Top Ten Great Pleasures

stars.jpgToday’s post was calling for “light and fun” since I’ve got a handful of clients carrying some heavy energy lately. 

So I thought what better way to stay grounded in positive vibes than to explore our greatest pleasures and simple life joys?!
Here’s my top ten list below.  I offer it because I REALLY want to read yours!  I think it’ll be fun for you to think about, it’ll make you smile to read others’ and will send out a great vibe when you share your pleasures here in cyberspace!
So here goes (I narrowed this list down from 37 that I thought of off the top of my head):

  1. The way these kittens are dangling off my skirt while I type.  ha!
  2. Scratching Sadie’s head.
  3. Watching Russ watch Elsa sleep on his lap.
  4. Seeing really great previews at the movies, and then watching an even better movie!
  5. Settling in with a great new book (esp in a clean house)
  6. Going to sleep under the stars in the mountains in a warm sleeping bag on a chilly night
  7. Listening to Mike Dooley’s voice on my answering machine
  8. Exploring new places in nature!
  9. Mexican food!
  10. Stretching the body.  In the sun.  On the grass! 

If I were doing a SECOND top ten list:

  • The annual 4th of July classic car parade!
  • Singing in the shower
  • International sheepdog trials at Soldier Hollow
  • Bellydance Festival at Liberty Park
  • Second kisses
  • Splashdog competitions!
  • Best of the Bee Gees

Okay, I’ll stop now, since I could go on forever.  Thanks for indulging my vibe-raising! 
Please share your life joys, whether you come up with ten or one or three .. we’ll appreciate hearing your great pleasures!  (And maybe learn some new ones along the way!)

  • September 4, 2008
  • Scott Colley says:

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    since you’re a ‘Good Vibe’ Blog, i thought it a fitting invitation…
    Be great!

  • SJB says:

    Hi people I really love:

    2. The warmth of the sun and getting a tan
    3. Tea
    4. Champagne & cigars
    5. The luscious hips & curves of a sexy woman
    6. Great food
    7. Laughing til you cry
    8. Money
    9. Finer things in life – cars, house,

  • hannah says:

    I think I’m being greatly influenced by the favorite things I had forgotten about but now remember thanks to these great posts. This is a bit late, so I’ll just do it for myself and the universe (and anybody else who happens to see 🙂
    1) Kissssses, kisses, kisses..I love kissing. Long, delicious sensuous kisses with somebody who makes your toes curl and your insides melt.
    2) Having my hair stroked and played with (I start to purr like a kitty) by a friend or a lover.
    3) Uncontrollable laughing fits, laughing so hard you cry and can barely breath, maybe even having to leave the room to compose yourself. Those are great! Hahahaha!
    4) Sitting at the beach and listening to the waves crash in and be pulled back out, over and over…so peaceful.
    5)Outdoor picnics with friends.
    6) The feel in the air of an impending storm and the smell after rain. Delicious.
    7) The New Mexico sky at all times. Mesmerizing, big, interesting, visually stunning, dramatic, engaging, peaceful, engergizing.
    8) Swimming in lakes.
    9) Horseback riding. Letting go of fear and going for a full gallop. Yeeeee haaaaw!
    10) The delicious smell of horses. Putting your face to a horse’s neck and inhaling deeply.
    11) Getting absorbed in a creative project. Losing hunger, awareness of time, awareness of everything else when you get so engrossed and in the zone of what you are doing.
    12) Appreciating others and feeling their appreciation. Giving and sharing.
    13) Listening to Abraham-Hicks. Instant vibe lifter.
    14) Baby things. Puppies, kitties, babies, baby ducks, hedgehogs, you name it (pretty much everything outside the insect world, haha). How frickin cute are tiny little furry/pink and plump baby things????
    15) Cats and their hilarious expressions and intriguing mannerisms.
    16)Having a good hair/face/outfit day. Feeling drop dead gorgeous!
    Wow………you could really go on and on, couldn’t you?? Thanks for this great uplifter!

  • Wild birds and guide dog puppies?! Tarielle, I like your style!
    Vanessa, your #2 and #3 are fabulous! Thanks for sharing!
    Roger, you sound like the kind of husband that would be included in every wife’s top ten pleasures list. Foot rubs, great movies, shopping! What a treat you are! Thanks for sharing your list with us.
    Nice vibe lifters here!

