Q&A: What Am I Missing?

In the spirit of holiday generosity, let’s offer some LOA friendly support to a fellow creator who feels stumped in her manifesting.

Here’s our friend’s situation:

In the last month and a half or so I have failed to create what I desire

I want to lose weight, I want the love of my life back, I want a good job, I want a nice house on some land, I want to spread joy and I want to manifest the reason

I have always felt I have something really important to give to the world.

But, here I am, just turned 40, back in my parents’ house. No job. Running out of savings quickly. And I am in intense to moderate pain everyday over breaking up with my love.

I hear you saying “Let it go, friend, let it go.” So, I let it go for a day or two.

And then the sadness creeps back. I visualize. I pray rain. I journal. I look for signs in everything. I stare at the stars and know I am stardust too. I try to soak myself in the love of my family and have laughs with my friends.

But I know I am missing something. I’ve got to be.

I am grateful for so many things and tell the universe often. For the safety of the roof over my head, the warmth and love in this house. For my health, for my parents’ health, for my dogs, for the money I do have, the car that works, the love I do have in my life.

I pay attention to how I am feeling and when I start to dip, I do the best I can to have better feeling thoughts. I meditate with Vishen everyday. I visualize like crazy! For an hour straight sometimes! When I feel lost, I read your blogs. Everyday, I am reminded of a new lesson.

But, I am doing something wrong!!! I have gotten to the point where I can no longer just relax and let the universe take hold.

I am running out of money. And I have had several interviews, one that was very hopeful. I was supposed to talk to the guy yesterday about it. I called and left vm. He never called back. I called today and left another vm. Here’s to intending him to call back today.

I know the worst thing I can do right now is panic. But, I feel I’ve been pretty laid back about the job situation this entire time. I really believe this job will work out. I have a fear that it won’t, I mean, the fear of the worst possible scenario exists, but I do not sink energy into it. I’m beginning to become disenchanted and that scares the hell out of me. I believe that the law works. Why is the contrast still so strong?

I find that things that do manifest were once fleeting thoughts. I hardly sunk energy into them. But that’s not conscious creation! There are SO many different strategies to creation, how can I possibly know when to use which one? I am definitely doing it wrong. Please help.

What words of wisdom do you have for our fellow creator?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and your manifesting expertise.

  • November 25, 2015
  • Steffy says:

    I was in the same place, and worse. I was seriously facing losing my flat (apartment to you Americans) and I was walking home and I said, God, I give up. I surrender. Show me the path and I”ll walk it. And… within two hours things turned around and within 48 hours I had new clients and my self-worth back and I could literally see the path had risen under my feet, sending me in directions I could not have possibly thought of with my own little brain.
    I’ve learned to sit with my feelings – ALL of them – and I see that it’s like watching the sky or watching a movie. “Good” things come and go, “bad” things come and go. Anything only has the meaning we give it. I know you’re probably heard that old chestnut a million and one times. So bear with me and hear it a million and two on the chance you might get it this time round, like Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan.
    Listen – this is an AWESOME time to be you. This has all been taken to zero so you can literally start over without any limits from the past. Your future is wide open. There is nothing “wrong” – this is EXCITING!!
    When someone said that to me I thought she was f’ing kidding me. As soon as I realized that everything shifted. “There’s something wrong with this situation and with me” is only your story.
    When I stopped worrying about money… and I mean LITERALLY the minute I stopped worrying about money… I had a new client two hours later and others lined up within 48 hours. Want money? Forget about it. I got excited about how I could use my knowledge, skills and talents to help people solve business problems and reach goals and whammo. I saw exactly how to make at least $250K next year. That, after having to be on state benefits of about $100 a week (I don’t live in the US) for most of this year and having to go to the local food back and all kinds of other things.
    I have been able to drop my fear about money and now I see it everywhere.
    Quit calling this man. If you have to chase it, it’s not the right thing.
    You are OK, this very minute. You have always been OK and you can never be anything other than OK. It’s just the story you’re telling.
    Guy cancels on me at the last minute for the third time this week today (that’s the long story short), and I found myself annoyed, indignant, etc. Then I realized that if we needed to meet, he would have shown. This was the best outcome. He took it somewhere else for whatever his reasons were, to leave us both free to do what was right. His choices are no reflection on me whatsoever. I just sat with the “yucky” feelings until they dissolved. Easy when you get the hang of it. Feeling bad, sad or mad? You’re just believing a story you made up. Let it go and make up another one that feels better.
    What you want exists now. As others have said, redirect the “wanting” feeling to the joy of having and it must come.
    I hope this helps. I was in your shoes and even scarier. Or so it appeared. 🙂

  • Deborah says:

