When What You Want Isn’t What You Expect

It’s one thing to want something; it’s another to believe it will happen.

Like when you want a big tax refund, but you haven’t had one in over a decade and there’s no reason to believe it’ll happen this year.

Or when you want a passionate romance with your long term partner, but that simply hasn’t been your experience.

Or when you want an enjoyable work-life balance, but your job requires more time and energy than you can comfortably invest.

Yes, we conscious creators can theoretically believe in anything. “If you can imagine it, you can have it,” we’ve all been taught.

But learning how to believe in what we want is a skill. Aligned belief doesn’t always (or even usually) happen instantly or automatically.

Often that expectation needs to be conjured.

The good news is you can learn to expect what you want. It’s a reliable process that just takes commitment and imagination.

When we regularly train our attention on the result we want, practicing it in our mind’s eye by seeing it and hearing it and feeling it – that pre-experiencing of our desire acclimates us to having it.

That process alone can help us believe in it – just by sheer mental exposure. (Kind of like brainwashing.)

We can also remind ourselves of reasons to believe in it. Practicing the thoughts that help us expect it can marry up our desire with our expectation.

And when we learn to expect the thing that we want – we’re home free. Abraham says anyone who has strong desire and strong belief is unstoppable.

But getting there can require some work.

Think about your newest desire … what would you love to create if you could create anything?

With that in mind, ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 what your expectation level of that is. (1 is it’s hopeless; 10 is done deal, easy peasy, it’s in the bag.)

Anything less than an 8 is worthy of doing some thought work on.

For a recent personal example, this weekend I wanted my foster kittens to have a smooth and easy experience of getting vaccinated.

My belief level in that desire was maybe a 6.5. Whether I had to transport unvaccinated kittens to a vet’s office, or meet up with another rescue volunteer in a parking lot, or convince someone to make the 90 minute drive to my place – every option at my disposal was less than ideal.

And frankly, my vibration around vaccinations is less than ideal already, since I lost a cat to autoimmune disease years early (likely caused by maintaining the recommended vaccination schedule) and a friend just lost her puppy the day after receiving its first vaccinations.

So I’m sketchy here.

And I didn’t take the time to get properly lined up. Yes, I plugged into some info that was meant to build my confidence, and I recruited some help. And no, it wasn’t a complete disaster, but it was not the smoothest easiest experience I had wanted for them.

Because I didn’t raise my expectation to meet my desire. I still expected trouble. And that’s what I got.

That’s why it’s worth recognizing that Universe doesn’t deliver what we want; it delivers what we vibrate. Wanting it isn’t enough if we don’t also learn to expect it.

Learning to expect what you want is a manifesting skill worth cultivating.

You can start today by:

  • setting the intention to raise your expectations
  • asking higher power to help you believe in what you want
  • writing down and regularly reviewing reasons to believe in your manifested desire
  • giving yourself new reasons to believe in what you want
  • or practicing the experience of it using your imagination on a daily basis (via visualizing, affirming, scripting, etc.).

That’s all it takes to train yourself into the vibration of having it.

Once you’re there, the world is yours to do with as you please.

I’ll do a better job with the puppies next month. 🙂

  • April 21, 2018
  • Lear says:

    It posted twice.
    Funny because two months rent is due.
    Thank you, for letting me air my thoughts!

  • Lear says:

    Money comes.
    Rent is paid.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you.
    I have too been struggling with this ..alot..esp regards to rent paid..2 months at this point with so much seemingly against me.
    I like this concept..just see it is done.
    This is perfect post at this time.

  • Lear says:

    Thank you.
    I have too been struggling with this ..alot..esp regards to rent paid..2 months at this point with so much seemingly against me.
    I like this concept..just see it is done.
    This is perfect post at this time.

  • Gwen says:

    This is just what I needed. I justfind it so hard with a few specific topics that I think I have a huge charge on. Any tips for being as relaxed about these things as others? I just feel so stuck in thought patterns. And we all know that’s a self fulfilling prophecy 🙂

  • HappySandra says:

    The key is to get to the same level of expectation for our desires that we do for the everyday things. For instance, do any of us sit around wringing our hands hoping the sun is going to rise the next morning? Of course not. Do any of us hope electricity still exists as we get ready to turn on a lamp? Nope. Why? Because we easily expect the light to come on. Simple? Yes. But maybe not easy. That’s where the work has to come into play as Jeannette mentioned above. It’s doable, just takes some patience and perseverance.🙂

    • Becky says:

      Thank you! The electricity analogy, which I’ve heard before, really clicked with me after reading your comment. Muggle-me thought, “Yes, but there was a lot of work by electricians and others before you ever got to turn on that lamp.” And then LOA-me thought, “Yes, and with manifesting, all that work is done by the Universe.” Just like I don’t bother learning electrical info, I can ignore my muggle-me thoughts about the hows, whys, and whatifs.
      I’ll simply appreciate that the light is there.

  • Juli says:

    Awesome post Jeanette! Thanks!! 😘😘

  • Ming says:

    Just good reminders Jeannette. Love this post. I had been thinking about your kitties and their vaccines. Yay for puppies next month.
    I had a similar question this morning. A friend asked me my thoughts on the shingles vaccine. (She asked my pharmacist hat knowing that Im a healer too) I actually asked the question – does that person believe the vaccine will prevent? Shingles is not something fun to experience. She then asked me what my thoughts were on “who” would be targeted for this. So I told her- she was happy with the answer and went on her way.
    So yes, I love that we can practice this with anything. Love what you wrote – the world is there to with as you please.

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