May 12, 2010

Q&A: The True Role of LOA?

Big question recently came up about the role of Law of Attraction that I wanted to run by you all.
A wise colleague asked a great question about the balance between fully accepting this moment as it is and using Law of Attraction to bring something new into life.
She wants to understand the line between complete acceptance of what is versus asking for more – when the asking is potentially an unconscious escape from what doesn’t work now.
She felt turned off by the materialistic bent to Law of Attraction, which she doesn’t feel jives with living in full acceptance of what is.  She astutely recognized that when she believes she needs something in order to be happy, there’s a problem.
Her exact words: “It seems to me to also be a possible trap of the ego to acquire more in the pursuit of the happiness that lives just beyond our fingertips.”
I initially answered that effective deliberate creation involves realizing that nothing outside of us can make us happy – no person, no thing, no experience dictates how we feel.
Rather, that we choose how we feel and that’s the heart of manifesting – managing our vibration (thoughts, feelings, energy).  Not relying on or expecting something or someone else to do that for us.
I added that an important part of successful manifesting is releasing attachment, that as she rightly noted if we NEED this thing in order to feel fulfilled, happy, etc. we’re missing the point about “like attracting like.”  And that Law of Attraction isn’t something we use to “fix” life, but rather it’s how life works.
LOA is not (just) a tool for “getting things.”  In fact, I don’t think it’s so much a “tool”  as it is the heart of how the world works.  And the better we understand it, the more empowered we are to enjoy life.
Which isn’t what she’s heard about Law of Attraction.
This is where you come in.  My colleague (and others like her) would benefit from hearing more about this topic, since the way she’s learned about it is simply as a tool to get things.
(I can’t say that I haven’t contributed to that perception myself.)
She correctly notes there is mistrust about LOA in certain circles because it’s viewed as a technique for material accumulation.  She believes “if one isn’t clean in the desire, deliberate creation becomes an attempt to get things to make the unhappiness of now better with the addition of the desired object.”
It’s not that I’m looking to convince anyone of anything, but she did ask and I agree that this is a rich and important conversation.  Which is why I asked permission to take it public with this community.
Will you weigh in on this?  What role does Law of Attraction play in your life?  How do you see LOA fitting into the big picture?

  • Michele says:

    Right now, I keep thinking about Philip (or whatever the lead character’s name is) in the Razor’s Edge by Somerset Maugham.
    I can see him sitting in the library, reading all day long, every day; I can see him being a coal miner in France, and walking all the way to Germany, sleeping in barns and scrabbling together the bare necessities; I can see him by the fireplace in his Paris rented room, breaking up with his fiancee (he sought Knowledge, she sought Feeling Good – and she just didn’t understand his motivations or path). I see him in the little hut at the top of the mountain in India or Tibet in quiet contemplation; I see him offering to marry his alcoholic childhood friend he doesn’t “romantically” love in order to take care of her. I can see his acquaintances talking about him and acting towards him as if he’s crazy, wasteful, abnormal, and very selfish.
    I highly recommend the book – it is very good (not a great book, but almost – and I do think “Of Human Bondage” by Maugham is a great book and also recommend it very highly, especially after you get through the first 100 pages or so). The 1940s movie adaptation of The Razor’s Edge is also very good and pretty close to the book’s narrative. You can see the 1940s movie by live streaming or dvd via Netflix. (I can’t stand the Bill Murray 1980s film version, personally, but some people liked it, and you can also see that by live streaming or dvd rental via Netflix.)
    Is it self-indulgent, manipulative, and ultimately negative to identify more with Philip’s aims and lifestyle than with those of the other, more conventional, more __good-feelings-and-prosperity-and-wealth-seeking-and-comfort-in-this-moment-seeking__ people he grew up with?
    I think if you really do identify with him, you can’t help it – that choice was made for you before you had the facility for choosing anything, and it’s in your personality to do so.
    It’s so against the American way of life. It’s not really socially acceptable. Especially for a female. Especially for someone who grew up working-class in a family that was not academic or religious. Especially if you don’t operate under the aegis of one of the major religions — like becoming a nun, becoming a missionary, etc.
    …No, I don’t think the path of knowledge, experience, choosing bad times and bad feelings in order to become educated about suffering is necessarily “self-indulgent, manipulative, and negative” — quite the reverse.
    Not to say that it’s better than alternate paths, but it’s certainly not worse.

    Thank you for allowing me to express myself here for the last hour. It’s been good for me to have a little think about these things, and I hope I haven’t sounded preachy.
    Who really knows – it’s all such a big mystery. It’s amazing to even be alive! 🙂

  • Michele says:

