Q&A: The Role of Truth in Deliberate Creation

Deliberate creators know:
We create the truth (aka reality) via our conscious attention.  Meaning, whatever we focus on comes to life.
We also know that as we pay attention to what already is, we get more of the same.
Which is why we’re cautioned not to focus on something we don’t want, even if it’s “true.”
Makes good sense considering the power of our attention, and I’ve practiced this myself with great success.

Like when I refused to see “no clients” on my schedule and instead insisted I was a brilliant coach in high demand.  (I sounded nuts but it worked!)

However, are there times when refusing to acknowledge the truth can be detrimental?
And savvy creators seek to know the difference.

Example: if the kid falls out of the tree and sprains something, even though it’s not what we want, acknowledging the reality of the injury and visiting the doctor may be a good idea.

So when is it smart to include the “truth”  in your manifesting process and when is it best to ignore it?
Sometimes we manifesters resist the reality of life.  Ignoring the “truth” in those situations may impede our manifesting progress.  (Since what we resist, persists.)
And what about flat out “lies”?
Indeed, is there any such thing when we know that speaking is what makes it so?  Maybe a “lie” is just a truth that hasn’t manifested yet.
(That’s why I had to stop calling in sick to work when I wasn’t.  Within an hour or so of reporting in sick, my throat started getting scratchy or my stomach queasy.  Had to start saying instead “I’m taking a mental health day.”)
This is a topic I’d like to hear from you all on.
What is the role of “truth” in your manifesting process?
I was thinking maybe it’s that the truth of our feelings are never to be ignored; but certain situations or circumstances are okay to.

Like pretending I’m fine when I’m not … I rarely get back to feeling fine with that approach.  It works better for me when I own that I’m in a bad mood, in which case I get over it no time.
And maybe it’s perfectly appropriate to ignore the clock that tells me I’m out of time … maybe that’s a “truth” worth skipping when my intention is to have plenty of it.

Or maybe it’s that when we have resistance to the current reality, that resistance needs cleaning up before anything can shift.  So that’s an instance when ignoring what’s so doesn’t serve.
Thanks in advance for the clarity developed here as you share your thoughts and experiences!
PS – Flavia shared this Abe video at GVU that goes into more detail about our role in creating truth:

  • March 26, 2011
  • Amanda42 says:

    I love you. I knew I’d find exactly what I needed to read tonight on the blog. Thanks!

  • Ah, what an appropriate lyric for this topic! Thanks for posting it here, Amanda.

  • Amanda42 says:

    I was just listening to Carrie Underwood’s song “Ever Ever After” and this lyric jumped out at me:
    “Sometimes you reach what’s real just by making believe.”

  • Agreed with Julie, Tammy.
    I’d look for some appreciation in what IS right now. It sounds like there is some resistance (i.e. knots) in place that is holding up your very delicious party you’ve got in store!!

  • Julie Masters says:

    Tammy–I read your post and thought to myself,”Been there, done that!” Still do on occasion–LOL Jeannette must have been thinking about that very subject when she wrote her most recent post–My suggestion would be to read it and try unraveling that knot! In addition, you might want to look at some different techniques (like EFT) that work especially well at releasing beliefs that seem “stuck”. Like the belief that all you’ve had this past year is “failure”. Look forward to hearing about your success!

  • Tammy Matthews says:

    I continually find a way to spark the belief in my ability to achieve my goals. After a year and a half of failing – (And I totally understand that failure is none other than a way to not do it next time) – Anyway after a year and a half of failing I continue to believe in my ability to achive my goals.
    My question is when is it time to give up? Quitters never win and winners never quit. This I understand as well. You are Three Feet From Gold – this I understand as well.
    I take about 14 hours of action a day – 7 days a week and nothing happens. I’m SLOWLY building a list – like a snail could build it faster. I’ve talked to so many people about my copy that my head spins. I’ve finally come to the conclusion to not worry about looking ‘professional’ but to be ME – and still nothing. I’ve tweaked and changed what doesn’t work and it still doesn’t work.
    I give my attention to this belief 14 hours a day – Is it always going to be this way? 14 hours a day is not what I want. I want to have enough financial freedom to spend time with my family.
    If you have any insight I would be grateful for the information.

  • I have found it incredibly transformative, Cassie. (Acknowledging the feelings even when they’re not what I necessarily prefer.)
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one, Cassie.

  • Cassie says:

    Jeanette, I’m with you on the acknowledging the negative feeling. I think acknowledgement is key to shifting. If you’re not acknowledging and pretending it’s not there you’re resisting and as you point out we know that leads it persisting. I always acknowledge where I am and what is going on. If I don’t like that truth I immediately decide what I want instead. There’s a lot of great info here. Thanks for bringing up this topic!

