Q&A: Vibrational Job Hazards?

avoiding vibrational hazards of the jobHave you ever wondered whether your job is a vibrational hazard? Deliberate creators ask for input about how to ensure what we do for a living doesn’t negatively affect us.

One person writes:

I have a friend who devoted years to working with an organization that provides support services to disabled adults.  Last week he had a freak accident that will likely leave him 80% sightless.

It reminded me about how much I struggled with my finances when I was working with the homeless.  As time has passed and my involvement in that area has lessened, my money stuff has gotten easier.  Coincidence??

Another shares:

I just finished law school and intend to work with underprivileged members of society.  Much of what I will be doing requires me to focus on ‘lack’ (lack of support, lack of financial resources, etc.).  Many of the people I know who have been doing this work for years are burned out and cynical.

I know I should focus on good things, but I’m worried that delving into this aspect of society may affect my vibration in ways I don’t want.  Is there a way for me to do this work without suffering personally?

Another example:

My former tenants used to work for a non-profit that supported people with substance abuse rehabilitation.  After several years of working in the field, their young adult son is in jail for drug related violations, the mother is (accused of being) on drugs,  and the father died in the hospital of an alleged drug overdose.

What do you think?

Is it possible to immerse yourself in a challenging job vibration day in and day out and yet not be affected by it?

Is there any merit to the phrase “live by the sword, die by the sword”? Would love to hear your thoughts …

  • March 12, 2012
  • Kent Julian says:

    Wow! This is one of the best mind stirring questions Jeannette! Thank you for raising up such an interesting topic. In my opinion, as long as you are genuinely happy about your job and consciously immersed to it in a positive way, then you will less likely get caught in a vibrational job hazard that can jeopardize both your life and career.
    Thanks again Jeanette and keep on posting! 🙂

  • Your suggestions mean a lot, Sophie, considering your personal experience!
    Thanks for the “presence” tip as well as the reminder of the values of meditation.
    Much appreciated, my friend!

  • Sophie kay says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    I have supported individuals with developmental disabilities for a decade now and can truly vouch that our occupation can be very hazardous to our well being IF we’re not consciously living in the present.
    It all boils down to where our focus is. If we’re living in the moment we’re more likely to appreciate the positive aspects in our lives. It’s when our focus is drifting towards the past or the future that causes us to struggle with the lower vibrations such as lack, fear, regret, anger, or disappointment.
    From my experience when I consciously focused on the present, I was able to live in the moment; “smell the roses”. Being present allowed me to appreciate everything that was good in my life not what was lacking or going wrong.
    The opposite occurred as well. when I drifted off to what I did in the past or what I would like to do in the future, I felt guilty, anxious, lack, fear and discontentment. I lost sight of the blessings in my life. What manifested from doing that was feeling burnt out and finding all the reasons to leave my job.
    It’s only after some hefty reflection that I realized the essence of what I wanted was always there, I just wasn’t living consciously enough to be aware that it was there.
    It takes a lot of practice and discipline to live consciously but what I found was the most powerful tool for me was Meditation. The results of Meditation is astoundingly amazing!

  • Thanks, Shannon.
    Divya, however you do it, you want to find a way to chill out. Give yourself SOME sort of reason to relax a little. That’ll be a really good start to shifting things.
    (If you can’t get there via a new thought, maybe try a glass of wine or even just half a beer does the trick for me.)
    In fact, here are a few other non-spiritual vibe shifters that might help kickstart your energetic turnaround:

  • Shannon says:

    Divya – this blog posting my Jeannette really helped me: https://goodvibeblog.com/manifesting-on-deadline/

  • Divya says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Ya thanks ….but i want more clearer vision for it..my family has given me just time upto May…after that ..i will be sitting back at home If no job…

  • Here’s my two cents, Divya: feel whatever those feelings are that are up for you right now. Allow yourself to feel them (so we know you’re not in resistance to it).
    And then when you’ve done that, find a thought that feels better. Visit with that thought for a bit, so you’re really feeling the relief that it brings.
    And when you’ve properly milked that one, then find another one that feels better.
    They’ll come to you when you reach for them, after you’ve allowed yourself to feel how you feel now.
    Does that make sense?

