The Watched Pot Syndrome

When Michele Woodward shared that Pam‘s green candle prosperity tip got her an $11,000 windfall within 24 hours, she had my attention.

I’m all about easy ways to let money in, and this sounded perfect.

Apparently it derives from a Native American tradition: the process is to light a green candle on any calendar day with an “8” in it.  Attracts abundance and prosperity.  (Supposedly.)

So the next “8” day that rolled around, I had a brand new green candle burning.

And while it smelled great (“lotus bamboo” – yummy!), there were no obvious cash windfalls on the heels of it.

Maybe my candle just needed a little longer to get warmed up, I thought.

We fired up the flames on the next “8” day.  Still no out of the ordinary money.

Later I heard Michele say you’re supposed to set an intention as you light it.

Duh.  That makes sense.

But even after setting my intention while lighting it on the next eight day – and this time I lit two candles (one was a darker green in case my hue was off) – still nada.

I began to look at my candle suspiciously.

Maybe it didn’t know the Native American tradition.

Maybe it needed to hang out with other successful green candles to catch on.  Maybe I needed to let it burn longer.  Or maybe not so long …
… or maybe, as Nancy Barry-Jansson suggested on the GVU watercooler call today, I was falling prey to the watched pot syndrome.

Everyone knows that syndrome, right?  That the watched pot never boils.

After all, don’t all our best manifesting stories come from times when we were just goofing off with something, playing around with a new idea, and not really paying too much attention to it?

When we forget about it, and don’t remember it till we’re already looking at the physical manifestation of it – that’s when the stuff happens most magically.

  • That’s how it worked with my first pray rain journal entry: a personal miracle manifested within hours.
  • And the first time I wrote out a page of “I am worthy” affirmations I had spectactular results the next morning.
  • And the first time I scripted, before 48 hours lapsed the very “impossible” thing I’d spoken about had happened.  (That’s one of my favorite stories from Adventures in Manifesting.)

But the next time I picked up each of these manifesting techniques, I didn’t do it with the same lightness and fooling around that I had initially.  Now that I knew they worked, I expected big things to happen.  And I looked out for those results with an eagle eye.

I think that “eagle eye” sometimes serves as a sort of unmagic wand.  Where it keeps the very thing we want from flowing in.

Because watched pots never boil.

Specifically, the Watched Pot Syndrome states that:

When one is anxiously focused on an anticipated result, that specific result is suspended indefinitely in time until the very moment one looks away.

(I made that up, but you already knew it, right?)

This phenomenon is observed most often with important incoming emails, red lights turning green, and phone calls from cute boys.

  • It’s why my dad walks away from his fishing pole or lights up a cigarette to get a bite on the pole.
  • It’s why the first thing I used to do after sending out a newsletter was take the dogs on a walk, because if I stayed glued to the computer to see how it was received, no one would write.  (And I mean no one.)  If I left the computer, especially to engage in something fun, I was deluged with positive responses.

So the green candle big money windfall might just be waiting for me to stop looking for it.

But by now the green candle is sort of ticking me off – especially when Patty told me she’s had lots of clients report great results with it.

My opportunity here is to soften the eyes, lighten the energy, have more fun with it – and not take it so personally when Master Manifester

Jeannette Maw doesn’t get the results she thinks she should be.

Can anyone else relate?

  • May 28, 2010
  • Karen says:

    I glued a gold coin on my door step today. We’ll see if I win the lottery or not!
    Also, I am having some good luck having 9 oranges in a bowl in my kitchen and pineapple. Both represent good luck and prosperity in feng shui.

  • Danielle says:

    great POTS awareness blog !

  • c-love says:

    *What added up to that $80 was also unexpected cash :). I expect it and am completely confident that it’s coming, but don’t hang on for dear life.

  • c-love says:

    The first time I did this (at nearly midnight) I received $80 the next day. The second time an unexpected $3,800 after a few days. I like this practice a lot and will definitely keep it going.