  • Julie, I like your approach for getting a little bit looser with “truth” while still honoring your integrity with it.
    Nice approach. I may be leveraging some of that for myself.

  • Julie Masters says:

    Another wonderful post Jeannette!
    I thought of so many different ways that I’ve approached the “truth”, that I had a hard time choosing a response. I would have to say that I have always been committed to telling and living “truth”, while recognizing that it is only “the” truth, from my own perspective. At this point, I see “truth” in a way similar to “theory”.
    One of my greatest joys in college, was realizing that everything I learned was just a theory, a lens to look through, and that the theories were only limited by the number of people who could create them! I could read the same text, using different theories, and find entirely unique truths! Fun, interesting, and enlightening! That “truth” is very freeing, as I can use it with every story–not only the ones I read and hear from others, but the ones I tell myself.
    As far as stories that have manifested in physical reality (such as a cold or sprained ankle) I think that if they’ve showed up, than it’s a step one moment, and we have the choice to take it from there. We can feel for the appropriate response, only as long as we do acknowledge it.
    It feels very different to me to acknowledge the truth, and then consciously, deliberately,choose my FOCUS regarding it, then it does to simply not acknowledge it.

  • Rhonda, I loved that so much I quoted it on my facebook page!
    Yes, I’m in agreement about how truth is in the eye of the beholder. I was listening to a video clip someone posted at GVU about whether there really is a galactic federation or not .. and Abe’s answer was something like, “What do YOU think? Because our opinion is irrelevant.”
    Which makes sense because it’s our THOUGHTS that create it. So if she thinks yes, then it’s a yes!
    Thanks for your post, girlfriend. Much appreciated! 🙂

  • Amanda42 says:

    Ooh Rhonda, I am loving that! Everyone’s version of the truth/reality is different!

  • Rhonda says:

    I love you so much. I am rolling over with laughter right now after seeing this post.
    I woke up thinking about this EXACT topic.
    Truth, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.
    In fact, I don’t think “Truth” really even exists. I was listening to Abe-Hicks yesterday who reminded me that when 2 people witness an event, their personal accounts of the situation are very different.
    Reality is really just the manifestation of past thoughts. Very temporary and changeable. Truth sounds permanent. NOTHING is permanent.
    Personally, not a fan.

  • You brought the juicy stuff for sure, Monica!
    Loved “So allowing does not mean always looking at the bright side, it means accepting and being “true” to your current experience.”
    as well as “you always have to find a thought that “feels” true, or it doesn’t work.”
    Wise words indeed! Thanks for taking the time to share them here! 🙂

  • Monica says:

    Gosh, such a juicy topic, I thought there’d be way more comments by now! Maybe people really are confused by this topic.
    I have two thoughts. First, I agree with Laura about resistance. I’ve been listening to Abigail Steidley’s Role of the Body in Manifesting calls, and I had the stunning (to me) insight that allowing is actually the opposite of resisting. So allowing does not mean always looking at the bright side, it means accepting and being “true” to your current experience.
    That said, I think the best definition of what is “true” is about what *feels* right to you. So I do think truth is always relative to our own feelings, rather than some universal truth. My own experience with the various Abraham processes like focus wheels or bridging beliefs is that you always have to find a thought that “feels” true, or it doesn’t work.
    So I think when Laura and Pete get a cold and say to themselves that they will be better tomorrow, that works for them because they feel/believe it is true. I know for me that would NOT feel true. But, it does make me think that I could do some work to bridge that belief and improve my recovery time.
    I hope that sheds some light on things!

  • Well said, Laura. That makes a lot of sense.
    (“So, if you are resisting what it is you are trying to ignore, that thing will still be there – in some form. If there is no resistance to the reality or the lie for that matter, you are probably good to go.”)
    Thanks for that!

  • Laura says:

    Great post Jeannette. And, I agree with you…”Or maybe it’s that when we have resistance to the current reality, that resistance needs cleaning up before anything can shift. So that’s an instance when ignoring what’s so doesn’t serve.”.
    I really think it all comes down to: resistance is resistance is resistance. So, if you are resisting what it is you are trying to ignore, that thing will still be there – in some form. If there is no resistance to the reality or the lie for that matter, you are probably good to go.
    I think your feelings are the best judge of how something is going to play out for you. And, if I choose not to listen to my feelings, my BODY tells me big time.
    I may be bringing this down to the simpliest form (and it might be a bit more involved than this) but it just seems to make sense since doesn’t it all really come down to whether you allow something or not?
    I too, used to deny I had a cold. Nope. Not sick. I don’t get sick. What sore throat? Nope, uh uh. Many times that would work and like you Peter, people could not believe how quickly I got over colds. Could also be that I take a cocktail of natural, herbs and vitamins as well. Now, I like to “indulge” a cold. Ok, you want some attention? Need some rest? Want to just take it easy? Ok..but you get one day! Ha..I know, I’m silly, but that seems to work too. I guess it’s all what you expect to happen. When I expect to get over a cold by denying it, ignoring it, etc, I get over a cold. When I believe I should listen to my body and give it a day of rest, I also get over a cold. Hmmmmm…maybe I just get over colds fast. Okay, now you’ve had enough of me and my colds. I’ll go now.