    I know this thread is from a few months ago now, but I’m making my second visit to your site today, just browsing around, and something that was written above struck me, because I have a different point of view.
    The comment was: “Keeping myself financially impoverished doesn’t help anyone. In truth, I believe self-denial & suffering masquerading as spiritual purity is self-indulgent, manipulative & ultimately negative because deep DEEP down, it makes us either feel badly, or it makes us feel morally superior, neither of which are positive, uplifting energies to be packing around.”
    In the last couple of minutes of skimming through the subsequent posts here, I’ve been thinking about why I have such a different point of view on that idea, and I think it’s probably more involved than a short comment will allow for, but some of my first responses were–
    -I have never sought to give the impression of “spiritual purity”, but I think if you honestly have a feeling of being headed towards it sometimes–just being on the far-flung outskirts of it, of course–that it’s not something that mature people flaunt or pretend or wear as a mask, and that if, to that individual, it feels true and instructive and helpful and authentic to be headed towards, there is no reason for others to pooh-pooh the endeavour from their external perspective.
    -Self-denial and suffering are, to me, two related but different things. You can suffer from your own self-denial, but much more broadly, you can suffer from all sorts of things in the world which have nothing to do with yourself (hurricane, disease epidemic, lead paint poisoning, crops failing in a drought, etc.) [Now, indeed, I would guess that some of you would “blame the victim” to some extent by saying that if you were killed along with 10,000 other people in a tsunami, for example, that somehow your vibration had put you in that position and you were responsible for what happened to you. I believe that bad things can happen to good people who sometimes have done nothing to deserve them, but that’s off-topic.]
    -I don’t think that self-denial or suffering must invariably make me feel bad or morally superior.
    In fact, suffering from what seems like external causes never makes me feel morally superior. It can make me feel bad, but not sorry for myself or angry, just a kind of “sorrowful” bad which is a natural reaction – and the more you allow yourself to feel that authentically, the quicker that emotion will pass.
    Suffering from self-denial doesn’t make me feel bad because it was a choice that I made, not to harm myself, but to learn something or gain empathy. On the whole, it doesn’t make me feel morally superior to other people because my little attempts at this are dwarfed by many many others’ much more ambitious and courageous acts of self-denial throughout history. The teeny bit it does make me feel morally superior is within myself, as measured against myself, which is the point of doing it – to grow morally, to grow spiritually, to grow in knowledge of the human condition and sentient-being condition — in the same way that learning 20 vocabulary words in a new language that I’m trying to learn makes me feel a bit intellectually superior to my previous state of not knowing those words. It’s not something you lord over people, since (in that example of learning a new language) there are 80 million people (including many 2-year-olds!) who already know those vocabulary words and many more besides. But it’s natural and positive to think that you’ve taken a step towards something you are seeking, after you work hard at doing so and get a result, and I think it’s fine to feel spiritually enhanced by some forays into self-denial, if that’s what you think you are doing and want to be doing.
    Therefore, I think it can be positive and uplifting to feel that you have deepened or improved or explored your morality/spiritual knowledge.
    I even think it can be positive and uplifting to suffer, even from external events, because of all the lessons it can bring. Lessons about how other people and creatures experience life, lessons about the delicacy and fleetingness of our bodies and this lifespan, lessons about how strong we really can be when we must either sink or swim, lessons about the kindness and/or brutality of strangers, lessons about the beauty of the world even amidst chaos and destruction, etc. etc.
    -This has made me wonder something… just in passing. I haven’t given it a lot of thought (or if I have in the past, I’ve forgotten what I thought about it! ha ha.) There are lots of pathways through life, and different focuses on what is important, and I wonder if the over-riding focus of many of those who visit this site, to FEEL good and therefore to have a happy life and to create a happy life and the equipment/surroundings/relationships that accompany your definition of a happy, easy, comfortable life, is different to the focus that another set of people might have, which is to have a lot of knowledge and understanding about life – I suppose to have wisdom. Having wisdom about everything – the good and the bad, the sick and the well, the destruction and construction. One might say, well if someone feels good about having wisdom, he/she IS pursuing feeling good, which fits into that grand scheme of things. But I think it’s more complicated than that, because sometimes I can feel mighty bad about gaining some wisdom, even though the gain in wisdom fulfills a deep longing. It’s not about learning about (and experiencing) the things in life that only give me good feelings, it’s about learning the TRUTH, even the gut-wrenching side of truth, which can be very sorrowful to do, yet still satisfying.
    Maybe this is just a much deeper definition of seeking “good feelings”, because the good feeling there is a kind of esoteric, not-easily-grasped one, hidden under lots of depression, stress, pain, and dismay at times.
    To seek insight and understanding, to brave the awfulness, to look pain and suffering in the face, to allow oneself (if one is a privileged person who can choose) to have moments of suffering to know what it’s like for those who cannot choose any other way – that is not a masquerade, not a contest for superiority. It can be purely a personal journey, not measured against what other people do, not paraded around for kudos (not “oh look at me, I’ve shaved my head, I’m begging on the street, I’ve adopted a melange of impoverished children from all the continents” or whatever).
    For me, to be rejected, to be ganged up on, to be unemployed, to be a little hungry, to only have 5 dollars and have to figure out how to make it last a long time, to have some very manipulative and evil people sense one’s vulnerability and try to tempt one into seeking easy but very bad solutions, to walk the streets and see people in their cosy homes and feel what it’s like not to have one, to understand how easy it can be to drift to the margins of society, to learn the great value in being able to see a doctor and get simple medicine, to learn how to do things for yourself that used to be normal for everyone (cutting your own hair, growing food, repairing old clothing, etc.) — having times like those has been very instructive, spiritually enriching, a spur to maturation, an antidote to the modern, wasteful, egotistical, grasping, consumerist, destructive American culture. I don’t go around talking about it or thinking I’m superior – in fact I think of how lucky I am and I feel in awe of people in the past – my ancestors, all our ancestors – many of which had huge struggles and really desperate lives, and of course all the millions of people out there today who are in terrible circumstances.
    I would guess that a lot of folks who try to follow the law of attraction don’t think it’s good to really try to see what’s in reality, to get down to the nitty-gritty — not in terms of obsessing about it and trying to increase it in the world (which isn’t good for anyone), but merely mentioning it or allowing for it to be there. Because it is there. There is darkness as well as light, there is suffering as well as comfort.
    When I was bullied and sexually harrassed at a workplace (as an adult) (I was in a long string of people at that organization who had received the same treatment from the same 2 characters, year after year, so it wasn’t just me, and it wasn’t my imagination), many people in all areas of my life turned away from me, not because they thought I was to blame, but because they didn’t want to get involved, they didn’t want to allow for such things to go on in THEIR keep-it-upbeat view of life. It was easier for them to pretend that I wasn’t there and keep themselves feeling like the world was a good and happy place, rather than to accept that this type of thing could happen and that they might be able to take action to help and contribute to stopping it happening. Some actually asked me not to mention it or talk about it (talk about my own confusion and suffering and difficulties), because they said talking about it would spread it and strengthen it and give it legitimacy, which is poppycock. Allowing the victim of a bad situation to talk about it (within reason, not obsessively) is a good thing, a healing thing. Trying to help that person get away from the situation is even more of a good thing. Being strong for and near to a person who is in a tough spot does NOT contaminate you with negativity, unless you believe it will – that is a belief I think quite a few people who follow the “law of attraction” have. Anyway, I’ve gotten off-topic a little bit here!
    My point is that I disagree that “self-denial & suffering… is self-indulgent, manipulative & ultimately negative….” Yes, some people pretend or dabble, do the hippy trail in India or whatever just because it’s “cool”, but other people (who probably aren’t very visible about it, probably don’t talk much about it) genuinely get a better understanding of life, themselves, the world, and “reality” by examining and experiencing a bit of suffering and self-denial, and I don’t think that should be pooh-poohed away as being inferior to a popular-conception-of-the-law-of-attraction, act-as-if, fake-it-till-you-make-it, ignore-the-negative, avoid-“losers” approach to life fulfillment.
    Maybe seeking Knowledge and seeking Happiness are just two traditional, acceptable paths in life — perhaps they are the same path in the grand scheme of things, but somehow I feel that they are not; I really feel they are two distinct ways to go about it. I think they lead to different places. I wish I knew a lot more about philosophy than I do – I’m sure many sages through the ages have examined this to death! 😉
    Due to my temperament and instinct, I have chosen from my earliest days to seek knowledge rather than to feel good. But that means that even feeling bad can often, somehow somewhere – taken ‘philosophically’ – make me feel a teeny bit good, or at least feel that it is worthwhile and constructive in the long run. Empathy, compassion, times of depression, times of despair, looking evil in the eye, stripping life down to the essentials, and participating in the full range of life are good things, I think. Detachment, maturity, and being self-possessed too are needed (otherwise the evil you look in the eye can overwhelm you).