    Wow, that’s THE WORST, right? We’ve all been there!
    A propos of which . . . I was just listening to this Abe rampage and thought you might find it useful. Even if you’ve heard it before. =)
    Specifically, towards the end, where Abe says, “You can’t look at where [the things you want] are not, and say ‘come because I need you.’ Say ‘come because I am you, come because I match you, come because this is who I am, come because we are a vibrational match, come because this is logical, come because I’m steady here, come because this is who I am, come because success is who I am.”
    And try to be gentle with yourself. This is what learning looks like — for all of us! <3

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow! Great post and great responses, thank you for sharing it all, it’s taught me new perspectives.
    Not sure if I’m a bit late to the party but I can definitely relate to this situation in so many ways it’s eerie, that or divine perfection :), so I’ll add my two-penneth and if it helps then good.
    Often I find that I’m not ‘feeling’ the usual LOA tools, they’re a struggle or disheartening – so I’ve learnt not to use them.
    In fact, when I feel like this, I don’t do anything apart from make the decision not to worry about any LOA stuff.
    I’m usually feeling pretty heavy at this point so I decide to lighten up and go out and play – guilt free – crank the music up and sing whilst driving, go out for coffee, read trash, browse bookshops, listen to a good story, sit and stare into space, sleep in the day, eat a cheeky ice-cream, whatever takes my fancy and I can be bothered to do.
    I’ve worked out that when I’m ready, I am naturally moved and inspired to meditate or write in my gratitude journal or anything else, without the sense of obligation, the ‘I must meditate, I should do a vision board, I should…fill in blanks’.
    I personally find meditation helpful, I find it can open up a bit of space and allow the universe to work. I’d like to meditate twice a day as I was taught, but that doesn’t happen and I’m cool with that now.
    I sometimes wonder if constantly using all the LOA tools especially when you’re not ‘feeling it’ is like asking someone to do something for you. Instead of leaving them alone and trusting that they’ll get on with the job, you constantly ask them if they’ve done it yet? They then spend so much time telling you ‘not yet, I’m trying get on with it’ that it takes far longer for them to do what you’ve asked them to. Getting in my own way I guess. Did that make sense…or only in my head? 🙂
    As well as Jeanette’s great community here, I’ve also found that Tosha Silver’s ‘Outrageous Openness’ (based on Florence Scovel-Shinn’s work) is really helpful and also Sonia Choquette.
    Different things work for different people and different things also work at different times.
    Hope you find your groove

    • Juliette says:

      You’re never too late to the party when you bring Tosha Silver with you… Divine Beloved change me ~
      Outrageous Openness is my book of the year – soooo good.

  • Ena says:

    First thing I noticed is that you said you wanted your ex back… This also might be one of the reasons you’re stuck… You’re holding on to your past and so maybe what is better for you, cannot come. Open your heart and let what belongs to the past,go, so the new can enter your life..
    Second, obviously right now what you’re feeling is powerlessness.. I’ve learnt something from Melody Fletcher that resonates deeply with me, and might be helpful… When you feel powerless, what you need is TO GET ANGRY.
    Anger is a higher vibration on the ladder than powerlessness and the only one that can push you out from such a low place.
    Important thing here is to NOT get angry WITH YOURSELF… but anybody else…Your ex, your parents, God, Universe.. Of course you’re not going to go and punch the person in the face, you deal with it when you’re alone and where you can either scream or punch a pillow and so on… You realease it in a constructive way…
    After that you’re going to find yourself in a much better place and will be able to go to the next step..

  • Karen says:

    Really good insight here. Because I’ve been in so many places in my life where I didn’t want to be, I am able to look back on all the things I worried about that turned out fine after all (which is all of them) and to project myself into the future (something awesome is right around the corner.) I find both very helpful. Gratitude and hope, even enthusiasm. And this from someone who has had a lifetime of depression. Getting pulled into a black void is something to notice, which you have, only so you can turn around and fix it.
    When I was looking for work, worrying about losing my house, I took one moment at a time: In this moment no one is pounding on my door to kick me out of my house. In this moment in time I am not starving. I have food and shelter. I have adequate clothing. i have a vehicle to take me to the job that is up ahead. …etc. Perspective is everything. And only you can change yours. With help, if needed. (PS: research what is causing your pain and get something to take care of it. Trust me, being pain free is going to help as much as having that burst of money someone mentioned from doing something like temp work.

