Vibrational Stand Ins?

Loved the story Parul shared with me the other day so much that I asked permission to share it:

Parul’s friend asked her to make a phone call on his behalf.

He was having trouble getting their money back from a business they had placed – and then cancelled – a reservation with. The business owner not only wasn’t cooperating, now he was even refusing to take his calls!

It was a significant amount of money, and Parul’s friend was determined to get it back.

The longer it was taking, the more upset he got.

He had the idea to bypass the unscrupulous business owner’s screening of calls by getting Parul to ring him.

Parul’s a nice girl and a good friend, so she agrees to make the call. No big deal; she’s happy to help.

And she doesn’t get caught up in the big ugly story of it all, it’s important to note. (Despite the fact that a third of this money was hers.)

Indeed, Parul calls to find a perfectly nice and cooperative business owner on the other end of the line.

Not at all the guy her friend had been complaining about.

In fact, the owner states he’s already refunded the money to her friend, and doesn’t know what she’s talking about refusing to accept his calls.

Long story short: the owner had already returned the money, although it had gone to a different account than the one her friend was checking. But her friend still maintained his story (even in the face of Parul’s suggestion that the guy was on the up and up), insisting he was in the wrong.

More evidence that we each create our own reality with the stories we tell!

From a vibrational standpoint, it’s easy to see that Parul had no negative charge and thus was able to get much more positive results than her friend who had a high negative charge and thus could only see deceit and fraud.

Which reminded me how I sometimes ask my ex to take a sick animal to the vet for me.

Because I know he’s got a lighter vibe and more positive expectations than I do – and that’s probably who should handle things rather than the girl who is uptight and fearful.

While Parul’s friend wasn’t consciously aware of the advantage of having someone who wasn’t caught up in the negative story get involved for the resolution, it did make me wonder if any deliberate creators have practiced this “stand in” process?

Have you ever stepped in on behalf of someone who was too vibrationally kinked to get what they wanted?  Or have you ever solicited that assistance from someone else?

I was also wondering what the title might be for such a position: Professional Vortexer?  Fairy Godmother?  Maybe it’s a side job for one of our infamous OutSourcers?

Would love to hear your thoughts …

  • have you ever had someone else read a letter that you were nervous about?
  • or called in a co-worker who is particularly technologically lucky to reboot the computer?
  • or let someone else drive who is gifted at good parking?

I suspect we may be practicing this already in ways we didn’t realize!

  • November 6, 2010
  • Suzanne says:

    I did it the day before yesterday. I had a friend who called me because she is building a website and was totally in overwhelm, and not communicating well with the woman who is building it for her. I think it was simply listening, breathing (me and her), and seeing a small DOABLE part that she could shift got things moving for her. Being really present and hearing both people. Bridging the gap when the VIBE was contentious. It was fun!

  • Anna says:

    Yay Mary!!
    All we have to do is remember that we’re all connected!

  • OMG, Anna, it is working!!! It is WORKING!! You must be sending me lots of good vibes and energy today, because I have totally shifted my vibe “just like that.” Woo hoo!
    Big MWAH and HUGS to you! 🙂

  • Oh, Anonymous, that is a FABULOUS person to have in the household!!
    I’ll bet that great energy translates to everyone’s benefit in other ways, too.
    Thanks for chiming in! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    My entire family thinks of my husband when it comes to making a return to a store that they could possible have difficulty with.(lack of receipt, length of time…)
    His attitude regarding it all is always so open, they never refuse him.

  • Anna says:

    Mary – next time you find yourself getting worked up, just blink three times and say “Anna!”
    I’ll pop right on in and get you through it easy peezy lemon squeezy!
    Just like that!

  • Mary, it is absolutely impossible to ever hear too much from you!
    And yes, I got permission to share real names, which is good because eventually when I’m re-telling the story on a call I forget the fabricated names and accidentally use the real ones anyway. ha
    Parul is FULL of fun manifesting stories! She could write a couple books with her own!

  • I just noticed that the names are no longer changed to protect the vibrationally challenged!! 😉
    I’ve also noticed that I’ve posted WAY too many comments on this particular post, so I’m going to run along off into oblivion now! 🙂 Woosh!

  • Annaaaa!!! Where were you today when I needed you?! Ha. I totally got myself all worked up in a conversation with the BF, and totally should have removed myself from the situation and planted you in! Of course, I didn’t think about all this til HOURS later… but hey, at least I eventually thought about it! 😉
    Yeah, I need a vibrational stand-in for relationships. I admit it. I’m cool with it. 🙂

  • Baker says:

    Very fascinating material here. I agree we consist of energy and what we give out we get back. Excellent description here.

