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weight-loss-scale.jpgFrustrated with lack of results from your weight loss efforts?
You’re not alone. One frequently cited study reports that 95% of people who diet to lose weight put it back on within two to three years. That statistic is as dismal as many dieters feel when their hard work fails to pay off.
Are we really that thwarted in achieving our fitness goals? Is it asking the impossible to take off and keep off the extra pounds that an estimated two thirds of Americans carry?
It might seem so, but that perception is likely part of the problem.
What most dieting approaches fail to take into account is something crucial to our success: our thoughts and feelings about losing weight. What we think and feel about our bodies has even more to do with our success – or lack of it – than the number of calories we burn or fat grams we ingest.
Sound far-fetched? More and more people are beginning to understand why a traditional approach to health and fitness hasn’t served us. Thanks to Oprah and “The Secret,” lots of folks have heard about the Law of Attraction and are ready to incorporate it in their weight loss efforts.
The science of quantum physics supports the principles of deliberate creation in that research reveals that our thoughts create our reality. (Lynne McTaggart’s “The Intention Experiment” covers some of that research.) Basically, the Law of Attraction dictates that as we feel, so we experience.
In light of our challenges with losing weight, this knowledge begins to shed light on why things haven’t worked out for most of us.
Have you ever wondered why there isn’t one diet or exercise program that offers consistent results? It’s because it isn’t the diet or exercise that makes the difference. It’s our thoughts about the food and the exercise that dictate our results (or lack of results).
So how do we change our thoughts and feelings to get the results we want?
Getting positive results starts with paying attention to those thoughts and feelings. Once we are aware of them, we can start managing them.
By deliberately managing our thoughts and feelings to align with the results we want, we take the reins firmly in hand to create the success that’s eluded us.
If you approach a new diet or workout routine expecting it to be hard, anticipating you won’t stick to it, believing you won’t get results, or worrying about things getting worse, you prime the pump for failure. You can’t look in the mirror and think “I’m so fat” and expect to grow thin. As you think “fat,” you create “fat.”
Your path to success includes getting conscious to what your personal beliefs are and taking action aligned with those beliefs. Or, alternatively, changing your beliefs to match your actions. But discounting the power of your thoughts and feelings is a sure recipe for struggle.
The point is there is no secret diet or exercise program that’s going to make the difference (unless of course you think so). The power for our successful body transformation lies in managing our thoughts and feelings about it.
As you practice feeling better about your body and loving what is (releasing resistance to your current situation), you open the door to effortless tranformation of your physical body.  When you find yourself working hard or struggling to lose weight, that’s a sign to ease up and pay attention to what might feel better. 
As you shift your beliefs to support ease and effortlessness in your weight loss efforts, combined with action that feels good, you’ll find a smooth road to the body you’ve been wanting.

  • November 29, 2007
  • CandyB says:

    I have just re-read this incredible post and had a light-bulb moment. And as I read your comment above Jeannette that “Making peace with our bodies and finding our way to better feeling thoughts is what allows the energy to move, and the weight to drop.”
    I wonder if ‘peace’ is not in fact an energy/ creative force? Perhaps when we make peace (or allow peace) we literally transform the manifestation into something better . .. ? That’s how it feels with me this week. On making peace with my body and where I am, I all of a sudden started becoming ‘energized’ in a very calm and peaceful way. Thanks once again for the insight and tips!

  • tbea, you’re not alone. I think it’s incredibly natural – well, not NATURAL, but CONDITIONED – for us to beat ourselves up for what we perceive to be “wrong” with our body.
    For some reason we think that “pushing against it” is going to get results, and yet – that resistance is exactly what ensures the weight doesn’t budge.
    Making peace with our bodies and finding our way to better feeling thoughts is what allows the energy to move, and the weight to drop.
    And yet I know as well as anyone that that is easier said than done.
    But you’re right, tbea, it sure feels better than the struggle and deprivation, right? It’s just a matter of dropping old habits.
    Which we can do.
    We’re the best there is, after all. 🙂
    Thanks for the comment!

  • tbea says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    As one of the “95%”, I have come to realize that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to weight loss. What you say about releasing resistance and practicing what feels good sounds a whole lot better than struggle and deprivation. Thanks so much for the great info.

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