  • Sue says:

    I had a wonderful coach ( http://www.zmahoon.com ) tell me about “going to the dump” when your on your way to the park. It’s a way of talking and thinking that we tend to do, all of us. ” I’m so appreciative that I have a roof over my head, but I lost my job, or my daughter is such a love, but she’s seems to be stuck in a rut.” We sort of zig zag our way through life, never gaining momentum to get where we want to go.
    Another great piece of love I received from my sister when I was down was…..just be ok with it, sit with it and let it be, it wil leave sooner, as if it is dissolving. Trying to is like attempting to stop yourself when you tripping and falling, grabbing onto everything and actual hurting yourself more in your attempt to stop….just fall!
    So find a little something you can write about that you could hold a consistent “going to the park” vibe on and have some fun! Wishing you all the best <3

  • Juliette says:

    I was in the same place you are three years ago. I was 39, just moved home with mom and dad, wasn’t making any money, going through my savings (oh wait, I didn’t have a savings), and increasing my credit card debt, etc. The only difference was that I did have a job (my dream job), but it wasn’t going to start for nine months. Even after the job started, the money wasn’t going to be consistent, or enough, for the next two years.
    I didn’t know about Jeannette at the time, so the manifesting techniques I used were from Mike Dooley and Abraham, who I did know. Mike says to ‘not worry about the how,’ and so I didn’t. He also advises that instead of visualizing the thing you want, to just visualize happiness, and so I did that. I also took his advice to ‘take baby steps,’ and I would do that by spending time every day looking for odd jobs or online work.
    (FYI – there are a lot of books on Amazon for under $3.00 that will give you TONS of information and pathways for working online.)
    I will never forget the day that I felt *guided* to go to a certain website. That day, there was a posting from someone looking to hire work-from-home transcriptionists, and I applied. That connection helped me make a few hundred dollars a week, which sustained me while the rest of my dream job manifested. Three years later, I still turn in work for her each week.
    The Abraham technique that I use is “Ask and it is given,” just like the title. What I like about that technique is that it says, “Ask,” and not, “demand,” or “beg.” Being raised Catholic, we always talked about God the Father. Today, I might call God something else, but I found that when I treated Source with the same respect I would treat my own father, my relationship with Source improved (that’s just me, though).
    As you can see, we all have different techniques. I wish you the greatest success in finding yours. In the meantime, enjoy what you are going through right now. Once you have the job and the lover, you’ll become busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest, and in some ways, you’ll miss this. The downtime is a gift in itself.
    Big love!

    • Elle says:

      Thank you for this, Juliette! I do translation, and was wondering if I should branch out to transcription as well and here is my answer!

  • Jennifer Tilley says:

    I would say: feel for the sake of feeling; not for any particular thing, person, position, etc… but, feel a particular way because it enhances who you are.
    And, you… be the love of your life (although it is sometimes difficult to see that that’s the way it should be).
    Lastly, when I find that my visualizations aren’t working out for me, and it seems like I am trying too hard or too much… I change the visualization to something simple like: floating on a cloud or laying on a beach and feeling the warmth of the sun, and hearing the waves… because to those things, I have no attachment.
    If I were to continue to visualize something that I see as lacking, deep down I know it’s the dominant feeling… so, I give myself a ‘vacation’ from those visualizations… feel the universe’s love for me, not any particular person, or kudos I would get from having a particular position in a job, etc…
    Hope that helps

  • Lightline says:

    Hi, I am practicing LOA and I was at your place where you are. I get to that place time to time when I see that physical manifestation hasn’t come yet. But small manifestations are enough to make me feel confident!
    I came to one conclusion after reading all suggestions I had from LOA gurus like Abe, Busher, Jeanette, Pam and many other including all the people who comment here. (They all are Gurus for me 🙂 ) –
    1. Accept Your feelings first. Cry if it feelslike. That is the easiest thing to do (for me when I feel low). Though I don’t cry deliberately. When emotions hit and my ego screams – tears roll down my eyes on its own.
    2. Feel good. I listen to songs, talk to friends specially those with whom I just laugh and laugh at anything and everything. I shop. I am getting good at ignoring/avoiding negativity of others and of my own thoughts. For example- Why the hell he won’t reply? May be he hates me. I turn down this assumptions intopositive ones first. 1. he atleast read my message. He likes me he wants me but “Universe is preparing him for timely delivery”. (I didn’t make it up…where did I get it from ?)
    3. I ask/ed for signs. Whenever above question hit me hard, i asked universe/guiding angels for the sign. When I started asking it – I started seeing Cloud9 on a big billboard. The moment I asked there it was – cloud9. It just tickled something inside me so i knew that it was for me.Nothing is co-incidence. After asking for the answers in my journal and after a month I saw Cloud9 with its company slogan “Getting ready For Timely Delivery”. That made me smile and whenever my ego sees the reality, I tell myself “Getting Ready For Timely Delivery” Now I play with signs all the time when I am out, watching TV. It’s so much fun.
    I manifest a lot of things in snaps. Anything related with my daughter – snap! here it is. His name? there it is! A gift? here you go!
    I know if something is taking time then it simply means – either it will appear on the right time when everything in this world is ready for this. OR there is some resistance. I know its both in my case. but guess what – I am super happy when little manifestations happen and I am so grateful for the smiles I get when they happen. My job is done. Now I am passing each day like this is the ONLY day in my life and that really makes me grateful at little manifestations. And I play with visualizations like they are my toy.
    And,no matter who says what to you, you will understand yourself!