  • Val says:

    Oh- so true. And when I really want something I’m a pot watcher! And just like you- the things I mused about wanting and let go, even sometimes forgot about manifested. Sometimes it took several years, but here they are.
    So now the question is- do I light the green candle or don’t I? Cause you can be sure I’ll be watching that pot!

  • Shelly says:

    Oh ok, makes sense. thanks you two I appreciate it

  • John, I’m with you in the sense that it’s lovely to skip the lottery as middle man and go straight to the abundance we want to experience.

  • James John says:

    If you would change your thinking to allow the abundance of the Universe to flow through your experience, you could have all things u think the lottery could bring you. You would have that on a more permanent basis unless you lowered your vibration in this area. This is better than a one off win on the lottery.

  • James John says:

    Shelly, I feel like sharing with you something that Louise Hay says in her book/CD I Can Do It. She says you can buy a lottery ticket for a bit of fun but please don’t put a lot of attention on acquiring money in this way….because it doesn’t involve changing your consciousness. In effect, you’re saying to the Universe:”I don’t deserve to have good in my life except by a fluke chance.” She then explains how this is why people can win so much then spend it all in no time. I’ve known people win the lottery and I’ve wondered how could they spend it all so quickly and now they are in a worse financial state. It’s because the money wasn’t theirs by right of consciousness.

  • Shelly, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said, “live
    my life happy and so on.”
    My advice, and I’ve got a little charge on this topic lately, is skip the lottery.
    You already plan on winning it anyway – and that’s a lovely signal for Universe to get.
    I’d move on to the happily ever after right NOW. 🙂
    And thanks for confirming for me that I need to write that lottery post sooner than later – it’s getting in my craw and I want it out. lol
    Hope this helps, but if not, I’d be happy to post this as a public Q&A here in a separate post.

  • Shelly says:

    Ok so let me get this right. I plan on hitting the
    Lottery soon. So I think of me winning, celebrating,
    Etc. Then I take my mind off the lottery and live
    my life happy and so on? and so would I be holding
    myself back if tons of times every day I say thanks
    for my lottery win? If so what should I do? And if
    not then is there anything else I should know or do?
    Also how do you know if your on alignment with the
    lottery win? I’ve been happy before and can evoke
    feelings of happy, but how do I know its the right
    kind of happy that I’d have if I won the lotto, that’s
    sort of big. Or should I be asking how do I know if I’m
    on the right LEVEL of happy, the right intensity of
    Happy. Haha oh well hope someone knows what I’m saying!

  • Makes perfect sense to ME, JamesJohn!
    Kudos that you found your way to a habit that serves you so well.
    Thanks for sharing that here, on a topic that I’m sure many can relate to!

  • JamesJohn says:

    I find this watched pot syndrome with like a watched bank account syndrome. In times past I’ve checked my bank account often, bugeted the best I can only to find I then struggled with money. Now I check in on my bank account once a month, spend money in a more relaxed way (though not recklessly so that I end up introducing a worried vibe) and find my bank account increases.

  • Ah Jeannette! Glad you got something from my comment 🙂
    A small addition:
    I’m saying that managing our attention is key.
    Our attention could be focused on appreciation anywhere at all: love for a person, love for a pet, love for a hobby, love for life — and that appreciation will start there, and flow wherever it is supposed to.
    I feel we all know deep-down, without anyone telling us…when one’s attention is directed on appreciation, all sorts of amazing miracles occur, and that appreciation does not need to flow anywhere specific. (Green candle or otherwise :D)
    If a person is channeling ‘frustrated and cynical energy’ (again, about anything in the moment,) well… 🙂
    Meh, either way, absolutely fantastic post — I *love* the discussion it’s generated, and it gave me a chance to share. Keep rockin’!

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    Lol! Thank you Jeannette! Thank you all! All I can say now though is…is it just me or has this pot turned into a gigantic green elephant?! Just because ignore it we must?! Better go and chill now *tip toes around said green elephant in order to do so*!