  • Roger says:

    Here’s my list:
    1.- Waking up every day with my beautiful wife
    2.- To have my 3 yr old kid wake me up every single day with a kiss.
    3.- To have a great and profitable business.
    4.- To be able to give my son a bath every single day.
    5.- TO BE ALIVE
    6.- To watch great movies in our tv room with my wife
    7.- To give my wife foot rubs
    8.- shopping hahaha
    9.- Planning our anniversary trip… (man what a great vibe lifter!!)
    10.-Eating my papaya with yogurt and honey bee…mmmmmmmm just love it!
    See ya!

  • Vanessa says:

    top ten pleasures:
    1. cuddling with my husband
    2. sitting on our deck on a warm summer evening, drinking a cold glass of wine while the dog and I stare out at nothing
    3. curling up under a fluffy blanket to read a great book
    4. climbing a mountain
    5. dancing
    6. bubble baths
    7. super fragrant beautiful soaps
    8. high quality dark chocolate
    9. traveling (close, far, car, plane – all of it!)
    10. Hanging out with friends who always know exactly what I mean and love me no matter what

  • Tarielle says:

    My top ten….
    1. Dancing with my dog in my arms to anything by Michael Buble
    2. Smelling my jonquils in full bloom
    3. Waiting joyously for the Universe to bring me the house I’m manifesting
    4. Seeing the sun after a long, chilly winter
    5. Being amazed as wild birds come to eat from my hand
    6. Looking into the beautiful eyes of our guide dog puppy
    7. Finding my favourite perfume at a great price
    8. Books, books and more books to read and get lost in
    9. Finishing putting in a new garden bed in the back yard
    10. Burger patties and a huge salad for dinner
    Ahhhh, i feel so much more content with the little things lately…..thank goodness!

  • What a DELICIOUS vibe we’re activating here! I LOVE your lists!
    All these reminders are growing my list of pleasures exponentially! Especially: in season fruit, fresh cut grass smell, favorite sweaters, breaking the rules!, a new Abe cd in the mail!, puppy kisses!, chocolate, feeling wonderfully healthy, holding hands, sunrises, honeysuckle scent, crunchy snow sounds, children’s laughter … man, you guys are GOOD!
    I’m adding another one to my list tonight: the laughter inspired by watching Russ chase the neighbor’s cat because he thinks it’s our Love Tabby. hee hee
    Thanks for growing such an amazing vibe here, everyone! You all rock!!

  • Gillian says:

    Jasminebuds! There is nothing like walking nto a room and smelling the unique, fresh scent of Jasmine!

  • Ok – how about the smell of fresh ground coffee and baking brownies?
    The smell of freshly toiled soil – or opening a bag of potting soil . . .

  • Judy says:

    Today’s list includes. . .
    1. my cats, FreeDaCat and Ace wrestling in my bed while i’m trying to sleep.
    2. Freeda’s creative and persistent attempts to get me out of bed to feed her-I always laugh when she resorts to biting my feet-and that it does get me out of bed!
    3. sending my love an email w/ the 10 things I love about her.
    4. Chatting w/ my TBBF (true best best friend) Linda.
    5. a road trip, anytime, to anywhere
    6. a beach anytime, anywhere
    7. a picnic-anytime, anywhere
    8. text messages from my sweetie
    9. my mom’s tacos (having those for lunch today!)
    10. dancing-especially at a Hot Flash Dance party
    11. not following the rules
    12. farmer’s markets and the first bite into freshly picked, organic fruit and veggies.
    ahhhhhhhh, it’s great to have so many of these filling my day today.

  • Shama says:

    ok…just for kicks-I am going to keep going. = )
    CHRISTMAS-Christmas cheer, the cold outside-the warmth inside-MALLS during Christmas time. Christmas movies. All things Christmas!
    Watching old Disney style scary movies on Halloween. (not the real scary ones-but the fun ones)
    Driving my car down a nice open road with Nora Jones playing in the background.
    the way hubby smells
    planning, dreaming and visualizing the future…having it come true!
    being on TV
    chai in the evenings after work
    compliments from ppl I GREATLY admire!
    feelings COMPLETELY healthy-being grateful for my health.
    being productive-and relaxing when I need to.