    • Lightline says:

      A few things I wanted to clarify:
      1. I VISUALIZE: because I haven’t forgotten my desires for future. It’s just that they matter to me in my today. and that’s where visualization gives me that happiness.
      2. SIGNS: That is is not the only sign. I have amazing signs all the time when I ask something or want something to be answered. That magical thing is in some cases the signs are exactly the same. Like… I see Coming Soon signs on billboards and there I know that one of the manifestations are on its way and they happen within 24 hours.
      3. I write and write and write. The easiest way for me to keep a note of everything I feel or see is Google Keep on my phone. I can’t carry diary and pen all the time or use for that matter. I also keep saving pictures for evidence.
      4. Everything I just mentioned is from my own personal experience.
      5. English is not my first language. 🙂
      Thank you. Love&Light

  • Noelle says:

    Breathe deeply and repeat after me: I am where I am, and it is what it is and its OK!
    It must b ok, cuz it is whats happening now, and theres a positive reason for everything!!!
    Stop saying you’re doing something wrong, make as much peace as you can with what is and KNOW there is something soo much better coming from all this contrast!
    And appreciate as much as you can what good you do have.
    Stop trying so hard, thats the opposite of what it takes to manifest your desires! The universe has heard you, now your job is to relax and stop efforting and alloooow the universe to do its job.
    Make it all about feeling as good as you can even if that feeling is only neutral.
    See, your NOT making things happen, thats universes job, your job is just to get out of the way of universe.
    I think your right THERE on the very edge of receiving cuz you have experienced and FELT sooo much strong contrast that the least bit of real allowing you do, signs and things are gonna start showing up quickly!
    Just remember to APPRECIATE them, no matter how small(cuz what you focus on expands:)and not brush them off as not enough!
    Cant wait to hear your success stories:)!

  • Jen C. says:

    To me, this sounds like a time pressure you’re creating, because you are judging yourself harshly for landing yourself back in your parent’s house and you have a list of some things you want to get accomplished. (Although they are good things to improve, they each take some time, and it’s gradual changes that you want).
    Imagine you are on vacation and that there is no time pressure at all; as if everything is paid for, taken care of, and all your dreams and inspirations are completely supported by Source.
    The things you would tell yourself would be specifically loving, the details would feel like fun, ease, rich, clarity…I heard this on an Abe video and often come to this during my own day. I do feel you are very very close to clarifying this subtle difference for yourself.

  • Brian says:

    ”In the last month and a half or so I have failed to create what I desire…”
    And you have succeeded in creating what you do not desire.
    “‘I hear you saying ‘Let it go, friend, let it go.’”
    Hold on to the love, hold on to what you want; let go of the resistance.

    “I look for signs in everything.”
    Do you look for the only signs that really matter?

    Do you look for (or rather, feel for) emotional signs you are receiving all day, every day?

    You want to give less attention to physical signs, and more attention to the ubiquitous emotional signs.

    ”But I know I am missing something. I’ve got to be.”
    The only thing you’re missing is the understanding that you have been giving more of your attention to the lack or absence of what you want, than focusing on what you want. 

    You have been caring more about manifestations than caring about how you feel. Or to say it another way, you have been caring more about physical manifestations than you have cared about emotional manifestations.

    ”I am grateful for so many things and tell the universe often.”
    Why are you grateful?

    Are you grateful, at least in part, to use as a form of vibrational payment to the Universe so you can get what you want? Or, are you grateful simply because it feels good and for no other reason?

    ”I visualize like crazy!”
    Why do you visualize?

    Do you visualize to make something happen, or because it feels good and for no other reason?

    “But, I am doing something wrong!!!”
    And how are you determining that?

    By observing what-is, noticing the lack or absence of what you want and then taking negative score?

Because that’s the only way you could come to the conclusion that something has gone wrong (which it never does).

    ”Why is the contrast still so strong?”
    Because of your attention to what you do not want. And, I love you very much, but if you really felt as good and in the state of appreciation as you say you do, according to Abraham you would be in Step 5 to where contrast would not cause you to feel negative emotion. So for whatever reason, you are giving more attention to what you don’t want, so you continue to allow yourself to receive more of what you don’t want.

    ”I find that things that do manifest were once fleeting thoughts. I hardly sunk energy into them. But that’s not conscious creation!”
    That is conscious creation, that’s what you want to understand.

