Troubleshooting LOA Efforts

troubleshooting LOA effortsIf you’re not getting what you want from your manifesting efforts, here are suggestions for resolving common obstacles in deliberate creation:

If you wonder where it is or why it isn’t here yet, change that habit and recommit to your vibrational alignment.  (If you’re not sure what alignment is, read this.  Also, know that the question itself indicates misalignment.)

If you feel anxious that it better happen soon, check for releasing attachment.

If you have trouble focusing on what you want (from what already is), amp up your appreciation and/or work on developing your focus skills.

If you can manifest “small” stuff but not the “big” things that matter, it might be time to drop the need or make it less important.

If you’re experiencing strong feelings of jealousy for others who already have it, commit to improving your belief that you can have it, too.

If you have trouble believing it’s possible, remind yourself how the system works and what your true creative power is.  Hang out with others who believe in you.

If you don’t know whether you’re “doing it right,” chill out.  Relaxing goes a long way toward becoming a vibrational match.

If it’s been a while and nothing has happened, it might mean you’re not as lined up as you think you are.  Switch up your method for creating alignment.

If you’re worried about figuring out how or trying to make it happen, remember that’s not your job.

We’d all love it if you shared your tips and resources in the comments, or even additional obstacles to play with.  Together we’ll make this a great resource for working out the vibrational kinks to get what we want!

  • May 22, 2012
  • Berta says:

    I love Julie B.’s commitment to “set her sails” every morning with the positive and good vibe reinforcing practice of reading this blog every day.
    I have a practice of listing 10 things I’m grateful for each night when my head lands on my pillow, and 10 things each morning before I shrug the covers off myself and get out of bed. Sometimes I only make it to 3 before I fall asleep, but that OK. It is a great way to fall asleep, and a great way to start the day. Sometimes I decide that they have to be ten new things that I didn’t list the previous time. That takes a bit more time, but it is fun.

  • Good point, Michelle! Any excuse to focus on appreciation (for a win or success) is a great signal to send Universe! (Not to mention nice way to live.)

  • Michelle says:

    when you notice that you are minifesting the “small” stuff – be sure to show gratitude and recognize your success – as little or as insignificant as it may seem…
    Build upon that success to manifest the “big” stuff – and still show gratitude.

  • Thanks for checking out the troubleshooting post, Helen. Glad it was timely.
    And Julie B, I love that Good Vibe Blog gets to be part of your start to the day!

  • Julie B says:

    Dear Jeannette – I am in the practice of reading this blog every morning before I start my day… like the first sip of my tea, it awakens something and helps “set my sails” for the day… thank you Jeannette!

  • Oh boy, people can get a little prickly when they see what others are doing with money, huh, Melinda? lol
    Happy to hear you’re being so conscious about primarily sharing your ‘creations in the works’ with those who can be supportive. I certainly found that was an easy way for myself to get discouraged (opening up to input from someone who wasn’t on board).
    You already know I’m a big fan of manifesting money, so count me in your corner!

  • helen says:

    hey Melinda it is odd how people still can have their buttons pushed by money. I say good on you, manifest all the money you can use, especially if it makes your life more interesting and allows you to broaden your horizons.
    Funnily enough though I thought Wayne Dyer was all about releasing the need to judge anyone or anything. & I am not saying your sister is wrong it is just where she is in relation to money. I say dream big but not so big it makes you feel uncomfortable you can easily work your way up to the huge dream things through a series of littler dreams 🙂
    the trouble shooting post came as always just when I needed to be reminded of some of those ideas ………..cheers xxx

  • Melinda in NC says:

    I especially liked the part about hanging out with those who believe in you. I have decided (recently) to stop telling others about my LOA dreams, because almost without fail, it elicits eye rolls or disparaging comments. And these are from people who generally adhere to the principles of LOA!!! (So I’m not sure why they feel they can judge my dreams and aspirations when they believe in the LOA, but nevermind). I have decided to keep my dreams to myself….or share in forums like this, where I know I will get support and encouragement, as opposed to judgment.
    Here is an example: My sister, who is a big fan of Wayne Dyer and his “manifesting your dreams” credo, told me I was “greedy” when I told her I was working on setting my intentions to receive lots of money. Ugh.

  • Glad you enjoyed it, Esra! Thanks for saying so.

  • Esra says:

    Wow !! What a nice piece to read, it is like LOA 101, loved it. I printed this and all the related ones, it will be with me all the time 🙂 Cheers, Esra

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