Use Your Magic

Some of you youngsters won’t understand this reference, but haven’t the rest of us all wished at some point that we had a magic twitching nose like Samantha Stephens?

On a dime she could make happen whatever she wanted. Just by thinking it and wriggling her nose.

Need someone to forget what they saw? Sam could do it.

Feel like transforming a person into an animal? Easy peasy.

Instant teleportation? No problemo.

Gotta reverse a curse from your mother put on your muggle hubby? She’s all about that.

Didn’t you wish you could do the same kind of magic?

I sure did.

But guess what?

We not only can, we already are.

We already are engaging our creative powers to affect the world around us.

The only difference is that some folks aren’t conscious about it, thus they’re not necessarily creating what they prefer.

and we don’t have to master the nose twitch for it to work.

Similar to Samantha (minus the nose twitch) our magic comes from how we focus. From being willing to picture it, think it, and/or feel what we want, in order to let it unfold.

For example, I just completed a big move, and in the process found a wide variety of things to be anxious about …

  • Will the internet work? What about the new phone?
  • What will the animals think? How stressed will they be?
  • How in the world will the timing work for all the different pieces that have to come together?
  • Will I fit in this community?
  • Was this the right change for me?

This could be a long list, you guys! I found a lot of things to worry about.

But each time I caught myself trying to figure out how to make something come together, or worrying that it wouldn’t, I’d do a little Samantha Stephens magic on it.
I’d just imagine it already real, the way I wanted it to be.

I felt it, saw it, thought it – the way I wanted it.

So when kitty cat Elsa went missing on the second day in the new house, after fretting for a moment or two, I remembered my magic. I spoke out loud as if she had just returned and I was talking to her directly: “There you are, Elsa! Nice to see you again! Thanks for coming back!”

I said it every time I walked in a room and caught myself looking for her. “There you are! Hi, Elsa!”

As if she were right in front of me.

Within a few hours she was. Turned up as if she’d never been gone.

And when I was exasperated trying to coordinate work between the house cleaners, carpet & tile guys, and furniture movers all scheduled on the same day, I gave up trying to make it happen and just practiced the feeling of how it all worked out perfectly. I sure didn’t see how that was going to happen, because it looked like wrong timing for everything.

But I conjured up the relief and delight of it all working out perfectly, and let it go.

Sure enough, Universe knows how to make that so. When I get out of the way. (Someone showed up early, another team was running an hour late, the third crew was delayed with an overheated van. And everything worked out perfectly for me!)

When I noticed myself second-guessing the decision to make this move, I pulled out a new pray rain journal and made entries about how it was even better than I dreamed, how good it felt to be here, and how clear it was that this was perfect for me.

And that’s exactly how it’s been unfolding … waking up in awe, receiving continual signs of confirmation, feelings of unbelievable amazement that this is my life now. Wonderful neighbors, beautiful area, acclimating animals. Just like I journaled. Except even better, because that’s what I wrote. 🙂

That’s how it works when you’re willing to use your magic for what you want rather than what you worry about.

All you have to do is practice your preferred reality (in thought, speech, action, and/or feeling), and then get out of the way. Just honor any inspired nudges to act, but mostly let it happen for you.

Stop trying to work it out your own self, and let magical forces intervene on your behalf.

It might not always be as immediate as Sam’s magic nose twitch, but it is every bit as reliable.

So use your magic the way you were meant to. Your life will thank you for it.

  • September 14, 2016
  • Rita says:

