August 16, 2007

Vibrational Recovery

soldiers.jpgHow many disappointing web designers does it take for me to realize that it’s ME and not them that’s challenged?
(Big sigh.)
Well, there was the Seattle designer who used a template that couldn’t do what I wanted to do. Rather than say so, she just stopped responding to me. Then there was the nice Park City guy, who had amazing technical expertise but no time for the little fish in his big pond. Then my local girl, after a couple of months together, seemed to lose interest in web work. At least mine. My marketing guy is dying to redo my site (which he hates), but I’m afraid he’ll follow all the “rules” and lose “me” in the process.
So I guess it’s taken a couple go-rounds before I realized that until I clean up MY vibe, I’ll continue to have less than satisfactory experiences with web designers. I see that hiring another service provider before I upgrade my vibration will be a waste of time and only lead to a repeat experience.
Today I posted to The Good News yahoo group that I was manifesting a perfect new web person. I imagined people might email me with referrals. I imagined having to explain that I couldn’t work with just ANYONE; it had to be someone I felt REALLY good about, because I have this vibrational handicap about web designers.
And I realized that I perpetuate my “handicap” by talking about it.
I needed to find a new way to think about my situation. So in that moment I chose new language to give me a new perspective and new vibration as to what’s up. Here’s what I came up with: I’m in “Vibrational Recovery.”
(That’s my Marine Corps Vibrational Recovery team pictured above. Heavy duty, huh?)
I’m now expecting wonderful service from web designers. I know I deserve it, and so does my web site. I know my past experiences might not have been what I’d preferred, but my future ones surely will be. I’m finding my way towards the feeling of elation (Marines are breaking the trail for me!) at having a perfect partner on board, who has wonderful ideas, a passion for their work, plenty of time for me, lovely rates, and why not some marketing expertise?! He/she gets what I’m about and works wonderfully with me. Maybe they even have a partner or staff, so their vacations still allow for consistent service to their perfect clients.
No more need to explain the past, or lay out “what is.” I’m in Vibrational Recovery. Those past experiences are old news. What I’m up to now is bigger and better and more satisfying. It’s a lovely turn of events, if I don’t say so myself.
As I speak (type) it, so shall it be.
Anyone else in recovery? (Or know a good web person? lol)

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Loving the lyrics, Paulette! And nice to hear from you again!

    I’m thinking of asking you permission to blog about your success – I’m still reveling in it! No wonder you are singing songs like “I’m So Excited” and “Positivity” these days!

  • Paulette says:


    In honor of your desire to being up to “bigger and better and more satisfying” and the message that you promote, encourage and embody with each entry on your LOA Playground blog, I offer the below lyrics (an sampler for this song is at the end of the lyrics)… so shall it be. Enjoy!!!!

    By Stevie Wonder (featured on his “In the Time of Love Album”)

    Some people ask me why always on the bright side
    When there’s so much going on down the other side
    It’s like I live in a bubble with no trouble
    And problems don’t exist

    I chuckle and tell them that ain’t the case at all
    It goes way back to the time when I was very small
    Not in mind but size and age my papa use to say

    You can always look at the negative
    But you should always live in the positive
    So I try everyday to live that way
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    Some people live in what was and what they could have been
    As opposed to living in a what is and how much they can
    And be the first to complain about nothing in life going their way

    The attitude is “that I can’t do nothing ’bout”
    And very happy with just breathing in and out
    The ones that when you say “lets go make a difference”
    They’ll say “naw that’s OK”

    So I don’t waste time on the trip side
    ‘Cause I do know the real on the flipside
    And I’m crystal clear everyday that’s why I say, yeah
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    When I see the morning
    And the sun is smiling down upon me
    I joy in the blessing
    That still the ground is not above me
    And for the people
    That I can truly say do love me, I feel
    Positivity, ’cause that’s what life’s meant to be
    Positivity, ’cause this day did not have to be

    Some ask me why I’m such an optimist
    When it’s more fashionable be a pessimist
    From what’s in seventy-five percent of what we read, hear and view
    Well I use to have a friend named Minnie Riperton
    Who use to always say when she was living
    “Like fine wine I like seeing the glass of life as half full than half empty”

    I’m saying sometimes life can’t be rough
    But never to the point of me saying I’ve had enough
    Long as my heart beats I ain’t giving up
    That’s why I say everyday
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    When people ask me as an African American
    What do I see for tomorrow in the human plan?
    Is it possible for all the people of the world to co-exist?

    I say unity is only as big as our vision
    And if its narrow, try to expand beyond the horizon
    But true leaders must guide us through the ills of society
    That stands in our way
    So if the road is to harmony, be with the call
    But if its about discord, don’t take the ride at all
    ‘Cause the world vision I see is the one-we for everybody
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    When I see the morning
    And the sun is smiling down upon me
    Just joy in the blessing
    That still the ground is not above me
    And for the people
    That you can truly say do love you, do feel
    Positivity, ’cause that’s what life’s meant to be
    Positivity, and that’s the energy the world needs
    Positivity, ’cause that’s what life means to me
    Positivity, ’cause this day did not have to be
    Positivity, ’cause that’s what life’s meant to be
    Positivity, ’cause that’s the energy the world needs
    Positivity, ’cause that’s what life’s meant to be
    Positivity, and this day did not have to be
    Positivity, ’cause that’s what life means to me
    Positivity, and that’s the energy the world needs
    Positivity, ’cause that’s what life’s meant to be
    Positivity, and that’s the energy the world needs


  • C. Blair says:

    Need a web-designer take a look at my web site give me a call, I can help.

  • Susan Kerr Jacoby says:

    Goose bumps are good!