  • Shama says:

    Totally great idea Jeannette!
    1. puppy kisses!
    2. a great dinner (who can blame a Taurus for loving food so much?)
    3. rain…and how it smells right before and after it rains
    4. feeling STRONG after doing something that initially scared me
    5. Seeing checks in the mail from happy clients! = )
    6. Finding the PERFECT outfit
    7. Believing in magic and fairy tales
    8. Checking email (is that weird? lol)
    9. chocolate, chocolate. did I mention chocolate? = )
    10. a GREAT book. (usually a historical fiction piece that has me turning the pages!)

  • Candy says:

    Reading these made me feel better, thanks everyone. Here are mine:
    1. Waking up next to someone you love.
    2. When a horse comes to ‘speak’ with you even if you don’t have any carrots!
    3. Photographs of beautiful scenery.
    4. A cat curling up in your lap.
    5. Holding hands.
    6. Hot water running down your back in the shower.
    7. Swimming in mountain or waterfall pools.
    8. Galloping down a misty track early morning.
    9. Being airbourne in any shape or form.
    10. Great sex!

  • Susie Beifuss says:

    only TEN??? :O)
    1. Cool, crisp breezy Autumn Days
    2. Smell of toast toasting, coffee just being opened, apple pie baking, gardenias, honeysuckle, jasmine, roses
    3. Beautiful colors
    4. GREEN anything
    5. All living things!!
    6. (believe it or not – English Leather on a man – high school memories…)
    7. My creative, resourceful mind!
    8. (Borrowed this great one) Fragrance of sheets dried in the sun!!
    9. Baby Boom (the movie)
    10. European Antique home furnishings and architectural artifacts!!

  • Steve says:

    Ha! Great topic, really points it inward and fills the mind with what is truely precious about this experience we call “life”. Being somewhat hedonist, and qualifiying that by my belief that we are “Spirits having a human experience”, I have to admit that two or three in my top ten are sexual in nature – heh heh – and the details won’t be gone into here! In no particular order some of the others (who can stop at just 10?) are:
    Sunrises. Definately sunrises.
    The special time of twilight when the birds awake and bring the present moment back into my awareness after a “timeless” meditation.
    Brewing coffee. The smell, the gurgling sound, the warmthof the cup in my hand, the bitter taste that mingles with the vanilla syrup, the little bubbles that float on the top.
    A friends’ call to invite me for a visit for no reason at all.
    Creating photographs that convey abstract beauty.
    My wife’s giggles when she asserts herself over me. When she confidently shows her spirit, I’m reminded what a good life partner I have.
    Dogs. Can’t say enough about dogs.
    Cats too! They’re a totally different energy than dogs, thier independent nature is inspirational.
    The deja vu-ish memories that flood my mind when I hear an old song.
    Neck rubs from a friend “just ’cause”…
    Oh, man. The rest of the list will be on my mind all day.

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Clean sheets.
    Sunlight through trees.
    Favourite old sweaters.
    Watching a smile.
    Girlfriend talk.
    Love Leslie

  • Anna says:

    In no particular order, and omitting what we all agree are limitless joys…
    Cuddling my kid & stroking my fingers through his hair
    The sound as he borders on uncontrollable laughter
    The sweet scent of dirt and worms after a rain shower
    Listening to the birds singing at dawn during summer
    Watching the fire
    The crunching sound of walking on hard-packed snow
    Coming inside a warm house on a cold, blustery day
    The ambient color during a particular moment at dusk
    Watching light dance & sparkle on hoar frost
    Laying in bed in the morning, wrapped in my quilt, a breeze wafting over my face, gazing at sparks of light on my walls & ceiling, the sun shooting stars off my mini disco ball decoration…
    Oh yeah, Baby!

