Vibrating Money In

money2.jpgSomeone publicly tweeted this message today:

“I need money, can I borrow some? anyone? Hello?”
which made me smile and want to help …
… then I got a call from an aunt asking if I would/could help my neice turn her financial situation around.

So I figured a post was in order about how to vibrate money in.

Although I suspect neither my neice nor fellow tweeter is law of attraction savvy, now’s as good a time as any to embrace the EASY way to create change.  For those of you who already know this, please add your voice to the topic and share the wealth of your experience!

For those of you who have no idea what it means to vibrate money in, here we go:

Everything in the Universe is made of energy. When we look closely at all the itty bitty little parts of EVERYTHING, we see the same thing: vibrating waves of energy.

And here’s the cool thing scientists have been tripping out over: our conscious awareness alters energy.

Meaning, we rearrange atoms with our thoughts.  Literally.

So when you change your mind, you change the state of matter.

(Quoting directly from the smart guy on tv show “Numbers.” tee hee See what common knowledge this is now?!)

And that’s all money is – energetic matter. (And you’re in charge of matter!  With your conscious awareness!! How cool is that?!)

Which means money isn’t a tricky thing that’s hard to figure out or difficult to come by or easily lost – unless you choose so through your awareness (i.e. thoughts).

Money can be as easy as breathing and as abundant as oxygen when you shift your thoughts/awareness/consciousness/vibration about it.

If I’m thinking or feeling that money is scarce, then my vibration requires I experience money as scarce. If I think money is fun and magic and everywhere with my name on it, then my vibration calls forth that experience.

It’s the way the system’s set up. Good to know the ground rules, huh?

So all I have to do is shift the way I’ve been vibrating (thinking/feeling) about money in order to change my experience of it.

And for those of you who want to tack on something like, “Well, yes, that AND you have to take massive action. You can’t just sit there and expect your financial situation to change.” … if that’s the way you want to play it, I’m not going to stop you.

We each create our own experience according to our beliefs. And I’m not here to talk you out of yours.

But I promise you, massive action is not part of my game plan. Taking inspired action is, doing what feels good is, but I know that action isn’t the trick here.

Shifting the vibration is.

So, to my Twitter friend calling out for money, tune in to how you’re feeling about money right now, and evaluate what that’s attracting.

Example, if you’ve been feeling “not enough” about money, or “I need some NOW” or “it’s hard for me” – or whatever you’re feeling(desperation, anxiety, frustration – whatever), know that that feeling is your money instruction.  Those thoughts and feelings are what arranges whether money shows up in your world or not.

So if you want more money, you’ve simply got to start feeling money differently now. (That’ll lead to new inspirations which may call for some action on your part, maybe not.)

Whatever you’d feel THEN, when you have all the money you dream of, start feeling that way NOW and thinking those thoughts NOW, and WATCH money make its way to you.

(Yes, even while you sit on your couch, and yes, even before there’s a “reason” to feel/think that way. This is why it’s called deliberate creation. We don’t wait for the results to dictate how we feel, because we know our feelings are what dictate the results.)

If you have a strong belief that massive action is required in order to make money, please know that particular belief flows contrary energy to “easy money.” (Unless massive action is “easy” to you.) So don’t get frustrated or say it doesn’t work if you’re vibrating opposing frequencies. When you send mixed signals you get mixed results.

Although for many, mixed signals about money would even be an improvement!

What are some easy ways to shift the money vibe? Let’s compile them here! What a great resource for someone who’s feeling stuck and wants a friendly reminder of where their power lies!

Here are a few easy and immediate money vibe shifters:

  • Complete the question: “Wouldn’t it be nice if … ?”
  • Enjoying recalling a time when you did have a better situation with money
  • Pleasantly imagine your future with lots of money it
  • Flow appreciation for the money that IS in your life now
  • Change your languaging – use phrases that line up with having plenty of money (“Good thing I’m rich” is my fav from Mike Dooley)
  • Start behaving like someone who IS experiencing financial relief/abundance, rather than acting like someone in $$ dire straits

If you find it difficult to take yourself to these scenes or come up with words that represent the financial abundance you want, that shows this work will bring BIG payoff since your vibe is that off-kilter from what you want. Just a little bit of work on this WILL bring results, and when you get those results, CELEBRATE them! That opens you up to more and bigger results tomorrow.

Let me just add that this isn’t the ONLY way to bring money in, but it is effective, reliable, fast, and it’s actually pretty easy once you stop letting “reality” dictate how you feel.

I know we’ve got lots of powerful money manifesters in this audience with insights and tips to add … let’s hear ’em!

