Q&A: What Action to Take?

QAToday’s question comes from “Kerry,” who is confused, a bit scared (and complimentary ofย my writing skills), so I wanted to offer the most excellent answer possible.
Which is where you all come in.
Here’s Kerry’s question:

How do you know what action to take? I hear over and over that you visualize what you want and focus on that instead of the bad stuff. Then you all turn around and say you have to do stuff too!
I’m totally okay with that, it’s just I don’t know what to do. And you say you have to be okay not knowing how it’s going to happen.
Which leads me to wonder… if you don’t know how it’s going to happen, how can you take action towards it? Is it just a matter of doing what will make you feel best, even if it terrifies you? Or is that only part of the equation?
Quite confused, a little scared too.

What say you, Wise Ones?
What suggestions or adviceย do you have for Kerry who wonders what action to take if you’re not supposed to worry about the “how”?
I’ll see you in the comments …

  • August 13, 2010
  • Anonymous says:

    Do what feels best even if it’s totally unrelated to the subject. Action can sometimes be just taking a nap, or going for a walk, having a glass of wine. Other times, you feel INSPIRED to take a specific action toward your goal, like making a phone call, or taking that job, or whatever. But you’ll FEEL it. It will feel right. If it doesn’t, than it’s not an inspired action. Don’t be scared, you can’t mess it up, there’s an infinite number ways to get where you want to be. Oh and by the way, sometimes an action feels right but you feel fear anyway, it’s natural, you’re stretching out of your comfort zone and it’s scary, but the excitement will be there too, and the FEELING, trust your gut! hope this helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sonia says:

    oops! anonymous is me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Well said, Sonia – that it’s “inspired” action we’re looking for.
    I also like how you addressed the fear component – that it’s natural for it to be there when we stretch out of our comfort zone.
    Thanks for starting this dialogue so smartly, Sonia! Much appreciated.

  • Michelle Clifton says:

    Only focus on “what”, be in a state of gratitude that it’s on the way – and welcome it with open arms! If you do that, fully committed to what you’re asking for, you’ll be too focused to worry about the “how”. If you get scared, just imagine how amazing you will feel when your request manifests… Much love, we’re in this together, learning to master all these things – and we will! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nice tip, Michelle, to stay focused on where our power IS – in seeing what we want and visioning it to life.
    Thanks for chiming in! (And gorgeous avatar, by the way!)

  • Jessica says:

    Your action can be looked at as sort of an act of faith. Like, When you want that new job, you may go buy new shoes for it before you even get the job. This says to the universe “I KNOW I will get that job and I am ready for it.” Or you can see what movies are playing AS IF you are planning a date. This way, you still do not know how it will happen, but you just know it will.

  • Wise words, Jessica. That’s a powerful vibe to send Universe: “I am so confident it’s coming that I am getting ready now.”

  • Bryan Kieft says:

    Sometimes I get stuck because I don’t know “how” something will happen to the point that I have trouble feeling positive or believing in it. Like if you know you want to get across town but you have no car, not sure how the buss system works no bike and feel it is too hard to walk. . one might either just do nothing or do ineffective things and get frustrated. But if one takes it back a step and starts looking at what possibilities do exist, not the one possibility, but the varied ways it could work, often something sticks out and shows you *that* is the way you can most feel inspired about. Sometimes all it takes is brainstorming different ways it could work and not discounting anything out of hand. Sometimes it takes more to figure out what actions would convince you that what you want is possible.
    I believe that most of the time actions are required at all because we have been taught that things work a certain way and so we continue to create our life along those lines. Often we can tweak those rules or “discover” new ones that help us find the actions we *know* will bring us what we desire.

  • Well said, Bryan, which is why “brainstorming” in its truest sense can be so important … to really get beyond the typical possibilities and ideas and ways we might see things working out.
    That’s why I appreciate masterminding with others so much – they often come up with ideas, perspectives and tips I never would have thought of myself.
    Lovely to hear from you on this one, Bryan. Thanks for posting!