    You think conscious creating is efforting, writing lists, visualizing and focusing on your desires. It’s not. Focus is a good thing, but all you really need to do is make your priority be to feel good, no matter what. That’s the deliberate creation you want to focus on. Deliberately choosing to feel good, not deliberately focused on what you want until it manifests. As long as you consciously decide not to offer resistance to the things you want, that’s conscious creation.
    Consciously choosing to feel good. Consciously choosing to feel better.
    It’s making the decision that nothing is more important than how you feel.

    “There are SO many different strategies to creation, how can I possibly know when to use which one?”

    There’s one strategy and one strategy only: Do what feels good for you and get into alignment with who-you-really-are. That’s it.

    Any helpful strategy is simply for the purpose of helping you come into alignment with you.

  • SMC says:

    In tandem with what Chris wrote, it’s easy to be grateful when things are going well for the “good” things we get or feel, but maybe it’s helpful to feel grateful for the “bad” or “negative” feelings when things aren’t going that well too. It may help to welcome the feeling of panic or despair and be grateful for it as these emotions are good indicators of where you truly are at this moment. Feelings and emotions do pass – even the happy ones – and acknowledging and being grateful for them all, good and bad, teaches us a lesson on true gratitude. Through your current feelings, your wonderful self is keeping you on track with what you truly desire, and being with these “negative” emotions – just like being with happiness or love – can release them and provide clarity to help you keep aligned with who you truly are. Don’t deny any aspect of yourself – everything about you is wonderful and special, and that will shine through when you acknowledge and embrace where you are now. Our natural state is love and abundance – even under this perceived icky layer of your current situation. You’ll recognize it again, thanks to your wonderful self.

  • Alora says:

    Wow, I don’t usually do this but I feel called to put my hat in the ring if it helps. Please take or leave anything I say with the love it was intended.
    My intuition tells me you may be stuck because what you want and what you think you want and what will truly make you happy are not lined up.
    This is kind of tricky because of course you want money and health and happiness and all the things that everyone wants. But somewhere there’s a disconnect between what your brain thinks those look like and what will truly bring you joy.
    To release your resistance to allowing the next step try this if it inspires you:
    Accept the fact that you have no idea what you’re doing but that you want to be taken care of anyway. Taken care of by the Universe.
    Surrender to the idea that everything you think you want might be wrong.
    Go from there.
    With love,

  • Melissa T says:

    Wow Joshua, Chris, and Jeanette this was profound! PROFOUND! Today is my 27 birthday and this post almost sounded like I wrote it myself. The clarifications you just made wow have almost lifted my resistance immediately. Thank you

  • Quilly says:

    This may sound simplistic, but how about changing the phraseology from “I want” to “I ask for”? Another definition of “want” is “lack,” so “wanting” something might actually be counterproductive.
    Asking is not “whining” … just the opposite. It’s a calm request which demonstrates your confidence that the Universe is listening and willing to act on your behalf. “Ask and ye shall receive.”

  • Roberta Lemon says:

    Sorry but here is some tough Love: stop whining about what you haven’t got and start making a list of all the things you HAVE got! I’ll help you start with your list: ” I am only 40 (in the prime of my Life); I have wonderful parents who support me while I am in this fantastic place of transition; I am open to all kinds of possibilities, work-wise; I HAVE savings (!!!wtf!!!); and I am so fortunate to have experienced Love in my life and I will again! Focusing on all this lack is attracting more lack into your life. Wakey wakey 🙂 Go get a pencil and paper!

    • Dee says:

      Roberta, I think your response is harsh. It seems to everyone, including myself, we can completely empathize with the reader’s situation and what she doesn’t need is for someone to tell her to be grateful for what she does have. I have no doubt that she is grateful but I also believe everyone processes things in their own way. What is coming to me is she needs to grieve and she hasn’t done that. She has been too busy trying to manifest and hasn’t “allowed” herself the emotions needed to just be and feel like sh**. This blog couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for me. I am also going through a major transition and all I can think about is that I want out of my job. It no longer serves me but what has come to me in reading everyone responses is, maybe I also haven’t grieved all of my losses as I’ve ascended into a new realm and need to just feel like sh** for awhile. I thought this was incredibly genuine, raw and realistic to what those who wish to ascend go through in different variations. This has been an incredible blog for me. She is on the right path. She just needs to relax and just be. Hmmmm. I thik I’ll take that advice myself!

  • Teresa says:

    Manifest some small lovely things in your life, then go with the feeling that it brings you. Revel in the joy of the small successes, give thanks for what you have. Feel that vibration, it will attract more of the same. Right now you are focused on what you don’t have. Focus on what you have and feel great joy for having it.