  • December 10, 2008
  • Alain says:

    Very interesting post. I’ve decided to implement at least one of the strategies you listed here. My favorite is to appreciate the money you already have. I’m a firm believer that whenever you express gratitude for something, it becomes even bigger – money included. Energy flows where attention goes, right?

  • nilou says:

    Your article is perfect. I actually feel I have my desired one
    hundred and fifty million dollars in the bank; and fifty thousand dollars in cash in 100,s 50,s and 20,s dollar bills.
    Thank you
    Blessings and prosperity to all

  • Dana Hayden, M.Ed says:

    Found my way here this morning, it is exactly where I to be.
    Thanks for a Fantastic website!
    Gratefully Yours, Dana

  • You you should make changes to the blog subject title Vibrating Money In | Good Vibe Blog to something more catching for your blog post you make. I liked the post withal.

  • Ewa says:

    I search in internet for money atract and i found that 🙂 I’m writing from Poland – my situation is – a looot of debt, bills and stuff like that but i feel happy inside me. Maybe money come to me now?
    Best 4 all of You and sorry for mistakes.

  • Brenda says:

    When I realized a few years back that the money in my bank account was only numbers on the computer screen (and I was extremely in the flow) I had fun just visualizing the amount of money on the screen change to more money. When I went to the bank I couldn’t believe that there was $50 more in my account that I couldn’t figure out how it got there. Also because I was in such a high vibration all the time – it seemed like I was spending alot of money but still had alot in the bank – it was strange as if the money just kept extending back to where it was before I spent it. I need to get back in the flow of things again – it was great at the time!

  • Jerbethaqui says:

    Thank for the writings on manifesting money. I am new to your blog, however, I have been working with manifesting and need some help. Therefore, I believe I manifested this blog to have a community of people that are doing the work or working on getting to know the gift with greater ability.
    Now, I recognize, I have been a little off with my vibrational energy. So again I say thank you for being here for me.

  • jbirkett says:

    Thank you for your help. I love getting your posts and it’s very inspiring and usally exactly what I need each time, but of course that’s what it’s all about, right 🙂 I am manifesting your blogs! Thank you 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    Some would say yes, JBirkett – but I believe it depends.
    Some can be on a budget and feel very empowered about that – like they’re on the right track, being responsible, lots of reason to believe things are getting under control and sometimes just accounting for it all helps one realize there’s plenty there.
    Others can be on a budget and feel limited and disempowered.
    I personally have experienced it both ways at different times in life.
    I think the answer is to pay attention to how it feels individually, and go with whatever feels best. Knowing that may even change over time.
    Thanks for reading, and for posting!

  • jbirkett says:

    Is it counteractive to be manifesting money and living on a budget?? Does living on a budget block the ability to think in abundance?

  • sophia says:

    Jeanette! I love this post and all the comments flows so nicely together.
    I’ve always been obsessed with money. I love it! lol. Everyone’s stories and techniques are very inspiring.
    Here’s mine, hopefully it makes sense lol.
    One story I’d like to share is about my gym membership. I had signed up onto a gym and failed to be motivated to go for almost a year. mind you I had exercise through the physical work I use to do with the company i use to work for (now working for a company I manifested) and I roller bladed, played squash and was on a women baseball league at the time. The gym membership was there for when I felt inspired to go, apparently I wasn’t inspired for a whole yr. lol.
    I know some might be asking ” so you wasted your money for a whole yr and didn’t even use it? that’s crazy.. or whtever you may be thinking along those lines. lol.
    When I signed up on my gym membership I gave them a cheque that went into my savings account b/c I had ordered the wrong ones online.
    Anyways so I was quite aware that money would be withdrawaled out of this account but I for some reason didn’t care. Money owing kept building and building. I kept shaking it off. I think i had the money to pay for it but didn’t care to pay it lol. I kept shaking the uncomfortable feeling and making peace with it. It was as if, within me was telling it everything will work itself out. (this is a technique I have used in different ares of my life. Letting go of the worry and knowing things will work itself out.)
    Then one day I reminiscing about how I use to be at a gym that was very close to where I lived (only b/c I had lived in a small twn lol. ) and how it would be nice if that gym existed in my city.
    One day when I was paying my bills online I decided that I should probably pay off that gym membership (you think!? i said to I calculated that it must be at least a grand owing since I put it off for so long including the penalty fees. “oh well. I thought. I owe it. I might as well get over myself and pay what I owe. Everything will be ok.”
    You won’t be believe what happened. When I checked my savings account. I had a balance of one month’s owing instead of what I figured would add up to plus I kind of noticed that the name changed. It didn’t click in..until I called the gym to verify what I owed. They said “yes mam, it shows here that’s all you owe. would you like head offices number to confirm” I said yes and called them up. Believe it or not they said the same thing and informed me that the gym that I was wishing to sign up bought out my old gym!
    The gym I was reminiscing about appeared out of nowhere and my account was wiped clean minus the one mth payment.
    That was proof for me of the universe’s abundance in answering my inner intuition that everything will work out fine when I was ready to receive it!
    Making peace, letting go of my worries and fears has done wonders for my life!
    “Life is suppose to be fun ” Abraham hicks.
    And it definitely is when we make it fun.! =0)
    Cheers everyone!