  • Matthew David OGrady says:

    When I am asking my Self: “Self, what should I do in this situation?”
    The first thing I do is become grounded in my Being, I like to feel my feet, my whole body, the sensations alone can sometimes immediately bring me into a state of appreciation, and connectedness with all that is…I connect with the Mother Earth energy, this big being that we are riding on through the universe…
    Then I bring my attention to the breath, feeling the abundance of oxygen I need to stay alive, I feel the aliveness, the purity, the life giving force of the breath(once again my state is usually so uplifted at this point I am off and dancing in the vortex haha)but if not I keep going…I feel the life in my skin, my lips, my eyes, I turn on inspiring music, I start to move…
    I remember that what I think and feel about I bring about, so I think about the people that love me, and how supported I am, and that if I need help it will be there in the form of a person, a check, a phone call or an email….
    I stand up and I raise my arms to the Universe, I turn my face up to the Heavens and I say: “I am ready to receive Mother Father God, I know I am You in disguise. I know all that is in this life is available to me and oh so much more~!” I go on and on like that until it feels like enough and then in that state, dancing in the vortex, I think about what i am dealing with and what if any actions I should take to continue moving toward what I want….
    I remember that I am MASTER of my own universe, my own experience, the story I tell my Self is the TRUTH and so it is and so it shall be done!Amen Sistah Friend!

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    You do what you feel inspired to do — even if has nothing to do with the desire/goal you are working on. We all have an inner guidance that is so powerful — if only we would tap into it more.
    You don’t have to figure out the HOW — matter of fact doing that can sometimes make your head spin and/or stop you from taking any action steps, because your desire may feel too big or unachievable (especially when you try to figure out HOW).
    So, just relax into the knowing that you have asked, and it is given and then do what brings you JOY. Sounds simple — but it really does works. Always make a conscious effort to pivot to a better feeling thought and you will see your dream unfold easier than when you try to figure it all out.
    And the Universe can bring you things in SO many ways that you would never have dreamed up!

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    P.S. As you asked in your question … if some action step “terrifies you”, then don’t do it. It has to be a “feel good” inspired action step. Otherwise, the outcome won’t be optimal for you.
    Just my 2 cents.

  • Do you really want it, or is it something you “should” want?
    Cuz, if it’s a should, you ain’t gonna get around to it.
    And if you really want it, you’ll do it.
    Even if it scares you (and thrills you).
    If it feels effortless/why not?/OhboyIcannotwait – then allow yourself to do.
    Regardless, if it feels fun – do it. Now.

  • Stephen says:

    Relax and remember that the world you create reflects who you are. Enjoy yourself. Do any and everything that feels good. Appreciate. And (the one I have to work on the most) trust it will manifest regardless of anything I do or don’t do when my vibration matches it.

  • Sonia summed it up perfectly, do something that feels good even if you think it’s unrelated. Put your focus on something joyful, fun or exciting!
    It’s also helpful to focus on gratitude and sometimes just asking your spirit (or guides, angels, the Universe whatever your belief is) to move your body in the direct that it needs to be moved it will work. Don’t judge, don’t take things to seriously because that will make you tense which slows down the process even further! I choose to ask my spirit guides to move me, then I can relax and let it happen because it feels like “someone” is on it…rather than just sending a thought vibration out into the vast universe and wondering if it was done properly.

  • Kerry,
    If this is a goal you really want to accomplish with your heart and soul – do visualize it as accomplished. Do this every day. See yourself living this new life that includes the goal, now accomplished.
    If there’s a step you have to take to accomplish the goal that terrifies you, know that doing something you really want, in spite of the fear will only make you stronger. If you’re unsure about what steps to take to make this goal a reality – take one little baby step each day. Keep your focus on seeing the goal as a reality in your life, but every day ask for guidance as to how to proceed. If you ask your higher self to direct you – I guarantee you will get signs that lead you to accomplishing the goal.
    But, you do have to move in the direction of your goal. When someone tells you not to worry about the “how,” what they’re saying is that you don’t have to have a treasure map to your goal at the outset. All you need is a burning desire, and faith that you will make it happen. Then before you know it, your enthusiasm and little baby steps will lead you there.

