Tunisia Scripts the Future!

One of Good Vibe U’s much-loved members is a resident of Tunisia who shared today in the forums this spectacular news, which is so incredibly cool it deserves to be reprinted here:

Our newspapers, tvs, and radios were all dated June 16th, 2014 today and spoke about the new Tunisia and the new great economy. We read about the many miracles that happened during these three years.

The whole country acted as if!

An entire country scripting their future – how fabulous is that?!

(Scripting is a manifesting method where you speak or write as if what you want is already done. Pray Rain Journaling is where I shared about the written version of scripting I use.)

She shared a couple links with us, which despite two years of high school French I can still only interpret the date.  (This would be a fun time to be bilingual!)

Regardless, it’s beautifully  inspiring to see an entire nation’s media conspiring to direct attention on their bright future, as if it already were:


If this isn’t a sign of our amazing times, I don’t know what is!

Blessings to Tunisia and Egypt and all of us.

Update: readers have asked what the articles are saying and how this effort was coordinated.  I gathered this much from the posts at GVU:

Journalists, broadcasters and newscasters worked secretly to deliver this surprise. While at first people didn’t understand news about the economy soaring, new highways, new industries and even an electric car made in Tunisia, soon everyone acted as if, and on Twitter and Facebook people shared their visions and dreams for themselves as well as for their country. The 16th of June is a special date because that’s Tunisia free elections.

Updated update! This is a very cool video about the process! (In English!)

  • February 16, 2011
  • Just making sure everyone saw the new video (just added it to the post):

  • Barbara says:

    This is so very special and gives me goosebumps! How precious a memory and inspiration it must be for Sonia, to experience it in real time (and understand the French..lol). I am truly inspired by this!

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    A whole country acting as if, how freaking cool is that!!!
    I hope this will inspire other nations to do something similar.
    Thank you so much for sharing Jeannette and Sonia 🙂

  • livingbytheloa says:

    All I can say is that if the media was like that worldwide I would actually read the newspaper and watch the news!
    How magickal*

  • sonia says:

    Thank you guys for your love and support, we’re all part of this!

  • sonia says:

    @Nancy, I don’t know who had the idea, I just know that journalists, broadcasters and newscasters worked non stop secretly for 48 hours to deliver this huge surprise. People at first didn’t undestand: economy soaring, new highways, new industries and even an electric car made in Tunisia, what on earth was going on, was everybody hallucinating? 😀 but then, everyone acted as if, on twitter and Facebook, people shared their visions and dreams for themselves as well as for their country, it was incredible. The 16th of june is a very special date because for the first time in Tunisia we’ll have free elections! :))))

  • Omgosh, Stella – what a great idea! A totally scripted newspaper!! Or tv news!!
    How cool would THAT be?!?!

  • All I can say is that if the media was like that worldwide I would actually read the newspaper and watch the news!
    How magickal*

  • Thanks, Toni, and everyone else, for balancing out the perspectives offered by Room and Buzzkill. lol
    In fact, it just reveals the courage of the publishers even more – to be willing to publish something that is likely to bring criticism from at least a few – that’s pretty cool. !!

  • buzzkill says:

    Without vision the people perish.. I agree! I so agree.
    Scripting lies of a daydreaming future is surely so full of vision.
    Wake up and then talk to me about a vision.

  • Toni says:

    Absolutely amazing! 🙂

  • That might even make Cool Thing of the Year, huh, Zoe?!
    Julie B, I totally agree that congrats are in order right NOW just for having the consciousness to turn attention toward what they want. Like, we don’t even have to wait till it all happens to feel the congratulations of this!

  • Julie B says:

    WOW! How cool is this!!! What a wonderful example of positivity and letting freedom ring!! How cool that they scripted their good in the future!! Congratulations Tunisia and gosh Sonia .. a witness to history in your very own backyard! It’s one thing to watch it on TV from thousands of miles away, but to be a part of it must be exhilarating!
    ps…Who’s the buzzkill talking about propaganda? Let me remind you “without vision the people perish”

  • Zoe Routh says:

    That is definitely the Cool Thing of the Day – way to go Tunisia!

  • Oh, thanks for the translation tip, Julie!
    And kudos for inviting additional energy in to your own scripting/journaling process, too!

  • Julie Masters says:

    Wow! I’ve shared my Pray Rain Journal with my children and a few close friends, and found the synergy to be amazing–but to know that an entire country is scripting–very inspiring!
    I did a “translate language” on the pages, and while it’s far from a perfect translation, it still helps significantly (for all of us who are not fluent in French).

  • I know, huh, Phil?! (A whole COUNTRY?!)
    Nikky, I got goose bumps reading your note thinking how Tunisia shows the rest of us what’s possible. (Oh, there they are again!)

  • Nikky says:

    I am overwhelmed reading this……..this is awesome news….just imagine the energy in this place. I can see this huge wave of unified thoughts emerging from Tunisia and magic happening there as we marvel at this from where we stand.
    Am so happy 🙂

  • Phill says:

    I love this article =D It’s such a testimony to the power of the collective consciousness! One being is already freaking powerful but a whole country…!!

  • Room says:

    This is New World Order proaganda, wake up people! They want you to believe a “new economy” will arrive, a new world order, a new happy happy dumbed down place where you will be controled.
    Revelation 13:16
    He required everyone–small and great, rich and poor, free and slave–to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead.

  • I was pondering the same thing, Nancy … how did this come about?!

  • This is indeed amazing and delightful to behold! Yes, Jeannette, this is worth sharing. The whole world could learn a thing or two from this. 😉
    I’m curious, Sonia, how did the general (non-LOA/muggle) population respond to forward dated magazines & news stories? I’d also love to know who got everyone on the same page to do this?
    Many blessings,

  • I couldn’t agree more, Sonia! Your sharing this story made me feel that “anything is possible” more than ever!
    Thank you! 🙂

  • sonia says:

    Thank you for sharing it. I’m happy beyond words. I’m living in a new reality I couldn’t even dream of and it is huge because it involves millions of people, it involves a whole country. If we could manifest that, anything is possible. It is amazing. The world is changing, it really is. I’m having a deep, passionate, sometimes heartbreaking, love story with my reality right now and I am in awe!
    Thank you Jeannette, you’re such a big part of this as my fellow members of GVU!

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