this post. You eloquently confirmed ideas I’ve had for some time about these subjects. I do have health insurance, and it “paid off” 3 years ago when I had a bad fall and broke a bunch of parts that weren’t meant to be broken–it covered over $30,000 in surgical and rehab costs. Would I have had the accident if I hadn’t had insurance???? Who knows?
    I do know that I never go to doctors for check ups–why do I want someone to go looking for something wrong?
    And flu shots–my elderly parents will line up for theirs, and I wonder why anyone would get a “flu shot.” Now, I might be okay with a “wellness shot” …..

  • Janette says:

    I love this post! What a fabulous highlight on how so-called rational thought, statistics and legality are all absolutely subject to interpretation. Here’s my personal (and totally irrational!!) list:
    Seatbelts–been wearing one since they were made mandatory in Australia several decades ago; cannot bear to be in a car without one, shudder!!!
    House insurance–have it because it’s a requirement of our mortgage; no emotional response one way or the other
    Health insurance–decided 20 years ago that I was opposed to it for political reasons; have never bothered to have it, and this year discovered that the Australian public health system is so fabulous, I don’t need private insurance (confirms that I have no charge around this!)
    Umbrella–I keep two on the back seat of the car because I live in an area renowned for its unreliable weather; I am never surprised when it rains…
    Life insurance–hubby and I only have the basic insurance which comes standard with our government-mandated superannuation (pension) fund; I do like knowing that the amount to which we are entitled would cover the mortgage, but I’ve avoided buying a separate life insurance policy because it makes me nervous!
    Wills-again, a standard requirement of the mortgage we acquired back in 1991; we’ve never thought about it and never bothered to change it since then.
    Flu vaccines–I have never had a flu shot, on the principle that I’m convinced as soon as I do I will start getting sick (despite having absolutely no evidence for this whatsoever LOL!!!)
    Driving–I was raised with comments such as “a car is a two ton metal killing machine” and “every other driver on the road is an idiot” – but these things were not said with fear, but rather as an affirmation that my safety on the road was my responsibility and nobody else’s. As a result, I’ve always been a proactive defensive driver and have never had an accident.
    Thanks Jeannette and everyone for a fantastic discussion!

  • Yay for experiencing a fabulous public health system, Janette!
    On the flu shot thing, I can provide some evidence of getting sick after the vaccine (my boss mandated shots one year, and ever since I got sick after that first time I refused to get another).
    Interesting how the two ton metal killing machine comments led you to empowerment in the driver’s seat. That cracks me up for some reason!
    I really do love how different we all are on this stuff. SO fascinating!
    Thanks for contributing to the discussion here, Janette. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  • I get that “not feelin’ it,” Barbara. That’s where I was at with the health insurance. Sounded like a good idea, but never felt like one.
    You crack me up with “trusting my vibe that all is and will be well when I croak.” Croaking. Makes me smile to hear it spoken of so irreverently. lol
    Thanks for that, Barbara!

  • Barbara says:

    I have been thinking about this a lot since my mom died this summer. She and my dad were really into life insurance. So I’ve been appreciating that while I’m taking care of the bills.
    Yet…for me, I’m not really into it. I do have insurance through work (both health and life and of course, car, etc. as it’s the law here) but that’s all. I don’t feel the need to go out and buy life insurance on my own because it feels like a “doubt” vibe (or a “just in case..”)that something MIGHT happen and there won’t be enough…So I’m trusting my vibe that all is and will be well when I croak.
    I’ve been having conversations with people who advice me I should do a will but I just am not feeling it, either. I’m confident in my knowing that my two girls will work it out after I’m gone.
    I do wear a seatbelt, however, and that feels safe to me. 🙂

  • Sara says:

    Oh Lordy, I typically avoid conversations about vaccines like the plague, (pardon the pun) because I feel that BOTH sides reek with resistance and upstream energy.

  • Jim, what are you doing here?! I thought after the reversing time article in Catalyst I’d scared you off for good! lol
    So the point of this post was that the vibe rules, not the action. And you heard me say that wearing a seat belt makes me feel nervous, right? That’s why I don’t wear one. Not because it’s inconvenient or expensive. It’s how it feels that matters.
    (At least, to deliberate creators.)
    As for accidents happening, (I believe) nothing happens that we’re not aligned to. I believe I’m more likely to rendezvous with the drunk driver when I’m wearing my belt than when I’m not. Because it’s when it’s on that I get nervous. And fear attracts the sort of stuff we don’t love.
    As for the laws of physics … you would be surprised to learn, my friend, what laws are cancelled out by intentions! You’re familiar with quantum physics and the observer effect? Fascinating stuff about the effect our conscious attention has on the “stuff” of life. (You’ve GOT to hear Dr. Fred Alan Wolf talking about “popping the quiff”!)
    As for the legal argument – are you serious?! lol I almost think just for saying that you should have to name three things you love doing even though they’re illegal. 😉
    (Meaning: what’s legal and what generates a good vibe are not always the same thing. As if I had to tell YOU that. just kidding! lol)

  • Sara says:

    In my experience, alignment with what you want cancels out EVERYTHING that could otherwise stand in the way of it. In fact, misalignment with what you want is the ONLY thing that allows for the kind of external disruptions you just mentioned.
    Even the “laws of physics” are a collective manifestation of what we believe and expect. Remember when people were CERTAIN that the earth was flat?? The only thing that is certain in my world is that all is dandy. And when I know that, my world reflects it back to me every time.