  • Rose says:

    I have to admit that this is both one of the difficult ones for me to ‘work’ and also the one that I have had the most success ‘working’. For years I made about the same income and was always on the broke side but when I started telling myself “Money is flowing into my life.” all the time I was suddenly and very unexpectedly offered a promotion and substantial raise.
    This is actually a great reminder to me of how well the Law of Attraction works. Ofcourse you don’t know what’s going to happen, can’t see where it’s going to come from but suddenly there it is.

  • Caz says:

    I’m fairly new to this too – well, new to being successful at it! Since learning more about what has been blocking me, I’ve been finding solutions to things that previously seemed impossible.
    I’ve started small, just so I can get used to it, without thinking “I can’t believe that happened” and then manifesting the belief that it’s impossible so it won’t happen again 🙂
    I set a target for 4 clients by the end of this year, I’m already on my 6th. Then on Thursday last week, I was thinking that it was about time that I had more than 1 client in class at a time, looked at my email 1/2 hour later and I had someone else book onto the class starting on the Saturday…paid in cash on the day!
    I’m fundraising for a sponsored trip in the Arctic in Feb – initially I was putting off applying for a place as I have to raise £3000 funds to go, but a little encouragement from my friends on Twitter to go for it and I’m already 10% of the way to my target. I’m having little insights on how to raise more money every time I put my mind to thinking about it 🙂
    Love, love, love that this is all so very possible if you just change your belief system!

  • Dana - Your Inspried Coach says:

    Gosh I am new to the underpants story too, Kim! Funny, cuz I have a whole drawer of underpants I don’t wear but I keep just in case (don’t worry, I have a drawer of them I do wear too). I’m always getting more underpants, and I have so many that they last a long time.
    I hope you all applied that to money. Tee hee

  • Dana - Your Inspried Coach says:

    Ha! So funny this is the topic going around. I’ve been doing “work” on this for quite a while now, and it’s becoming habit, thanks to Jeannette. They say 21 days at least…right?
    Today I read something asking me “what is in your warehouse?” The concept the author (Sandy Forster, I believe) illustrated was that there is this big warehouse in the sky somewhere (in the universe, out there) that has all your stuff in it. It’s a storehouse for all the stuff you’ve ever ordered. The way it works is, you feel really cool one day when you see a pretty alfa romeo and you say, “Damn, that’s for me! I want that! I want that color too, and those leather seats, with the two tone, and the navi system and big supercharged engine..” and your little elves/angels who work at the warehouse immediately get excited with you and they say, “Hey, Dana wants an alfa romeo, a red one, with the red and white two-tone seats and the navi system and the twin turbo super horse power engine! Yay!” And they start building your car, to your specs and then they finish it up and polish it real nice and they start getting it ready to ship to you, and if you keep that vibration going, they get it to you.
    However, many times something intervenes on our good feeling. Maybe we tell a good friend how we want that car and they say, “Pfft! On your salary, Boyle, keep dreamin! Plus, you couldn’t handle that much car! That’s not a chick car.” So you begin to doubt and you believe your friend and say to yourself, “Yeah, maybe he’s right, maybe that’s not the car for me, besides it is too expensive.” Or maybe you had a really bad day and everything went counter to how you wanted it to go, and you got really frustrated and said or thought, “Darn it, nothing ever goes right for me! I never get what I want! Why does it have to be so hard?”
    Well, the warehouse elves working at your collection of stuff get bummed and say, “Gee whiz! I guess Dana doesn’t want her alfa now! Roll her back, boys! Forget it. She’s called the order off. She can’t afford it, it’s too much car for her and besides, nothing ever works out for her, so cancel her other orders too…yep, the job offer and the cute guy too!”
    Then maybe a few weeks later you begin to notice other people with your alfa. You see one here or there and you admire it. You really appreciate it and you begin to think, “Well, why not? I deserve an alfa romeo as much as the next guy! I love that car. I want one.”
    The cycle starts again…if you can continue vibrating that you have it, you are worth it, and you believe it will happen.
    Believing it will happen or can happen is key, at least for me. It was the missing link in my ah-ha moments in money manfestation particularly. It’s called muscle testing. Do you really believe that what you’re asking for can be yours? Do you believe it’s within your reach? That doesn’t mean it has to be logical. It can be a stretch, but not so much of a stretch that you yourself don’t believe it. If you say I want a million bucks and your insides are screaming “yeah, right” it ain’t gonna happen. If you say my net worth is a quarter of a million dollars and you truly believe that it will come into your life, it will!
    Try it out with things that you know you can manifest first. With money, maybe it’s $10. Then $100. Then $1000. You get it. Write down what you want your financial life to look like in 12 months, in 24 months, today. The written word has power…ask Jeannette or Kim! Write it as if it is, and feel it as if it is. Believe it.
    Affirmations every day help too…there are so many things to suggest. Wake up daily and say your new affirmation, “I am building wealth. My net worth is positive. My net worth is $250,000 and growing. I am debt-free! Money comes easily to me, and I manage money so well, it likes to hang out with me for long periods of time!”
    Just a few of my newfound money manifestation friends.