  • Ande says:

    Jeannette, here is the link you requested (to my post about feeling good for feeling good’s sake):

  • Holy hannah – I was writing about paradoxes in response to your prior comment, and then see you were on the same page about that.
    I may consult with you on the this draft post I’ve got in the works, Greg! lol

  • Greg T says:

    Field practice begins with a unique approach to consciousness-as-cause, in the practice of what we call “deliberate intending.” As with so much else in our model, however, students soon discover a paradox implicit in this idea of using our consciousness to create some desired condition. The paradox is that our consciousness is creative in this way only if we’re not trying to use it to that end. This gives rise to numerous paradoxical statements in Field training, e.g., “You can have anything you want as long you already have it,” “Consciousness is creative only when there’s nothing to create,” and so on.
    The real discovery, however, is in the unexpected benefits of study and practice that come unbidden for those who take Field training to heart and make the great experiment of self-friendship. Deliberate intending, as it turns out, is only the first step on the path, a step that leads to living in ever greater willingness, joy, gratitude, and collaboration with Being Itself. Along the way, we come upon surprising vistas of creative self-expression, and enjoy a sense of purpose and belonging that transcends factual conditions. We see again and again that life has our back, that it all but conspires to fulfill us at every turn, and we come to know intimately our own deep capacity for letting go and moving with rather than against things. There is a peace that surrounds those who enter our practice deeply, willing to see things in a new light, to be made over in the image of their ideal, and to let go of the ways that no longer live up to what that ideal requires of them. The rewards of such willingness are beyond measure. As anyone who has practiced our principles for a time will tell you, it is wonderful when factual conditions come right, when the Field “shows off” in some way to bring some fulfillment in a surprising and wonderful way, but even better is the realization that the self has the creative authority to transcend conditions, to set aside its tired habit of exporting that authority and living in reaction, to stop chasing the world and to come home, finally, to itself.

  • Yes, Greg, that kind of energy (“make it happen” energy) is contrary to the vibe of getting what we want.
    It seems a little paradoxical that releasing it is exactly what allows the manifestation to unfold.
    And that’s actually the topic of a post I’ve drafted – the seeming paradoxes in LOA.
    Thanks for pitching in on this one, Greg!

  • Maryann Candito says:

    Oh My Gosh Jeannette, this is so funny and so true! I am the Queen of Watching pots! (Even though I am always reminding my coaching clients to release and allow! Ha!)
    I actually had to stop watching when I was trying (very diligently) to attract my soulmate! I was so fed up with men and attracting ones that didn’t want or were afraid of relationships that I sort of gave up, made one last ditch effort on Yahoo personals and then stated to myself that I am just going to lighten the hell up and have fun. Well 2 weeks later, my soulmate found me on Yahoo and we have been together a year now, living together blissfully in Oregon! Who’d a thunk right?
    Great post and thanks so much for sharing!

  • Greg T says:

    if you allow something to happen in order to make it happen, It WONT happen.

  • I’ve noticed that happens a lot when I listen to you, Nancy.
    And no doubt you’re right – it’s the energy behind the action that makes all the difference. Leveraging a little bit of ancient ritual into it ..
    .. actually, that’s a talk I’d love to have with you someday. (About tapping the power of past thoughts/expectations that have been invested into something over time.)
    Remind me next watercooler – or next time you’re available for a GVU call!

  • Leave it to you, Jeannette, to take an off-hand comment in a GVU watercooler call and *figure* out how to make it a meaningful post! Only you have that gift, my dear!! 😉
    Now I’m wondering if a green flameless candle would work (I value my *fresh* air)? Set an intention, then switch on the candle…it’s the intention that drives everything, so *why not*?!? 😉
    Many blessings,

  • Got goosebumps reading this, Maryann: “I am just going to lighten the hell up and have fun.”
    My hero!!!
    Ha! Isn’t it fabulous how quickly Universe responds when we actually get to this place?!
    WOO HOO!!
    Love your story – thanks for sharing it!

  • Jesann says:

    Wow, I just re-read my post–it sounds like I’m not planning to work at all! (Not true!) What I meant was I would work and get what I could done, instead of paralyzing myself into not being able to work at all. Have the confidence that it all works out somehow.