  • Divya says:

    I am sorry but instead of putting any views, I want to share my problem..I had lost my last job 7 months back , have done all steps of manifesting but no gain, gave interviews but cundt get thru, now my father has given up…he said that he cant afford to pay my expenses any more. I want to regain my financial, social and seld esteem…I want to be in my choice of field and working blissfully, please please please help.. I cant see my parents so much depressed because of their eldest daughter.
    Hoping to get a positive feedback.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    This is a great questions, Jeannette and the answers are thought provoking! My first image that came up while reading the question was of Mother Teresa. She spent every day of her life in situations that could cripple others and have you seen her face? Love. It’s full of love. She said, ‘I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.’
    It’s not what you find out there, it’s what you bring to it that counts.
    As an astrologer, I am told peoples ‘troubles’ all the time but I find the work uplifting. It’s a chance to offer LOA ideas and discuss how the same energy could be expressed in a new and more fulfilling way. There’s another thing I do that seems relevant to this topic.
    If someone has a LOT of intense and powerful energy focused in a single area of their chart (life) – say they have Uranus and Pluto in their 7th house for instance – all that energy lives out through ‘one-to-one relationships. It can be a BIG blast for them and their current sweetie to channel. If there is a history of ‘disastrous relationships’ I suggest ‘dispersing the energy over a wider field’, in other words, USE that potency through things like crisis counseling, emergency work, helping professions. That way they ‘live out’ the powerful dynamic via work, taking the pressure off more intimate relationships. In this way, those intense vibe professions become life balancing, no hazard at all!

  • Kelly says:

    Wonderful discussion! My social service work brings me many stories about distress, lack and crisis. It increases my gratitude for what I have right now, and for those who have helped me and my loved ones. The crippling attitude I see is “They can’t help it.” I give clients resources to get on track and I support our staff when they start feeling overwhelmed. I can offer solutions to others but it’s up to each of us to shift our energy and take in the gifts we see. Many in my community are agency clients and my kids have true appreciation for all the riches we have- the seen and unseen.It’s been a privilege to make a difference- but I accept when i don’t always get the results I’d wished for. At least I tried!

  • Julie Masters says:

    What a great conversation this is! I also love the bucket image–I worked with the ill and dying for so many years, and I did it so well, that people have wondered why I chose to stop–especially since I didn’t find it “negative” in any way. I just wanted to put down that bucket!! Just because I can do something well, doesn’t mean I have to, and I’m glad that there are others who are glad to pick it up, and love it just as I did.
    Julie Masters

  • JG. says:

    Can’t help but to pitch in.
    As a psychoanalyst I was once asked by a patient how did I cope with all the mourning and depression I surely was in touch everyday with (at least this was her case). After some deep thought I realized I did not have to cope with depressive feelings at all, as long as I stayed in touch with THE BRAVERY my patient had to overcome her state of mind.
    And so, I did learn a lesson. I do certainly not enjoy dark states of mind and when not at work, I tend to avoid them. But then, people looking to work them OUT, deserve all my gratitude and respect…

  • Jessica says:

    I really enjoyed everyone’s responses to this! It’s a good reminder that even tricky jobs can be good ones, when we remember to choose our vibration. When I was in college, I was “supposed” to be a teacher. But after working at a couple different schools, I just knew that I was no match for the prevailing vibration (though I wouldn’t have put it that way). (I know there are amazing teachers, and even worked with many of them, but so many of the teachers and staff I worked with were bitter, overwhelmed, and wanted to be anywhere but there–and they had good reason for that, but it just made sense for me to choose something else.)
    I really like Janette friend’s image with the buckets–that we carry them when we feel inspired to do so and set them down when that’s no longer our thing. It’s such a lovely thought!

  • Robin says:

    Not to oversimplify, but it’s surely not the job, but the feeling yout have toward it that matters, no matter what it is. I am rediscovering this blog and enjoying reading it every day. Thanks for the great vibe-lifting resource!

  • Cat says:

    Isn’t this what things like The Book of Positive Aspects are for?
    I’m an LMT, and I work with people’s pain, muscular and connective tissue dysfunction, and bad postural habits (along with listening to anything in their life that’s bothering them, because LMTs are like bartenders and hairdressers — we hear EVERYTHING). I could either focus on that fact, or I can (and do) choose to see my career as helping people heal, reconnecting them with their body’s innate wisdom. Sometimes I thank them (in my mind) for “pretending” to be hurt or stressed — infinite beings of total Well-Being that they are — in order that I may experience myself as assisting them and making money in a joyful way.
    Working on my clients helps me feel BETTER!

