Treating Money Allergies

Treatment for Money AllergiesIn a recent post we explored what a money allergy is and how to diagnose it. As requested, this post elaborates on those treatments.

When addressing a conventional allergy to something like pollen or cat hair, typical remedies include avoidance (don’t pet cats!) or masking/impeding the body’s physical response to the allergen (using an antihistamine or decongestant).

However, rather than just treating the symptoms or practicing avoidance, there is a more effective cure for money allergies.

Since the allergic response stems from a resistance to money, the remedy lies in creating alignment to money.

Whatever the source of your resistance to money, you can overcome it by deliberately lining up with financial well-being.

(Meaning you don’t have to know where the resistance originated. Forget identifying limiting beliefs or overcoming traumatic experiences in order to release it.)

So how do you line up with money?

There isn’t just one way to do this, but here’s my favorite. This may take a few tries, but it’s a proven effective approach:

  1. pre-tending the experience of being at peace with financial abundance (i.e. experiencing in your mind how you prefer to be with money) and
  2. adopting the identity of someone who is comfortable with (and used to) having plenty of money.

In the past as you’ve been practicing pushing money away, you’ve adopted a persona that is contrary to someone who has money. So that’s one point to shift.

And then by repeatedly visualizing having plenty of money in your world, you’ll eventually overwrite the old resistance. It’s a reprogramming of self on the topic of money.

(It works because we get what we vibrate – so when we practice a new vibration we get new results.)

For the pre-tending remedy I suggest you give it about a half minute of pure positive thought at least once a day. (It may take a couple attempts to work up to 30 full seconds of pure positive thought. If you’re interrupted by a negative thought, the clock starts over.)

As for giving yourself a new identity, you can do that by engaging an “I am” statement that represents your preferred experience with money. (As in, “I am good with money” or “I am delighted to be making a ton of money.”) Write it down and repeat it during your daily self-talk episodes.

For extra icing on the new identity cake, you can practice ‘acting as if’ you already are that person.

When you engage these two practices for treating your money allergy, it won’t be long before things start shifting in your bank account.

These aren’t the only approaches to treating a money allergy, so we’d love to hear what practices you’ve used before.

Money allergies are no fun. If you suffer from a resistance to financial well-being, do yourself a favor and engage a remedy today.

  • July 17, 2014
  • You have a big advantage, Pam, in that you’ve already BEEN that girl. It’s not something you have to conjure up in your imagination because you have real life experience as that person. That’s huge!
    The “somehow” way of getting back on track is just adopting that persona again. Finding that confidence, appreciating that abundance, knowing who you are (as a girl who’s never had a problem with money). Thinking those thoughts and feeling those feelings. Powerful stuff!
    Happy trails, Pam! 🙂

  • Pam says:

    Jeannette I have never had a problem with money. Always loved it. I was the girl who lent who girlfriends money and my out of work boyfriends. I bought my first home at 24yrs old!!! I had all the latest designer clothes drove a really nice sporty car. My parents have lots of wealth etc. I never ever worried about money never gave lack a thought.
    But now here I am at 48 years old with no money. Renting a house. Starting a business with a few clients…my husband starting a business and slowly being able to pay our bills. Just receiving a cheque from the Federal government because we live below the poverty level oh my didn’t know there was such a thing when it showed up in our account!!! Anyways I want that old girl back …confident no anxiety helping others!!!! I love money really I do I just somehow have to get back on that track!

  • Thanks for the retweet, Mikey! And I must say, I always get excited whenever I hear someone speaking LOA through a scientific perspective.
    Off to check out your blog now! Thanks for the link. 🙂

  • Jeannette, great website, thanks for letting me look around. Hope you don’t mind I re-tweeted this blog as you make some great points. Just yesterday I was kind of thinking the same thing. As for Money approach, Momentum = Mass x Velocity – I tend to blend science with LoA, but it’s all the same, just different labels,right? You’ve got to have that pure belief, that “pure positive thought”, as Gregg Braden also points out in a few of his books. I love the analogy of cats and avoidance,verses the lining up with it. If you’re interested check out my blog yesterday on the Momentum thing,
    Keep on spreading the good vibes. Like you say, we are what we want to be, we must line up, believe and allow. THANKS! for the article that so many people have an interest in. MomentumMikey

  • Agreed, Shauna – I think Branson is a wonderful model for what you’re describing. 🙂
    Your comment reminds me of this Abe clip about defining who we want to be and then staying in character:
    Thanks for chiming in on this one, Shauna!

  • Shauna says:

    I love this ~ thanks, Jeannette! I very much like the tip of “…adopting the identity of someone who is comfortable with (and used to) having plenty of money.” This is REALLY good, and as long as I’ve been around and practising this type of mentality, I’ve never heard that one! At least for me, it will help with number one (pre-tending), because resistance comes up if my mind thinks I’m trying to BE something it feels is impossible. If I’m pretending for a few minutes – or longer 🙂 – that I’m someone who simply *goes about life* with plenty of abundance (is Richard Branson too much of a stretch, haha?) then this would just feel like FUN, with the natural side effect of expanding my abundance mindset. Very cool!
    Also, Sabeen: an excellent point and reminder. I’ve read in many places, and find it to be effective myself, not to worry about the HOW. Focus on the joy of the experience of having what you want, and do not limit the ways it can all flow your way.
    Thanks for all of these tips! ♥

  • Sabeen, I’m a firm believer that what we really want isn’t actually the money. (It’s what we think having it will do for us.)
    So I can certainly see how this approach could lead to fulfillment and satisfaction!

  • julie masters says:

    Great point Sabeen!
    I actually had a good friend, who has very easy and abundant money flow in her life, tell me that very thing just recently! I asked her if she ever set any specific money goals, and she told me that not only did she NEVER do that, but that she hardly thought about money at all! Which seemed odd to me at first, considering that we get more of what we focus on–but then I realized that what she focuses on is whatever she knows she wants her money to provide. She said that as she spent it, she KNEW that there would be more coming in. She travels the world regularly, buys what she likes, does what she wants, and is surrounded by beautiful things!
    That sounds so much more fun! 🙂

  • Sabeen says:

    I have a thought on this – what about treating a money allergy by skipping over the money portion of it all together and going straight to the end result of what it means in your life to have all that money? Since it’s the “money” part that holds the negative connotations and resistance, what about just pretending and make-believing, not about money per se, but about the things that money will give you. The freedom of traveling, the luxury of surroundings, the comfort of always knowing you and your family have everything you need and want etc.
    The reason I’m wondering about this subtle difference is that with the people I know who have abundant flow of money (including myself), they rarely actually ever give money itself too much thought. What I mean to say is – they don’t pay too much attention to the actual money, they take it for granted that it’s there for whatever they want. They don’t even necessarily know how much is in the bank account, or multiple bank accounts, how much they’re earning a month, what charges they’ve made etc. etc. I know that sounds weird but it’s true! Money is such a non-issue that it’s hard to even keep track of what’s coming in and going out, but they just pay attention to the actual end result of what’s being enjoyed as a result of the money. Sorry, long-winded – what I mean to say is, I wonder if the most effective kind of pretending with money is the kind where you downplay the money and have great fun pretending you are surrounded by all of the things that you believe the money will actually give you.

  • Nice one, Cassie. In fact, you have a great example of how you did that in a powerful way!! (Your recent photo shoot with all that cash.) Brilliant!
    Jill, glad you liked it. 🙂

  • Jill says:

    Love it, thanks!!!!!

  • Cassie says:

    Love these tools Jeannette. I always like get up close and personal with some cash, big or small.

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