  • PhilG says:

    Hi All,
    I’m a new member and this is my first post (be gentle!) :o)
    The greatest gift I received from studying LOA and how it works is the ability to live more joyfully – finally understanding what Abraham meant when they said “The purpose of life is joy, the result of life is growth.” I don’t think there’s anything at all wrong about using LOA to get “stuff” if you want “stuff” – after all it’s all energy in different forms – it’s part of the illusion that the material and spiritual are somehow seperate – it’s all the same consciousness in different disguises! :o)
    Of course as Abe often says the only reason anyone wants anything (“things”, relationships, jobs, etc) is that they believe they will somehow FEEL better if they have that thing. But it’s really the feeling that we’re after – so why not just focus on the improved feeling and let the Universe delight us with the when, how, etc.?
    It seems to me that in this dualistic “reality” we may only come to this awarness after we realize we have the power to manifest all the stuff we may want – manifest a bunch of it and then discover it’s really about the feelings that the thing evokes and the thrill of deciding what we want and amending the desire and all the yummy twists and turns along the way!
    OK – enough preaching to the choir…;o) But then again any excuse to talk about this works for me!

  • Kelly says:

    This one is SO good it is saved for future referral.
    I have “fallen down” on my LOA “work” and it is showing…

  • And omg thank YOU so much Jeanette, lol 🙂

  • Thank you again Pernille and Parul!
    @JamesJohn: Amen.

  • Well said, JamesJohn. 🙂
    This IS a physical, material world we live in. (Or at least, we think it is.) lol
    I’m with you – physical material is FUN!!!!
    In fact, I’m gonna “WOO HOO” that!! hee hee

  • JamesJohn says:

    As Abraham says, we were set up to always be wanting as that’s how the Universe expands and gives us eternalness and not endedness. One Abraham quote I often think of is,”The perfect balance is to be content with what you have and eager for more.” Also one extra point refering to being too materialistic I would like to make is that we decided to come forth into this leading edge physical experience and isn’t this physical time space reality full of material? Isn’t all this extension of non physical energy a lot of what we call material. I think all this physical material is fun! Wahooo!

  • Annette, I like how you describe the (potential) evolution of working with deliberate creation.

  • Annette says:

    Hmmm . . at first we practice LoA to get ‘stuff’ because we’re testing the waters. Does this Really work? I think we manifest stuff because it doesn’t have the charge of what’s truly important to us – if it doesn’t work, our hearts aren’t pinched.
    But if it’s just left at that – what’s the choice involved? The word ‘technique’ was used – – – I’ve learned some neat-O techniques and made sure they were practiced on things that were OK to flub (embroidery with cotton thread on 99c/yd fabric). It wasn’t until I had a really good technique down that I used said technique on something valuable (silk and metallic threads on $24.99/yd fabric).
    It’s a bit like having money: you can buy whole truckload of potato chips, but after a while you look for something more constructive and/or fun to purchase – maybe a park bench.
    And then you see others doing even more constructive things with their monies – shelters and scholarship funds.
    If there are people who use it solely to get ahead of the Joneses, so be it. That’s where their target is, and that is their choice. But, like money, LoA can bring about miraculous wonder and beauty for many. How you use it is a personal decision.

  • Parul says:

    That was awesome!!

  • omg, thank you so much — it was totally inspired by everyone here. It was inspired, and I didn’t put up a page for it, and I’m so happy you even felt like writing about it here :: but if you wanted to comment at all on anything on my site , I’d absolutely adore it. 🙂

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Jason, it’s great – I wanted to post a comment on your page but didn’t know how to!

  • Indeed, Barbara!!
    And to get to that place (of accepting what is and asking for new/more/etc.) is a POWERFUL point of attraction!
    Really nice observation. THANK YOU for it!

