Top Money Manifesting Articles

best money manifesting articlesWow, there’s a lot of noise online about how to manifest money!
I’ve sorted through a ton of fluff pieces, ads and sales pages to gather the top money manifesting posts online.  Please share your favorites in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.
Here are the top articles online about using law of attraction to make money:
How to Manifest Money by Steve Pavlina:

“If you approach this process from a place of neediness, clinginess, scarcity, or too much seriousness, you’ll most likely fail. That’s the right vibe for attracting nothing — or for making things worse by attracting unwanted expenses — but it’s not the right vibe for attracting money.”

8 Simple Steps to Manifest Money Fast by Jeanna Gabellini:

“Draw a line in the sand. Make a choice: From this moment forward you will attract more money and create a structure and habits that support a new and improved level of wealth. You have to mean this. You need to be hungry for change.”

How to Make Money with the Law of Attraction and Conscious Creation by Aaron Potts:

“Using the LOA as a tool for attaining financial success means just that – using it as a tool. In this case, you are using the tool to manifest the circumstances that will create the wealth, not the wealth itself.  People who think that they can magically manifest piles of cash by simply sitting around thinking about it will quickly find themselves in the poor house.”

How to Manifest Money Fast by Anisa Aven:

“This is a formula for people who understand the theory behind the law of attraction but do not have a routine or system for applying it.”

How to Attract Money into Your Life by Raymond Salas on ZenChill Power Tools:

Forgive all of your issues with money; be grateful now; act as if; be free of debt; determine why; bless the success of others; give to others; be happy now.

How to Attract Money on Squidoo:

(Gotta filter through all the ads to find these tips): release negative beliefs; create a wealth mindset; use prosperity affirmations; watch subliminal wealth videos; have an attitude of gratitude.

How to Attract Money When You Need It by Morgana Rae:

“You wouldn’t believe how many people try to hire me so I can waive my magic wand, fix their mindset and make their problems go away “poof!”  They watched “The Secret” and read some books that told them to create vision boards, raise their vibrations and tithe (all good stuff); but they don’t want to get serious about their business!”

Top 10 Ways to Manifest Money by Jeannette Maw:

Yes, this is mine, but it still belongs on the list.  In working with lots of deliberate creators to attract money using the law of attraction, here’s what I’ve found works best (top ten ways to manifest money).

Manifesting Abundance on Squidoo:

“Reality is completely subjective and based on the expectation of the observer. You create the reality you expect!  Your create the reality your cells crave!  Use your feelings as your barometer for your thoughts.  If you want to change your reality and manifest greater abundance your beliefs must change.”

5 Easy Ways to Get More Money by Pernille Madsen:

“Your current money situation is a direct reflection of your money vibe.  Therefore, the only way to improve your financial situation is to improve your money vibe. Once you do that, your financial situation will automatically improve accordingly.”

Shifting Your Money Story Can Bring You Financial Abundance by Laura Gevanter:

“We all have a money story.  The good news is that once you become aware of what your story is, you can change it to be more in alignment with what you’d like your experience with money to be.”

How to Manifest Extreme Money with Bob Proctor.  It’s a video, but it it’s one of the top online resources for manifesting money.  Here’s part two of Bob’s talk, if you don’t mind listening rather than reading.
Let’s hear your favorite money manifesting articles (the ones that aren’t just book promos or program ads), and we’ll make this a more robust resource for fellow creators!

  • September 29, 2012
  • Julie B says:

    These are great… thanks to all for contributing and thanks for starting this Jeannette! I read one recently from Abe and will post in Forums too:
    How to Use Money to Increase Prosperity
    “Every time you spend money for anything, appreciate the fact that you had it to spend. Even if you think you’re spending it unwisely, even if you shouldn’t be spending it for this and should be saving it for something else, even if, when you spend it, it will deplete your checking account to a place that is uncomfortably low, even under those conditions — appreciate the fact that you had it to spend. “I am so happy to spend this money.”
    So, something that you can do that gets you in that flow, right away, is looking around at your personal possessions and noticing how many things you have that cost money. I’ve got…add up how much your stuff is really worth. In other words, I spent money on…add up how many meals you’ve eaten, how much money you’ve blown on food that you no longer have to call assets. You see what we’re getting at? As you start thinking in terms of all of the money that’s passed through your hands you get a sense of the abundance of dollars, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out.
    So rather than feeling lackful because there isn’t excess money or extra money, just enjoy the money that is there; in and out, in and out, in and out and you get this sense of “the money is just like the Energy,” it is just like the oxygen, it is always there.
    In other words, as you mentally expend it, you mentally bring it in, as you mentally expend it, you mentally bring it in, as you mentally expend it, you mentally bring it in until soon it is physically coming to you. Soon it is physically coming in and physically going out, physically coming in and physically going out — but you have to start with the mental projection of it first. And then, before you know it, you have more money than you know what to do with. Truly, we’re not kidding you. It becomes, then, a new process of determining what you’re going to do with it. In other words, managing your money, letting it flow, having the fun of it, taking it to the bank, you see. Good.”
    – Abraham Hicks

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    @Brenda – OMG! Thank you so much for that comment 🙂

  • Matt OGrady says:

    Super cool post! Me love! 🙂
    So in alignment for me to see this post for the past 2 days I have been immersing myself in books, ebooks, youtube videos etc on abundance and prosperity and there is 1 paraphrased quote that stood out so powerfully for me:
    “The first step in receiving any physical manifestation is first remembering, acknowledging and praising the Source from which ALL comes, by doing this we are ‘Letting Light’, Understanding, as we are told in the creation story in Genesis…” – Charles Fillmore
    That quote really got me feeling super awesome inside, because who can’t do that, right? Just by remembering the truth about who we really are, and where we come from, and what we are, we are on the path to receiving any and all of what we desire….
    Anyway here’s some stuff:
    Great Abe vid:
    Meditation w Rev Mike Beckwith:
    Joe Vitale Attract Money Now:
    Here are some Matt and Phil Shows on Monday and Abundance, the first one was with you, Jeannette!

  • You’re welcome, Nikky! And thanks for having such great content to include, Pernille.
    Brenda, if you find any others that should be here, let us know. And Laura – added! Thank you! 🙂

  • Love this collection you put together…wanted to add my “two cents”, a post I wrote in May.

  • Brenda says:

    OMG, this is fabulous! I can’t wait to go through them. Thank you, Jeannette!
    And, Pernille! Each time I listen to you on a GVU call, I am SO incredibly inspired. Anything you write related to money needs to makes this list!!

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    What an amazing collection of money manifesting articles, Jeannette, this is SO helpful!
    And boy, am I proud to see my name on the list – woo hoo 🙂

  • Nikky says:

    Thank you tHank you so much 🙂

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