  • Sonora says:

    Loving this top 10 vibe!
    Any excuse haha I’m in!
    1. ♥ Dolphins. I’m attracting them left right & centre. I just ADORE them!
    2. ♥ My camera – a true manifest project I never in a million years dreamt was possible at the time. Even now I’m so proud of it. Ha!
    3. ♥ Fun new friends, they’re coming out of the woodwork & inspiring me like never before. Bless them!
    4. ♥ Horse back riding. Bareback, without a bridle just a small harness.
    5. ♥ Animal healing work. A true joy & passion. Again, never thought I’d be doing it and voila! here I am! lol =)
    6. ♥ Abraham-Hicks. God love them.
    7. ♥ Roses – my gardens packed to the rafters with them & they smell delicious. An energy worker showed me how eating a couple a day would raise the vibration of the body & she was NOT kidding!
    8. ♥ Knowing I attract & create my own reality. Never ceases to amuse & tickle me!
    9. ♥ Next door neighbours “tigers”.
    10. ♥ The beautiful, tall, scented, pink angel plant flowering right outside my bedroom window that scents my room all evening and night long. LOVE falling asleep in that scent – and waking up to it! So fresh.
    10 already?! =)
    Sonora ♥♥♥♥

  • Lisa says:

    yeah favorite things rock~!
    1. Sweet tender kisses from my Love =)
    2. My kitty Ozzy purring in my lap
    3. Seeing a Rainbow after a nice summer shower! Always makes me think of the pot of gold at the end!!!
    4. The smell of freshly cut grass
    5. Hot fudge sundaes as a treat..mmmmmm
    6. Out of the oven chocolate chip cookies…ok stop with the food self!!! lol
    7. Nice chats with friends and family on the phone
    8. A great movie on the sofa next to my Love!
    9. The way the energy of the room or house feels after a good cleaning!
    10. Getting a Massage!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh
    Thanks for the idea and thinking of all the great things in life!!
    And of course Reading all the goodvibe blogs n comments and good news in my email is soo coool!!
    too many great things in life to cut down to 10 I agree with everyone else sentiment on that!
    Thanks Jeanette!!
    =) Lisa

  • Iyabo says:

    This was so good:
    1. Watching my colorful tropical fish swim around in my reef tank
    2. Standing outside in the sun and turning my face upwards and letting my face soak in the sun rays. I feel so alive.
    3. Looking at colors in nature like vibrant purple flowers
    4. Red Georgia sunsets
    5. Walking on the beach and the beach water touches my toes
    6. Smelling the salt air at the beach
    7. Curled up under my quilted silk comforter watching a mesmerizing tv show or movie and the temperature is just right
    8. Eating organic fresh fruit in season with the sweetness satisfying my palate like only nature can
    9. Signing on a brand new client and feeling the new love and connection between us
    10. Listening to a great story on my ipod like John Grisham’s “The Client,” not wanting the story to end.

  • Robert, I gotta say – I like your style for spreading ’em out! lol
    The train whistles gave me goose bumps. (and again when I typed it!) Yeah, that’s working for you!
    Thanks for sharing your feel goods with us. Looking forward to the rest of your list!

  • Robert Higginson says:

    Train whistles that come at just right times to let me know that I am on the right track. (My grandfather worked on a train for 40 years and I’ve noticed the he now uses train whistles to signal me.)
    Turkey Sandwiches
    Being in love and being loved
    Having things to do everyday
    Watching the sunrise
    (That’s five, I’ll think of 5 more during the day today.)

  • That’s quite a trio, Kristy! lol I can see how they’d be fun to come home to.
    Anonymous, I feel privileged that this blog made it to your top ten list! (Yours, too, Tim!)
    Smell of baking bread is a treat I’d forgotten!
    Thanks for posting your list, Anonymous – I’m laughing at the thought of everyone shouting barefoot in the snow. lol

  • Kristy M says:

    I have a chihuahua named Lana, a cat named Brett and a bird named Billy 🙂
    I miss them all the time when I’m away

  • Gillian says:

    Oh and Jeannette, you’ll be one of the first to see my handbags! Am so excited! Cheers!

  • Gillian says:

    Oh yes, the smell and sight of chubby babies, who can resist that!