  • Tania says:

    Wrap yourself in kindness. Be your own best friend. Have small treats. Lots of them. Take yourself for coffee and read. Go for walks. Drink tea. Whatever feels good for you. I’ve been in that situation. I think when I gave myself permission to enjoy my days it turned that heavy feeling around. You’ve had a lot going on, let yourself be. Sure, still apply for jobs but put a limit on it. Comfort yourself. Enjoy a patch of sunshine. Stretch your legs. Play with your dogs. The big purpose is down the track but now is the time for self care, rest and replenishing your energy. It’s a cycle like the night is time to sleep. This is time to restore. Once you’re rested and well again you’ll be able to hear your intuition leading the way. I am guessing that right now what feels good may just be stopping. So stop. Feel. Be kind to you. Then feel your way. Your brain doesn’t know the way, your heart does.

  • anonymous says:

    I relate so much to how she feels. My situation isn’t exactly the same, but the feelings described are too familiar. I have trouble with feeling worthy and deserving. I know that it would be a good idea to allow the sadness, anger, and negativity more. There’s a part of me that still fears that doing so will bring unwanted manifestations into my life. I’m sick of attempting to make things happen, denying myself experiences and things because I don’t have the money, feeling so fed up with LOA…sometimes I wonder if it’s really all worth it. It sucks to get a taste of your desire and then have it go away. It sucks to feel trapped and stuck in life and feel overwhelmed trying to make things better.

  • Jeannette says:

    You guys will appreciate this note from our questioner as she’s reading your input:
    “I feel like you’ve gathered the voices of the universe to help me. An army of angels to get my back! I’m in tears of gratitude, Jeannette. Overwhelming validation, support, and connection. Thank you Jeannette. Thank you source! Thank you for the magic love!”

  • sonia says:

    Why would be panic the worst thing you could do? Allow yoursel to panic with all your soul. Don’t try to force yourself to feel grateful. Feel the fear. Be scared. Grieve the loss you’re having. Be heartbroken. There’s nothing wrong with that. That will stop your resistance and THEN, you’ll feel better. And Then, signs will show up. But first stop trying to feel better. As Sophie Mihalko says, if you’re having a pity party, make it huge.

  • Namaste says:

    I can relate to a lot of what you’re experiencing right now. I quit my job in early 2014, so I could invest myself full-time into my manifesting research. I thought I’d be able to complete the research in six months, it ended up taking well over a year. As my savings began to dwindle fast, and my research still wasn’t complete, I started waking up in the middle of the night with panic/anxiety attacks. I actually did a guest post about this experience on here https://goodvibeblog.com/law-of-attraction-and-panic-attacks/ Going through those attacks wasn’t fun, however what they caused me to realize is that I was living with “one foot in the real world” and “one foot in Law of Attraction land.” The impact of living like this is that I was looking into my future and feeling fear because I still hadn’t fully accepted that I am creating my reality. I realized this was my opportunity to grab hold of my life experience and truly create what I wanted. I began asking myself a series of questions (they are in the article I posted above) that allowed me to take over control of my experience. It wasn’t easy. It was one of the harder things I’ve done but it was worth it. I actually completely tapped out my savings. If I hadn’t grabbed a hold of my experience, I would have been a mess, however I was at peace and everything played out perfectly. Out of the blue, my credit card company gave me a nice increase on my card that took care of all my financial concerns. A month or so later, a single phone call to my old company resulted in the perfect part-time position being offered to me in the new city I am living in. To sum things up, I believe “the contrast is so strong” because anything less wouldn’t force you to really look at how you’ve been living and start making some new choices.
    You wrote, “There are SO many different strategies to creation, how can I possibly know when to use which one? I am definitely doing it wrong. Please help.” The way you know which creation strategy to use is by figuring out which one you’re best at using to get into alignment with your desires. The reason ALL creation strategies work is they all do the same thing, they get you into alignment with your desires. The thing you need to figure out is which one(s) you are best at using to get into alignment. The way you do this is by paying attention to how you feel AFTER you’ve used the creation strategy. If the strategy got you into alignment, you’ll easily be able to tell, because you’ll consistently FEEL GOOD whenever you think about your specific desire (good feeling thoughts about life in general are nice, but the feelings that matter, are the ones you have specifically about your desires). If after using a creation strategy, you titter totter between feeling good and feeling bad when you think about your specific desire, you’re #1 not in alignment and #2 you probably should find another strategy that delivers consistent results. Frankly, based on what you shared, I don’t think you’ve found a creation strategy that works well for you, that you trust to create the results you desire. Thinking back on your past manifesting successes, which creation strategies created the best results for you? I’d appreciate you actually responding to the question on here, as I probably can help you quickly eliminate all but one or two that you should be focusing on.
    I LOVE that despite this difficult situation that you’re going through that you’re still able to appreciate all the good things you have in your life right now. You’re going to get through this and be much better off for having had this experience =)

  • Jen says:

