Top 12 from 2012

Top 12 Posts of 2012Counting down the 12 most popular posts at Good Vibe Blog this year, as measured by views and comments.
Thank you for making Good Vibe Blog one of the most popular LOA blogs on the internet!

12. LOA Weight Loss Interview (3,481) Jessica, Leigha and Caroline field my top five questions about losing weight the LOA way.

11. The Best or Worst? You Decide (3,568) My random thoughts inspired by a What Would You Do? episode.

10. Top 10 Vibe Lifters Online (3,720) For those of us spending time online,  it’s handy to know where to plug in for uplifting vibes on the web.  These are my top ten virtual haunts.

9. The Power of Pre-Thanks (4,011) It’s a simple alignment practice, but an exceptionally powerful one: giving thanks in advance for what you want as if it’s already here.

8. How Fast Can It Happen (4,020) A common question asked by new and experienced deliberate creators, with examples and suggestions.

7. Law of Attraction in 3 Words (4,464)  Pete Hughes’ succinct take on deliberate creation may not appeal to everyone, but his simple style (and pithy humor) may offer inspiration to some.

6. Law of Attraction Morals (4,525) How does law of attraction work when we’re manifesting something morally ambiguous (or even blatantly “wrong”)?  What happens when we have conflicting feelings about what we want?

5. FAQs about LOA (7,072) The three most often asked questions about using law of attraction, and their answers.

4. Marilyn Monroe as Deliberate Creator (7,668)  Did Marilyn use law of attraction? And if so, what happened there at the end?!

3. LOA Success Secret #1 (8,405)  What I believe is the single most powerful thing you can do to manifest what you want.

2. How to Use Law of Attraction (10,242)  If you’re new to deliberate creation, this “how to” series offers the basics to start manifesting what you want, Good Vibe style.

and the most viewed post written in 2012:

1. Alignment Spell: I Love That About Me (12,946)  One of my favorite spells for quickly turning shame or embarrassment into alignment!

Some of my personal favorites, though, were the reminder to do your part, tips for how to have a bad day, the upside of grudges, gossip and giving up, and Nancy’s guest post about inviting your problems in.
Let’s hear your favorite LOA inspirations from the year (articles, posts, books, calls, etc.) wherever you found them.
Happy new year, everyone!

  • December 31, 2012
  • Brenda says:

    What a fantastic year this has been for your blog posts, Jeannette! Pure gold, they’ve been. Thanks for summarizing the most popular – I see a few there that I’ve missed, so I’m looking forward to checking them out.
    I can’t let this opportunity go by without mentioning my favourite call of the year. It’s the one with Lisa Hayes on the Higgs Boson. I’ve re-listened to that call several times, and I suspect I’ll listen again.
    Big gratitude to you for asking perfect questions. Whether you’re hosting a call or questioning a guest, you’re THE BEST at squeezing the juicy stuff from any topic – always, always a satisfying listen!!!
    Oh, and another call I loved was the one where where you interviewed Matthew David O’Grady…I think the call was called “3 Steps to a Dream Business.” Ha! I’m not even a business owner…but that call made me want to start one. 🙂
    …I know there are many others, and now that my wheels are turning, I’m likely to be back with more.
    Much love and heaps of gratitude to you this holiday season, Jeannette! And the very BEST during this fresh, auspicious (I can feel it already) New Year!

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