Vegas Wedding!

bride.jpg In March my dear friend, Peggy, was at the end of her romantic rope. In the two years since her divorce she’d met 41 men, none of whom worked out for her.

I remember the conversation where she told me she was throwing in the towel. She was done with the disappointments, the letdowns and the tears. She was giving up – not forever, she said, but for a while, at least. She’d been hurt too many times.

Three weeks ago she invited me to her upcoming Vegas wedding. ha!

Let’s look at that timeline again. She gets divorced, is intent on finding the romance that was missing in all those years of marriage (I think it was over 12), spends two years looking for it. (And she wasn’t looking with an “easy eye” out for it, she was hunting it down!)

The entire time it eludes her and she has mostly miserable experiences with new men. After the “last straw,” she throws in the towel. “That’s it,” she declares. “I’m done!”

Within a week she gets an email from a guy on an online dating site that she was letting her membership expire on. She tells him she’s done. He persists. She doesn’t even have the energy to argue with him. She meets him just to get it over with so he’ll leave her alone. (Because she can tell from his profile that he’s not her knight in shining armor.) That was late March.

They’re getting married on August 4th. And this guy .. wow! What a keeper!!! He reminds me of Sam Elliott, with an absolute heart of gold. And he treats her like a queen.

I laughed with her today: “If I would have told you in early March that you’d be married by fall, would you have believed me?” Absolutely not, she said!!

How does this happen?

People who don’t understand law of attraction might say this is an example proving that LOA doesn’t work. She wants it, doesn’t get it. She gives up, and THEN she gets it?! How is that “like attracting like”?

But those who understand LOA – especially the concept of resistance and allowing – can easily see how a Romeo couldn’t come into Peggy’s life until she threw in the towel. (Or at least released her iron clad grip on it.)

Peggy was VERY attached to having a new guy in her life. She’d lived without love and romance for long enough, in her opinion (those of my clients who have been coached by me to practice self love can hear me biting my tongue on that one, right?) – anyway, she was beyond bound and determined to have this thing. She was desperate for it. Her life did not work without a love partner. And she was going to find him.

Can you feel that energy? If you were on the other end of the phone with her, trust me, it would be unmistakably “attached.” And you know what that means, right?

There was no ease or allowing present.

Until she gave up.

Then, voila!! The floodgates were open!!

It’s not my favorite way to get to allowing, but it sure is a common way. lol

I’ve done it myself.

Anyway, I’m just so smiling at how quickly things can turn around after we thought all was lost. Isn’t it beautiful how our vibrational escrow can come swooshing in so fast?! When we LET IT?!

Amen to that.

And congrats, Peggy. You deserve all the happinesses in the world! (As do we all.)

  • June 29, 2007
  • Tia says:

    Oh dear oh dear i guess Im finding all your old posts that relate to me (haha loa). My vibe has been moody for just the last 1 day cos this guy I met online (one of the 2 i fancied) said he wld call on the weekend. He didnt. He then emailed and said he wld call me today. I went out and had fun at the beach but all the time I also waited. He didnt. Im now gettin upset and thinking to myself ‘what an undependable guy’ Im going to close this match and ‘why am i attracting inconsistent undependable men’ ‘he seemed so nice’ etc etc. All the while not realising I had become too attached to the idea of this guy and me!!!
    Which I JUST realised after reading this post. LOL. No wonder my dream man is now becoming my undream man so quickly!! I was actually starting to feel quite self righteous ( “I” would never not call if I said I was going to! “I” am dependable etc etc). While I have not been feeling desperate at all, I WAS starting to give this particular ‘friendship’ some anxious energy, waiting for something to go wrong cos I kept thinking he is so hot and what if he doesnt like me/Im not good enough for him? And we havent even talked on the fone yet. LOL.
    Hmmmmm ok I get it. I am now letting go of the pseudo feeling of self righteousness this thought was giving me. And the attachment to this fella or any fella in my life!!! And back to upping my good feelings with more stuff I like doing without waiting on someone to call and make my day!! Yay, bike ride tmrw in 30+ degrees of wonderful sun. Thanks again you rockstar!! xx

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Congrats, Kathleen!! Isn’t that magic wonderful to experience?! Good for you for lettin’ it in!

    And Kim, your guess that Peggy’s focus was on what wasn’t working is accurate. She did what many of us do – end a relationship and look for another before tweaking the vibe. Sometimes just the change in events will affect our vibration (divorce can be very uplifting for some), but she was squarely in the vibe of “failure” and “letdown” as she started dating again.

    Which is all she could attract with that energy – more failure and letdown. She met some great guys – I would have happily dated any of the half dozen I met! But they couldn’t last long in her world, right? Because great guys don’t go with “failure” and “let down.”

    And yes, throwing in the towel is exactly where her pivot point was. Amen for giving up, huh? lol

  • Kathleen says:

    WOW, Jeannette! I am not getting married in Vegas nest month, but other than that, you are telling my story!I was DONE with internet dating – I had dated about the same number of men, had had one very traumatic experience. As I was about to hang it up, I received an email from a man; neither one of us was the other’s ideal match, but he thought I was cute. We got together despite our differences, and it was like magic! My Dearly Beloved and I have been together for three years. We plan on being married in the next year or so. LOA in action!!!

  • Rodrigo says:

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  • Kim Falconer says:

    Thank you Jeannette for this post. It made me well up!

    I think it is a wonderful example of what happens when we stop feeding our negative thoughts. I’m guessing Peggy was dwelling more and more on how these guys were a let down (41 ‘not right’ guys is LOT of fodder for a negative men vibe!). I can hear what she was telling her girl friends over coffee too! It seems that ‘throwing in the towel’ was actually a pivot away from her negative thought patterns. He stopped thinking about men and relationship all together and, as you say, because her true intension was out there in escrow, whoosh! It came home here…oh boy…I’m welling up again!


    Xxx Kim

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow LOA sure is about flow isn’t it? Like the tide there is this rhythm where we put out our desires and then we pull back a bit. Or maybe it’s more like we get the heck out of the way once we put out our desires.
    I can see FAITH is a huge part of consciously creating, if when we have our conversations we have faith that we have been heard and listened to, and then just maybe we won’t be so inclined to keep on talking.

    Love Leslie

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