What Does It Look Like?

using visualization in law of attractionI suspect most folks wanting to work with me wouldn’t be in the market for an LOA coach if they’d been asking (and answering) this question for themselves each day:
“What does it look like?”
By that I mean, what are you visioning to life?  What are the details of it?  What does it look like?
As you hold the pictures of what you want, seeing it happen in your mind, it eventually unfolds in physicality.  It has to.  That’s how manifestation works – it starts as an idea that we give life to and grow vibrationally.
When we deliberately manage our vibration, atoms rearrange in the physical world to match our vision.  Yes, your daydreams are that powerful.
With every episode you entertain of what your fulfilled desire looks like, you add strength to it until pretty soon you’re rendezvousing with it in real life.
Which we all know, right?
And yet, I KNOW lots of us don’t regularly hold those end result pictures in mind.  (I know, because I ASK when you inquire for help about how to make things happen.)
“How often are you spending time with the vision of it?  What kind of detail are you seeing?”  And I often hear, “Mm, well, now that you ask, I guess I haven’t really been doing that.”
(Which I coulda guessed back when you said nothing was happening.)
It doesn’t take much – just once or twice a day – playing with the details of what your successful scene looks like (or sounds, tastes, feels like, whatever).  Immersing yourself in the vibration of it brings it closer to you in ways more magical than you could dream of.
(Which isn’t what you’re thinking about, remember – you’re not on the HOW of it, you’re on the end result WHAT of it.)
I mean, this is the EASY part!  This is LOA basics.  Whatever excuses we have for not practicing this at least daily are lame.  We can find 30 seconds to invest in helping our dream come true, right?
And the whole party starts by simply answering the question, “What does it look like?”
What does it look like?  Isn’t that a delicious place to go?!
When I recognize my mind has wandered off track to a “don’t want,” I mentally say “No, that’s not it.  What it looks like is …” and I go back to seeing what I’m creating.  I hear the sounds of it; feel the feelings of it.  Each time there might be a new or different detail.  And each time I go there, I get more comfortable and familiar with this scene.  Eventually it’s where I belong.  It’s mine.
All I gotta do next is whatever feels good.
Which is why I’m here now, typing this post.  This is part of what feels good for me after I hold in mind the vision I’m bringing to real life.  Massive upliftment, enthusiastic encouragement for embracing our creative powers, incredible connections and camaraderie, confident expert support all leading to infinite magic and endless possibilities for anyone game to play.
But that’s just me … what are YOU creating?  Tell us what it looks like, if you care to share!
And tonight, as you’re drifting off to sleep, remember to ask yourself, “What does it look like?”
Have fun with your answer.  🙂

  • November 29, 2008
  • Peregrine John says:

    Thanks, Tia! Seems I’m finally getting the hang of this… In any case, I’m very happy it resonated with you!
    I did kind of cheat with my example, though: my parents have a dual-grass yard that grows some hardy, heat-tolerant species in the summer. In the colder months, the winter rye comes through, and it looks and feels softer than any other grass I’ve ever been around. Totally amazing, and thoroughly unexpected. 😀

  • Tia Singh says:

    BINGO John!! BINGO!! You so knew the answer within 🙂 I love how you described it so perfectly. “Be open to things I don’t know yet” is so awesome, I live by it esp when Winter Rye usually turns out to be even better and more fulfilling that grass – LOVE the analogy!!