  • When you don’t know what to do, it’s all about doing what feels right in the moment, and the moment usually consists of a whole bunch of tiny, tiny, tiny baby steps. You really only have to sort out a very small thing…
    Let’s take an example:
    BIG SCARY ISSUE: “I don’t know if I should take this job/date this guy.”
    1. I could take the job/guy right away — FEELS BAD.
    2. I could talk it over with friends — FEELS TERRIFYING, THEY’RE HATERS.
    3. I could binge on food — SOUNDS GOOD, BUT I FEEL IT’S NOT.
    4. I could go buy stuff to prepare for it — FEELS BAD TOO.
    5. I could punch a wall in frustration — FEELS KINDA OK.
    6. I could do a focus wheel, abraham-hicks style — FEELS LIKE WORK ๐Ÿ™
    7. I could pray about it and humbly thank God for life — FEELS GOOD.
    Yay! Success with step 7, so go pray, feel better, and repeat the process in the moment after you’re done praying. You may find different options/thoughts available.
    And so, with baby-steps, your thoughts lead to action ๐Ÿ™‚
    I really hope this sheds light and uplifts. Thanks Jeanette and Kerry for this opportunity to share. I really appreciate it. I also offer a bunch of (free) resources (don’t even have to give an email, I just like helping people,) that can really help with stuff like this, if anyone’s interested.

  • Nathaniel says:

    Really fantastic question–
    First things first–if you are deciding whether to do this thing or that thing( finding yourself in a place of I don’t know what to do)–then you are out of the vortex— and then it is highly recommended to get in the vortex.
    The vortex is where all the ideas are, all the clarity, and all the solutions–you have access to infinite intelligence in the vortex–and that infinite intelligence knows the very next step to take and the step after that. Thre is a very easy to follow plan inside the vortex.
    If you don’t know how to get in the vortex then that is a different question, but simpley its reach for a better thought and keep doing it until you feel positive expectation-if you eel hopeful then you are close to the vortex.
    Second thing,
    Nothing is a big deal. try any action even if you fail because failure is just contrast and contrast is awesomme. Contrast is an amazing way to get to clarity. Abraham–always says it doesnt matter what actions you take–do anything–because you can be happy no matter the outcome. You can get back into the vortex after sucking at something after or embarrasment.
    People dont try things because they aren’t confident in their ability to get back in the vortex. SO if you are going to work on anything–do one action–learn how to get yourself into the vortex anytime you want!
    That question was reallly fun to answer

  • Karanime says:

    Ahh, so glad this question was finally answered.
    It’s really cool that so many people found this question fun to answer.
    The way I see it, it’s all a matter of getting to a great vibe, and doing whatever feels inspired and good, even if it’s unrelated. Alternatively, you can make a list of things you can do and see if any of them feel good/inspired.
    Great answers, people. I really feel at ease. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Monica says:

    I want to follow on from what Maria said and discourage you from doing anything that terrifies you. Fear is guidance. It means that you will create something that you don’t want. It doesn’t mean that the action is always bad, but it does mean that with your current vibration the action is bad for you right now.
    As many have said here, first get yourself feeling good, or at least feeling better. Find something that gives you relief on the subject, and then see what you feel will be best to do. It may be that your original action now feels better, or you will have an entirely new idea.