  • Jim Catano says:

    OK, I can get going without costly health insurance especially when you take extra good care of your health. But no seat belt? Come on. It takes two seconds to fasten, there is no beep to worry about, and what if the other guy is trying to manifest himself a suicide or is manifesting his drunken, strung out reality behind the wheel on the same road you’re on? Are you immune from such folks manifestations? Hey, accidents happen. Ask James Arthur Ray. Seat belts have been standard in cars since the ’60s (and should have been before that) for good reason. The laws of physics are not canceled out by intentions. Besides, it’s the law.

  • Ellie Walsh: my NEW HERO.
    I bow down to your obvious natural ease in living what feels best to you.
    (I sometimes do that seat belt thing with the POlice, too, although lately I’ve been feeling fine about taking the ticket if they feel strongly enough to pull me over for it. I was feeling some resistance about a potential ticket, so I’ve been getting over it.)
    SO nice to talk with someone else who really gets that it’s all about feeling good – and LIVES it so well!
    woo hoo!!

  • Ellie Walsh says:

    Wills? Health Insurance? Seat belts? Doctors? I do have car insurance… you have to here in NY… And I have a clip on my seat belt so I can throw it over me… not click it in… so I can appease the police.
    So… if I am riding down the road and see there is a police stop ahead of me – I can easily click in the seat belt and remove the clip… Now me and the police are happy!
    It really is all about what you are comfortable with…. I am AOK without insurance… and yes my animals see doctors much, much more than I do. Truthfully they probably eat better than I do … well according to other people’s standards! ;~)
    I love what Sara says… Sometimes it feels better to just go with the flow… kinda like playing “their” game… I don’t have to believe in it… and I can play along within my own boundaries!
    I’m really AOK with my choice’s – and Yes I am a smoker! A very happy smoker! :~)

  • Sara, that’s hilarious! “Is this supposed to be some kind of favor?” lol
    I love how aware you are (and not surprised) about what feels good in regards to going with the flow on the annual checkups for the kids.
    In fact, this might make a good topic for one of your LOA Parenting Party calls – to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. Professional boarding of my dogs is pretty much not happening because I refuse to do the regular rabies vaccinations after losing a cat to autoimmune disease (brought on by a lifetime of required shots). It also screws me up for licensing. And that’s me about the DOGS. I can relate to parents who get uptight about vaccinating their kids.
    It’s one thing for ME, but when it comes to someone else (like my imaginary kids), I can feel my vibe kinking even thinking about it.
    I also love how you related this to having a perfect credit score. Way to keep things light, feeling good, and in proper perspective!

  • Sara says:

    I looooooove this post, Jeannette!!!
    It really makes me appreciate how I have little to no charge on health, health insurance, etc. Which is bizarre because both of my parents are completely ADAMENT about getting routine check ups and that sort of thing. I remember when I used to live at my parents house my dad would make dentist appointments for me. I distinctly remember asking him, “Is this supposed to be some kind of favor?” LOL!!!
    What’s even more interesting is that my husband works at a hospital, so we naturally have EXCELLENT coverage at a cost that is hardly noticeable. And the coolest part ever is that we hardly ever use it! LOL!! I take the kids to routine check ups and those only happen once a year. And before anyone gets their loa-savvy panties in a twist, let me explain that it feels more downstream to just go with the flow of that than to research ways to become exempt from what the school system requires. If it felt good to go on such a journey, I would have already done it, and if it ever does feel good in the future, you know I’ll hop to it! 🙂
    As of now, I’m clear that my children going to the doctor has no merit on their well-being. To me, taking my kids to their check ups feels no different than honoring traffic lights or paying tax on clothing. It doesn’t have to be a big deal if I choose for it not to be, and all evidence points to the fact that it’s perfectly possible to have a downstream experience of “the system” if our vibration allows for it. And so far, mine totally has. 🙂
    As for health insurance, I don’t give much of a rip either way. I like that we have it, sort of the same way that I like the perks of having a perfect credit score. When I’m aligned, the good stuff can’t help but find me!