  • “Staying out the way” – I just drafted a post on that very topic (for creating multiple income streams).
    Well said, Michele. Big love right back atcha.

  • Parul says:

    Hi Michele,
    I read the post you mentioned and it was fabulous.
    Thank you!!

  • Any post that starts with my name is one I’m going to watch. Especially if it’s not a blog called, “Biggest Blowhards Of All Time”. [secret fear alert]
    Well, I wrote about the Green Candle:
    And I light the Green Candle.
    And I do my best to stay out of the way.
    And abundance flows. Sometimes it looks like money and sometimes it looks like love, and sometimes, just sometimes, it looks like connection with the whole freaking enchilada of the world.
    Love you, Jeannette.

  • Jesann, this is exactly why it often seems that the ones who make the money easiest are the ones who don’t need it, huh?
    When we can have that same “fine either way” approach to it, it can’t HELP but find its way into our lives in DROVES.
    Bobby Pinson has a song that actually reinforces that natural sense of well-being for me – “I’m fine either way.”
    That might be a fun post to re-visit (because I’m sure we’ve done it before) about how to create the feeling of detachment and alignment.
    Thanks for posting, Jesann! (And sending good thoughts for easy money showing up in fun ways for you!)

  • Jesann says:

    Hoooooo, boy. Always!
    I’m going through this right now as I try to get rent money together. I figured out yesterday that if I kept concentrating on my work as the only way to earn enough (I’m self-employed), then that’s all I’d get, so I asked that somehow at least this amount come to me in time and decided to relax about it, just doing what I can do (my apt. has a generous “grace period” for rent). You know, I’d earn some, and the rest would be here somehow. I got back to work.
    And then the chattering mind took over, thinking, “Well, I’ve gotta get this much done if I want the full amount to be here in time, nd so far I don’t have….” I keep reminding myself of your post on Tolle’s windows, and how concentrating on the work closes all the other windows. I’m trying to figure out how to stop watching those pots so other windows can stay open!

  • Julio Blanco says:

    OMG, I’m a big watcher. Thanks for the post Jeannette… for the additional self-awareness and energy awareness.
    This makes me think that “watched ice cream melts.” The idea is to just eat the ice cream… savor it, swirl, have fun with it, enjoy it now. But don’t sit and watch it, whatever you do!

  • Ooh, I like that analogy, Julio!
    Way to stay tapped into the fun and enjoyment – which we all know is the ticket to the vibrational alignment that lets the good stuff in.
    Thanks for that, my friend!

  • It happens on everything we watch closely, doesn’t it, Jessica?!
    Another perfect example of an opportunity for us to relax and loosen up and let Universe do its thing while we’re off having fun.
    Now, if we could be ON that topic with that same level of fun and detachment, we’re home free. But for many of us, it’s gonna require distraction.
    Thanks for reading and for posting, Jessica. 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    yea, it is so amazing to me how easily we can manifest what we want, then as quick as lightening, manifest the opposite! Recently, I wanted to connect more with like minded people, spiritually speaking I guess… then wahlah! I get a stream of unexpected emails, fb friends, etc. GREAT! So I reach out, then I am so thrilled at my creative abilities, that I then watch the pot… and nothing happens. Where did all my spiritual connections go?! haha. Okay, gonna back off on the watching the inbox and cell phone!

  • The good news is, Ruby, you see it and you know what’s up.
    That gives us a huge headstart in doing it different next time.
    Thanks for reading and especially for piping in on this discussion!

  • Ruby says:

    OMG! totally!
    I have certain things that I have dreamt for my business… and there have been times when things would work out unexpectedly and then I would look out for the same results (knowing that LOA would bring to me all that I have dreamed of) and guess what… I would take 2 steps back…!
    I think I am watching the pot too closely! 🙂

  • Susanne, you are making ME laugh so hard I can hardly type!!
    We have to admit, we are pretty entertaining at all this stuff, aren’t we?! lol
    “one eye too many on that blasted pot!” – I totally get it!!
    Thanks for bringing the humor to this topic so well, Susanne. That’s a huge vibe-lifter right there.

