Untying Knots for Successful Manifesting

Anyone who’s ever struggled with a string of tangled Christmas lights or a mess of chains in the jewelry box knows from experience that we don’t untie knots by pulling on loose ends.
(Not saying we’ve never done that, but we know how ineffective it is!)
It’s the same with creating what we want in life.
We don’t get where we want to be by producing more tension.
The same way tugging and pulling on the ends doesn’t untie a knot, neither does:

  • Working harder to get clients for your business when you’re nervous about not getting clients.  Operating from fear or desperation just makes it worse.
  • Arguing with a sweetheart when you want a better relationship.  We want things to improve, but raised voices and angry gestures don’t usually facilitate that.
  • Beating up your body to get a body you love.  Unreasonably restrictive diets and exhaustive workout sessions just adds tension (i.e. “resistance”).

Your manifesting efforts will be more effective when you translate and implement some of your knot releasing skills.
For example, when I’ve got a knot I look for a key thread that’s keeping things stuck so I can create some slack there.  Sometimes I push the ends IN, even though that might seem contradictory for unraveling the whole thing.  Sometimes I take a break to give my frustration a chance to dissipate.
You can approach deliberate creation the same way you untie tangled up knots.
So how do you untie a knot?  Experiment with applying your process for untangling things to your deliberate creation practice.
It’s also worth remembering the magic of knots … sometimes one little loop released in the right direction unwinds messes miraculously!

  • March 28, 2011
  • Glad you’re liking it too, Amanda.
    And I want to see that scarf when you’re done! 🙂

  • Amanda42 says:

    Last night I started untangling a skein of yarn into a ball (I’m working on a scarf). I started pulling on a difficult section and remembered this blog post. (You all helped me with a knot quite literally!) I actually ended up getting pretty into figuring out the knot because I got to play in the beautiful metaphor and think how it applies to my own life. Eventually, I decided to do what Cassie suggested and took a break when it got frustrating. I didn’t give up – I just took a breather and when I am ready to get back into it, I will.
    Gosh, this metaphor is fun!

  • Agreed, Cassie! I would probably do myself a favor to remember that sooner rather than later, but it works no matter when we engage it, huh?
    Thanks for posting here! 🙂

  • Cassie says:

    I love this post. I especially love the walking away and taking a break from the frustration part. I think often, me included, get so focused on getting something done that we force ourselves to keep going when really the best thing to do is take a break.

  • Scott says:

    This is good. I am going to start doing push ups to undue stress in my romantic and financial situations. Bigger arm muscles and focus will help me in both those situations. Going to start at ten and work my way up to one hundred a day. This will be interesting at 300 pounds. Been a while since I’ve done any push ups. Should be cool!

  • Orthobionomy? Ok, that’s new to me, Anna! ha
    But I do like how often it seems that paradoxes are very effective in our deliberate creation.
    Kind of like homeopathy, huh? Where you take the thing that is the problem to eliminate the problem? Or maybe I don’t know homeopathy either. lol

  • Anna says:

    Reading this I have a belly-tickle as you point out pushing INTO the knot … rather like the practice of Orthobionomy in that there is exaggeration and the opposite. Highly effective in my experience – I ADORE how everything connects!

  • Michele says:

    thank you!!

  • Michele says:

    “Beating up your body to get a body you love. Unreasonably restrictive diets and exhaustive workout sessions just adds tension (i.e. “resistance”).”
    Hhhhmmm, I’m wondering if that’s why I struggle with my weight, because I’m constantly “fighting” and trying restrictive diets and vigorous workouts!

  • Michele, you might want to check this article out:
    Nancy shared it on my fb page the other day, and it was interesting to see how much consensus there ISN’T about the value of traditional exercise!

  • Oh, Brigitte, that is brilliant! And often just addressing the challenges one by one is what helps the whole “knot” unravel nicely anyway!
    I like that reminder – thank you for it! 🙂

  • Brigitte says:

    It’s been a while since I last checked your blog! My internet connection didn’t work, I just took it easy and here I am. I missed your LOA wisdom, a lot!!!
    Right, the way to get a better life is not the way of tension, resistance, hard work and so on.
    There’s something I like to say a lot “los problemas, de uno en uno”. In English, it would be something like “[address] problems, one by one”. I mean, you can’t “fix” your life (fix is a horrible word) in one sitting. There’s a whole lot of stuff going on in our lives that is the result of our past (MESSY) vibrations.
    I say: let’s not stress and just align with our desires, one wanted thing at a time! We have all eternity for this, right?
    (Don’t answer. I like to think I have ENOUGH time for *everything*.)
    Just like untying knots, grab one knot and gently make your way for a nice, easy outcome. Once you take it easy, stuff becomes easy!
    Whoa, I needed this. Kind of a self-talk what I’ve done above, eh?
    Glad you read you again, Jeannette! There’s so much appreciation for you here! 😀

  • Tony Parker says:

    Inspiring… thank you….
    I often remove myself from my desk and work when in knots. Change my state so I can slow down and spend time in the quiet.
    I find it get more done and get it done better if I do less..
    Last week I found I had my ladder up against the wrong wall and wondered why I was beating myself up getting as you put tired up in knots.
    Once I have shut down I smiled as I was heading the wrong direction.