  • Oh wow just realised it took me 5 months to write that post I’m talking about at the start of this one! LOL

  • Flavia says:

    I was once payed to be a witness to a couple being married by a judge. They had no witnesses and I was around:))
    Also free upgrades are always enjoyable. Just last week my parents went to Greece and were upgraded from a 3 star hotel to a 5 star one:) And a client got upgraded to flying first class. Totally unexpected! But todtally in alignment with what they wanted!
    We received a bill for a service my husband needed 4 months prior and it was pretty big. We had already payed for it. This was an add-on. It felt like it came out of the blue, months after and it just didn’t make any sense. So I looked for a better feeling thought and the best thought I could come up with was “It’s a mistake. They’ll fix it. It’s done” And I really felt it done. I told my husband “I don’t have a rational reason why I feel this way but I feel it’s done.” He probably didn’t think much of it. 🙂
    A month went by and then we received an option from them to pay 100$ a month towards it. Again I felt like “Really? We have to pay this? I really feel it’s done.” We did payed the $100 though. And then we received one more bill for $100 but we took our time with it. A few days. Just in time to receive a notice from them that it had been payed for us. No explanations why!
    I really don’t care why!:)) I’m just happy my feeling was right. Seriously! It didn’t make any sense! Until it did!!

  • bonni says:

    Last night, I was picking up clothes from the family room floor (which is where my kids change their clothes and get dressed in the morning, etc., due to the proximity to the kitchen). I was just picking them up and I said out loud to my husband, “Why is our house full of underpants?”
    And then I burst out laughing. I did explain to him about underpants/money, but I’m not sure he entirely got it. Still, it’s nice to know that we really do have plenty of underpants. (I’m going to take it as a funny synchronicity ;))

  • Tia Singh says:

    I am such an underpants honey!
    My life is full of underpants!
    Kim you rock .. LOL
    Just remembered another little thing I do – each time I take $$ out of the ATM machine and get the receipt, I add a digit to it.
    For eg when I see $4,000 I whip out my little pen (and with a smile on my face that started as soon as I got to the machine) I draw a “1” so it shows $14,000 or $41,000 and then I put it back in my purse and skip along the way. I even had a few of them taped on my wall so every time I look at the big numbers I get excited!
    LOVE this technique for feeling GREAT abt the “dwindling” balance in my account – each time I take $ out I get MORE than 3-10 times back :D!

  • Jim Patterson says:

    My story is about sharing the art of manifestation with a friend plagued by depression and negative attitudes. She has been a “The Glass is Bone Dry” person as long as I have known her. Predictably her money situation is almost always problematic.
    One way that she had gotten money in the past was through yard sales. As she planned one to overcome a perceived monetary shortfall, I went to work sharing manifestation techniques with her centered around her sale, but allowing for other input…
    Her accumulated goods to sell were really not sufficient to bring in the amount needed but with encouragement she persevered with her plans.
    The first day of the sale arrived to horrendous weather, and not too many people. However the ones that did come all bought significant items so that she netted about $400!
    I used this to reinforce the positive energy that she had begun to manifest, and then she went to get the mail…
    There was a check in the mail for $882.75!
    This was from a program that she had applied to months before and completely forgotten about!
    The second day of the sale brought no break in the weather, and even fewer people but about $500 in sales!
    Day three was the last day of her sale, and she netted another $300 from the fewest visitors yet…
    Her three day total was therefore $2,082.75 when her initial intention was to raise $500 total!!!
    In the days that followed, I encouraged her to think of this as normal money flow patterns and she has gotten calls resulting in almost another $800 from various sources.
    The energy was always there for her, she was just misapplying it.
    For many people like her, the idea that a change in energy patterns will produce the desired results is usually followed by an exclamation such as:
    Oh! So your saying it’s MY fault then?!
    One of my own most basic tenets for years has been that I have absolutely no use for or interest in assigning blame, but many get very caught up in this radioactively negative force.
    Part of why I was able to help this friend was that I took advantage of even the minor change to postive energy that planning for her sale brought about.
    Then I built on it!
    Then SHE built on it, and the above results were all too predictable.
    A whole lot of fun to be involved with too!

