To Spend Or Not To Spend …

It’s a common question when creators are in process of manifesting wealth …

How to manage current finances (and make aligned spending decisions) while activating the vibration of prosperity?

Some manifestors find it contradictory to look at price tags and keep to a budget while affirming financial abundance.

On the other hand, it can also be unnerving to spend money like we’ve already got it before it’s actually here.

(Sometimes that just activates more worry.)

What’s a conscious creator to do?

Well, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer that applies to all in every situation.

I wouldn’t say, “Spend it like you got it” or “Wait till the bank agrees before you act like a rich person.”

That’s because the answer isn’t about the best action – it’s about the better feeling. And that could be different for each of us.

Sometimes the aligned thing to do is take the leap of faith and spend the money. Other times it’s to play it conservative and find a way to be fiscally responsible without negating the abundance vibe.

Here’s how to know the right answer for you:

What feels best?

Your inner guidance knows the best way to get where you want to be financially, and it will steer you there if you listen.

Remember, your inner guidance speaks to you through your emotions. So whichever action feels most inspired and joyful – that’s your higher self pointing the way.

If it feels nerve racking and ominous, that’s a sign to choose something else.

You’re looking for whichever option offers the most relief.

Some people have developed such a strong habit of worry around money that they don’t feel good saving, handling or spending it.

That’s a sign your gremlins have taken over and crowded out guidance from within.

A little practice will put you back in touch with that inner wisdom.

You can facilitate that process by making sure you’re regularly tapping the vibration of abundance, wealth, prosperity (or whatever you’d like to manifest). Tuning to that frequency makes it easier to hear (and trust) your divinely inspired messages.

For creators who have a hard time feeling good about spending money when it seems in short supply, it’s good to remember that joy begets joy.

If you spend it with joy, it brings more joy back. (Which is why so many manifestors successfully intend that spending happy money brings more happy money back – multiplied even!)

If you spend it with guilt, or spend it with worry – it’d be better not to spend it at all. (Or to find a way to drop the guilt or worry.)

Because law of attraction can only match what we’re vibing.

So it doesn’t matter what we do; it only matters how we feel.

Find the action that feels best – to you – whatever that is, then take that action and stick with the good feeling.

Don’t second guess or regret your choice – let it continue to be the right thing.

The latest podcast covers this subject, as inspired by my gremlin doubts whether I made the right decisions to euthanize my dog and adopt out my foster cat.

This process applies to whatever we’re up to – whether spending money, breaking up, making health care decisions, etc.

Bottom line: it isn’t so much about figuring out the right action, as it is about finding our way to the most aligned feeling. Focusing on the feeling serves us much better than analyzing actions.

It’s a matter of doing/choosing whatever is easiest to feel good about. And then to keep feeling good about it.

  • May 5, 2017
  • Pamela Joy says:

    LOVING your blog, e-mails and ebooks.
    This is such a great topic. And you cover it, beautifully. I have definitely felt the conflict of which way to go with money. I love your choices and I love that you remind us that it’s the feeling and not the action that will determine if money is well spent or not. It can always go either way. So trusting the feeling is a great compass.
    Pamela Joy

  • I wanted to fly somewhere quickly, and in the midst of what should have been panic was a voice that said, “Buy the First Class ticket!” In that moment I knew nothing else would do. While I sometimes fret about the cost of dinner, this ticket was a must-have. And, I LOVED THAT FLIGHT SO HARD. Delicious! I think this experience cracked open my not-so-secret vibe crusher.

  • Joy begets joy is the absolute truth. While meditating today, I set my intention to feel joy all day long. A little voice asked, “And how about delight?” I said, “I’ll take that, too!”
    Your podcasts are great, by the way.

  • Janette says:

    Yes yes yes. SUCH a good point!
    I’ve had a lot of people try and convince me over the years that spending $xxx with them was in my best interests, regardless of what my gut was saying.
    It can take a while to get so well-connected to our genuine vibration that we can hear IT rather than the thing we wish it were saying.
    That’s one reason I love the way you provide so many different options for people to access your work – it takes away that pressure and allows their inner guidance to come through WAY more clearly.

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