  • Barbara says:

    Wonderful discussion here!
    I agree with many of the comments here and wanted to comment on Jeannette’s original post. I don’t think that the “asking” step is always necessarily done from a place of “what doesn’t work,” place. (While I know that when we are experiencing “what doesn’t work,” we often have the most passion for our “asking” and launch a huge rocket of desire into our vibrational reality as our “asking.”) But, life is full of contrast, so I don’t see a contradiction here in accepting what is and asking. That is how it’s supposed to work, is it not? (According to Abe.) Sometimes, our “asking” is done from a place of “I love my life and I’d love this in it, too.” So we “ask” because we are continuously growing and creating, seems to me. That’s what makes it fun!
    And as for the stuff that comes along with it, I feel if it feels good, then it’s good stuff! 🙂 I just want to feel good. And I love to play, too. So feeling good and fun are my main motivators for deliberately creating.
    Participating in the Treasure Hunt at GVU is one of my favorite “fun-filled asking” example at the moment, too! And Pray Rain Journaling!

  • Jason, that’s FABULOUS!! Tweeting it now …

  • Wow! Great post, great question, and suuuper great comments. Looks like everyone has an amazing grasp on LoA.
    You all did so well, I was inspired to create this Law Of Attraction Clarification Typographic Piece. Thank you all most humbly 🙂 You Rock.

  • Parul says:

    I LOVE your post, Nikky!!

  • Nikky says:

    Simply put for me learning and understanding the laws of the Universe has brought purpose to my life. I can now choose to be happy and feel all the other good feelings moment to moment.
    I am infinitely more happy now than I ever was. This is becoz now I know
    the delicious feeling of being in the Vortex or being high on joy and I am now addicted to it. I make conscious decisions all the time to choose thoughts and actions that make me feel good.
    Manifesting the stuff that I desire is a by product of LOA not at the heart of it.
    Becoz once you master the art of feeling joyful as much of the time as possible you feel more empowered and less restless about depending on external stuff to give you happiness ( Relationships, Money , other stuff) and that is very LIBERATING and FREEING. Life feels good all the time.
    Woohoo…..thanks everyone ( Specially Jeannette and Abe) for helping me discover the most important and fundamental Law that makes this world what it is.
    I am living the best life now.

  • Nice reminder, CandyB, for us not to take all this stuff too seriously.
    Fun is the whole point, right?

  • CandyB says:

    I just wanted to express my appreciation for your perspective here. I have learned so much from your comments and have grown my own perspective on this. Chip, I love your simple sentence “What you love blossoms.” and will put that on my Twitter/Blog stream straight away. Leo, I also thought what you had to say was clarifying, concise way of explaining things, thanks!
    I suppose for me at the end of the day my goal is happiness and a full life. But even taking that too seriously can have its downfalls so I guess Abe’s policy of “play, play, play” is the best advice for me.

  • Leo, you’re making me laugh out loud!
    You’re the best. 🙂
    Thanks for presenting it so clear & simple.

  • Leo says:

    Being concerned that the LOA is being used as a tool to get things, is a bit like saying that your concerned that a car is going to be used as a means to go some place.
    The law of attraction is the law of the universe. You don’t choose to use it, you choose to be aware of it in a deliberate way. The more you understand how it works, the more it works for you and others as planned.

  • ChipEFT says:

    I really like your comment. I have found more and more that what matters in LOA is the love you put into it. What you love blossoms. I first noticed this with my garden. I created a space of love and planted the seeds and now the plants are coming forth in a way that is quite spectacular. The Universe responds very well to those thing where you focus your love.

  • Parul says:

    It is so interesting to see how LoA is explained in ‘real life’ terms.
    Thanks everyone!! 🙂

  • I agree with Chip, Lori – nice observation!
    You’re not alone in finding the “processes” and exercises of manifesting to be joy-killers.
    Which defeats the whole purpose.
    Kudos to you for finding your way to what feels and works best.
    (I have a hard time enjoying focus wheels myself.)

  • Parul says:

    Lovely comments!!
    Thanks everyone! 🙂

  • lori says:

    I feel that the loa stuff gets dicey with me because I believe that like attracts like, and this is a natural law, but when I’m not able to just pronto change my feeling or thought about what is, that I go into self-blame and frustration. I go into thinking about processes and focus wheels, etc… and I get out of my feelings and intuitive knowing and following. Honestly, I’ve dropped the technique kinds of stuff, like focus wheels, and have gone more into my buddhist beliefs and meditations about self-love and just sitting with the feelings, thoughts and curiosity about what’s going on inside of me, instead of trying to make it different, so I can feel differently and then attract something. It just screwed me up and made me more critical of myself, rather than just being, and letting it evolve naturally and accepting my feelings and not pushing them away, thus allowing the feeling of acceptance with what is, and ultimately me, which attracts love and acceptance into my environment.

  • It does seem like a paradox, doesn’t it Greg?
    Yes, manifesting with an agenda isn’t nearly as effective as embodying joy now.

  • Julio Blanco says:

    I’ve come to grasp it this way:
    – There is only one Source for all that is.
    – The nature of that source is love, all powerful, all knowing, and without limit all the time.
    – The one Source decided to design an attraction Universe (as opposed to something else), so that’s how the world works.
    Amazingly, when we work with the design of the Universe, we draw closer to the nature of the Universe (love, powerful, knowing, limitless) and ultimately draw closer to our Oneness with Source.
    Do that and “stuff” will appear as an effect of who we are being… but if we’ve grown to that point in our consciousness we will likely have realized that the stuff is not the point. And yet we will be able to be grateful for the enjoyment they offer and their symbolism for our connection with the abundance of Source
    (A question to perhaps ponder – what vibe does it send if Source answers our needs in both spiritual and material ways and we repudiate the material portion of Source’s love? Doesn’t that set up a resistance to aligning with Source? Honest question since my propensity in life has been to allow the spiritual and resist the material.)

  • Greg T says:

    If you allow something to happen in order to make it happen, it Wont happen. Just take on the identity of what or who you want for the sheer joy of having it already and the paradox is that the Universe brings it to you when You’re not looking..

