December 9, 2015

Transform Your Year with One Simple Practice

“What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while.”
master realityGretchen Rubin shared that as one of her secrets of adulthood, and it certainly applies to us as conscious creators.
Waiting until we’re under fire and the pressure is on to engage a manifesting method isn’t the best way to create what we want.
It’s much more powerful to create a daily habit of vibration management for effortless and inevitable success.
That’s one reason we’re devoting the new year at Good Vibe University to engaging simple daily disciplines that change everything. We’re talking turtle-step-easy, less than five minutes a day, that the less-informed might think of as too little effort to make a difference.
But we know better than to overlook a simple daily practice as insignificant.
Because it’s actually the exact opposite – what you do every day is what leads to big dreams come true. And it’s why not everyone does it – it’s not sexy, it’s not dramatic, it’s not sensational, and it doesn’t promise immediate breathtaking results.
Instead of seeking the big breakthrough or hoping for a quantum leap, you’re invited to join us in doing the quiet, simple daily practices that guarantee a life transformed.
If that’s your idea of a good time for 2016, you’ll also love the buy-one gift-one annual membership that’s a one time fee only. (No recurring charge.) Just one payment for full access to GVU for the entire year of 2016. Well, plus some extra weeks in December if you enroll now. 🙂
The other reason we’re devoting our focus to transformation via one simple daily discipline is that most of us don’t need more education about how this law of attraction stuff works.
We already know enough about how conscious creation works.
What we could use help with is the practice … the actual day in, day out discipline of vibration management.
If you don’t know exactly what the practice looks like, no worries. I’ll lead the party with clear instructions about what to do. And I’ll be doing them right along with you every day.
Because I know the power of this practice.
We’ll have live monthly calls, which will be recorded and transcribed so everyone can play along at their convenience. You’ll also get weekly email reminders and regular forum check-ins.
If you like leveraging the power of group energy, that’s all the more reason to get in on this 2016 GVU gig.
And of course you’ll get all the other perks as a GVU member:

  • access to hundreds of inspiring archived calls
  • enlightening forum conversations
  • complimentary private coaching, and
  • practical LOA courses delivered to your inbox.

This is the definitive party for manifestors!
Fellow creators who join me in January and beyond will master the practice that makes this conscious creation stuff so magical. I firmly believe knowing LOA principles and concepts isn’t what makes the difference. The power lies in practicing what we preach, and walking the talk of vibration management.
We start by getting clear and claiming what we want. Next up we engage the simple daily work that gets us there.
Good Vibe University 2016You in?
If you’re willing to invest 5 minutes a day to transform your life in the upcoming year, this is your invitation to join us at GVU as we do exactly that.
Enroll here and I’ll send you a digital gift certificate to pass along to a friend for a full annual membership as well. (Or, if all your best friends are already at the party, you can opt for a private session with me anytime during the year if you’d rather.)
Nothing like having good company to master reality in 2016!

  • Michael says:

    Dear Jeannette,
    Your recent guidance …” – what you do every day is what leads to big dreams come true.” reminds me some earlier discussions related to the 6th house daily rituals, (hygene etc.) can lead to a “Ritual Magic”.
    You wrote “It’s much more powerful to create a daily habit of vibration management for effortless and inevitable success.”
    What I love about your perspective is that these daily 6th house practices, do not glorify their importance, but rather understate them in a common sense, and enlightened way.
    Wishing you the best for the holidays,

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