Vibration Therapy

spa.jpgThere are two ways to raise your vibration: 1) do more of what feels good and 2) stop doing what doesn’t.

A combination of these approaches allows for some intense vibration therapy.

If you’ve been reading me for long, you know I emphasize doing what feels good. But there is also much to be said for putting a halt to the things that don’t.

Our challenge is we’re so accustomed to living with the things that create a drag on our vibration that we aren’t even aware of them. In fact, I think it’s a gift when we do know what’s bringing us down – because then we can address it! As long as we remain oblivious to them, we’ve got a permanent anchor on our vibration.

After a client shared his success in eliminating a major relationship toleration, I was inspired to look around my life for “feel bads” I could knock out. You’ll see them when you start feeling them out – big and small in all forms and sizes: the jiggle sound in the car, the neighbor’s loud music, the relationship you’ve outgrown, the job that’s giving you an ulcer, etc.

Eliminating tolerations is a great way to boost your energy and climb the vibrational scale. We like that, remember, because moving up the scale puts us in strong alignment with our desires.You can spot your “irritations” (as Jack Canfield calls them) by asking yourself what you’re putting up with. What’s bothering you lately? Make a list and knock them out. If you have trouble seeing what your energy drains are, check out CoachU’s Clean Sweep. (It’s not my favorite assessment, but it may trigger your realization about what needs addressing in your life.)

Give yourself the gift of some personal vibe therapy this month!

  • July 1, 2007