    A better question:
    What do I want to have happen?
    And then revel in every free second you have now, because you’re about to be really busy. 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Oh, you guys are good at this! So glad I posted this question!
      Thanks for that, Jen. That feels delicious and powerful to revel in the free time now, knowing it won’t last long. 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    Just an addition to my previous comment: There is very distinct difference between knowing that you are worthy and deserve it and FEELING that you are worthy and deserve it 🙂

  • Ashley says:

    I’m sorry to hear you are having a rough time. It sounds to me like you are doing everything right!I can see you getting what you want, you are so determined 🙂 However, I have some insights for you. Do you feel you don’t deserve the things you want to manifest? You can use all the techniques you want, but if you don’t feel worthy, that can sometimes throw in a bit of a kink. Ask yourseslf if you feel worthy of these desires and if you don’t, tell yourself you are until you feel yourself into that vibration! Lots of love 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes! Receiving skills! Such a good thing to pay attention to when things aren’t coming together the way we think they should.
      Thanks for that, Ashley! That’s normally the first thing I think of. ha!

    • THIS!! A hour and times this!!
      Thank you for sharing. I know this is advice for someone else but this resonated the instant I read it! I’m pretty successful in manifesting smaller things but the big stuff … I struggle. I think what you just shared is an important factor. We have to truly believe that not only are we enough but also worthy of what desire we ask for.
      *takes a deep breath* I’m grateful for this blog post. So insightful!

  • Hey friend,
    I could be wrong, but my initial impulse to this is that you are resisting the negative emotion. You might think that that’s a good thing. But, in this case, because you’ve been struggling so long, I’d recommend something even more radical than “letting go.”
    I recommend that you turn away from all the visualizing and loa work that you’re doing entirely and turn into the feeling that you’re trying to escape.
    This sounds counterintuitive, but since you keep manifesting this struggle, it means there is some emotion that you’ve been avoiding. It’s related to the “sadness creeping back.” When it creeps back, let it take hold of you. Wallow in it for as long as you need to.
    Think of your negative emotions as helpful messengers and do your best to just feel them. Instead of trying to think of them from an LOA angle, think instead about the sensations you’re feeling in your body. Think about how you feel physically. This will give your mind something to focus on other than, “Why can’t I get this LOA stuff to work!”
    By doing this, you’re going to dial up the intensity on your negative emotion. So, prepare a safe space for these feelings to come out. I recommend journaling. Write about how you’re feeling. Let your negativity speak, instead of holding it in. Do this for as long as you need to. If you feel angry, shout and curse and be petty. Do this alone and don’t blame yourself.
    You’re on the way to an emotional purge. If you can move into and through the sadness and any ensuing anger, you will clear out this stuck energy. Then, from there you’ll experience clarity in the days and weeks to come.
    Once you feel exhausted, tired, directionless, or at least the intensity die down – then you can go back to all of your LOA practices.
    This all may sound crazy. But, it sounds like it would be good for you. Hope this helps.

    • Jeannette says:

      That’s an important tip, Chris, and one that is easily and often overlooked by conscious creators. Feeling the feelings is crucial!
      Whether it applies to our friend here or not, I KNOW it will apply to others reading this for insights into their own situation.
      Thanks for posting this! 🙂
      I’m giggling at remembering the life coach who encouraged his ghost client to feel his feelings:

  • Gary Bodley says:

    Hi Jeannette, this is from Joshua:
    We see that you are doing everything right. We can see you from our higher perspective and we know that you are holding onto what you had. This is a very good thing because it is part of the clarification process. In time, you will grow weary of feeling bad and from that very powerful point, you will start to attract what is wanted. You have gone through something that feels difficult. You feel sad as you think about it. You can only see the road behind and you can’t really picture the bright future ahead of you. However, from our perspective, we see a very bright future for you. Where you are now is not only the perfect place to start – it’s the only place.
    Had your life not led you to this exact place in time, you could not receive the life you really want. It may seem like you were living the life you wanted, and much of it was wanted, but you knew there was more. There was something missing and you called forth even greater desire. The fulfillment of your desire is coming. You are in the process of wanting. You are building momentum. You are pulling back the rubber band holding the toy glider. As soon as you choose to release your grasp on the rubber band, your glider will take flight.
    You are currently living in the state of resistance. You are holding onto a vision of your life that no longer exists and no longer serves you. You are free of that old life and you have evolved to a higher level. You are becoming ready for your new life and your new chapter. There is nothing that you are doing that is wrong. When you are truly ready, you’ll pick yourself up and move forward. Until then you’ll remain in a state of clarifying resistance.
    Remember that you have asked for all of this. If it didn’t happen exactly the way it has happened, what you really want could not possibly come to you. You set this all up. It is all working out for you. Soon you will relax, you’ll think less of the past, and you’ll begin to notice little manifestations. These will be signs that things are moving in the direction you prefer. They will seem like coincidences. They might even feel like little miracles. Pay attention because they will start soon. It will be slow at first and then things will begin to move rapidly. You are an advanced being and your consciousness is rising along with your vibration. It may seem difficult now, but in a very short amount of time, you’ll look back and say “Thank God this all happened the way it did.”
    We Are Joshua