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

    Peace and abundance to you.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Susan, I got goose bumps reading your site: That doesn’t happen to me too often! You should be proud of what you’re doing here. I’ll definitely be reading more and adding your site to my blog roll.

    Thanks for your kind words! And you don’t have to duck for cover! At least, I hope I don’t sound like I’m taking shots at anyone? lol

    (Thanks for the heads up that when I get fired up my words may come across that way.)

    Much love to you, friend.

  • Sue says:

    Hi Jeannette,

    I happily stumbled upon your site today and I must say:

    I LOVE IT!

    A real person with real life experience, explaining the vibrational magic that permeates our everything.

    I would love it if you had a look at my sites:

    (although I speak of action throughout – ducks for cover)


    I’m grateful that I was led to you.


    Susan Kerr Jacoby

  • Jason says:

    I’m a web developer, if you want to let me know what you’re using, what you need, etc., I’ll see if I can help.

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Thanks for the compliment, Aaron! I’ll be in touch (the link didn’t work) about who you might be able to recommend. 🙂

    Leslie, update us on your son’s great news after turning a new leaf (and leaving the house)! (Loved your follow up email – I know others will want to hear it as well.) That was a fabulous turn of events, directly on the heels of some nice allowing, huh?!

    Eustacia, I’m sending great thoughts your way for repeating your successful manifesting formula of not being worked up about something, and letting it find its way in to your life naturally and effortlessly. Going with the flow, that’s where the action really is, right?!

    Thanks for your great posts, everyone!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am trying REALLY hard to renovate my vibrations regarding MONEY and JOBS. I just have always expected it to be the hardest thing ever, except when it’s not. What I mean by that is that it takes a lot of energy applying, and writing, and sending stuff out, and then fretting about hearing back, and strolling the streets looking for potential workplaces and not getting much feedback. I realized that the times that I’ve gotten jobs is mostly because I wasn’t worked up about it, and I made a simple phone call or asked someone a question, and the next thing I knew, I had a great job doing WHAT I WANTED TO DO.

    Same with money. I earn WAY less than I used to, and yet I’ve always run out of money and felt like I didn’t have enough. It seems now that if I earned what I used to, I would be SET. But that obviously wasn’t the case before.

    And then my car…I manifested it right into the tow yard, along with SO much other BS that is part manifesting bad situations, and part just my stupidity and fear of dealing with the problem so that it got so big I couldn’t deal with it (parking tickets, etc.) Anyway, after getting so despondent, I had used up all my energy and it went away. I didn’t want to control the paperwork that was taking FOREVER, I jsut didn’t care. And then it got finished faster than they expected! And I didn’t expect to find my car drivable, but instead of worrying about how to tow it the 8 miles home, I imagined being really excited inside my car, running perfectly again. So, I filled up the oil and the coolant and it ran beautifully. I manifested my car again! Yay!

    So, I’m really working on manifesting the job I want, which allows me to work at my current job and will fill my income needs to a certain amount per month (sustainable–trying to get rich is too much for me), is worthwhile, fun, and flexible so that I can still pursue my acting.

    I’m also learning to not get depressed about the vacation we were going to take and didn’t work out, but to manifest a new and better vacation.

    Leslie, I think what you taught your son is fantastic. I have a stepson who frequently gets lost in what we call “loser talk.”


  • Anonymous says:

    p.s. I forgot to mention that my son and I also found an incredibly beautiful journal with leaves pressed on the cover and handmade paper inside for half price. I told him it was for his turning a new leaf, which of course he loved.
    It sometimes really helps the vibe if you have a physcial representation of the new vibe. Should we find you a combat hat Jeannette? Better yet how about a parachute?
    I see someone “parachuting” onto your website with a huge grin on his face full of all the know how and talent you are looking for wearing his combat boots and hat.
    Or maybe it’s Mary Poppins with her flying umbrella.

    Love Leslie


  • Anonymous says:

    Vibrational Recovery – I like it! That’s exactly what I told my son he was in, only I used the word turning a new leaf. He had his backpack stolen and he had everything that he highly treasured in it because he thought he would be coming home for awhile.
    Including three full journals of new songs and writing he had done.
    I told him that the gift in all of this was that he gets to reinvent himself. He was still a little gruntled and I tried to show him how sometimes (sometimes???? I was trying to be gentle with my boy)we get into a rut with our thinking and we aren’t aware of it but because he has to start afresh he is going to be more concious with his choice of thoughts.
    He was somewhat convinced and inspired, I wanted to prevent the woe is me, nothing is going my way vibe he has been on.
    We scored big time looking in funky stores together and he got a pair of jeans that were the very best fitting etc. etc. for $21.
    I am of course of a different generation and so I just trust my beautiful son if he “feels” they fit and look good – that is all that counts.
    I forgot to mention all his clothes were in the pack as well.
    Spending the day with my son I realized what amazing charisma he has – you should have seen him charm the salesclerks. And I was worried about this boy?
    Oh and I forgot to mention, his friends work in the cool skater store in town and they desparately need extra help for a few days in preparation for the school sale – so get this – they can’t pay him but they could give him some ‘cool” clothes.
    Not bad for being in vibrational

    Love Leslie

  • Aaron says:


    I just got done listening to your audio clip and your voice totally matches your picture. That’s a good thing, BTW. 🙂

    Are you needing a website that does everything but cook your breakfast, or something more basic? If you want to reply here, or just shoot me an email, I’ll be happy to keep my ear to the ground for you!

    Us people in Vibrational Recovery need to stick together!

    – Aaron

  • Osman S Borutecene says:

    Oh! Jeannette… When was that? 🙂

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