Our Vibrational Rehearsals

Question for you: what vibration are you practicing these days?

You know how we have a tendency to imagine things unfolding, and a particular way of talking to ourselves?

That’s a mental rehearsal. It’s practicing a vibration.

And whatever we practice is what we get good at. The vibrations that we know are the ones that manifest.

So it’s worth asking whether you’re practicing what you want.

Do you wake up anticipating the problems ahead in the day? Or do you look forward to the fun in store?

Are you practicing the vibrations of tension and stress, or are you entertaining success and thriving?

Are you familiar with appreciation and satisfaction, or are you better at striving and frustration?

I sometimes catch myself practicing unhelpful vibes more than I care to admit …

… like when I’m sitting in the vet’s exam room, sometimes I catch myself bracing for bad news rather than practicing relief.

Or when I’m calling tech support, sometimes I brace for long hold times and ridiculous phone trees before I even pick up the phone to dial. A vibe of easy breezy smooth and peasy would work much better.

Switching that up makes all the difference in the world!

Whatever it is you want, that outcome or experience has a vibration. That’s a vibration worth rehearsing if you want to make things easy on yourself.

Because that’s how life unfolds – in line with our vibrations.

  • You want new clients by the end of this month? That’d be a good vibration to know.
  • You want a smokin’ hot lover to enjoy summer with? You’ll want to practice love and romance instead of yearning, loneliness, or doubt.
  • You’d like some financial relief, pronto? Do you know that frequency?
  • You want peace and love to reign in the world? Are you leading with peace and love, or is it also sadness, fear or judgment mixed in there?

Most of us are flowing a mixture of vibes, so it’s worth stacking the deck in our favor with some extra attention to the frequencies we prefer.

Think about what you want. Imagine how it will feel when you’re living that reality.

What would you call that feeling?

That’s the vibration you want to own.

Make it yours. Get intimate with it. And if you really want to impress yourself, learn it inside and out, backwards and forwards.

At least, go there more often than you’re visiting its opposite.

Because right now, you’re practicing a vibration. Is it taking you somewhere nice, or is it worth rehearsing something new?

If you’d like to hear some of the ways I rehearsed a new money vibe, you can hear it on the latest podcast episode here. And if you’ve got tips to share, we’d love to hear them!

  • June 13, 2016
  • Great reminder, Jeannette! Lately, I find myself practicing the vibe of mundane. I have a number of friends who are moving away to exciting cities across Europe (I am more than happy living here in Spain by the sea!), yet there’s that whole ‘grass is greener for them’ vibe going on. I know I have to get back to appreciating the small stuff so thanks for prompting me!

  • Shan says:

    I quickly want to comment on the podcast on money relief (is this where I do that?) I loved it – thanks, Jeannette. And these are all simple things – as you say, what is important is the committment. As well as using some of your great suggestions, I’ll also ponder that, and report back

  • anonymous says:

    Hey Jeannette!
    I have a question for you: do you have to do alignment work (like a pray rain journal) to align with your desire, or is it enough to simply state/know your intention and let it go? There is something I’ve been wanting to manifest for a long time and have been taking lots of uninspired “have to” action towards it. At this point however, I’m really ready to give up! I don’t even want to do any alignment work for the desire. I just want to do whatever I feel inspired to, even if it’s completely unrelated, and allow it to come to me. I’m sick of clearing resistance and thinking about this desire all the time. I just want to flow and enjoy life again! Life so much more fun and easy when I do whatever I feel inspired to and float downstream.

  • Susan Dickson says:

    Listened to your podcast yesterday and it made me realise that my money story doesn’t really serve me.
    Long story short, I sat down and just for a short time (5 mins) started a new story. It was very general and I ended by really feeling ITS NOT MY JOB.
    It’s now 24 hours later and I’ve just been given a cheque for £1000.
    This is actually the second time I’ve done this just by realising that my only job is to tell an improved story and turning everything else over to the universe.
    I love the affirmation ‘it’s not my job’
    So thanks for another timely reminder Jeannette and now I’m going to work on starting to expect even larger amounts because this is just so much fun ????

  • ada says:

    I just got to hear your voice(podcast) .
    You have a lovely voice .You should try at PBS or some documentary.

  • Loo says:

    Great stuff Jeannette!

  • Kitnye says:

    I’d like to be an actress and model cause it seems like a fun experience. Sometimes I daydream about it and it’s really fun. Would that be a considered practicing the vibration?