  • Scott says:

    You want to sell your book. Visualize how you’ll feel having sold it, them, let that go and make a site to promote it, send the pitch to publishers, Etc. Just remember it isn’t going to get published by one of these guys. A publisher’s wife might see it, and her business partner may call you out of the blue in six months. Just do what is in front of you, and let the universe take care of the details.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Kerry, there are so many wonderful posts here. I’ve so enjoyed reading all of them.
    I don’t think there is any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to take action, anymore that there is a right or wrong way to take a bath. It’s just a way of being, a filling in of the days. The feelings that you have and the thoughts that flow out of them are number one. They come first and start with ‘I want . . .’ You fill in the blanks. ‘I want . . . what?’
    Jeannette has a wonderful exercise to help get to the essentials of what you want and why you want it. I’ll let her share that with you, but just knowing what you are really after is a huge relief. It takes the pressure off any need for ‘action’ because what we really want is a feeling, a state of being, and getting there is a matter of changing our mind. With that perspective, the ‘right action’ is as natural as grass growing towards the sun.
    As for the scary bits, I wouldn’t be so quick to back down from them. Adventure can be part of the journey.
    Every time we do something we have never done before, we embark on a hero’s journey. It’s archetypal–happens everywhere, in all peoples, in all times. It’s a part of being human–of experiencing life. We cross the threshold of the ‘known aspects’ of our world and away we go. On the journey we encounter all kinds of new things that give us a chance to be brave, adventurous, daring, compassionate, lost, found and ultimately, heroic. Sometimes doing something even though you feel scared is a wonderful thing. The point is, you always get to choose.
    When the way is cloudy and we feel lost, it’s called the ‘liminal region’ of the quest. For the hero, it is like a virgin forest, an uncharted island or unexplored region of space. It is a state of mind where identity is temporarily suspended. We aren’t sure who we are or which way to go.
    Is this ‘bad’ or is this part of the process?
    Disorientation, ‘being lots’, can lead to transformation and self-understanding. It’s all part of the journey.
    Deepak Chopra says when you have a choice and don’t know what to do, always move towards the one that gives you the most peace. For me this feeling of peace can mean doing nothing, doing something that confronts me (scary) or doing something completely unrelated to the ‘big event’.
    The most important element in creating your next experience (I want)is inside you. The entire hero’s journey takes place there, in your mind. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what the next step is or what action you take. What matters is your perception of it of that step, that action.
    Does this make sense?
    I’m wishing you the best, Kerry, on your hero’s journey!

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  • Annettie says:

    I have to go with the Great Maw’s Act As If . . .
    Even when it’s a scary action that I am contemplating, I act as if I am/have the Goal. Then I visualize myself taking the scary action. Sometimes it ends up that I am a Super-Hero, so I know what is scaring me is that I’m not speaking my Truth. So I find a way to speak up for myself, even if it’s in the mirror.
    Or I will find that the outcome is rather boring and took a long time to get there. Toss out that action! I have also found that the fear could just be a bit of stage fright – no big deal to get over.
    I don’t always use the Act As If, but it is the fastest way for me to decide on what action to take, AND gives me a better feeling thought immediately.
    And Kim, the most weird thing is that driving home from my Hunter/Gatherer activities today, I was thinking about whether people think there’s a right/wrong way to take a shower!

  • Toemaas says:

    I think the answer to “what should I do?, or what actions should I take?” is always the same thing. Get aligned, it never fails to deliver!! Alignment with your true self, or alignment with life!! How do you do that? It’s as unique for you as it is for me or anyone else, so just do what you love or what makes you feel strong.
    I try to remember that it’s not about the manifestation, it’s about alignment. And the process of moving to alignment is so much FUN!! We don’t get what we want, we get what we are, so get excited to see what you might become without any preconceived notion. Open up to the infinite potentials that exist and the perfect one will present itself in the most surprising and incredible way.
    As for fear, I think Gay Hendricks said “fear is excitement without the breath”. Breathe!! All the posts are great advice and the common theme is do what feels best, just make sure the feeling is coming from your heart rather than your head!!

  • Jennifer Aligning says:

    When I feel disoriented about what I should *DO* about achieving a particular goal, I try to remember to “still” myself. I sit quietly, alone, to calm the swirl of thoughts turning around and around in my head. Frequently, during this simple act of sitting quietly, I receive inspiration and guidance to take a step. A step that feels good.
    Feeling good will always take you at least one step closer to your goal, maybe even more!

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