  • “My love for you is from my source, the womb of life, the abundance is there and I have touched it. I know it will permeate from my every cell now.”

  • Shanti Mia says:

    🙂 so money talks and money walks 🙂
    everything has been said in this blog and the comments that followed. I haven’t much to add…. In fact I haven’t been concentrating on attracting money lately and perhaps it is a good reminder to do so….NOw
    However, I have always in some way or another lived that I always have enough and more & like with most of you guys it’s always come back as enough… but now I’m thinking I’d like to do things, change things, help my family, run away to exotic locations…..
    should I focus on manifesting exotic holidays or the money to do so?
    Actually I wish to manifes inspiration, motivation to write a book? any thoughts? and how about a relationship?
    You say something about taking focus off one area and instead aiming it to another? so love & money? hand in hand?
    PS: I tend to kiss my bills when they come in now days, as a reminder that I am simply paying my way through life and it’s an exchange of energy…… so enxt time you receive your eletricity bill….. I guess the word is energy exchange.
    many blessings,
    Shanti Mia

  • Michaela says:

    Hi Jeannette! I don’t have any money advice or success story to share at the moment. On the contrary, yesterday I had quite a rough day and was very sad about a money situation in my life. I thought of your blog and that maybe you had some good advice about money to share – guess how happy I was when I read your recent blog post! 🙂 It gave me new hope and upliftment to read what you and all the other contributors shared here, so thank you very much! It was just the right moment for me to read this. Please keep the good advice coming, everyone!

  • JCA says:

    Have to say that this is all very new to me. But at the end of last month I decided to try to bring extra money into my life. After spending a little time pondering on how much money I needed, I came to decision to try to double my monthly income and set about thinking about that, whilst not really knowing whether I was doing things right or not.
    After about a week, I received a couple of £50 deposits from people wanting me to photograph their weddings next year. Then another £50 as an advance fee for a social gathering, after that £120 arrived towards a payment for me to photograph a Christening. Now the interesting thing is that my part time photography business has been sort of dormant for a couple of years with no activity. Interestingly though, I have had the intention of rebuilding the business in the New Year.
    During the same week, I was offered a lot of weekend overtime in my main job, which I have calculated, after taxes should net me around £780 by Christmas.
    That’s not all. Last week, I had a call from a friend who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years, asking me if we could meet up for a drink. I agreed and when we met up he thrust £500 cash into my hand. I had forgotten that four years earlier I had leant him £1000 when he was in trouble. And although he paid me back within a month, he hadn’t forgotten how I got him out of a tight fix, and now his business was doing well he wanted to show his appreciation.
    It only dawned on me when I was driving home from this meeting, that I had created all this unexpected income so far.
    In the last 15 days the tally has reached £1550, and were only half way through the month, and I haven’t lifted a finger by way of generating any effort. You know where my dedication is headed from here on don’t you?

  • Susie, your energy is absolutely infectious. I sure love it when you post here!
    And Kim, your underpants post is lighting this place up!
    With this vibe we’re all flowing, it seems we’d do well to toss a couple extra panties, undies, boxers or briefs in our drawer to bring the message home to Universe! lol

  • Susie Beifuss says:

    and, gonna get a Christmas tree too!!!!!

  • Susie Beifuss says:

    hi everyone here!!!!
    i love all these posts and stories! i’ve received value x a zillion from your words: i’m gonna:
    only do what i love and feels good
    remember money comes to me easily & effortlessly
    be grateful for all the underpants i have!!!!!
    intend that my income more than covers expenses
    take a shower, get dressed, go out. ….and give $1 bills, $5 bills to people i encounter today (maybe $10 or $20 to a few….and more as my bank account replenishes itself!!!)
    thanks everyone – jeanette and everyone else too!!!!
    love and abundance,

  • Nice reminder to get out of worry, Mark. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  • Mark says:

    I love the underpants story! 🙂
    In my life I’ve been amazed at how money flows in. It comes in unique ways and our family always has more than enough. When I get out of the flow and start thinking I have to do some conventional work things don’t line up and I don’t have any more anyway. So, as I get out of worry and just follow my heart downstream at the pace of my desires I have everything I need in each moment and more whenever my intention chooses to flows towards even more abundance.
    Great post Jeanette!

