June 5, 2007

What Do You Need?

Fun question to explore, isn’t it? “What do I need?”

What does it feel like to “need” something? Whether it’s better sleep, someone to return our call, a dog to stop barking .. what does it feel like to “need” it?

Doesn’t it feel like your peace of mind or happiness was put on hold while you entertain this energy of “needing”?

What if we didn’t need anything? And where does the belief that we need anything come from?

Surely we don’t. Like some things, sure. Desire lots of stuff, absolutely. But need it? I’m not convinced.

Even oxygen, water, food, shelter … I mean, I don’t really need those things, right? Because who I am isn’t this body. My survival isn’t at risk. Ever. At least, not who I REALLY am.

When I look at it in the calm moments, it’s clear that the energy of “need” doesn’t serve me. It prevents the 100% allowing energy to be present.

But I’ll tell you what – when 3 o’clock rolls around and I’m out of chocolate, I may very well have a different perspective on what I (think I) need.

Maybe this afternoon I’ll approach it differently. Maybe I’ll recognize I don’t need a seratonin fix; maybe I’ll recognize I want one enough to go get it. And I can be peaceful in the process.

Hmm. Maybe. 🙂

  • Rick says:

    Great post Jeanette.

    ‘Need’ is about scarcity or lack, if I had some or enough or more I wouldn’t ‘need’. It gets even more gloppy when we ‘need’ people.

    But need is just an idea that we have linked to a feeling. It’s amazing how sticky it gets when we have ideas about ideas … and then how we feel about that.

    I like your suggestion to substitute with those ideas that empower and imply abundance or at least intention … I want …. I love …. etc. Instead of being victimized by ‘need’, it reaffirms my responsibility in the matter.

    thanks for the insights.

    Know joy.


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