  • Oooh, I like that, Julio: that by working with the design of the Universe, we draw closer to (our) Source.
    Never thought of it that way! Nice one.

  • Love that, Amy: it’s mechanical, not miraculous!
    It’s HOW IT WORKS, it’s not magic or mysterious.
    For as much as I am fond of using the words magic and miracles in the way I talk about deliberate creation, you’re absolutely right that isn’t that at all.
    It’s predictable, reliable, ever present, and matter of fact.
    Thanks, Amy. 🙂

  • Amy says:

    Just a quick note on a LOA observation of mine. What you think about, good or bad is mirrored back. One one hand, I am in a new relationship and on top of the world. It keeps getting better between us as we appreciate the best of each other. On the other hand, as I feel vulnerable opening my heart up again, my apartment was broken into and laptop stolen. I lost my kid in Target (can I be a good mom and so absorbed in a new relationship?) I glance at the TV program that my mom left on and see one of my biggest insecurities blasted on a news headline (I don’t watch the news for this reason.) I suddenly can’t find the time to get to the gym (am I skinny enough to deserve love?)
    Happy little miracles keep happening reminding us that our relationship is right, is perfect, on the other hand, reflecting how we feel about it. Circumstances fall into place, people show up at perfect moments, babysitters are happy to oblige, etc, all in support of our feelings of satisfaction and wonder.
    This is just an example of the LOA mirroring I experience. It’s actually not that miraculous feeling sometimes, more mechanical. That’s not a perfect explanation of what I mean, but I guess what I’m getting at, is, it’s just the way it is. Whether you are deliberate about it, or not.
    Sorry, this was a quick note, hope it makes sense.

  • Dan, I love your reminder that the joy is in the creation process!!
    Amen to that! 🙂

  • Wealth for Everyone says:

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting stuff – I think it’s more the intent and what you will do with the stuff. If the stuff will give you pleasure – awesome. If you get the stuff to “one up” others or make them jealous or feel it’s a way to prove something – say about your worth – to yourself or others – any pleasure from it will wear off really quickly and then one would probably feel worse than before.
    Even Abraham says that we are physical beings and have to deal with physical stuff.
    I have used my previous car and my “new” car as “happy therapy”. I love having these types of cars because I feel soooooooooo good when I can go cruising around with the top down. In my case though I don’t require the car that costs six figures to achieve that.
    I think it comes back to the basics – how do you think you’ll feel when you have the stuff. Convertibles let me feel freedom and carefreeness and some fun nostalgia. Oh, and I think there is a lot of happiness people get when they DO manifest stuff. The feeling they had control over their lives and got what they wanted – especially if it had seemed out of reach before understanding LOA.
    Also people are different so the level of “stuff” one person wants/feels they need is going to be different from anothers’. Some folks also – if really getting the core of LOA – will probably need/want the stuff less as they get happier – or they appreciate the stuff they get even MORE.
    I think the key factor of the stuff – if someone manifests what they want and almost immediately feel it isn’t even – they are using stuff to distract from unhappiness.
    Ok, that was a lot of rambling to say – stuff is fine – it is your feelings and intentions around the stuff that really matter.

  • My understanding in the current confusion is that the LOA has become bundled and generalized. If we go back to the original fundamentals, the first law, the law of attraction simply states “that which is like, unto itself is drawn”. The language that causes that is the vibration we send to the universe which is a result of emotion triggered by our thoughts. The second Law is the law of creation which is the result of our vibration, which we can deliberately control by monitoring our moment by moment thoughts. The third Law is the law of allowing which means let it go, let it be, non-resistant moment by moment feelings. The path from fear to joy is that of letting go of resistance. We all are creators and moment by moment we do just that, so in the moment is the focus. Create a desire, and trust that the joy of creation will be the focus. Through that feeling process, the law of attraction must deliver.
    It is the joy of the journey to fulfilling our life’s purpose and creating pleasing attributes along the way is the process.
    Lots of good stuff in this blog! Love and hugs to all!

  • I liked your first statement just like this, WFE: “There’s nothing wrong with wanting stuff.”
    Your later comment about how some people use stuff to distract from unhappiness reinforces the idea (I think fact) that nothing outside of us can make us happy. That happiness is an inside job.
    I agree. 🙂
    Nice to hear from you on this one, friend!

  • Sara says:

    @Kathryn, you are a woman after my own heart. 🙂
    I resonate SO much with what you shared about new appreciation and love for ego and this world that prior teachings didn’t exactly promote. I was in very much the same place before I attracted folks like Jerry and Esther into my awareness.
    What I love even more about Abe’s teachings is that I’m able to LOVE the contrast that invited me to ask for something different in the first place! The contrast of judging my ego and making the world wrong led me to this brilliant understanding that continues to expand and feel better and better. 🙂

  • That thought is cracking me up, Pernille – that even the ones bashing LOA are master manifesters (in denial). hee hee
    You said something else I think is worth expanding on …
    … lots of people say that LOA doesn’t work (using their languaging, not mine) if we’re not manifesting from our true/higher self.
    Meaning, that if what you’re wanting to create is superficial or material, and not a deep true desire from the depths of your highest soul, you won’t be successful.
    In my experience, and seeing the experience of many others, that’s a bunchacrap.
    Not that those types of manifestations aren’t the most satisfying, but we attract what we’re vibrating, no matter WHAT the level/quality/frequency of the vibration.
    Your comment kind of took me off on a tangent, so thanks for the side trip! lol
    And thanks for commenting, Pernille! 🙂