  • Danielle says:

    First know that I am sending serious positive vibes and thoughts your way.
    Second is, what popped right into my head as i was reading Jeannette’s post was; this person needs a success, right now, right this moment. Here is my suggestion; keep doing everything you’re doing but find something you can do right now to make a few dollars: offer to clean a friends house, offer to wash a friends car, offer to walk someones dogs, go to a temp agency and take whatever they will give you-most of those places pay daily, offer to babysit, sell something on craigslist or pawn something at a pawn shop,offer to help waitress at a holiday party, put up a notice at your local grocery store that you’ll wash windows, take books to a used book store.
    There is absolutely nothing that will help push back the panic more than bringing in some cold, hard cash.
    Once you have your panic on the run, you can start to relax more and let it flow.
    Laughter and Happiness, Danielle

    • Jeannette says:

      I love the idea of creating an immediate success, Danielle! That could definitely “break the evil spell,” as Abe might say. 🙂
      Thanks for chiming in!

    • I LOVE this advice!! With “right now” success it adds energy to the situation and it IS easier to take a breath.
      I had an experience this week where I had to make a decision toward manifesting something I wanted, a goal I continually work towards in my career. It came down to realizing sometimes I just need to ACT and not spend anymore time worrying. Trust the path.
      I woke up the next morning, checked how my decision was going, and was rewarded with proof the Universe had listened. It instantly quieted any residual worry and left me free to invest the boost in confidence back into my goals. I walked about smiling for the rest of the day and it took the “pressure” away. It also freed my mind to NOT spend another moment “obsessing” over it.
      So, yes! This advice made me grin. Quick successes definitely help!
      Good luck!

    • Tuba Sebnem says:

      Hello to all fellow co-creators 🙂
      I totally agree with you Danielle.
      As a coach I often suggest my clients first feel good and then take action like Abraham tells us. First feel good and then…First alignment and then… AND… There are some situations like this one…In this case what I’d do is take little actions, not big jumps, but little things. As Danielle put in great examples. Sometimes taking action is the path of least resistance. It sounds like making extra bucks is the path of least resistance… In the end remember that all is well and Universe has your back… Baby steps can help you to find your way…
      Love, Tuba Sebnem

  • Jeannette says:

    My first thought was that she’s actually been very successful in creating what she desires.
    She wants all these different things (hear the vibration in that “wanting”) – and she’s still wanting them. That’s not LOA gone wrong. That’s full delivery there. (I vibrated “want,” I got “want”!)
    So it’s quite a successful manifestation of wanting. Let’s just switch up the instruction to fulfillment instead of wanting.
    But then I realized there’s more going on here that could probably be helpful to point out.
    Thanks, everyone, for chiming in with your thoughts!

    • Master Manifester says:

      Thanks for sharing this one Jeannette. We have all been in that space from time to time and very powerful in that moment to get the support from fellow conscious creators.
      First of all, HANG in there my fellow creator and know you are exactly where you are supposed to be and things are always working out perfectly for you. Sending you love and light!
      My first thought was a vibe of trying too hard. I am doing all this “work” of deliberate creating. “I visualize an hour a day.” etc etc. Feels like resistance. Rushing and a feeling of running out of time. “My savings are almost gone.” All valid and hard to not be in that space under the circumstances. Finally, this one, I could relate to: At times, I feel that I am doing everything right and I feel so good and I then have all this excitement and anticipation for what is coming. The signs are all there and I know I am in the flow and all is manifesting in the material sense .. Then what I desired and could feel coming in doesn’t come. In fact, as in this situation, it feels like the opposite is happening. In those moments, I will acknowledge that I feel rather PISSED OFF with the universe. I mean, I did my part, so what the heck?! It’s okay to acknowledge those feelings.
      A few things came to mind in terms of helping this situation. Others have mentioned these as well. Time to cut yourself some slack. Take a holiday from creating deliberately. Focus on just doing the very next thing that feels good from INSPIRATION. ONLY visualize or write in the pray-rain journal IF FEELING INSPIRED to do so. If it is done as a ritual every day from a place of I HAVE to do this part to manifest, then it is very upstream. Trust that the universe is bringing what you want and that your ONLY job is to be open to receiving the abundance.
      Enjoy the positives in your current situation. Your physical health is intact I am guessing? Being back at home is precious time with your parents. A new phase of a relationship and I bet some memories are being created right now that you will look back on with gratitude and love later on.
      I also love Danielle’s idea of creating success right now. Really anything from moment to moment that is going to make you feel better. AND REMEMBER to ask your angels for help too.
      Love and Light!

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