  • Susanne says:

    I’m laughing so hard right now I can barely type! This morning I popped out to do some errands & in my travels found a loonie (Canadian $1 coin) in the market parking lot. Went inside & bought a few things, & had this out-of-the-blue urge to buy a scratch & win ticket with the “free” loonie. Sat in the car, did a little LOA meditation/ visualization thingie & scratched the ticket — and won $50! Thought: wow! Quick, buy another ticket, I’m hot today! So I did. Pocketed $40 (I’m half Scots), bought a $10 “big” prize ticket. You know the rest, of course. Won nothing. Nothing. I’m still $41 up (my canny Scots half smiles), but obviously had one eye too many on that blasted pot! But, as the surfers around here say, I’m stoked, dude! Going to spend part of my win on a green candle . . . .LOL!

  • That’s another one, Suzie, that always turned out great results for me: feng shui!
    And I picked it up just to play with – not knowing whether there was anything to it or not. Just wanted to experiment and see for myself.
    Hmm. There really is something powerful for me when I’m goofing off. I gotta remember to do that more, instead of being so intent and serious about getting results. lol
    Thanks for highlighting this for me, Suzie!

  • Suzie Cheel says:

    I am with Tia, this is me too- I love the watch pot syndrome I will try the green candle – on the shopping list to buy when June 8 comes around.
    Now you might like this story about a guy here in Australia whose story starts Gold Coin Wins $1.3 Million. He glued a gold coin to his front step after reading an article which suggested using feng shui practices to bring good fortune. Going to write out in more detail on my site. Yes yesterday I glued a $1.00 Aussie gold coin to the front door step…. will report back.

  • I agree me, Lovely Me, that many of us are having “where’s my stuff” moments that we don’t consciously realize!
    And indeed, this is really the trick: “focusing on the topic as long as it feels good, but once I feel the slightest bit of discord, it’s time to shift my focus/attention elsewhere to something that pleases me.”
    Recognizing that “discord” really takes awareness since many of us have been flowing it on the topic we’re so hot and heavy that we’ve become used to it and don’t see it any more.
    Your last paragraph about appreciating the ritual and finding the abundance in it really spoke to me. And I’m sure others, too. Thank you, Lovely Me!

  • Lovely Me says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    This is a topic I completely feel you on.
    I definitely agree with this watched pot syndrome and I think it’s on this very subject that there is universally a lot of resistance surrounding it. This is where people trip up. I feel a lot of us have more little superstitions and wive’s tales stuck in our vibration than we realize.
    I used to be a Tarot Reader and I loved it. I was involved in a wonderful Tarot Community where we read for each other often. I still hung onto it until I delved more deeply into Abe’s Teachings, and it just didn’t have the same vibration for me. The readings for myself were usually very positive and upbeat…however, I was always having a “where’s my stuff?!” moment.
    I have a belief that I have been working on turning around since I first even watched The Secret. It was a type of superstitious belief for me, and it was present the most when I dealt with Tarot. The belief was, basically, “Manifestation won’t happen as long as I’m focused on this topic” aka the watched pot syndrome.
    My lover wouldn’t come as long as I was waiting for him and thinking about him. Money wouldn’t come if I stayed alert for it constantly.
    Problem: How do you stop thinking about things you feel so passionately about? I felt that loving and appreciating said lover, even focusing on positive aspects was still holding my manifestation back because I was still giving it my attention.
    Through an Abe perspective now I realize that I should only focus on the topic as long as it feels good, but once I feel the slightest bit of discord, it’s time to shift my focus/attention elsewhere to something that pleases me.
    The deliciousness of deliberate creating – shooting off a rocket of desire, lining up with that thought, and receiving/enjoying manifestation. However, we struggle with lining up with the vibration. There’s a difference between watching/waiting and knowing. You can say, “I know it’s coming, so I’ll stay alert for it”, but that messes you up because when it doesn’t come, you feel discouraged, and LOA as an all INCLUSIVE law, brings you more discouragement. When you have faith and knowing, you say “I know it’s coming, and until it does, I’ll busy myself with other wonderful things. I don’t have to worry about when or how it’s going to come, because I simply know it will, and therefore I don’t need to watch and wait.”
    “All your power is in the NOW”, Abe says. When you wait, how powerful do you feel? If the NOW is where our power is, then it would be best to work yourself to a place of joy in knowing and experiencing other things than spending your NOW waiting for your stuff.
    Wow, I think I raised my own vibration on this! The next 8, I shall light a green candle, and I’ll be sure I will laugh and be in the Vortex while I do it. I’ll appreciate the ritual, I’ll appreciate knowing it’s an old tradition that I am carrying on, I’ll appreciate that I had the abundance in the first place to manifest the candle and candle holder, I’ll appreciate that whether or not the money comes, I had fun doing the ritual, and candles are so pretty, and I had fun setting it all up, and I’ll appreciate everyone else who has ever done this little ritual and wouldn’t it be nice if everyone who did this found a releasing of resistance in it? Oh – went off on a Rampage of Appreciation! I could go on, but I’ll continue it in my head 😉
    Abundance for us all!
    -Lovely Me