  • Anonymous says:

    What a great subject – it certainly did something good for my vibes just reading your post and the comments.
    Well, here is my list:
    1. Reading Good Vibe Blog posts and comments 🙂
    2. Feeling the warm arms of my 8-year-old daughter around my neck when she hugs me
    3. Feeling the sand on a beach or the grass in my garden under my bare feet – just feels soooo great
    4. Seeing and hearing swans flying above my head – I simply adore flying swans – they make my heart smile
    5. The sound of children laughing
    6. Animal babies of all kinds
    7. Jogging
    8. The first bite of homemade bread which just came out of the oven – ooohhh – and the smell from the oven while it is baking
    9. Walking hand-in-hand with my husband
    10. Having a great time with friends and family
    Oh – and I forgot this one – walking (or running) bare foot in snow, just for a few seconds – and then hurry back into the warmth – its so funny, best when done together with others and everybody is screaming and shouting while doing it.
    Have a nice day

  • Kristy M, I’m with you on the food ones! Thanks for pitching in a great list of vibe-raisers!
    What pets do you have home in Florida?

  • Which guy might that be, Ariel?! Well, doesn’t matter if you like him, does it? lol Good for you!
    I’m going to give hot stone massage a try sometime. And you gave me goose bumps when I read “the moment the curtain goes up.” Cool!
    I like the thought that one day all of US here will get to hear your beautiful voice in song. 🙂

  • Ariel says:

    i think creating this list was vibration raising for me, because a guy that i like is now on his way to come snuggle with me : )
    here are my favorite things:
    basking in the sun – sunny days in general
    swimming in a natural watering hole with my sister
    kisses from zoey- even though sometimes i find them annoying
    hot stone massages
    spa days
    how my hair looks when i leave the salon
    being in bed reading while it is raining out
    snuggling with a guy who i like
    the moment i light a candle and know i am part of something larger
    connecting with a voice student of mine and knowing that i am making an impact on her life.
    the moment the curtain goes up.
    being part of a standing ovation in the audience
    singing with orchestra

  • Kristy M says:

    I love this 🙂 Def have to do it myself
    1.Chocolate Chip Cookies
    2″Family Guy”/”American Dad”
    3.Belting (and just performing in general)
    4.Curry Tofu from “Whole Foods”
    6.Walking Around The City Listening To The Ipod(right now I’m digging The Weepies and Feist)
    7.Funny, Random Videos on Youtube
    8.Getting Complimented on My Dancing (and realizing that I can actually dance)
    9.Cheese Fries from “Shake Shack”
    When I am home in FL.. any time I get to spend with my pets

  • You are most welcome – I also love the chewy sides of a great fudge brownie . . . I’ve been known to make brownies and just eat the crusted sides and leave the rest for others — and, love to watch . . . my collection of the “Gilmore Girls” . . . all seven seasons . . . and being on the water in my kayak too . . . so many simple pleasures – often over looked . . . Thank you for this great post!
    Have a great weekend – and for those in the South / Southeast and Northeast — hope that you are all safe and storm proofed. . . take care. Cheers, P.

  • Oh, baby smells! Good one, Phillis!
    And BROWNIES!!! How could I FORGET?! I had fun mail on my 37 item list, too.
    And great service from wait staff!!! Man, we have some common feel goods, Phillis!
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous list! It was a joy to read! 🙂

  • So hard to choose – here goes . . . just off the top of my head!
    New Born Baby Smell
    Ozone smell just before an afternoon rain shower
    Sea Air
    Fresh air on a crisp snowy morning
    Brownies baking
    email from the kids
    Hot soak in the tub or hot tub
    Fun mail – cards or a letter that was not expected – just got a surprise DVD in the mail – home video of the kids and the new grandson!
    Pleasing smile from the store clerk or anyone – just a “Hi – and Thank You” smile
    Friends, Family, Kitty Smeows . . .

  • El Baugher says:

    Aren’t the simplest pleasures the best ones too?!
    1. Quiet time alone
    2. Quiet time with my Hubby
    3. Playing dominoes with my boys
    4. Walking bare foot in the grass
    5. Watching the hummingbirds
    6. “Friends” reruns!
    7. Meditation
    8. Hot showers
    9. Rainbows
    10. Being in love
    Thanx Jeannette!

  • Mmm, Tim, “blessed and highly favored” is a phrase I think I might borrow from you and Michael! Very nice!
    So your #1 isn’t one I’ll likely ever know, but having Sadie sit in my lap so I can hold her close was on my first draft. lol And your #5 is indeed a big one for me, too.
    Thanks for the fabulous list, Tim! Nice to see you here. 🙂
    Next time leave a link to your fabulous blog, please!

