Vibe-Transforming Thought

Holidays are supposed to be a time of festivities and love, right? Which is why when we don’t feel the joy, it can hit us particularly hard.

What to do when you’re struggling to find your way out of a bad vibe?

Here’s what I do when nothing else works: I embrace a thought that reminds me everything is unfolding perfectly, even if I can’t see it.

And for good measure I’ll remember a couple of times it was proven out …

My Rottweiler foster dog, Roxxie, recently howled in pain after landing on her broken leg chasing a stuffed animal I’d tossed. (I know! Don’t ask me what I was thinking!) She’d had surgery on a broken femur two weeks prior, and was due to be delivered to her new family in less than a half hour!

My thoughts were immediately full of “don’t wants”: “She’s broken her leg again. It’s all my fault. She’ll need another surgery. The rescue group can’t afford this. Her new owners won’t want her with a re-broken leg. What if it can’t be fixed? No one will want a three legged Rottie. I crippled this dog for life. I’ve probably ruined her life!”

Not the kind of vibe that helps, huh? So I did what I do in every emergency; I called my ex. He tried to talk me down but it didn’t help. I insisted he take her in for x-rays immediately.

After Verrall left with poor limping Roxxie, I tried to imagine “happy healthy Rox.” She’s bouncing around on four legs at her new home loving life. Couldn’t get there. The memory of her painful howling and wobbly leg drowned everything else out.

So I used my fall back thought, the one that works every time: “The Universe always has my best interests at heart and delivers me perfection every single time. Always. Perfection.”

I had to repeat it nearly a dozen times before I could feel the peace creeping back in. Which is when I called to checkup on her. “This is hopeless,” I overheard the vet say to Verrall. Jeez loueez! This was becoming a real test!

Back to the drawing board: “The Universe always has our best interests at heart and delivers perfection every single time. Always. Perfection.” A couple repeats for good measure, then I released my attachment to the outcome.

Fifteen minutes later Verrall phoned to say they were singing my praises at the vet’s office. “Thank God you insisted on x-rays,” he said. It turns out Roxxie’s original surgery was flawed – her leg would never healed. Had this not been caught, she could have lost it altogether.

Woo hoo! How brilliant of me to throw a stuffed animal for a broken-leg dog!! What kind of genius am I? To top it off, the vet offered a 50% discount on her surgery which her new owners happily paid as they collected her from the vet’s office that day.

How about that? The Universe really does have our best interests at heart, and delivers perfection every single time – even when we can’t see it right away. Next time you’re in a pinch – try that thought on for size and let it transform your tough situation.

  • April 1, 2007
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    Hmmmm… I think I’m going to try this one…

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