  • Anon says:

    I work with federal inmates in an addiction program and have for many years. During this time, I’ve been learning LOA principles and my life has improved greatly with miracle manifestions often. Truly.
    I was taken aback to read this article. I think that it’s definitely possible to re-focus at the same time as we’re hearing stories and working with these folks. In fact, I think its absolutely necessary to do so. I’ve become more of a mentor and example to the people I work with as my life comes into alignment with my dreams and hopes. I see that they are affected in a positive way by the positive changes in my life.

  • Shannon says:

    I just want to write that I feel SO safe here in this blog! No one thinks I’m weird or strange. I’ve found the like-minded people I have been looking for.
    It has really inspired me. I got ANOTHER fun, creative and wonderfully exciting business idea this morning. So happy!

  • Janette says:

    I agree – it’s ALL about the vibe we get, the story we tell about it. And sometimes the job that had us inspired and energised (thereby inspiring others, BTW) can lose its juice and flip to the pain.
    A good friend has recently steppe back from her long-standing involvement with a social justice movement because – as she puts it – it’s no longer her bucket.
    It’s still a worthy bucket, an important bucket. The bucket supports all the same people and has all the same great results – but it was time for her to put it down. The bucket was getting too heavy and dragging her down; and as a result, she couldn’t carry it well.
    Now other people are inspired to pick up the bucket and move forward with it. They bring their new energy to it, lift it with ease and joy and power.
    She can let it go and trust that they will carry it forward. And when they’re ready to let it go, they can pass it to someone else.
    I kinda like that bucket metaphor. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a case of the situation showing up because of what is inside you (the movie you show on the projector) rather than you being informed by what’s on the outside. Abraham says this a lot about how what is showing up indicates what has already gone on in your vibration/thoughts/feelings and how it is our job as deliberate creators to feel how we want to feel regardless of the movie (reality) that is playing.

  • Julie Masters says:

    Shannon–YES, YES, YES!!

  • Julie Masters says:

    Jeannette, I agree with the above responses as well–and as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I have worked with the dying for many years, and while others often assumed that it must be depressing, I never felt that way. If anything, because of my perspective, it was a joyous experience.
    I do have multiple friends though, who work with the addicted, homeless, and mentally ill, that have found themselves very distressed at various times.
    I also want to add my current experience with shifting my environment, in SUPPORT of shifting my vibe. I have felt very frustrated, living in an environment that has been wonderful and fun–and yet, it has not been conducive to my clarity regarding major changes I’m making in my life. I know that, as a deliberate creator, having my two year old grandson all over me, in his most delightful way, is not really a limitation. But I gotta say, making the very conscious choice to take myself out of that environment, for the sole purpose of being able to focus–has been AMAZING! And it hasn’t even been a week yet! (I’m on retreat for 4-5 weeks before I move back to California).
    I guess what I really want to say is that, while we know as deliberate creators that we are always and only responsible for our own vibration management, we can also choose to make it easier, or harder for ourselves. If a person is starting a career feeling like it might challenge their intended focus, they might want to consider something else.
    Loving having the time and space to write this,
    Julie Masters

  • Wow Shannon! The buzz from your post is almost palpable! In fact, I will say that I was suddenly thinking about this post and then, bam! I got an email about your comment. After reading it, I can see why it would be buzzing its way through the internet!
    Sounds like a fabulous idea and what a joy it will be for everyone involved. And isn’t it awesome to know that only those who are wanting the joyful end of the stick will be drawn to what you are doing?

  • Shannon says:

    LOVE this blog question! I have been immersing myself in Abraham videos for 6 days now (never felt better). And I had finally decided, this morning, to resign from an outside sales job that I took on a few months ago due to FEAR of LACK of money. The job didn’t make me happy, it did not bring me joy. Last night I was DREADING the Monday AM Skype call. That’s when I remembered that Abraham said, “Action not done out of joy will not succeed. It cannot. It defines law.” So I have written my resignation letter.
    On the flip side of that, I own a business in recovery that makes me absolutely shake with vibrational joy! I didn’t even want to go to sleep last night because I was so excited. I also remember Abraham saying that if you are helping the homeless while thinking of their lack, it will not be helpful to either party in the long run. Giving to the homeless is wonderful, but you need to give from the point of increasing their (and your) joy.
    My partner Paul and I have decided this week to follow our vibrational path of starting a non-profit aimed at helping people in recovery realize their dream of becoming entrepreneurs. This is in absolute perfect vibrational alignment with our inner beings. We are so excited to get started helping people realize their dreams!

