Top 10 Ways to Manifest Money

Top 10 Ways to Manifest Money via
No matter how much money we have (lots or not so much), it seems most of us would welcome more financial abundance into our lives.
(Unless you’re this guy.)

In working with many conscious creators to attract money with the law of attraction, here’s what I’ve found works best:

1. Drop the need.
Need and abundance don’t go together. So if you have to pick one of those vibrations, it’s obvious which one to go with, right?  Find a way to release that needy energy.  Tips on letting go are here.

2. Make peace with the present.
Resisting your current state of affairs only perpetuates them.  (This goes hand in hand with #1.)  However you do it, find a way to get okay with how things are now.  Resistance serves as a powerful dam holding up tremendous wealth.  Dropping that resistance bursts the dam, flooding you with money.

3. Skip the middle man.
Give yourself the gift of whatever you think having money will do for you.  You think it will bring peace of mind?  Happiness?  Relief?  Fun? Access those states now.

Three deep breaths ushers in peace.  Playing with the dog enhances joy.  Don’t make money responsible for making you feel better.  Feel better now, just because you choose so.  (That’s a party money loves to show up at!)

4. Act as if.
You don’t have to actually have money in order to vibrate it. Since we get what we vibrate, when you send the signal to Universe that you’ve got money, guess what it has to send?  Money!  Here’s how Mike Dooley did it: when he’d get a big bill in the mail, instead of fretting or despairing, he’d say, “Oooh, it’s a good thing I’m rich.”

When he wasn’t.  Yet.  (And it worked!)
top ten ways to manifest money

5. Get “relationship” therapy.
Improve your relationship with money by paying attention how you treat it. Do you speak to it kindly?  Think of it appreciatively?

Make improvements in that relationship, and it’ll love you back.

6. Be good to yourself.
Since Universe is taking its cue from you, when you treat yourself well, it’ll do the same. And money is often part of how it does that. If you need help with self-love, I’ve got you covered with an ebook devoted to that topic.

7. Use a money manifesting technique.

Call it in, sing it in, chant it in, journal it in, visualize it.  Click on any of those to expand on each idea.  (That “call it in” link is the hilarious Reverend Ike Calling In Money.  If you want someone to literally sing along with, Lady Gaga likes money, too.)

8. Watch your language!
Tell a better money story.  Are you talking about it like there isn’t enough?  Are you speaking about it like you need more?  As long as you tell that version, that’s how it has to be!  Improve your story and money will follow suit.  Even “it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be,” “it’ll be ok,” “everything works out,” “I don’t have to figure this out right now” type stories can start a good shift.

9. Appreciate the money you have now.
Abraham says the best way to get money is to appreciate the money you already have.  And if you don’t have any money now, appreciate whatever else you have.  Or the money you see around you. Or the money you’ve had before.  Bottom line – give thanks for money where you can! When Universe gets that signal from you, it’ll send more.

10. Forget about it.
When your financial panties are in a twist, sometimes the best thing to do is get off the topic altogether. Give it up. Walk away and let things work out while you’re mowing the lawn or taking a nap. If you consistently come to this topic with a negative vibration, and aren’t having any luck upgrading your vibe (which is really easy to do when you think you’ve good reason to worry) – the best thing you can do might be NOTHING!  Let it go. Find something else (enjoyable) to occupy your mind and don’t be surprised if things take a swift turn for the better once you really truly drop the subject.

Some of my favorite reminders for how to manifest money are these clips from Abraham and this article from Steve Pavlina.  (And of course, my Manifesting Money ebook.)

If you’ve got tips, comments or questions to share, please do in the comments.  And happy manifesting!

  • November 30, 2011
  • Pamela says:

    I love Meadow’s video. Don’t know if it’ll work for me though…I use a different currency; ie, British Pounds and Pence.