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Very interesting post, Jeannette, and great comments.
    I like the way the Communion of Light talks about the Law of Attraction – they refer to it as a “mechanical process”. This implies that it’s not something we “apply” or “do”, it’s something happening all by itself as a respons to our thoughts/feelings/vibrations.
    The Communion of Light also says that we are all “master manifestors”. That we are constantly creating and that everything that we see and experience is our own creation.
    So the way I see it is that “deliberate creation” is when we are deliberately managing our thoughts/feelings/vibrations so that we can get what we want as a result of the “mechanical process” of the “law of attraction”.
    And “what we want” could be “stuff”, “money”, “people”, “love”, “time”, etc, but I believe that what most of us (all of us?) really want is to feel good. So we “want” whatever we believe will make us “feel good”.
    And if we believe that “money” or “stuff” will make us feel good, I don’t see anything wrong in deliberately managing our vibration to attract “money” or “stuff”.
    ANd if we don’t believe that “money” or “stuff” will make us feel good (of if we realize this after getting it), we may chose to deliberately manage our vibration to attract “time” or “love”, or we could chose to take a shortcut and simply go directly after attracting the feeling good that we want.
    I don’t see anything “wrong” or “right” in this, I just see different ways of trying to get to feel good!

  • That’s the style I appreciate, Caelan – short, simple, clear.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Caelan Huntress says:

    It’s funny, people get into the law of attraction to get stuff…and if thats all they ever want, they dont get it.
    But when you realize stuff doesnt matter, the MINDSET that manifesting gives you is what matters, then, the stuff comes easy…and you know it doesnt matter.

  • ChipEFT says:

    As mentioned above, LOA is more aptly called the mechanics of the Universe. We cannot help but create, but it a person chooses to recreate where they are that is totally cool. If on the other hand, they want to explore other options, that too is path we can take.
    Personally, I like expanding horizons. Some of the things I’d like to explore have money as the path of least resistance. Other things, like communing with the environment, like I do in my garden, take very little cash.
    The one misconception I’d like to address is the idea you can create something and become happy. Although it is theoretically possible, it is much easier if you become happy where you are. Creating other things, including money, is much easier if you are happy to start with.
    As I am writing this, it occurs to me that it may be very difficult remain static and happy for any length of time. We are constantly encountering things we don’t like or would like it better if it were different. The truth of who we are, Source Energy, by our very nature, consistantly moves forward creating new realities, and thereby expands the Universe.

  • Kathryn, I had hoped you would weigh in on this, since as a long time student of the Work, a fan of Abraham material, and immersed in the spiritual community for most of your life I thought you would have a particularly insightful perspective on this.
    You did not disappoint. 😉
    Thank you for joining the conversation!

  • Ooops, I cut off the end of that last paragraph…
    I’d come to believe that my ego and this world were a problem to be fixed, and try as I might it never worked for long with either. LOA has me deeply loving both my ego and this world and in that, I feel more unlimited in the experience of both than ever before.

  • I’ve heard Abraham say over and over in recordings of the past few years, ‘It’s not about the stuff.” Clear enough, and while I agree, having stuff is also quite nice, and not inherently evil or ego-maniacal — a somewhat fearful orientation many ‘spiritual’ people presume to be true.
    Of course the only true and lasting fulfillment is deeper than any stuff can provide; it’s internal – and yet that’s a hard fact to grasp while we are caught up in clamoring for the stuff. (And it is also difficult to access the internal while actively resisting the stuff of the external…)
    What I love about LOA is that it brings both the stuff and the realization that stuff isn’t all it’s cracked up to be into experience simultaneously. Superficial gratification AS the opening to deeper, truer, spiritual gratification/appreciaton – now there’s something to think about. LOA promotes appreciation and inclusion, and that’s a path that feels nurturing and affirming to the Boundlessness of all that I am/we are.
    Also, after many a year on the spiritual path, the LOA principles have birthed in me an aliveness and appreciation for this life that my prior non-dual, Advaita. ACIM orientation had dissipated. I’d come to believe that my ego and this world were a proble

  • Anon, with this statement, you give deliberate creators a good name: “I do not know that being happy will bring physical gains to remedy the situation but I do know that being happy and allowing everything to unfold will make me feel good, which is all I really want.”
    WOO HOO!!

  • Anon says:

    To be honest I often forget the real basis myself. What it is for me is the reminder that when I create my own happiness, more happiness comes to me. That can come in many forms but the basic idea is that a positive and “allowing” attitude brings a positive experience which just might happen to include “wealth” or objects (or whatever falls in to the category of “material gains”). This post comes at just the right time to remind me of this as I’m struggling through some stressful times and dealing with material setbacks that are really trying my nerves and general ability to just feel good. I do not know that being happy will bring physical gains to remedy the situation but I do know that being happy and allowing everything to unfold will make me feel good, which is all I really want. The Law of Attraction (and I’m definitely a novice) seems to mean, to me, that if I can feel good my quality of life immediately improves and right now an important improvement is a replacement for the car that just died. So, I guess I believe that the faster I can get to feeling good about my current situation, the faster it will be resolved.
    I also know from experience that worrying that things will go badly or get worse seems to make those exact things happen. So why shouldn’t it work the other way? So instead of worrying I now know that even when things seem to be going badly or just not the way I want them, pretty soon it’s all going to turn around and EVERYTHING will be going my way again!
    Most often I think of it in terms of how we attract people: like attracts like. I want to meet someone and fall in love and I want to meet someone who’s happy and positive and creates a good life for themselves.

  • Love your spotlight on getting happy to start with, Chip! And that expanding horizons is part of the package.
    Well said!

  • I know what you mean, Sara. I sometimes say “leverage the LOA” since it’s there regardless – but our opportunity is to work with (or harness) it rather than be oblivious to it.
    Which, doing so IS deliberate creation, isn’t it?
    I like that we’re making the distinction here! Thanks for helping with that, my friend.