  • Peregrine John says:

    LOL Who, me, with more to say? Actually, not much in the way of additional information, except maybe to try to put it all together and see if more experienced eyes see it similarly:
    There’s a place I want to be. It doesn’t exist yet, so to get there I need to bring it into being. Now, what I don’t “need”, or feel the need for, is to get there. Feelings of neediness are more accurately feelings of lacking, and focusing on the current state of things is a good way to maintain that state. Which I don’t really want to do.
    How, then, to make real my heart’s desire? Instead of wishing or yearning, which makes more real the distance to that yet-to-exist state, I must consider how being there will be (will be!), which includes the feelings that come with it. The joy, pleasure, gratitude, and so on – those are the things to focus on. Making those real, right now, begins to close the gap.
    There are specifics to every location, whether literal or situational. The more I think about those specifics, the more real it becomes in my imagination, and the more easily and consistently the feelings, the vibrations, are generated. I may have pretty clear ideas about things; the Universe may have better ones. If I get to my grassy hill and it’s not covered in the Bermuda grass I expected, I may well say, “I’ve never heard of Winter Rye before – but wow, it’s better than what I had imagined!” The details that are not crucial to generating the desired feelings, the root of the outcome, those must not be clung to; but they are worth imagining if only for the clarity of vision that helps bring things to fruition.
    Likewise, I may have some notion about how I’ll get from here to there. There may be other, arguably better ways, and ways I never could guess. That’s not my job, not my problem. I have to be open to things I don’t yet know. The Universe is saying Yes to me; the least I can do is return the courtesy.

  • You probably have some additional thoughts on it, don’t you, John? Let’s flesh this out!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Thank you, Tia and Jeannette! I knew you’d be able to make sense of it!

  • Kristy, it sounds like you could teach classes on how to activate the imagination to more powerfully embrace our creative powers! YOU ROCK!!

    Thanks for posting here, girlfriend – you’re an inspiration!


  • Kristy M says:

    I’ve been a daydreamer my WHOLE life.. I even got in trouble for it in elementary school haha.
    Its one of my favorite things, but I do it differently every time. When I listen to “Wicked” on my Ipod, I see myself in green with a broom in my hand being lifted to the top of the Gershwin theatre. When I walk down through Central Park I fell a if there is a dark and handsome dude next to me. Sometimes I’ll see myself in a hot DVF dress (or Dolce and Gabbana) size 8 holding a Tony Award. Then I’ll watch an MTV or Vh1 documentary on someone and visualize one on me as I record my first album and so some movies… blah blah blah lol
    It changes constantly but its fun every time

  • Excellent question, my friend! Thanks for posting it here!
    The purpose of the vision exercise is to help us create vibrational alignment; it’s not necessarily intended as a brainstorm session in figuring out all the “how tos” of it, know what I mean? It’s like skipping ahead to dessert and enjoying it NOW, without needing to know what the ingredients are, how to afford them, where to get them, etc.
    And Tia’s right – as long as we don’t get attached to those specifics, it can just be part of enjoying the scene.
    Bottom line – if it feels good, do it. If it feels funky, skip it. (Or find a way to do it that DOES feel good.) Same with pray rain journaling or any other manifesting technique. 🙂
    Does that help at all?

  • Tia Singh says:

    Ooooooooh good question by John! Just had to chime in 🙂
    Here is how I see it – pray rain while focusing on the specifics brings us to the feeling state of having all our desires.
    Being specific is great as long as we don’t get attached to having what we want in that specific way .. it’s the feelings that matter when we talk or write about what we want.
    So there is no railroading (haha) of the Universe when we are not attached to the outcome.
    In other words, pray rain = specific desires = feel GREAT! = manifestation

  • Peregrine John says:

    Got a question for you, Coach o’ Mine: So often we hear/read that we should be wary of too much specifics, trying to railroad the universe into doing things according to our preconceived notions, at the same time running our own dreams off the rails. (How’s that for mixing metaphors?) We have to let the how-to go and focus instead on how the end result will make us feel. This lets things unfold in the most successful, timely and complete way.
    At the same time, things like pray rain journals work because they make specific and real the desires of our hearts.
    These aren’t actually contradictory, I know, but they seem nearly so. Resolving it seems just past my mental reach. Can you lend a hand, bring it closer?