  • Gail Kasper says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! These are some great tips to follow to achieve the life you want. It is important to feel empowered – no matter what situation you’re in. Be logical, develop a plan, and march forward, it’s the essence of the Systematic Attitude Development-Technique defined in my book.
    Gail Kasper
    Motivational Speaker and Author, Unstoppable: 6 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Goals

  • Steve says:

    I use the lottery as an example because it seems to get the most attention from the media.
    Three men, back east, who happen to be investment bankers hit the lottery for 270 million. A one dollar ticket. Another man hit the lottery for an amount that I’m not sure of but it was substantial. He came from a family worth millions. A third instance is a man that has hit the lottery three times for large amounts. This man when interviewed had the demeanor and confidence of expectation and not surprise.
    All three of these examples are of people that know the feeling of abundance.

  • Dana Boyle says:

    Oh, and thanks Ashley! It’s funny the little ways that scarcity plays a role in our lives if we aren’t honest or paying attention, or if we simply aren’t even aware because it’s such a habit.

  • Dana Boyle says:

    Chip, you make a great point. That’s what I meant about trickling money first. If you can learn to trickle it, you can flow it. But you have to trickle and appreciate and appreciate. Sometimes a side hustle is the way to cover the basics so that you aren’t trying to create from a space of scarcity and fear. It’s not very easy to create when you’re up nights worried about the light bill or your next meal.

  • I like your perspective, Wade! You can’t go wrong with that one!
    And Ann, what an easy way to dial in on abundance! Thanks for sharing that with us.

  • Ann Harrison says:

    This post (and Steve Pavlina writing about finding coins) just gave me an idea:
    I had a box that I put my spare change in – all the pennies and the stuff that you never really get around to spending, so it just weighs you down. The box was in the spare bedroom and I would occasionally empty my purse into it.
    This morning, I put all that money into a clear container and placed the container where it would be directly in my eyeline as I’m working. The container is three-quarters full of money so, every time I look up, I am looking at an abundance of money that is already in my possession! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wade | Wellness says:

    Great post Jeannette. This has just made me the richest man alive 🙂

  • ChipEFT says:

    I think you can drop the last nine or so if you can just get rid of the need for money. Many of my clients feel they need money so much that they can’t let go and are always wondering why isn’t it here yet.
    For some of these people, the need is so great (like not making bills or wondering how they are going to eat, etc.) that they can think of little else but that need for money. For these people I suggest getting a J.O.B. so at least the basics are handled.
    Once these basics are handled, they can start to refocus on putting together a purpose-driven (and lucrative) plan.

  • I could not agree more, Chip!
    It is no coincidence that one of my favorite and most dramatic money manifesting stories from a client was one who didn’t “need” the money. He was doing it for fun – for the feeling of being a winner.
    And for the people you mention, the ones believing they’re in deep financial doodoo, sometimes the best way to drop the need is to get some money in place in a very practical action-oriented way to help lessen the fear and attachment.
    The trick is to do that AND shift the vibration. Because if they just take the action without shifting the energy – not much is gonna change.
    Thanks for posting, Chip. Always good to hear from you!

  • Ashley, I’m smiling at your enjoyment of your intimate time with money!
    When I talk about fostering a good relationship with money, I am going to share your example as a creative way to do that!

  • Ashley says:

    Awesome story Dana! Thanks for sharing! Our stories our parallel and I need to let that kind of stuff go too.
    One of the ways I appreciate money is by smell. I LOVE the way money smells. There is nothing more intoxicating than the smell of newly minted bills. I’m taking out some bills out of my wallet right now to prove my point to myself. Mmmmm, man that is a fine smell! Oh, and look at all those bills – I love a nice stack of organized money in my wallet. I take good care of it, making sure that it is in order by denomination, with all the bills facing the same way. And it is so patriotic, look at all those past presidents and forefathers; turn the bill over and that is some fine expensive real estate that belongs to our country. Each bill is truly a work of art. Feel the raised ink and hold it up to the light and see the strip in it and the double face. Say hi to the boys staring back at you.
    I also love to balance my check books and have all my bills paid. There is nothing that feels finer then knowing your house is in order, my financial house that is.
    All this intimate time with my wallet and bills has me smiling ear to ear.
    Thank you Jeanette for setting me up for play time with my wallet and bills. I think tomorrow I’m going to buy a bigger, more luxurious wallet so I can carry even more cash and have an easier time whipping out my credit cards.
    I’m looking forward to checking out the extra links too. Oh, this is too much fun!