  • PERFECT example, Anonymous, of how easy and fast this can be! Thanks for sharing your experience here!

    And you’re not alone in that you tend to work with the vibe only in times of great need. I tell clients all the time that I best remember to get intentional when I’m nervous about or not looking forward to something. Inevitably, those times end up being my favorites – and I know it’s because I was spurred to get deliberate about what I wanted to create there.

    But you (and I) could also set an intention to be more consistently intentional. ha!

    Thanks for posting, Anonymous – and huge congrats to you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you Kim. I cried when I got the call. I feel like I am on cloud nine, not just because of the money, but because I feel like I have a say in the outcomes, and reality of my life. What a powerful feeling, to feel like a creator. I am very grateful. I was feeling depressed a few days ago, but made an effort to concentrate on the good and feelings of love. What a difference your mind makes!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Oh Anonymous,
    That is beautiful. I’m all welled up reading your story.
    You are an inspiration!
    Keep relaxing, trusting and thinking those good thoughts!
    Thank you for posting!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am so happy you wrote this article. I am a single mom and full time law student. I have been very anxious about hot to make ends meet, as my loan money is all gone, and I will not receive anymore assitance until January 15. I read your article and really began to concentrate on feelings of wealth, of abundance and of allowing. I have many bills due, but instead of thinking about them i thought about what life would feel like if every need was meet. i read your article around 2:45, took a shower and then took a nap. About 20 minutes ago, 4:20 pm I received a call from a family member that said, ” I just put a thousand dollars in your bank account. A little voice told me to do so”. I am overwhelmed with gratefullness. How do I keep my vibe to receive high? I tend to only maintain it in spurts, during times of great need.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I know, it’s so funny! Like ‘retirement’. . .
    I’m finding the idea of saving for a retirement fund so
    interesting…I mean, it never occurred to me that I might need vast amounts of underwear tucked away for the future.
    🙂 Kim

  • Peregrine John says:

    Ah, Kim, I’m laughing hysterically, now! Love it!
    I tell ya, from imagining an audience in skivvies to get past stage fright, to lightening up on a topic too many get too heavy about, to… well, all sorts of other situations, nothing improves things like a correct application of underwear! 😀

  • bonni says:

    Well, yeah, I bet I could accomplish more of my goals if I just had more underpants… ;P

  • Happy In New England – good question you post here! I wonder about trying on the belief that when you manifest something positive in ONE area, that vibe affects ALL areas of life. So maybe you could start playing with the expectation that success in romance leads to financial wins, too? And stronger vitality, and more fun, etc. etc.
    In fact, sometimes with clients when they really really want one particular thing in their life (and have a big “charge” around it – not necessarily a positive one) sometimes what I’ll ask them to do is start manifesting something positive in a totally different area because as they’re able to more easily do that (than the other thing they’re kinda hung up on), that success will help move things in the “charged” area.
    Not sure that makes any sense. ?
    I would also add you might want to look at the manifesting one thing at a time situation from another angle – one that feels better instead of limiting, perhaps. When you make peace with it and/or appreciate it, that allows you to be a dual manifester.
    Thanks for reading, and thanks for an excellent question! Would love to hear others’ thoughts on it as well … ?

  • Happy in New England says:

    I have been manifesting for about two years now, with some surprising and lovely results. My roadblock is I find myself manifesting only one thing at a time. If I am manifesting a realtionship then I feel I shouldn’t let my attention wander to manifesting financial success. Any advice on this one?
    Thank you everyone I love this site!

  • Kristy M says:

    Underpants! I love it, Kim! Thats really really funny
    I need some money to get a good apartment so I can stay in the city or close to it :). I find that has been on my mind because i want to be in the city more than anything…..
    But I realized money comes with a successful career, so I’m vibrating that and I’ve been not limiting myself to just theatr with my career anymore because I want to do everything… TV, Movies, Broadway… and record so many albums!
    and its going to happen sooner than later… and with that, lots of money…
    So I’m vibing a “Kelly Clarkson”-esque career, a NYC apartment and lots of money now :)..