  • Sara says:

    This is so funny, it reminds me of when I hear the phrase “applying Law of Attraction.” We don’t apply it, it applies itself to us and everything in the Universe. (To quote Abe.)
    Law of Attraction is not a lifestyle or a some kind of trend diet. Nothing that exists in the Universe can ever be separate from it. If you’re existing in physical form on planet Earth, then gravity is constantly applying itself to you. LOA is just like that. If you are existing AT ALL, be it in physical or non-physical form, LOA is constantly applying itself in exactly the same obedient, consistent way. There’s nothing that exists without vibrational alignment between all the components of an event.
    I always say that there’s a difference between Law of Attraction and Deliberate Creation. Law of attraction is the Universal force that organizes places, people, and events that are an energetic match. Deliberate Creation is the art of applying what we know about Law of Attraction. – AKA enjoying life as it is, wanting what we have, celebrating what rocks, and whatever else it takes to get happy with where we are now. 8)

  • Agreed, Monica, on feeling our power to choose happiness. Woo hoo!!

  • Monica says:

    Well, as others have said, to me LOA is just a law of nature. Using my knowledge of LOA is a way of life. Material stuff is great, sure, but the payoff of choosing my thoughts is much bigger. Life is better on every level, and I have to tell you, being happy and knowing that happiness is totally up to you is a lot better way of living.

  • I like that, Dawn – “time for an upgrade!” ha ha
    I agree that lots of people seemed to experience The Secret as having a focus on manifesting material stuff, even though they also covered health and relationships in it.
    Your last paragraph was especially beautiful, my friend. Had fun reading that several times!
    Your addition to this conversation is MUCH appreciated! 🙂

  • Ande says:

    This is an important distinction. Way too many so-called LOA experts and teachers are saying LOA is a tool or a philosophy, something you can activate or use. I suppose that to the same extent that we “use” gravity to keep our feet on the ground, we do use law of attraction. And the more conscious we are of an energetic law, the better our choices will be (i.e, knowing the law of gravity keeps us from walking off the edge of cliffs).
    Still, the law of attraction is responding to our alignment, and if we start working on alignment solely for the purpose of “activating” or “using” the law of attraction, we’re missing the point, and ironically, we won’t get what we want because trying to align so we can get something by its very nature comes from a place of lack. If we’re trying to get law of attraction to work, then we are focused on what we don’t have, what we want. We never want what we have, and law of attraction matches our current vibration. So the paradox is that we have to feel like we have it to have it. Hence, alignment.
    So what we need to do is align for the sake of aligning, i.e., be happy for the sake of being happy, which is ours to do in THIS moment, with what we have NOW.
    That’s a form of acceptance. But it’s different than the “acceptance” that a lot of people think of–liking what is. We don’t have to like what is to accept it. Accepting it means it it what it is and that’s okay and now I’m putting my attention on a thought that feels good because it feels good. And oh, by the way, there’s this energetic force in the universe (that’s how I think of LOA) that matches the way I feel to what I experience, so the better I feel, the better my reality is. Another good reason to find a reason to feel good.

  • Akira Dawn says:

    ‘ello! 🙂
    Wow, yeah – and part of that misconception that LoA is for Getting Stuff likely comes from the movie The Secret, and is in part why Abe-Hicks withdrew their whole section in the movie. They didn’t approve of the message.
    I totally agree with you, Jeanette, when you say that LoA isn’t so much a tool but at the heart of how the world works. It is – it’s always been there. It’s how life works.
    The Secret did the world a favor in its massive popularity because we were at the time of its release a world bent on ‘Do it if it gets us things’ – and that’s why it became so popular. The idea of using LoA as a tool to get stuff. That was the In that let it become a buzz word in mass consciousness.
    And now that it’s in, it’s time for an upgrade. Just as with the .com crisis, the housing crisis, the economy etc etc – we are becoming disillusioned en mass and looking for something deeper and more True. Go us! 🙂
    To touch upon the idea she mentioned of using LoA being an interference with allowing the Now moment to be as it is, accepted and full in its perfection… Sure. The only problem with Loa + Now moment is when we forget we’re Human beings and not human doings.
    The world is a cycle of flow and shift, change and becoming. It is never still, always in motion. Consciousness, and LoA, are its lifeforce. To become stagnant, static and void of life is to have ceased to have reason and purpose.
    Reason and Purpose is the conscious drive behind LoA, and life itself. We move and flow with the Now, using LoA as our engine – not in spite of it and not in dishonor of it but in the greatest honor we can bestow. To dance with all that is, with all that we are and all that we desire to be. 🙂
    *hugs!* 🙂
    – Dawn

  • Nice analogy, Ande. As if gravity were something we could turn off.
    I especially appreciate your words about how using LOA with an “agenda” doesn’t work. “Align for the sake of aligning, happy for the sake of happy.”
    Thanks for weighing in on this!

  • Well said, CandyB, that the true payoffs of working with deliberate creation are love, expansion and mastery!
    I included your comment in a reproduction of this post on Martha Beck’s Coach Spot blog.
    Thank you!

  • CandyB says:

    I agree with all of you and imglad this question came up as it’s been freewheeling in the back if my mind sometimes.
    For me, LOA is the way the world works. It’s not a tool or a religion, or even an option, it’s just the way matter, nature, and life itself corresponds. I don’t even have to knowabout it, it doesn’t need my engagement to exist.
    Learning about LOA and deliberate creation – and yes Susanne I much prefer to call it deliberate creation as well – is simply a means of mastering life. And mastering life is really fun. And getting stuff as part of those process is really fun too. But the real payoffs are the love, expansion, and life mastery (by which I mean gratitude, serenity, and total responsibility).
    As for walking the line between accepting what is and wanting more, as your colleague was originally asking, I am still working on this for myself but so far I think that the ideal is to be 100% happy and accepting of how things are while still excited about the creative opportunity of life. Manifesting anything whether material or spiritual causes expansion, so it’s all good!

