Too Good to Be True?

gates21.jpgThis LOA story is for the sheer entertainment factor.

(It cost over two grand, so we may as well get a chuckle out of it, I figure.)

I’m moving into a house with my sweetheart next month, but before we do we need to have two gates installed for the dogs. Russ offered to be in charge of that project, which was fabulous news. That’s not really my preferred gig.

So Russ does the homework, makes the inquiries, and meets with a contractor to get an estimate. He calls me after receiving the bid.

Five THOUSAND dollars and change. I didn’t really know what to expect two gates would cost, but that’s more than he was thinking, so I say, “Well, get another bid!” He agrees. I say, “How about a lower one this time, huh?” He agrees. A lower bid would be nicer.

He does more research, meets with another guy, and calls me two days later. The second estimate is in.  This one is over EIGHT thousand dollars.

Holy hannah! For two gates?!

We’re definitely headed in the wrong direction.

Russ tells me he originally hoped to get the job done for something like three grand. That sounds good to me! “Do that,” I say. Yeah, THREE GRAND! That sounds great! Get that quote! (I figure if that’s what he was expecting, and I throw some vibes that way, we should easily be able to get that.)

My patient sweetie agrees to phone another company.

I get another call from him the next day. “You got a new quote?!”

“Yeah, I got a new quote.”

“You don’t sound very happy for a guy who just got a three thousand dollar quote.” Which I knew it would be, since that’s what we were manifesting.

(I’m starting to wonder how many estimates it’s going to take to get to three thousand.)

“Well, it’s for just over three thousand,” he tells me.

“Woo hoo!!” I say. By myself. Because Russ isn’t woo hooing.

He says, “Don’t you kind of wonder why it would be so much lower?”

He goes on to question why there would be a five thousand dollar difference between the highest and lowest bids. He thinks maybe there’s something sketchy about this contractor’s low bid.

Don’t I kind of wonder why it would be so much lower? No, I don’t wonder, honey!

Why would it be so much lower?? Because that’s what we asked for!

But he’s not convinced. Russ explains the guy doesn’t take credit cards, he wants a check for half the amount up front (all three wanted half up front – seems reasonable to me). But something doesn’t feel right to Russ. He tells the story about how he was scammed on the internet for something to do with golf clubs three years ago.

So despite manifesting a quote for two gates for the exact amount we said we wanted, we are going with the five thousand plus dollar gates.

This experience has made me wonder where it is I question “too good to be true.” (I suspect if I’m seeing it in Russ, I may be doing it too. It’s that mirror thing.) And I am determined to let the good stuff that I’m ordering up from Big U into my life.

While I spot my hold ups from the lettin’ the goods in, I just want to finish this story by adding I knew our joint feel good would be easier found by me getting okay with spending more money than in trying to convince Russ the three grand guy was on the up and up.

So … here’s to gorgeous gates, peace with sweeties and not believing in too good to be true.

  • January 18, 2008
  • Oh, did you read this the other day, Leslie?
    Zev sent me that link to an article reporting on a study about how people do EXACTLY that – perceive more value when the price is higher.
    I appreciate your perspective about how I’ll get better gates with this middle guy. Since that’s who’s doing the work, I choose to agree!! lol
    I also like to think that I wouldn’t make the mistake (or is it one?) of thinking the $95 bottle of wine is better than the $5 one.
    There’s also something to be said about not letting money rule every decision. If we TRULY believed there was a never ending abundant supply of it for us, we surely wouldn’t have spent five days collecting three quotes! Things make you go hmmm ….
    Thanks for posting, my friend! Always nice to hear from you!

  • “Energy dynamics of couples” .. that IS a fascinating topic, Rick! That deserves a post all its own.
    I love how you’re leveraging your “it’s not over till it’s over” belief. I can see how that would serve one very well!
    I think I quoted Rebecca Overson recently in saying, “It didn’t turn out as planned. It turned out perfect.”
    Thanks for posting your support, Rick!

  • Leslie says:

    It feels good to me Jeannette, the middle road. I have to admit I react the same way as Russ, there is something shisty with the cheapest contractor, ha ha. I’d do the same thing as you guys are doing.
    You could look at it another way as well, you will be working with a contractor that feels fair about himself as he asks for a decent price but not exhorbant. I am uncomfortable with the guy who isn’t asking the going price, he is vibing at a different vibe if you get my drift.
    Preceived value – one of my greatest lessons in floral design trainning. The fellow was demonstrating silk flower arrangements and he said that he always put large stones in the vase to give it weight. He said people associate value with weight and they will automatically think it is more valuable because it is heavier. Interesting huh.
    So here is my hope for you that you will enjoy those gates just that much more because you had to pay $2,000. more for quality and preceived value.
    Lots of love

  • Rick says:

    Don’t you just love truisms? ” If it seems (feels) too good to be true then it is” “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, etc. And when they seem to be true, what came first, the result or the belief. (which side of that statement we fall on tells a lot about us) Aren’t they all self fulfilling prophecies? (Isn’t everything?)
    One that I’ve discovered I use a lot is it’s not over til it’s over. For me it is good news. If things aren’t going as I want they are bound to get better and if things are going well, then they are bound to get even betterer. Sometimes people use it the other way.
    What always amazes me is the energy dynamics of couples. So, if you guys agreed to the lowest bid, how would the gate turn out? According to the strongest vibrator?
    Wow …. I just realised …. it would turn out exactly right. It has to.
    Thanks for being so generous wih your life.

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