  • What a lucky dad, Julio! Yay for having an inspiration right under your own roof about possibilities and easy joy!

  • Julio Blanco says:

    I think my favorite proxy is an 8-year-old pixie who was born on my birthday and chose to make her journey as my daughter… her smile and easy laugh betray that she still believes (knows?) that anything is possible. Now, she can’t proxy in for many “grown up” problems, but her ability to inspire joy is ageless. Sometimes that’s the proxy my vibe needs most.

  • Anna says:


  • How fun!! Putting it to the test right now!
    Just sent a note to various interested parties on something I haven’t been able to bring together because of my charged vibe … Annettie Busghettie is my official Stand In!! hee hee
    Man, this is already working out great!

  • “Re-Source-ful” – I love it, Ryan!
    I wonder if that’s a two way street in most relationships? I’m realizing some people who have trouble asking for help might not experience the benefit of this with their partners.

  • Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I’ve asked my girlfriend to step in and handle a few things that I resisted, duties I had a difficult time dealing with. I still had some “stuff” I was working through concerning these actions and I figured it’s best to handle the duties to a more re-Source-ful person…at least in that area 😉
    Thanks for sharing!

  • MissyB says:

    Anna – LMAO – AnyBuddy !
    GVG – I do hope you bought it – the url was meant for you.
    I love Robert’s star studded theme…we could have good vibe stunt men !

  • Anna says:

    A Vibe Buddy – I LIKE it!
    AnyBuddy (hehe) wanna take me on?

  • Ande, you’re brilliant! (“Vibe buddies!”)
    And I totally agree with what you said in that this happens naturally in many relationships, where we learn to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and automatically step in and out as appropriate.
    That’s sure a nice thought, isn’t it? 😉

  • Ande says:

    Like you leave the vet visits to your ex sometimes, I have had Tim handled that for me too sometimes. In the last few months of my last dog, Muggin’s, 17 year life, she needed help for some old age issues. I learned qi gong, jin shin, the healing codes, and EFT, and I could use those on her when she was doing okay. When the symptoms worsened, I couldn’t get a clear enough vibe to effectively work with her energy. Tim, who knew healing codes, took over doing Muggins’ energy healing. I thought of him as a sort of conduit between my intention and the actual action. Sometimes we just can’t plug in directly.
    He does the same thing for me in other situations too because his energy is generally calmer. But sometimes, it’s me that leads because I can find calm when he can’t (usually when blood or needles are involved — his vibe tanks in those situations 🙂 ).
    I think what sometimes happens in relationships is we develop this sort of give and take relationship with who takes point, and we do it, unconsciously, based on energy. Wouldn’t it be cool if we did it more consciously? We could get a Vibe Buddy 🙂 (you know how they have little kids have a partner to hold hands with?). Then we’d have a relationship in place for this kind of co-creation.

  • Ahh, Anna – I hadn’t thought of that in this post! Of course that makes sense. (Why artists have representation.)
    See, I knew this was already happening in ways I didn’t recognize!
    Thanks for chiming in, Anna!

  • Anna says:

    Aye there, Lassie – I’d LOVE to be your relationship stand-in for talks! I’ve had certain success in that arena, and I like doing it, too! Call me – I’m IN!
    As to this whole stand-in thing … there’s a reason artists (of all kinds) don’t represent themselves, and it’s for precisely this reason – they don’t define themselves by the work, they just have to get the sale, the gig, the part … emotional distance isn’t always a bad thing! (hehehe)

  • ESPECIALLY then, Mary!! ha ha Yes, ESPECIALLY then! lol
    I can already see that person would be in high demand – not just from you, but from all of us who could use some assistance in that area.
    STILL lol!!

  • Posting again to get my pic to show up… 🙂

  • Ok, I’m *really* loving this idea!! 🙂
    I wonder how this could work in my relationship… Could I send in a vibrational stand-in to talk to my boyfriend, calmly and rationally, when I’m on the verge of screaming and know that any conversation I have with him will just go downhill?! hehe.

  • omgosh, I think I just bought VibeBusters, MissyB! I was checking availability out of curiousity, didn’t think I bought, but found a receipt from godaddy in my inbox! I guess it wanted me to have it. lol

  • The “star treatment” – that’s lovely, Robert!
    I’m wondering if there’s a better term than what I’ve been thinking of it as in this post … vibrational pinch hitters isn’t quite it either, but maybe closer …
    (Not sure I know exactly what a pinch hitter is.)
    Anyway, I’m thinking maybe part of the reason this practice is effective is part of the same reason OutSourcering is – we feel some relief when someone else is on the job on our behalf. Even just a little bit of it would be a vibrational improvement.
    Food for thought ..
    Thanks for contributing to the conversation, Robert!