    Okay witches,
    I have a question. I want to cast off all my powers for good because I’m a convert to the Catholic Church. Can’t mix magic with that. I need to continue in my reception of sacraments. But by golly these powers are a mighty temptress. I will be kind and not mention where the church says powers come from because as a last resort I’ve come to the witches for aid. I was told by a trained priest and bishop that I am not possessed by demons nor do they hang around my home so I’m not under their spell but that my experience is hysteria, imagined or in my mind. My husband, mother and brothers are witness to my abilities, whether they come from me or an outside source is debatable. I first had encountered these extra abilities at 3 1/2 years old when I magically in front of my grandparents made dollar bills come out of the palms of my hands. I didn’t have a spell book or wand. My hands were all I had. I believed in magic. But my family rationalized what had happened in front of their own eyes so I did. Rationalization made the trick impossible to perform again. So I left it alone. My mother told me that dead dandelion was a wishing flower when I was 5. I made a simple childish wish and instantly it was true. I had clairvoyance from that young even until now. Additionally I can look at certain people and my mind is attracted to them and I can see inside them, read them. I know their story before they tell me what it is. There are more examples but then my question could go unasked. Every time I predict the future my parents rationalize it. My younger brother also is clairvoyant and has some powers too. He rationalizes his as well. We both laugh it off but mine isn’t going away. I want to be a Catholic not a pagan. There has to be a way to cast this off. My priest won’t tell me, the trained bishop won’t perform an exorcism because he says I’m not possessed. So what do you do? I’ve tried ignoring it for 2 years and it doesn’t go away. It’s weak but I can still will stuff to happen (unintentionally) but it’s lame stuff like a new sweater or a handful of balloons. Where it used to be bigger stuff like rain storms and a Friday night date (I was 16) so its obviously weak but as a narcoleptic….the dreams never are. I always go into lucid dreams, I always have sleep paralysis, I dream of the future frequently. This is not allowed and is too tempting to continue with. So if you have any kindness and can see my problem…help. Thanks.

  • Heather says:

    It was one of my favorites. 😀 I think I always knew that one day I would be like that!
    And wooo hooo, look at us!!! It IS real! 😀

  • JG. says:

    I must confess I never enjoyed that show.
    I could NEVER understand why Larry was ALWAYS so angry to have such a MAGICAL wife…

  • Tricia says:

    What if the magic I want is for my nose to twitch? 😉

  • AHazell says:

    Wow!I was just thinking of that show the other day,and I realized that LOA is a lot like what Samantha was doing..just not so fast… I loved that show and watched it long after it went to re-runs. Thanks for sharing that, Jeanette.

  • jen says:

    I loved that show too! Being a witch by nature, it made a big impression on me whan I was a kid. (Plus, I found a feral kitten my uncles adopted and named “Samantha”! )
    The cultural messages are all over the map, though. Marry a muggle for love, and instead of bringing him into the magical world, you have to pretend you’re a muggle too? NOW, I say WTF? but as a little kid, that seemed OK.
    OTOH, all the best and strongest witches were women – the boys (like Dr Bombay and Uncle Arthur) were mostly adorable princesses whose asses Samantha was always saving. So there’s that.
    (I can roll my tongue and wiggle my eyeballs, but never could wiggle my nose, which my Mom assured me was an absolute necessity. Adults!)

  • Barbara says:

    I love it. I’m going to apply this today. I also wanted to ask about suffering through something. In my case its physical. Is all suffering from resistance? I read that on Melody’s blog. It seems we all go through suffering from time to time, be it emotional or physical, and I’ve read a lot about surrendering and allowing here on your blog, and I’m doing my best with that. It doesn’t feel quite right to say that all suffering is resistance,for some reason. Is it? In my case my suffering is my body coming back into balance after a long time with anxiety and fear and grief. The emotions caused a ton of instability in my body and am now healing and working on moving forward. Tons of progress, but also much discomfort too.

    • jen says:

      Pain is your body reporting a condition that needs attention. If you are sure the discomfort is not something you need to do something about (newly broken bone, for instance) ask your body if it can report the condition in some other way (as sparkles, or the taste of ice cream, or euphoria, or whatever you like.) That way your body has done its job by communicating with you; and you can note: “hmm, sparkles! I’m still adjusting…”

  • Shan says:

    I don’t know who Samantha is, but I get the gist; the same as a magic wand! You are such an inspiration, Jeannette. What a great reminder. And I am so glad your move is working out! I’ve just been angsting about my biz. Will stop forwith and use these tools. Thanks!

  • Leslie says:

    Oh I longed to be Sam for years! Your post helped me remember that I am!

  • Ada says:

    Omg!! Omg!!
    I watched this show recently on Youtube for the sake of nostalgia.Have always loved it though I am a 90s kid.
    I , as a kid would visualize myself being able to do the magic by wiggling my nose.
    I am still shocked that you wrote about this.

  • Sauterelle says:

    I love this! I am going to try it out now.

  • Dana Bouse says:

    I’m certainly old I enough to remember this show! We watched it often, and loved it!!! Great reminder … Off to do some nose twitching now -lol. 🎼now, I’m hearing the theme song play in my head!

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