  • Stacy, my dogs remind me what a mean eagle eye I have, sometimes. One glance in their direction and they reflect back to me the effect of that energy.
    Time for me to soften the gaze, for sure. lol Not just for dogs, but for everything. I wonder if Russ will notice the difference, too.
    Regardless, I LOVED the stories of your first manifestations, Stacy! Hugely fun and inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing them here. 🙂

  • Stacy at Wealth for Everyone says:

    OMG – YES! Before I was really aware of the term “Law of Attraction” I was reading Wayne Dyer’s “You’ll See it When You Believe It”. I took his advise and meditated on what I wanted – without giving the Universe a lot of my input on the “how” of things. I meditated on two things – a dream job and a big influx o’ cash. With in DAYS I got them both. (Well, rather I had the phone calls that confirmed I’d be getting both within a few months. Ironically though the hows for both had NOTHING to do with the other – I was getting the money and starting the job almost at the same time which was about 2-2.5 months away from when I’d meditated on it).
    Anyhoo, back to the point of these ramblings – ever since then I’ve kinda beat myself up because I haven’t been able to manifest like that again. Oh, sure, I manifest stuff but nothing that seems so BIG. And I think, “Well, damn, I did it when I was a newbie and all and now that I know what I know I can’t do it anymore like that!”
    So what you said about the expectation is DEAD ON along with having that eagle eye looking for results. I didn’t eagle eye what was happening after I did those meditations. I just sorta forgot about them – or rather really let go.
    Since then as soon as I feel I’ve meditated “the same way” as those times I’m on red alert for the stuff to show up. And then it doesn’t.
    Jeannette – I really appreciate your honesty in all this and how you let us know that even as a Master Manifestor you still have your moments of “non-perfection”. It helps me to go easier on myself.

  • Agreed, Jason. Clearly Appreciation was the missing ingredient for me, right?
    Although, in the other things I DID have success with, it’s not like I was strongly flowing appreciation there. That I remember. Memory is a tricky thing, so it’s hard to really know.
    But regardless, we know we can’t go wrong with thankfulness.
    Thanks for posting, Jason. 🙂

  • For me, the main principle at work here, is one of managing attention.
    If one is focusing all their attention on “WANTING” something to happen, one has diluted their attention for “APPRECIATING” whatever life/reality is already around.
    So Jeanette, your principle of the watched pot is well said, and hopefully my take on the appreciation (or lack of) aspect of it helps clarify further.
    @Lyabo: that’s appreciation… 🙂
    @Jeff: awesome yoda quote.

  • Sounds like you’ve got the right vibe flowing for it, MissyB. Kudos to you!