  • Michael, I love that your “inner kid” is leading you to incredibly wild and creative outcomes and that you’re having so much fun with it!
    Rock on! 🙂

  • Michael says:

    The idea that LOA could be a tool to get things that will help you escape from a feeling of unhappiness in the now is certainly a pitfall. I encounter it every day!
    But that’s part of the little kid in many of us, and I’d prefer to deal with that little kid than become a mountain-top guru, at least in this part of my life….the little kid is more interesting to me!
    My little kid gets pissed off when he doesn’t get what he wants! And that pissed-offness generates incredibly wild, creative wishes and scenarios that I think a more balanced guru mindset might not com to (at least, that’s what I’ve made up!…hahahaha).
    And believe me, my wildest scenarios do come true at times. Like in December when I decided that Jill Wagner (the Mercury Girl, and the host of Wipe Out) was going to be the template for my ‘ideal woman’. I was tired of the ridiculous fall-out from my previous relationship, and the little kid in me decided we needed a new girl in our lives.
    So Jill was it! And without even thinking much about it, a girl so much greater than who I had in mind showed up in a matter of weeks. Now, do I look to her to make me happy? Of course, then when that fails miserably, my little kid gets the lesson and I’m back to really just appreciating my wonderful partner, and loving myself and my ability to make myself happy in this moment.
    But I’d rather trip over being a little kid…it’s more interesting to me! 🙂

  • Susanne, I TOTALLY get that! (Not calling it LOA.)
    That’s driven me a little nuts that everyone else refers to it that way, and in respect of search engines I have deferred, but I think of it as deliberate creation or vibrational management.
    And can I just say I’m loving your discussion around materiality? lol
    I think I said on the call where this question was generated from that there’s nothing wrong with “stuff”! Even if that’s all LOA was – a tool to get good stuff – hee hee – what’s wrong with THAT?! lol
    I know that’s not exactly what you said, but I like how you pointed out money is not a bad thing.
    Thanks for chiming in on this topic, Susanne. I agree, it’s a BIG one!

  • Susanne says:

    Oh boy. I think you’ve hit the heart of something many of us have had to explore at some point in our journey. For me, LOA isn’t a tool, it’s a way of living. I don’t usually even call it LOA — the word “attraction” sometimes puts my focus more on the material acquisition of “stuff” instead of where I want it, which is on the whole-world application of the mechanics of the universe I live in. Semantics, I know, but I earn my living writing & am extremely conscious of the power & effect of words. For me, it’s the Law of Deliberate Creation: I am deliberately & consciously creating my life, literally moment by moment, by the thoughts I choose to think.
    This means being aware of every thought, of what I do and do not want in my life, of how my thinking affects my emotions (where the real power is, of course), and that it is all up to me. No more blame, no more poor me, no more frustration with not being given what feel I deserve (or not). I read once that life is just an infinite number of instantaneous decisions & that had a huge impact on me. I can choose, instant by instant, how I will act & react, and in that instant, I have the power to create my world.
    I like being happy more than I like being unhappy. So I try (not always successfully!) to choose the thought and action that creates that reality. And even when I can not create the perfect scenario, I DO have the choice then in how to react to whatever scenario I have created — I can blame or get angry & be unhappy, or I can accept my creation and CHOOSE to find the joy buried in it, shift my emotions, move into joy, & (almost always) watch the scenario shift to match it.
    Often “stuff”, including money, is part of that. I think of “stuff” as a tool. Money especially is a great tool. It enables me to do a lot more of the things that make me feel good, and usually those things benefit the world at large in some way, even if it’s “only” flooding the universe with my positive feelings & energy. Keeping myself financially impoverished doesn’t help anyone. In truth, I believe self-denial & suffering masquerading as spiritual purity is self-indulgent, manipulative & ultimately negative because deep DEEP down, it makes us either feel badly, or it makes us feel morally superior, neither of which are positive, uplifting energies to be packing around.
    So, for me, LOA isn’t about creating “stuff”. It’s about building a way of living that makes me feel good. If I truthfully follow that joyful feeling, I wind up living a creative life that makes me stretch and (almost inadvertently, as a byproduct of my own joy!) adds something positive to the universe. And THAT, I honestly believe, is why any of us is here at all.
    Long-winded, and I apologize. Trying to synopsize 60 odd years (some odder than others!) of learning this stuff (even when I didn’t know I was) is really HARD! LOL! And I am far from having it all figured out yet. I can hardly wait to see what other folk have to say…and thanks, Jeannette. This is a BIG one!

  • Parul, your response is exactly why I knew the best thing I could do was solicit input from this community!
    You said it better than I could myself.
    THANK YOU for that!!

  • Parul says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    My take on this is:
    I have seen people drawn to the ‘practice’ of Law of Attraction for different reasons. Some stumble across it in pursuit of something that’ll get them relief from their current difficult situations (this is how I discovered it) and some just wake up to realize that the secret behind their effortless, happy life is their natural practice of the Law.
    It is also the difference between master manifestors and rookie manifestors. The later struggle because they have not really understood the technology behind the Law of Attraction.
    And as everyone makes their journey, many manifestors realize that while their initial draw to the Law was as a tool to get things, it is actually how the world works and that the Law is at the heart of everything. Also, the power lies inside all of us and just some select few and that Vibrations are the key. To me, it’s part of evolving in ones practice of the Law.
    I have seen it in my own parents, who from staunch sceptics and almost non-believers have now turned to doing affirmations. This is after a recent miracle I ‘seemingly’ manifested using affirmations. I had sent you a mail with the details. It was a true biggie. 😀
    Now, I understand that the success of those affirmations lay in the vibrations I conjured up. My parents think it’s the “intensity/ will power” behind the process.
    But I’m sure they’ll make their natural journey and realize the magic lies in effortlessness and happy vibrations. Till then, they do just fine because in a lot of ways their minds are not yet cluttered with the theory.
    I remember an excerpt from one the Abraham recordings I heard not so long ago that, desires are natural aspect of a Physical Being and as long as there are desires they will be answered by the Universe through the Law of Attraction.

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