  • Tshombe says:

    Dana, that is amazing. YOU are amazing.
    Thanks so much for sharing what you are calling your evolution. I love how you simply RELAXED, letting up on yourself and your “sweetie” 🙂 AND you got super-grateful about everything.

  • Tshombe says:

    That IS a lot of links, Jeannette, but I LOVE them (and you!) one and all. Thanks for a great post that’s all about allowing. Beautiful.

  • Good job, Bama Girl, on suspending the “freak out” routine. Appreciation is a powerful way to do that, too!
    Thanks for reading and for posting. 🙂

  • Bama Girl says:

    I did want to share something else. I was listening to the the Entrepreneur Diva call the other night with Karin Title and she was talking about money – moving from abundance to affluence. That took me by surprise. I mean, don’t I want abundance? So I looked up the two words.
    Abundant – very plentiful, more than sufficient, ample, well supplied, rich, plentiful
    Affluent – flowing freely (!!), plentiful, abundant, wealthy, prosperous (!!), opulence, great plenty, rich, a flowing toward (!! again), influx, great plenty.
    That blew my mind. Abundant is a nice place, but boy, do I want to be affluent!

  • Bama Girl says:

    I am really getting into gratitude right now in dealing with a money issue. We changed banks. My direct deposit changed right over. Hubby’s did not. Payroll said they mailed a paper check on Friday but it’s not here yet. It possibly went to our old address. We’re beginning to freak out.
    But I am stopping that now. I am being grateful for what we have and setting intentions.
    I am thankful we have food to eat. I am thankful that we do have money in the bank and we can rearrange the budget for some immediate needs. I am thankful for a son with a job that helps pay for gas. I am thankful for a landlord and utility companies that can wait a couple of days for their payments.
    We’re not broke. We’re not down to our last penny. So I am grateful that we were careful money managers over the past month, we knew that this company tends to mess up whenever they change something with payroll. We are okay. It’s just a nuisance, and it will be fixed soon.

  • That does sum it up pretty well, Tshombe: allowing.
    Since abundance is our natural state, all we have to do to let money in is stop what we were doing to keep it out.
    In that neutral space it washes us in plenty. 🙂

  • Dana Boyle says:

    Thank you! I’m happy that sharing inspires others around me, because I do love sharing!
    Yes, relaxing is huge. Easing up, very big. Allowing…big big. I’m even learning how to allow and ease up with a partner who focuses on scarcity even when there’s plenty. The really neat thing about me easing up in the face of his fear is that more just keeps on showing up and he relaxes ever so slightly as it does.
    I’m truly enjoying learning how to flow money. I first trickled, then I turned on a fire hose, then I had to learn to turn it down so I didn’t drown, and now I think I can flow it pretty well just with gratitude and affirmation.
    Much love to you and thank you!

  • Yay for the power of story! And for you sharing your here.
    Thank you, Dana. 🙂

  • Dana Boyle says:

    I remember when I was in your Money Vibe class, or two of them, and I was to a point where I thought I had figured it out and was turning it around, and I was talking to you and the other attendees about my sweetie always wasting things. He uses too much shampoo, soap, cleaners, milk, whatever. Some months ago it dawned on me that I’ve shifted to a place of truly having plenty and not at all worrying how much of my stuff is used up or by whom. Obviously, it dawned on me that I was telling a destructive money story in a strange way back then. Scarcity thinking is scarcity thinking. It feels so much better to know you have enough, and when that bottle of shampoo is gone, there are three more under the sink and plenty more money to buy more at the store that’s right down the street!
    Just thought I’d share evolution and that changing your story and easing up on it really does make a difference. I’ve done a lot more than that, including loving my money, loving the source of my money, thanking every bill, every check, every empty bottle for coming into our lives to provide for us in the first place, etc, just like Louise Hay suggested. It’s made a huge difference.
    Back then I was on unemployment flowing in $388 a week with a $3000 a month expense sheet. Now I’m flowing in way more than I need and it started with you.
    I hope someone new reads this post of yours and starts on their own personal journey.

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