  • Oh, Amanda, I’m SO looking forward to your scripting on our call April 1st! 🙂

  • Amanda42 says:

    I have always been very careful never to lie (although I am certainly not perfect at that!)… but is that serving me? I had some resistance at first to scripting and being grateful for things that hadn’t actually happened yet, but now I think that’s what makes them happen! So maybe it’s not the truth at the moment I’m saying it, but it becomes the truth soon after!
    I do have resistance to my current reality, so I have been allowing myself to feel the hurt and fear for a little while. I don’t think that too much truth is a good thing right now, as we create things that reflect the feelings we focus on. Then I shift my focus to something that is more pleasant and my mood improves (a new reality within my current reality!) and then I just have a BETTER truth to focus on. And in that I am paving the way for my “lies” to become my reality.
    I hope that makes sense to others who read it… I am just so excited to have that breakthrough that I had to just spit it all out! This is just what I needed right now! Thanks, Jeannette!

  • Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier, Photography Blog says:

    I’ve found that I need to stop wasting energy turning a negative into a positive, instead I just start thinking positively.
    The example that comes to mind is that I spent a lot of money on my photography business only to walk away from it. I learned a lot, but I was bummed by that sacrifice. Instead, I focus on the fact that I know where I’m going NOW. I know what I want to do NOW. I’m a photography blogger. I want to rock the blogging world with my modest blog and I love it. I’m having a blast.
    Instead of focusing on what I did wrong or what I should have done or looking for the silver lining in something from the past. I instead focus on where I’m going – boy does it feel good.
    And what’s amazing is that making this small shift in thinking has sped things up in my life. I think of something, imagine what I need, and it’s there quickly!
    Hope that made sense.

  • Kimberly, your wise words remind me of something Mike Dooley often suggests (skip looking for the limiting beliefs and just go straight to the positive ones).
    I love that you shared your experience with not dwelling on finding silver linings, but make a beeline for the positive thought. Kudos on your success with it, too!
    Thanks for reading and for posting, Kimberly. 🙂

  • I especially like your “what works for you” suggestion, Peter.
    I suspect we’ll see more of that in responses that come in!

  • petecito says:

    Hi Jeanette, thought-provoking (and creating!) as always.
    For me, I deny myself indulging in a cold and it always surprises people how quickly I ‘get over it’. I’ve also had success on big thorny issues and have been told ‘I can’t just deny reality, Peter!’. Worked out how I intended, mostly.
    I’ve also learned to ‘go through’ other challenges because it feels better than the alternative and I make sure I get a blessing out of it 🙂
    Where to draw the line? Awareness, I guess, and what works for you. Because we’ll never ‘get it done’ there’s a case for both approaches, methinks.
    Looking forward to everyone’s responses!

  • I’m looking forward to hearing your personal story with something like that, Marielle!
    Thanks for reading and starting this conversation. 🙂

  • Mariëlle says:

    Well, talking about spraining something, here is what Frank J. Kinslow says about it in his book Quantum Living:
    “You pull up another stool and sit next to her injured ankle, gently wrapping your hands and fingers around it and…what? You tell me. You already know. Do Quantum Entrainment just like you learned in the first section of this book. That’s it, that’s all, end of story.
    With your hands in place, find your thoughts and watch them until they slow down and stop. Then your Eufeeling will waft into your awareness. Easily be aware of your Eufeeling, or thoughts or the Nothing of pure awareness, whatever presents itself in your mind. While you are doing this, healing is taking place. That’s right; in a matter of minutes, you will feel the swelling fall away under your fingers and the dark purple bruising begin to lighten. As you continue to observve your Eufeeling, your friend may feel an intensification of her symptoms. The pain and throbbing may increase for awhile but soon that will give way to relief. She will report that the throbbing ache is almost gone. she chances rotating her ankle and a look of suprise widens her eyes as she exclaims, “I can move it without pain. Look, the swelling is gone!”
    The key in this story and the key of Quantum Entrainment is that you do not focus on the problem but instead focus your attention on the energy field that connects us all; the Quantum Field or Pure Awareness and let that work it’s magic, which feels wonderful and effortless when you’re doing it right.
    I think that the more we start to believe in the power of alignment with Source, the more we can use it for bigger and bigger issues, without feeling the need of focussing on current reality.
    Great blog Jeannette!

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