  • If I could “favorite” comments on this blog, Kim, this would be my #1!! For obvious reasons.
    Thanks for lightening the money vibe mood here! I don’t think anyone could read this and not smile!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love all these stories! Thank you Jeannette!
    I’ve had a chance to look back over 2008 and see how far I’ve come with my money vibe since doing Jeannette’s ‘Money Vibe Alignment group’. I highly recommend it! Wow! Powerful!
    It’s changed my vibe, changed my life.
    I spent decades worrying about money but I am worry free now. One of the best exercises Jeannette taught me was to substitute a word for Money to see how ridiculous my worry was. What an energy shifter.
    I used the word ‘underpants’, like this.
    In the past, I would say, ‘well it’s easy for them (to be happy, married, successful whatever) because they have money!’
    Now if I feel it might be easier for someone else I say, ‘It’s easy for them, they have underpants!’
    “I would love to go to the movies but I don’t have any underpants.’
    ‘He only likes me because he thinks I have underpants.’
    lol you get the idea, but this seriously shifted my thoughts about money.
    Money is no different than knickers (underpants) and once we get that, well, do you have enough underpants? Is there anyone out there who can’t buy a new pair of knickers today?
    Try the substitution with a word that makes you smile and watch your money vibe shift!
    Everything is energy, and energy follows thought.
    What are you thinking right now?
    Blessings all,
    Kim x

  • I think we’re all learning from him, thanks to your sharing it here, John. Thank you for that.

    There is lots of talk about how you have to give in order to get, but not everyone writes about how that doesn’t work so great if you’re just giving in order to get. It’s the energy behind it that drives the results there, isn’t it?

    Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts, John. Always a pleasure to read you.


  • EL says:

    Wonderful post Jeannette…. and great words of wisdom so far in all the comments. I love the vibe of this group 🙂
    I made my first vision board back in June this year. I made it the desktop on my laptop. I felt inspired to write the words “There is ALWAYS more than enough!” in big red letters across the top center. I can honestly say that that has absolutely been my truth since the day I typed it in.
    I feel like I’m constantly finding my “Universe” jeans in the back of the closet and finding Energy in the pocket that I didn’t realize was there. I’ve had increases in money, peace, calmness, happiness, time, enjoyment, dreams, intuition and so on it goes.
    Mine has been a very Spiritual journey too. During this time of increase I came to a Spiritual truth and found great peace in it. I now KNOW… I’ve been here before… I’ll be here again… there is no “end”, only new beginnings. In accepting this, I’ve learned the deep truth in the old addage “Don’t sweat the small stuff… And it’s all small stuff”
    I now see my life more like an all inclusive vacation. Everything I need is always at my fingertips and I only do what I love and what feels good.
    I recently gave $1 to each little kid who didn’t have $$ of their own to spend at the “book fair” I volunteered at, at my kids’ school. I spent less than $15. No biggie. I did it because I love to give. It feels good, and it makes the receiver feel good too. win win. Two days later I found $100 cash on the ground in the parking lot at the grocery store. I looked around for anyone near by, or looking like they’re missing something, but I was the only person around. So… I’m a firm believer in… You gotta give it happily away to make room to happily receive more. This time of year, the Salvation Army bell ringers LOVE me. LOL
    Happy Manifesting 🙂

  • Peregrine John says:

    I know a few millionaires. One of them is a real estate developer who has gone through the entire “do well – crash and burn – rebuild properly” cycle that is practically a story archetype by now. He is now a man of insight, wisdom, humility, and compassion, and though he’d be terribly uncomfortable if I told him this, I am hugely honored to be his friend. I really look up to him.
    He and his wife have an agreement with God: since they are awash in blessings, they make it a point to give away a certain (notable) percentage of their income. Every time they do, more comes in. The more they give, the more they are given to give away. Even now, when he’s (for obvious reasons) pretty thoroughly withdrawn from the market and in a wait-and-see holding pattern, they have to find new, responsible ways to fulfill their side of the bargain. It just keeps coming in.
    I’m learning from him.

  • It’s that generous nature and willingness to receive and keep money in flow that brings you $100 in the parking lot, isn’t it, El? Great stories! And perspective! I especially like this: “Everything I need is always at my fingertips and I only do what I love and what feels good.”

    THAT feels good!

    Thanks for your post, my dear friend. 🙂

  • All right, this is one of my favorite money manifesting stories from years ago, which every money client has probably heard me tell. I’ll try to keep it brief:
    I was tired of working hard for money, and so I started a manifestation that it came to easily and effortlessly. That I didn’t have to work for it at all, that I was a powerful money magnet that money was naturally drawn to.
    And shortly after my bank balance came up wrong one month. There was like $160 in there that didn’t belong. I couldn’t trace it to a particular transaction – but I knew it was off. I called the bank, they said if I needed help balancing I could make an appointment with a clerk who charged $12 an hour to go over it with me.
    I told them I was a CFP, I knew how to balance my checkbook. That there was an error in my favor they might want to look into. They repeated that they charged $12 an hour to help me balance my account. Pass.
    Six weeks or so later, it happened again. Not for the exact amount, but over $100 in there that didn’t belong. It’s like someone just changed the numbers – I couldn’t trace it to a mystery deposit or anything. But there was definitely more in there than there should have been.
    I called again, they gave me the same response.
    After that, I stopped calling when extra money showed up (which was happening every six weeks or so before I stopped tracking it). I realized this was part of my money manifestation. lol I waited over a year for the bank to figure out that they were going to need this money back, but they never contacted me.
    (Having worked in the banking industry, it wasn’t hard to believe how something like this could happen.)
    Easy, effortless money that I didn’t have to work for. Nicely done, Universe. 🙂

