The Tweak That Makes the Difference

Have you ever tried to manifest something new because you didn’t like what you had?

Like trying to conjure a new job because you’re miserable at your current one; or creating weight loss because you don’t like how you look; or manifesting money because you’re tired of going without?

If so, you probably know that’s not the best setup for success.

In fact, sometimes that approach can stymie the whole process (or even make things worse).

Engaging our creative powers is much more effective when driven by love for the new thing rather than frustration with the old.

But, you might be thinking, doesn’t everything start with what we don’t want? That’s where new desires come from.

Abe teaches that experiencing something we don’t like is where the whole party starts.

The key being where it starts.

Not where it stays.

At least, not for best results.

As long as we hang on to what we aren’t loving, even if it’s just through focus or awareness of it, our efforts to arrive at something better are handicapped.

Might sound nitpicky, but you can be sure this distinction matters to the field or the universe, whatever you want to call the powers that be responding to our vibrational instructions.

That’s why it’s worth asking what’s fueling your current manifesting process

  • Are you running away from something you don’t want, or skipping toward what you do?
  • Are you mostly tuned into what you’re looking forward to next, or still dialed on what frustrated you originally?
  • Are you more clear about the delicious thing coming, or super aware of the unpleasant details of what you’d like to get rid of?

It’s easy to fool ourselves about where we’re dialed in. In fact, it’s happened to me on more than one occasion.

Like that time I worked a job that became so detestable I wanted to manifest a better employment gig. Not because I wanted another job (what I really wanted was to be a coach), but because I needed to leave this company pronto. I didn’t want to be there for another single payday.

I manifested another job that seemed great at first but in short order became as unpleasant (albeit for different reasons) as the one I left.

Eventually the pull to coaching became strong enough (and I worked on believing in it enough) that I was able to create a highly satisfying new livelihood.

When I was driven by “I hate this job” I didn’t nearly as good results as when fueled with “Wouldn’t it be cool to be a coach?!”

Big vibrational difference.

If you’re wondering whether this is happening in your present manifesting process, the way you’re feeling is your first clue. If you’re frustrated instead of hopeful, or resentful instead of excited, or anxious instead of optimistic, that’s a sign your focus is on the “don’t want” instead of the “do want.”

The second clue is the results you’re getting (or not getting). If progress seems slow, or results turn out to be wonky, it might be worth evaluating your approach.

Here’s the remedy if you think this might be up for you:

Make some peace with where you’re at. (Maybe even turn on some appreciation if you’ve got the vibrational chops for that.)

Remind yourself why you want the thing you’re moving toward, and make sure it’s focused on the desire rather than the unwanted.

For example, if you say, “I want to be in a happy relationship because I’m tired of being single” – that’s no bueno.

The more effective perspective is something like, “I am looking forward to a happy relationship because there are so many aspects of life I enjoy that I would love to share with another person.” Or something like that.

It’s a small tweak but makes all the difference when we manifest out of love rather than resistance.

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  • July 21, 2018
  • Ahhh, LOA in action! I was just thinking, “Hmmm, wonder if Jeannette has any advice on this topic” and sure enough here it is.

    But perhaps you could help with my tweaking. I’m working on moving away from my job to being fully supported financially by my business. The thing I’m having the most difficulty with getting my head around is how I still have to spend much more time than I want doing my job. So as I’m working it’s a bit in my face how I’m not using my time how I’d prefer. Any suggestions on how to reframe this? I can be pretty decent with flowing some appreciation (I work from home and my cats are my “co-workers”, I don’t have a commute, I can schedule my work to fit me rather than being confined to a strict schedule, etc) but again I don’t have total time freedom and a big chunk of my days are spent doing work I don’t prefer. And I totally see how being fixated on that is slowing up my manifesting, I’m just not sure how to shift my focus.

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    Hi Jeannette:
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