We’ll See

I say it myself sometimes.

“We’ll see.”

Not consciously. Not on purpose. And certainly not when I’m on my best manifesting game.

Because when a conscious creator says, “We’ll see,” it can be like throwing our manifesting power to the wind, abdicating our focusing skills and letting things run on default.

Sure, sometimes running on default is fabulous! (When we have a high-vibrating default.)

Sometimes it’s a great way to release attachment and enhance alignment.

But sometimes it’s not that.

A friend was relaying his plans for an upcoming surgery, when he hadn’t even seen a doctor yet. Already he was planning for the inevitable unwanted surgery.

I asked if that one was worth re-thinking. While he still had room to believe in an alternate outcome.

I mean, maybe it’s easier than you think? I’ve seen guys walk out of the exam room when the doctor had an easy fix on the spot – painless, fast, affordable! It happens! I’ve seen it!

But he knew so well how this was going to go down that there didn’t seem to be any talking him out of it. He had experience with it in the past, yada this yada that – he was having his surgery.

My suggestion not to plan so hard for something he supposedly didn’t want didn’t really take. (We all have muggle friends we cut wide berths for, right?)

Anyway, after my spiel about re-thinking his certainty about surgery, he politely replied, “We’ll see.”

Which in that case meant just give it a minute and he’ll be proven right.

Sometimes conscious creators use this phrase to help shake off a negative expectation and invite a different possibility into manifestation.

But sometimes we use it as an abdication of our creative power. We say “we’ll see” as if we weren’t the ones calling the shots here. We are calling the shots here. Whether we’re conscious of that or not.

Those who aren’t LOA savvy can’t be called out on this, because they don’t realize their creative power.

But we can do better.

We can steer it even just a little bit into better territory by deciding, “I’m sure it’ll all work out,” or “Everything will be fine, one way or another.”

We can be willing to see something positive, something helpful, something desired – instead of letting it unfold without our conscious good intention.

The next time you hear yourself saying, “We’ll see,” check your vibration. What are you expecting? Is it what you want, or is it worth rethinking?

Let’s make sure we’reΒ visioning a positive outcome. It isn’t that hard when we’ve been practicing believing in good things, right?

We can practice seeing what we prefer. Because we’re cool like that. πŸ˜‰

  • January 23, 2018
  • Evi says:

    Oh my, I’m definitely “guilty” of this one. But I usually do it when I cannot make a decision in a moment about something, I’ll just say – “we’ll see, surely it will work out well.” So, it’s more in a positive way, to make myself feel better rather than trying to figure it out that second. And it usually does make me feel better.
    But I came to understand more that everything is working out for me and I don’t need to know all the answers all the time, but you’re right about the creating by default. Thanks, Jeannette πŸ™‚

    • Jeannette says:

      You’re so right, Evi! There’s a way to use this phrase that lightens it up and opens possibilities, rather than as an abdication of our manifesting power. And your example is perfect proof of that.
      Thanks for posting! πŸ™‚

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