  • Amanda42 says:

    “Rushing or panicking never worked.”
    WOW, Janette! That clicked for me. There is one thing I absolutely want and I was getting impatient and upset that it hasn’t happened yet. But if I truly believe it’s coming (or is here already but I don’t quite see it yet), then what’s the rush? Why not stop and enjoy the scenery and everything wonderful around me in the meantime? (After all, things are pretty darn good the way they are!) Then when it gets here, it’ll come easily, and just breeze in, and I’ll have a feeling of “aah, that’s nice!” Thank you!

  • That’s really what we’re talking about, isn’t it, Tony? “Changing our state.”
    I think that’s what Abraham and Einstein are referring to when they say that the solution isn’t found while we’re focused on the problem.
    Thanks for that, my friend!

  • Holding good thoughts for you, Reeya, for your feeling the fire for your work again.
    Thanks for reading and for posting! 🙂

  • Reeya says:

    Yep agreed….another great post Jeannette! I always appreciate your prespective on things.
    And boy have I been wrestling with a new knot in my life….my job. Where I was once very happy and excited to get up and come into the office…work long hours…without blinking an eye.
    This has now changed and I guess you can say that over the years, the lights have REAAALY gotten tangled up and you can even take it a step further and say…some of those darn bulbs stopped working too! Hahaha!
    So I’m trying to tell a new story of having that awesome great feeling that I had in the beginning again. Enjoying and being fulfilled by what I do for a living.
    I know one of these days, I’ll have it soon so for the meantime…I’m leaving knots on the lights alone…well at least until I feel inspired to give a little tug. 🙂
    Take care!!

  • You’re right – either one of those works, huh, Jan?! lol

  • Jan Riley says:

    I have a few knots in to day myself!
    Seems like the last 5 days its been one right after the other
    I am not sure how to relax about it, but I know eventually I will either relax or simply pass out for a nap.
    I guess either way it’ll be ok
    Great post Jeannette!

  • lol You always make me laugh, Paul!
    I like the appreciation for knots that you found and invite others to enjoy as well!
    Still laughing at “pull harder” … don’t we see that all around us every day? I’ll probably even do it myself sometime today, but when I catch it, I intend to think of your post, burst out laughing, and remember to relax.

  • Paul Zelizer says:

    You mean to tell me I’m not the only one who’s life ever felt like a big ol’ tangled mess of christmas lights? 😉
    Just this morning, I posted a Facebook status that started this: “My most important success lessons have come from my ‘failures’.” I then go on to describe some of those “failures” and how they have contributed to my learning how to create the DELICIOUS life I now lead. In LOA lingo, we’re talking CONTRAST.
    When I come up against another knot in my life these days, I recall all the essential things I’ve learned from contrast in the past. I bring up the feelings of how good it feels to have the awesome business I now enjoy and a stable, juicy, loving relationship and … (you get the picture).
    Then I dive INTO the knot. Consciously. Somewhere in this knot that I created, there must be some really cool lessons about having my life be ever more awesome.
    It’s VERY different than how I approached knots 5 or more years ago – which could be summed up in 2 words, “PULL HARDER” 😉
    Thanks for another awesome post Jeanette!

  • Nice observation, Keerti, in that resisting the knots in the first doesn’t help! ha
    Indeed, it’s easy to how well gratitude and appreciation serve you. As well as trust.
    Thanks for posting, my friend!

  • keerti says:

    I hated untying knots so I worked as much as I could to keep any long potential threads as neatly as possible so that they do not knot, but guess what, they always did! So, I gave up on it and let them do whatever. When i would need to untie them, I would simply ask the universe to do it and miraculously, my hands fell on the right loop and my thread untied itself.
    I apply the same principle to my life. When my life seems messy and tangled, or if I can’t figure out how to get it back right, I simply remember the universe, practice gratitude and appreciation. The next morning I wake up, I see my life in a better perspective and everything working out all be itself. (without me doing any action)

  • Oooh, I like your “feel like, sound like, look like” tip, Kimberly!
    Thanks for sharing that!

  • Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier, Photography Blog says:

    I find that when I need to “untie knots” I take a deep breath, remind myself that resisting is only making it worse, and focus on my outcome. I paint a story of where I want to be, what it’ll feel like, look like, and sound like when I get there. Then I remind myself that “there” is moments away, I just have to relax and then I’ll arrive.
    Takes practice, but I’m getting there!

  • Omgosh, Janette, I’m welling up with tears over the wisdom you’ve gleaned with knots and how perfectly it translates to life!!
    I’m reading it again … (and not just because I like the goosebumps it gives me) hee hee
    Thank you for that!!!
    I hope everyone reads your comment. It’s brilliant! Especially: “And the BIG key … was to RELAX and ignore any pressure, time or otherwise. Invariably, taking the time to examine the knot and figure it out, trusting our own experience and instincts, would provide the answer in time. Rushing or panicking never worked.”