  • Jeannette, I agree with Sophie, Jess and Frank…AND I think that the “thought virus” you previously mentioned plays a role in this.
    Doesn’t everyone start out in their profession feeling good and expecting the best? Then, there are a few letdowns and the thought viruses of unhappy co-workers begin to take root. If we don’t consciously manage our own vibration, it’s easy to find ourselves agreeing with people complaining about everything (including the government) and blaming their woes on others…instead of taking responsibility for their vibes. 😉
    I used to consider myself a staunch Democrat, but I do see where we are not helping people by letting them blame others for their experiences. Yeah, consciously managing our vibration takes on-going effort…in fact, it’s enough to make me want to be a slacker!
    That said, it’s helping me lately to imagine anything outside the Vortex as an illusion that is easily dissolved the minute I point myself back into alignment. 😉
    My advice to these workers: Always keep your eye on the joy you experience in the work and the people, and when you can no longer conjure that up, move on.
    Many blessings,

  • I have some lovely monkey wrenches here I’d like to share with you…
    Is talking about how people are somehow experiencing vibrational job hazards because of the field they work in going to to produce the same results that are being noticed?
    In other words, is it a hazard to be noticing that other people may be experiencing hazards?
    And furthermore, is it a hazard to be writing about how it might be a hazard to be noticing that other people may be experiencing hazards?
    (The monkeys don’t like it when I throw their wrenches around. You should hear the furious clackety-clack of their typewriters as they begrudgingly continue trying to produce the works of Shakespeare by typing randomly.)
    Anywho, I thinks Sophie and Jess have it — it’s always about what the intention is.
    I keep hearing a phrase from Abraham (in the midst of the monkeys typing):
    “NOTHING you want is ever upstream.”
    And then one from Paul:
    “Why something happened is never as powerful or as helpful as where you want to go from here because all of your power is in this NOW moment.”
    Thanks Jeannette!!

  • Sophie Mihalko says:

    Wow, interesting… These are perfect illustrations of what-is-itis 🙂 Honestly, every one above here was not being a Deliberate Creator. They were letting what they see every day affect their vibration. What if they had asked what else was possible? What if they stopped looking at the people they were working with as needing their help but instead as contribution to their lives?
    Aren’t homeless, drug addicts and disabled people exactly the same people than we are who made a different choice? Why should their choice be wrong? What if it was right for them?
    Truly, what a gift to be able to work with people who choose so radically differently. I wonder what I would choose for my life?
    Ease, Joy and Glory,

  • Good point, Jess – what feels heavy to one person could be another’s pure delight.
    I sure felt that when I volunteered at the animal rescue group. Yes, these animals were homeless and sometimes had behavioral or health challenges – but to be involved in getting them out of the shelter and into an adoptive home?! That was SO cool!!! I literally have never felt such incredible fulfillment as I did when I scooped litter boxes and walked dogs for these groups.
    And all my friends said, “Oh, how could you?! I could NEVER do that! I’d get so depressed!”
    I was more depressed NOT doing it than I was doing it.
    But I did eventually recognize over time that it was important to focus on what was going right, on what we WERE accomplishing, rather than seeing it as a futile effort with no end in sight.
    Such an interesting topic – thanks for posting, Jess!

  • Jess says:

    If it feels rewarding and good, then it probably means our vibration is in check. Once a career begins to feel otherwise, maybe it is time to move on. I am guessing it has to do with being present in each moment to know when we can catch our vibration shift before it manifests. I suspect that it requires that we notice the contrast elsewhere in life so as not to allow thoughts to become focused on just one group of people. As in the examples, if only seeing that day in and out but being able to go home to the opposite/positive people and circumstances, it will make a huge difference as long as we are deliberate with our attention. Just one perspective!

  • Sophie, your reponse reminds me of something I heard the other day when Abraham was asked about vaccinations. They basically said there’s two ways to take those vaccinations: one as resistance to the illness and one as a promotion of well being.
    (And those are obviously dramatically different vibrations.)
    So we know it isn’t the “thing” (or the job) itself – it’s our response to it. Which we can manage.
    I can tell for my own intents and purposes, though, that I’m not much interested in challenging myself by, say, going to work at the slaughterhouse.
    Although some responses are easier to manage than others.
    Thanks for starting this discussion, Sophie! 🙂

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