  • Mitch, you’re describing one of my absolute favorite ways to shift the energy – act as if!! And we can SO do that without having to spend any money. Just like this – we can take the recycling out as a person in need of more money or we can take the recyling out as a person who has plenty of money. Totally different vibes! And it didn’t cost anything to shift them!
    That’s true power there, my friend.
    And I love how you connected Fresca with abundance! lol I see how that will serve you well … what a hoot! (Of course, if I can use puppy kisses, you can use Fresca. ha)
    Thanks for posting, Mitch – and keep up the abundant vibes!

  • Mitch says:

    I was working on my money visualization today and when I was done, I asked myself what a rich person would do next. The answer was, take out the recycling.
    So as I was emptying the recycling bin, I was shocked at the amount of Fresca I go through!!! Can after can after can! I am intending now that abundance of money is as easy as abundance of Fresca! lol

  • I love Jenny’s reminder that we all have a direct line! Indeed!

    Thanks for sharing a simple example of how easy it can be, Leslie. 🙂

  • Leslie Richter says:

    My friend Jenny was adding her bank account and discovered she didn’t have much. I need more money she said. Instantly she discovered an addition problem and had $500. more than what she had originally thought.
    We giggled at her quick easy manifestation. She then said Okay universe I still need some money and you “know” what I will do. She received a phone call from an older woman who recently had a fall and needs a helping hand, exactly the work Jenny is used to.
    I love to tease her, so do you have some direct line or something. Of course she loves that, everyone has that Leslie she says.
    What I love about Jenny’s manifestating skills is that she is clear with her needs and her integrity, no agenda just clarity.
    Love Leslie

  • Key concept, too, Tia: letting go of attachment to how it shows up. Some of us get hooked on “how” and that introduces a “charge” that doesn’t serve.

    And spending money like you have it is a powerful way to shift the vibe. I know lots of folks aren’t able to pull that one off (truly shift the energy of spending before there’s lots to spend), so I suggest clients follow the “feel good” on that one. Could be different for each person or even for one person in different situations.

    Can’t wait to read your blog post on this!!

    Thanks for inviting me to share one of my money stories, Tia … that’ll be a fun one to type up! Thinking about my favorites now …

    Your input is MUCH appreciated here, Tia! Thank you again!

  • Tia Singh says:

    YES!! One of my favorite LOA topics and field of one of my most successful money experiments indeed!!! For anyone who says you have to work hard for the money, work hard for the money, well Donna Summers may not have got it quite right..
    FIRST the abundance and easy money vibration, THEN the physical money showing up as the icing on the cake. That’s how I went from $4,000 to over $60,000 in savings within 3 years 🙂 🙂
    I do have a long overdue blog post coming up about this and will post a link once done but I’ll share the basics of my story. Oooo I LOVE talking about money!! And money sure loves hanging around me too 😀 That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!
    The original intention was $100,000 by 2008 but by the time I got to $60,000 back in 2006 I didn’t care about the original amount anymore and started spending it cos hey, if it’s that easy to manifest I can do it again. And it’s okay for goals to change so I honour whatever I am feeling at that point in time.
    How did I do it? I first set the intention, wrote about how it would happen (ie, looked into all my possible income fields), didn’t quite see how my current income would get me there BUT decided to just believe that it would somehow HAPPEN and then … didn’t pay it any more attention other than read my goals/intention every month or so.
    Result: All of my quarterly $ targets were met well before each year ended and the yearly $ targets happened 2 months before the last year ended!!
    Along the way I learned a LOT about the most important money “truth”, encountered some -ve money beliefs, worked on them, brought in new beliefs, read about 30 books on related subjects and more – all of which just served to make the process even faster and easier.
    Not all of the money came in the way I had imagined but the way it came was even better and easier than anything I could have dreamed up. And that’s when I learned to let go of any attachment to HOW it would show up. It’s just enough that it does – the Universe does pick the path of least resistance!
    If you spend money like you have it, you WILL have it. Not spending when you want/need to means you don’t trust that there is more where it came from and thus you restrict its flow in your life. I could say SO much more on this topic .. think I better go write that article LOL.
    Can’t wait to read everyone else’s money manifestation stories – just being here in this forum will get all our money vibes sky high 😀 Jeannette, would love to hear a story from you as well!!

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