  • Janette says:

    OMG Jeannette, wonderful metaphor!
    My first professional puppetry job was as a marionettist – working with string puppets on 12′ special waxed string which was supposed to minimise tangling, but of course there were always plenty of opportunities for knots. We stood on a high walkway above the scenery and operated the puppets who stood below us on the stage, four metres down (that’s a long way!)
    A knot mid-performance could mean the difference between a character appearing on stage or not being present at all (yikes!!), so we learned very quickly how to untangle even the most challenging knot.
    And the BIG key – especially when you could hear the character’s entrance cue coming up – was to RELAX and ignore any pressure, time or otherwise. Invariably, taking the time to examine the knot and figure it out, trusting our own experience and instincts, would provide the answer in time. Rushing or panicking never worked (oh yeah, I did my share of that early on LOL!)
    If we saw someone else untangling a knot, we knew to trust them and leave them alone unless asked, because interfering wouldn’t help. If we were the one with the knot, we knew to ask for help if we needed a second pair of eyes to spot the source, or a second pair of hands down at the puppet’s level, offstage (sometimes they needed turning just the right way to effect freedom).
    To this day, I’m the family expert on knots and can untangle anything – jewellery, electronic cables, yarns. So I know this stuff!!!
    But it had never occurred to me to apply it to the entanglements of life. Thank you so much – I’m gonna have fun bringing my untangling goddess status to play in new ways, woohoo!

  • Kudos to YOU, Stacy, for addressing THAT knot!
    That’s a big one. I know lots of people (myself included at times) choose to walk away from those knots, rather than do the work of loosening that tension.
    Very cool! Also love how you handled the tires. You’re onto something, huh?!
    woo hoo!

  • Harmony Harrison says:

    Great imagery, Jeannette! When I have a grumpy knot to untie, I have to find the slack and help it relax more — not find the tension!
    When one of my sisters was young she used to tie her shoes in knot after knot after knot until the laces were a ladder of knots with the tiniest little bits loose at the end. It makes me smile to remember that — thanks for helping me find such a wonderful memory.

  • Ming says:

    Hey Jeannette,
    Good reminders!I had the vision of one of my gold chains in a knot and its like doing delicate surgery LOL, slowly trying to untangle it.. but then all of a sudden its fixed! Also funny today, I just had the thought being off from my “day” job.. that I didn’t have any fur babies to heal today… but it was shortly after about minute, I told myself, that’s okay! I’m going to enjoy my day off!! I have had a lovely day!

  • Stacy says:

    Hey Jeannette! I’ve gone back to the beginning of your blog and have been reading every post one by one and I’m getting so many nuggets and ahas from it. Also have been listening to Abraham cds whenever I drive. So I feel like I’m really encoding LOA into my DNA (or rather entrenching it in my mind so I’m more conscious of it all and thus I’m having an enormous shift in really really really caring about how I feel).
    Anyhoo, reading through your post about your formerly awful drug dealing neighbor gave me a big aha. I realized that my hatred/anger/resentment for my late dad’s wife was causing stuckness in all areas of my life. And hating someone means that I’m not in a vibrational place of SELF love.
    So I’m untangling that knot now. I am ok with it not magically disappearing overnight (but I’m not saying it will NOT happen!) and frankly I’m now ready to let this go. I do think that for big stuff we may be carrying around – we’re not ready until we’re ready to let it go/clean it up.
    And I’m getting fantastic evidence that I am moving to that place of being happy inside no matter what’s going on outside. Last night as I was driving home from work on the interstate my tire blew out. I kept the car under control and got from the left most lane and onto the shoulder.
    Not so long ago I would have been super upset over the idea of having to get new tires and the cost and really into the story of how scary it was (yeah, I was shaking a bit after I had pulled over). But immediately I found things to joke about (the idea of asking if the tire could be patched. lol No way – it was shredded and in pieces); didn’t beat myself up over manifesting this – even thought the Universe had this happen and it all works out even if we don’t see WHY immediately.
    Today I have three replacement tires (to replaced the shredded ones and two that were needing replacement – one was still fine). It happened easily, quickly and inexpensively. Also even though it was money going out that I wasn’t expecting – I just feel that the Universe will bring me way more than what I paid for the tires. Heck, the tire place may even end up being a customer for my online marketing services.
    All this rambling to say – yes, there can be one big thing we’re vibrationally stuck in and untying it can help. And I’m really getting the truth (ahhh – relates to the previous post) that feeling good is all that matters. I CAN be happy even when a tire blow out on the INTERSTATE and because my vibe is higher overall – I handled the situation well and stayed safe. My circumstances don’t dictate my happiness – I do!

  • Slack and relaxing, rest and breathing, it’s all key, isn’t it, Harmony?
    Thanks for popping in on this one! 🙂

  • I’ve been there, Ming! With those chains, sometimes they seem hopeless – it’s such a delight to learn I was wrong and that indeed all is well! lol
    Yay for enjoying your day off. 🙂

  • Tammy Matthews says:

    Very insightful! Never thought of thinking about untangling lights to help me get through a struggle.

  • I love when we can leverage knowledge and skills we already have in one area and translate it to another. Gives us a head start in believing we can, since we already do!
    Thanks for reading and for commenting, Tammy.

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