  • MissyB says:

    Oh there’s nothing more resistant than watching your pot 🙂
    Some of my best results have been when I’ve looked the other way. But then again, I’ve had results when I have watched incase it boiled dry…my lost keys was one of them.
    I best go and find a green candle…if it works, then fab. If it doesn’t well, it’ll look nice, smell nice and I’ll feel good.
    Of course, unlike the watched pot, I will not leave the candle unattended 😉

  • I know, Jessica, that’s where I got with it! All this cynical and frustrated energy directed at my poor green candle!
    Till Iyabo straightened me out with it. Ahhh. Relief! lol

  • Jessica says:

    OMG Jeannette! You are the last person I thought I’d ever hear utter the word “supposedly”!!! What is that all about?! 🙂 Then to read Tia’s post… sums up my feelings exactly! hahahaha… but this is a great post. I love it!

  • Fab idea, Parul!
    We’d love to “see” you there! 🙂

  • Parul says:

    Or even better… I’ll just JOIN in the Watercooler calls… 🙂 🙂

  • Parul says:

    Well, the GVU Watercooler calls are turning out to be the watched pot for me!! 😀 😀
    I guess, I’ll foucs on the other calls for a while. 😀

  • Seriously, Mitch, this is making me want to write a post on some of the seemingly contradictory advice we often hear in LOA world. I know it always comes down to finding what feels best, but your comment reminded me of an Abe video I watched at GVU the other day where the message was that wherever you leave a topic, it stays there.
    And until we do the work to clean it up, it can’t move.
    Which doesn’t jive with the advice Abe also shares about getting in the vortex on ANY subject if you can’t get in on the one that’s bugging you.
    I guess their point is that once you get in on an unrelated subject, you’re more likely to be able to pick up your old ornery subject with less resistance.
    But I’d like to hear how the 48 hour break treats you. Will you email or post about it?
    Regardless, thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts here, Mitch! Much appreciated. 🙂

  • Mitch says:

    This post is almost eerie.
    On the Communion of Light’s last call at GVU, they suggested to someone asking about money to take a 48-hour vacation of sorts, which means you say with determination, “I know it’s coming” and then make a strong point of not thinking about it for the next two days.
    I’ve been tossing the idea around ever since, and now that I’ve read this post, I know that that’s *exactly* what my manifesting formula needs. Yay!

  • Tiffany, you’re hilarious when you’re tired! lol
    You said it well: here’s to acting as if! Combining that with Ande’s tip from above to enjoy for the sake of enjoying, rather than to get something and I think we’re well on our way to leaving Watched Pot syndrome behind. 🙂
    Hallelujah! And yay for $40 popping in when you stop looking for it! lol

  • Tiffany says:

    Oh, Jeanette, how I love thee? Let me count the ways…
    Ahaha, I’m with Tia on this one, I had to smirk sleepily at this post. If it weren’t nearly midnight I’d be laughing. You know why? Because my name is Tiffany and I have watched pot syndrome. ( All together now: Hi Tiffany)
    In this case, I just cracked up because I had forty bucks just pop out of a drawer at me about five minutes ago. Forty bucks I’ve been looking for ALL week. Actually, for two weeks. I completely forgot and was searching for some comfortable pajamas to wear. I pick out my favorite shirt and POP! The forty dollars literally jumps at the door. I looked through my ceiling, up at God, and said “very funny”. I searched EVERYWHERE! I even rummaged in the exact spot from which the money came. But, because I was watching the pot it wouldn’t come out.
    Now I have it again. I’ve had skin problems, yadda yadda. Well now I’m seeing some great results with medicine. And I’m feeling like the strong independent creator that I am, and today I proposed to myself “Well, maybe I don’t need the medicine…”. Of course, all day I was nearly jumping off my seat watching my body for the usual symptoms of returning disease. Around noon, as I was about to lose my mind, I heaved a sigh and said “Well, what would happen if you didn’t need it anymore, truly? What if your body healed itself completely?” And my ornery self went “Well of course I wouldn’t be worrying about this dumb bull, now would I? I mean who HONESTLY looks for symptoms of illness in a healthy body?”
    With that, I digress to my actual point (there is one, I promise). When we have watched pot syndrome, we’re forgetting to act AS IF! What if we knew that job/lover/money/car/miracle was happening? WE’D STOP WATCHING THE POT AND ENJOY OURSELVES!
    So go have some fun.
    Love and laughter,

  • Well there’s the crux of it, Ande: “finding the feel good place just for the sake of feeling good, NOT for the sake of some result.” Mmm.
    Yoda would put that into cool words, too.
    Would love the link to your post when it’s up!