  • I’m sure you have good company, Jenny, and I may be one as I get older: feeling the comfort of having a good policy in place.
    And if dropping feels awful, I would suggest you’re doing the exact OPPOSITE of setting yourself up for something to go wrong. Kudos, girlfriend!
    It’s kind of like when I bring my (ex’s) cell phone on a drive across town. I think I’ll only need it if I don’t have it, so bringing it feels good. It staves off any problems. hee hee
    (I think it’s highly entertaining that I don’t feel the same way across the board on this stuff.)
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting, Jenny! 🙂

  • Jenny says:

    I had heard you didn’t have health insurance and that had piqued my curiosity. I like your reasoning. I find, I think, that having it actually makes me feel better. I consider myself very healthy and assume I will live complication-free until 110. I have independent health insurance and having it makes me feel like I don’t have to worry about if something were to go wrong. I’m wondering if that means I’m setting myself up for something to go wrong? But dropping it feels terrible. This feels like a brain twister.
    I’m with MissyB on the seat belt. I just do it and it makes me feel safe–like a magic force field.

  • Okay, I thought I was cool, Tami!!! Loved the “pause for effect.” It had one on me!
    Four kids – who aren’t being taught to be dependent on something or someone outside themselves for their well-being. THAT’S cool!!
    And that’s the thing, the out-of-pocket payment for most normal stuff isn’t that much different than what someone else would pay on a high deductible plan. (I know some reading this have a story to the contrary, but that’s why Tami and I do so well without the insurance – we tell a different story.)
    And I’ve noticed it’s not that hard to find a provider sympathetic to an uninsured person. (My dentist ROCKS! He’s not only excellent at what he does, but he’s extremely reasonable.)
    Thanks for chiming in on this one, Tami! 🙂

  • Tami McCall says:

    My husband and I were talking about this JUST last night! What a cool post! He pointed out that “routine” pap smears, scans, mammograms, colonoscopys, well-checks, blah, blah, blah are being marketed to a younger and younger age group. How interesting! For various reasons, we have not had health insurance for YEARS. AND we have four children. (Pause for effect… ha!) Honestly, it never occurred to me that we were using deliberate creation regarding our health. (I’ve always felt that the cost of insurance vs. usage was something akin to extortion, but that’s just me.) As a family, we are an extremely healthy bunch. Rarely go to the doctor, sick almost never, all of the kids and my husband are very active in sports, last year my boys were involved in a minor jet-ski accident which we paid for out of pocket…not a problem… wow…this is an amazing realization! Until recently my beliefs were very fear based, (no more, thank you!) yet with this issue I somehow made a CONSCIOUS choice to live my life, see past the “what if’s” and detach from the outcome. It’s worked beautifully and I didn’t know it until right now! Thanks, gorgeous! You, as always, are brilliant!

  • You always bring a good vibe and great perspectives, MissyB! 🙂

  • MissyB says:

    LOL – GVG ! I’ve a killer microwave ! No preaching from me I hope…just comments of amazement…I love your different view.

  • Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    To you it feels better not to have health insurance so it makes perfect sense not to buy it. To the “what if” crowd it makes perfect sense to have health insurance. Since your boyfriend can’t understand your beliefs, are more importantly your vibe, he aims to convince you.
    Same deal with my folks and the insurance deal, BTW 😉
    Thanks for sharing your insight. So refreshing to have discovered a like-minded blog Jeannette 🙂

  • Ha – you’re making me realize, MissyB, that a smart creator would stop bracing for a barrage of comments about the statistics of seat belt safety, and the horror stories of not having medical coverage when needed, and how microwaves really will kill you. lol
    Thanks for the bell “ding” to rethink what I was unconcsiously anticipating. 🙂

  • MissyB says:

    GVG – superb post…I truly never thought of it any other way.
    As for discovering like-minds, yes its great, but the contrasting friends add a special mix wouldn’t you both say ?
    I can’t wait to see what gets written here on your subject…

  • You know, Ryan, I found myself while writing this post wanting to have Russ read it – so he could maybe understand why I feel the way I do, and thus stop worrying about me.
    But that’s me doing the exact same thing he’s wanting to do to me – ha! Which is give me a new understanding so I will do something different which will allow him to feel better.
    It really is a “live and let live” opportunity, isn’t it? And to look to OURSELVES for how we feel, not needing to manipulate outside circumstances to get to a better feeling place.
    Ditto on discovering like-minds, my friend. Nice to have you here! 🙂

  • Not at all a bad thing, MissyB. The point I want to make is that there IS no black and white “right” or “wrong” that applies to all of us. What works best is what FEELS best, and that’s potentially different for each of us – as you and I are perfect examples of!

  • MissyB says:

    Wow ! What a different view of seat belts you have to me. I feel safe when wearing mine. I never think any different. I feel safe so I keep safe ? Health Insurance ? Well we are lucky enough not to need it over here, but I have the usual insurance for house and car and stuff. The dog insurance – again, having it makes me feel safe.
    Insurance makes me feel safe. Is this a bad thing ? Gosh, I’ve never really thought about it…

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