    • Jeannette says:

      I read something from Write It Down, Make It Happen that said the difference between fantasizing something and engaging their imagination powerfully is commitment. When you do it with the idea of bringing it to reality, the author said that’s what makes the difference.
      She might be on to something with that.
      But even a fantasy has a vibration to it – so if you’re having fun with it, I’d definitely say you’re practicing a good vibration. 🙂

    • ada says:

      High Five !!
      I do that too. I have always since I was little ( faking interviews and award speeches :P)
      Love it

  • Karen says:

    I think being mindful about the vibe you are carrying around, sending out, is really the key for me. Once I realize the discomfort of a negative vibe (which mostly happens with something related to work) I can start to turn it around. Of course, living in the happy vibe is awesome.

    • Elle says:

      Same goes for me.
      When really negative, I get sick, all targeted at my throat, which I read has to do with anger. So, I ease everything, feel more compassionate and empathy towards others and laugh it off, because it is a gremlin poking, usually.
      If not, then I think of things as transient, I am on my way to better and better and this is just a stop in the journey.

    • Jeannette says:

      You are right, Karen! Awareness is everything! Here’s to more of that for all of us. 🙂

  • angel says:

    btw I JUST thought, how do we vibrate financial relief and voila there’s the LOA recon. Thanks Jeanette!

    • angel says:

      Like wow. Right so I just listened to your LOA recon on money and usually I’m conscious of being somewhat balanced with the LOA stuff as well. Meaning there are times I know I’m listening and reading LOA stuff and there’s a desperate undertone to it, like I’m trying to cram in as much LOA as I can secretly thinking something will take. Then there are times I’m like hmm, this is good, and I absorb, absorb, absorb. I still get exhausted because it’s learning and somewhere in there things are being reframed, so I go away, I relax, I play, I ignore it. I play on trust.
      But I have to say this particular podcast had impact for me. Jeanette, I think you mentioned astrology and I realized while listening to you that the times I’ve always had issues with money is when I’m partnered. I can’t remember a single time I’ve had hardship that was the result of my sole action alone, it was always to help a partner or because I was the stronger earning partner.
      And this is odd because I have Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd house, so that’s meant to be lucky when I partner with people… except it seems the opposite has happened thus far. Which then led me to think, wait a second, do I actually have an issue with money OR… is my issue the idea of having money, being given money and sharing it regardless who had more or less, when I’m partnered??
      Needless to say, I realized huh.. I DON’T have an issue with money myself. But there’s this super old stinky story from my mom (love her but credit where credit’s due) that being in a relationship means being TAKEN from and not being cared for. And guess what? It’s played to script. She experienced this in her marriage and just globalized it, this was the script I heard over and over again growing up.
      In short, in her world it was a zero sum game of either be partnered and suffer financially, OR be single and rich. The irony is she never had the experience of being single and rich herself, much of what she built over her lifetime she had help from my Dad and I realize her identification with feeling being taken from was resentment over the lack of acknowledgment and recognition she felt from having been a savvy money manager (my dad worked outside and my mom saved, and managed so it’s not like she had an official title or external applause). Hence that idea that being single = being rich was even just for her a projection of what could have been.
      Except, I was the child who really heard it and really lived it. Down to the last decimal. And down to the moments of feeling crazy and not knowing why I shouldn’t have both. It’s even crazier that I now hear this from my sister even though she’s married and pretty well supported herself, it’s just that drum beating over and over again – despite the lack of evidence.
      So thank you for this, now I know that modifying those beliefs isn’t just about money, but also the conditions and circumstances I believe money is possible. I’m happily partnered and my honey just went through some financial restrictions which are being resolved, needless to say I was once again caught in that downward spiral of uh oh, here we go again.
      Conversely receiving has been an issue for me and surrendering to being able to trust and rely on someone else has not been easy. I’m really coming away from this with the thought, yay, nothing’s wrong with me.. thanks again girl, you rock.

      • Jeannette says:

        Wow! That’s a powerful realization, Angel! To play with that one will be a game-changer for sure. (I’ve got goosebumps at the thought of what this could mean for you!)
        Kudos and keep us posted, please. 🙂

  • angel says:

    Sigh, so true. That whole mental play by play always gets you. Lately I’ve found myself practicing the vibration of relax. If I can’t seem to stop those stupid mental movies, I just lay down, close my eyes and smile. Does that sound silly?
    Like I’m literally smiling with my eyes closed. I’ll usually drift into a short pseudo sleep but somehow the whole act of smiling tends to start me FEELING the smiley things, like wow, my sheets smell awesome, or I’ll start smiling at how this moment itself is a step away from any kind of clenching. And more often than not, I’ll usually go further and start just feeling what it is I long for, in short I daydream.
    I got in trouble for this when I was little but really all it does is keep me rested and give me a reset. I know I’m not going to stop having worrisome thoughts but if I just go, excuse me just a sec I have to get this daydream right now, it’s enough right?

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