  • Ande says:

    I’ve decided you have supernatural powers, Jeannette. You can turn yourself into an itty bitty, invisible critter who sits on my shoulder and peers into my head, through my ear probably, and sees what I’ve been thinking about. Karen Money Williams, over at Abraham Fun, and I have been kicking around this very subject–the difference between Abraham’s admonishment against taking score too soon and their statement that your current circumstances is the indicator of your vibrational activation. How do you reconcile the two?
    Karen and I worked out that don’t take score is what you call the watched pot syndrome. When you’re looking for the results, you stand in a place of awareness of the lack of those results, and by law of attraction, you will attract more lack of results. On the emotional journey to manifestation, alignment is about keeping your attention on the feeling of having the good feelings you think you’ll get from manifesting the money or whatever. That’s why watching the pot messes things up.
    Being aware that your current circumstances is a reflection of your vibration is just the little kick in the pants you need to remind yourself to stick to that emotional journey, the reminder that any current circumstance is simply a result of previous vibrations and you can change those by changing your thoughts.
    Okay, all that said (and it makes sense to me), I struggle mightily with this syndrome, especially when I think I’ve been in a place of feeling like I have what I want and feeling good etc and then something cruddy shows up instead of the great thing I was expecting. Then, not only am I watching the pot, I’m seriously considering throwing the pot across the room and then stomping on it.
    This morning, I wrote a post for The Secret is Wags that I’ve scheduled for Sunday (can you say synchronicity?) that talks about finding the feel good place just for the sake of feeling good, NOT for the sake of some result. It’s something I had to work out because of a series of not-so-good events in the last couple weeks.
    So thanks for reminding me that I’m on the right track in my conclusion that I need to stop thinking about the results I want and just focus on things that feel good. 🙂

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    Jeanette, this is why I love you so much! You are so honest and transparent. You are a master. I am going with Kim on this one. There is a vibe of the money is out there, where is my stuff, the green candle will make it come to me faster!
    How about just lighting the green candle in honor of all the money you already have – now that is an awesome intention!

  • Well THAT would change the vibe up powerfully, wouldn’t it, Iyabo?!
    Thanks for that. 🙂
    My green candle has a new job! Honoring the abundance that’s already here.
    Love you, girlfriend!

  • Seriously, did Yoda really say that? lol
    If not, he should have. 😉

  • Jeff Atherton says:

    hahaha… Nice:
    “When one is anxiously focused on an anticipated result, that specific result is suspended indefinitely in time until the very moment one looks away.”
    Or as Yoda would say… “Look away you must”

  • Well that’s what it comes down to, huh, Kim? Embracing that level of trust and confidence that there’s no need to check on whether it’s shown up or not.
    I’m curbing my natural response of “easier said than done” because I’d prefer to experience that it actually IS as easily said as done.
    (That phrase really hasn’t been serving me.)
    Anyway – thanks for posting, Kim! Great examples! 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Oh this is ringing true! For example, web stats! It’s better not to look at them, if you want more traffic on your site. Word counts for 3,000 words a day target? Checking the counter every page just slows the whole thing down, by hours. Waiting for the possum family to come eat on the porch? Best to go do something else and instantly there they are! Will he call me? (Ha, not if I say it like that he won’t!)
    Watching and waiting is the same as telling the universe (telling ourselves) ‘it’s not happening.
    I have an intention to be so nicely in the vortex that I say what I want, open my palm and it arrives. It’s all about letting things happen, and knowing they will 🙂
    Thanks for this great post, Jeannette! Perfect timing as always!

  • I’m imagining you’re laughing WITH me, not AT me, Tia! lol Either way, glad this one brought you to smiles! 🙂

  • Coach T.I.A says:

    I’ll come back and post again after I’ve stopped laughing so hard!! Can barely sit on this chair .. LMAO!!

  • >