  • Tim Girton says:

    Wow, Jeannette, it might be tough to narrow it down to 10, but here goes.
    1) Hugs from my son and daughter. They say I hug their guts out but sometimes I can’t squeeze them tight enough.
    2) Being in a photographic zone when you know that everything you’re shooting is working.
    3) Eating popcorn while watching football.
    4) The warm shower as it first washes over my shaved head. I get that one every morning.
    5) Each new day of my spiritual journey and learning something new each day.
    6) Chicory coffee and beignets from Cafe du Mond.
    7) Birdsongs in the morning.
    8) Blogging when I know I have something to say.
    9) The smell of baby oil.
    10) Reading Good Vibe Blog.
    I could go on all night because I feel (to borrow a line from comedian Michael Colyar) that I am blessed and highly favored.
    Thanks Jeannette.

  • Gillian says:

    Oh Jeannette, what a great way to start the day (Its morning here in Jakarta, must be evening now in the US), what a great vibe booster for the day, I love this post so much, so here are some of my top pleasures:
    1. Indulging myself (massages, foot reflexology massage, manicures and pedicures).
    2. Having High Tea in fine hotels. My favorites are having high tea at the legendery old Raffles Hotel in Singapore and at the InterContinental HongKong with the best view of Hong Kong Harbour, while enjoying my scones and tea (I just love it)!!!
    3. I love fine hotels, traveling and staying in five/six star hotels!
    4. Having Sunday Dim Sum with my friends!
    5. Luxury! When I see a luxurious interior decor in five star hotels or designer clothes and goods, my heart starts to sing!
    5. Shopping! I shop too much, I know that!
    6.Watching old movies
    7. A Spa week-end
    8.Watching the sun set in the afternoon. Most beautiful time of the day!
    9.The smell of freshly brewed coffee.
    10. Seeing wonderful synchronicities turn up like a delightful surprise!
    The list goes on. You made my day, Jeannette! My vibe is so kinked up now, ha ha !

  • El, it never fails to amaze me when clients share what they most love in life, those things are usually NOT big expensive time consuming things!
    Rather, it’s the simple things we seem to love most – things available to us EASILY.
    Living the good life isn’t really that hard, is it? lol
    I LOVE your list!! Barefoot in the grass goes on my list, too!
    Thanks for posting, El! You gave me a huge smile! 🙂

  • Gillian, you do indeed have an appreciation of the finer things in life! (Can’t wait to see your handbags, by the way!)

    Thanks for bringing your positive energy to the posts, my friend. Much appreciated.

  • I BET you do, Kim! (Have three hundred million more!) That’s what I love about you!
    The Rain one is one of mine, too. I forgot that!
    And Dawn, cat tongues on the skin! Ah, another of my favorites!! And the dog dance! lol Daughter and five cats – I can appreciate that visual!
    Thanks for posting both of you! This vibe is going to get EXPONENTIALLY better, I can tell already just by how much I enjoyed reading your lists!!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Dawn says:

    Okay, this is a list of the first 10 things I thought of, but there are so many more …
    – Hugs from my daughter.
    – A day spent with a great friend whose kids are also friends with my daughter.
    – My cat licking my arm.
    – The way my dog dances when I talk to him in a fun voice.
    – A Disney vacation.
    – Seeing a great movie (at the theatre) with my husband.
    – Hanging out and chatting with my mum.
    – Delicious vegan food.
    – Listening to and watching a downpour on a warm day with the window open.
    – Relaxing with my daughter and our five cats all around.
    This is fun! I really could keep going for hours. Thank you, Jeannette!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Oh Jeannette this is just grand! Thank you! 🙂
    1. rain on the roof when I go to sleep
    2. dinner out with my best friend
    3. planting flowers in the spring
    4. the first time someone looks into your eyes
    5. riding with the wind
    6. a surprise message
    7. a bath under the moonlight
    8. waking up to cats purring
    9. flamenco! (and Mexican food!)
    10. remembering an extraordinary dream
    I have about three hundred million more!

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