  • Robert says:

    I’ve worked as an “extra” on several movies and watched how moviemakers use “stand-ins” all the time. The “stand-in” takes the place of the actor while the crew gets the lighting just right, practices the cameras movements and focusing and so forth. Then when everything is just right, the director dismisses the “stand-ins” and calls for the stars to come in to do the real thing.
    I like to think that we can sort of send an emotional “stand-in” out ahead of us in life as we imagine how we want things to go, and then when everything is just right, we can step in and do the real thing. You might call that prepaving, or just setting an intention, but I like the idea of giving myself the star treatment.

  • Zoe, let’s magnetize one on your next group magnetizing call!!

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    I just made a comment, but I can’t see it? The system will not allow me to submit it again, it tells me I already submitted it once – I wonder where it is, then 😉

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hey that’s what I need for my marketing – a vibrationally detached stand in operator who can create masterful messages without getting hung up on the outcomes. Got one of those handy??

  • BarbaraM, I feel you on this one!
    Sometimes that frustrates me that Russ or my ex does the exact same thing I did, which works great for them when I wasn’t getting any results – but then I smile remembering it’s just more evidence that it’s not the action that matters – it’s the vibe.
    Good that we can smile at it all on occasions like that, huh? lol
    Thanks for reading and especially for writing, Barbara! 🙂

  • BarbaraM says:

    Yeah! I actually was thinking of offering this service! Seriously!
    Otherwise I am using IT guys to put me back in vibrational alignment with perfectly working computer 🙂 And it is really funny (and always I feel kind of stupid at it) – they can do actually the same thing I did before, but when they do it – the computer works. When I am trying all upset, nervous, angry… of course not 😉

  • Pernille, it got hung up in spam for a minute, for what reason I know not, but I’m glad to read it because I love the “Aligned Stand Ins”!
    And of course our best help could be right under our same roof, in the form of family, friends, co-workers, etc.
    Thanks for chiming in on this one, Pernille. 🙂

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    V E R Y I N T E R E S T I N G !!!!!!!!
    I simply love this, Jeannette, and boy does it open up for a lot of opportunities to get more of what we (and others) want!
    Lately I’ve become extremely aware of aligning my vibration before making important challenging calls, etc. And it always results in satisfying outcomes (of course ;-)).
    But I love the idea that if I’m not able to get into alignment, I can ask someone else to stand in for me. Someone who is detached and relaxed in the situation!!!!
    And now that I think about it, I realize that I’ve been doing that for my grown-up daughter on several occasions, where she was very upset about something and asked me to make a call for her or otherwise handle a situation that frustrated her. I can’t recall any specific situation right now, but I know I’ve done that.
    I’ve also sometimes asked hubby to handle certain situations for me that I found very challenging. But I never realized before that it was about alignment.
    I like the “Vibrational stand ins”. Could also be “Aligned stand ins”.

  • Ha! Love it, MissyB: VibeBusters!
    Having fun with the idea of what those uniforms look like. lol

  • MissyB says:

    Ah-ha ! Good Vibes by Proxy !
    I’d say we all do this anyway…without thinking about it. I’ve just viewed it as helping someone in order to lessen their negative emotions to the situation…because I know it won’t feel as bad for me.
    Who you gonna call ? VibeBusters ! LOL

  • Jeannette says:

    The business card image is from Vista Print – it’s on the first page of their “free” version templates. Pretty, huh?
    And I thought the same thing about buying up some URLs!! ha
    Seriously – I think the position has real potential! I asked myself how this was different from coaching and I realized it’s got the action element in it. So the person not only sends good thoughts, but also steps in and takes the action.
    Thanks for being the first to comment on it, Mary! 🙂

  • Ok, now that I’ve reread your post, let me respond to the actual post!! 😉
    I think that one of the benefits of hiring a coach is that they’re sort of a “vibrational stand-in” for us. They see our potential, even when we can’t, and can send lots of good energy to a situation for us. In fact, I’ve even told coaching clients of my own that one of my main intentions in working with them is just to see them achieving whatever it is they want to achieve, and to send them lots of light and love that they may not necessarily be flowing to themselves!
    So, yeah, I can see TONS of potential with having a vibrational stand-in!

  • OMG, *where* did you find that business card image, Jeannette?! I love it!! I actually went to see if there was a real site called hehe. There wasn’t, but I’m thinking someone should buy the URL for it!! 😉
    And now I’m going to go think about the implications of this post and how I could use it in my own life… because this is pure genius!! 🙂

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