  • Ms. Tee, it is refreshing to hear how familiar you are and how much time you spend with these fabulous manifestations! Keep up the good work, and I want an invite to that wedding!! 🙂

  • Ms. Tee says:

    You’re giving away so much juicy goodness here jeanette!
    What does it look like? Child please…I can answer that in detail. So much detail that my dreams play out just the way I imagine it when I’m not sleeping. I’ve seen myself and my sons walking around in our beautiful home with a big backyard and front yard and me thinking, “This is my home! I wonder how much he’s gonna charge for it.”
    And then I’ve had dreams of me writing books, detailed down to watching myself sitting at my computer and each page being filled.
    I also imagine what it’s gonna be like when I marry Kanye West. Oh the joy we have in my mind and my dreams! Writing books together, traveling the world with our children and encouraging each other creatively.
    I swear, if I DO marry him I will have to write a book about how visualization REALLY WORKS. I’ve been in love with that man for years…if LOA was a genie, I’d feel so sorry for him because he’ll have no say in the matter! LOL!
    Love and Light, my sister!

  • Judi! Wow – what a fun question!

    “What do we do when the action we know we need to take is dead scary, we really don’t want to do it and we procrastinate, even though we know it would bring all we desire.”

    Two things – 1) is that action really required? Or is that a belief you bought into?

    2) If you truly believe it’s really required and that doing it would bring all you desire, you do it. You don’t let fear stop you from it! If we wait till fear is totally gone .. what fun things would we be doing?! lol

    Would LOVE details, Judi! Email me at jmaw@goodvibecoach.com if you’d prefer not to post them here … although I know I’m not alone in wondering the specifics of your situation!

    Thanks for posting!

  • Judi says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    Great post as usual.
    I am now going to work to your wonderful formula – when I’m focusing on what I don’t want, I shall do the “No that’s not it – this is what it looks like” and then do whatever feels good.
    One question here – a burning one actually. I’m really, really good at goofing off when that feels good! I’m really good at telling myself “The more I goof off the more money flows into my life”. BUT, what do we do when the action we know we need to take is dead scary, we really don’t want to do it and we procrastinate, even though we know it would bring all we desire. What do we do then? How do we tell the difference between fear/laziness and let’s say, and a message from the Universe we are not on the right track and maybe we are not meant to do that action?
    Love to hear any ideas to help me with that one – please!!

  • I love the way you said that, Michele: “feel the raindrops, don’t just do a rain dance.”
    I’ll be quoting you on that! 🙂
    Thanks for posting, Michele. ALWAYS a pleasure to have you in the field!

  • Jeanette, you are so right. Knowing what you want will look like, what it will feel like — that’s how you recognize it when it arrives! Your Pray Rain journal reminds us in its very name to feel the raindrops, not just do a rain dance. Your consistency with this message, and vision, is what makes you such a great coach. Glad to know you.

  • Tiffany, you bring up an excellent point.
    I have heard MANY success stories from folks who just had a fleeting thought about what they wanted, and it shortly came to pass through no additional investment of thought.
    I think most of us have experienced that at one time or another, right? (And how sweet it is!)
    The reason that happens is because we have no resistance lined up on the topic. It shoots in easily because we’re such an easy match to it.
    In those OTHER circumstances where we DO have some resistance flowing, whether it’s thoughts of “that’s too big for me,” or “I’d like to, but I don’t know how,” or “It hasn’t worked yet, why would it now?” or whatever your resistance might be fueled by – in those circumstances you can become a better vibrationally aligned match to your desire by growing the vision of it and entertaining thoughts of your successful experience of it.
    (Wow, did I just win the award for longest sentence ever?)
    Tiffany, trust your gut and go with what feels good. You know better than anyone what serves you best – trust that inner guidance. If it says “touch and go” it .. then you know what to do. And if that doesn’t get you results, come back to play with the question.
    PS – in my humble opinion, your youth is an advantage. Leverage it!! lol
    Thanks fr posting, Tiffany – much appreciated where you’re taking this conversation!

  • tiffany says:

    this blog truly is a blessing! I was just wondering about whether I should surround my self with my manifestations or do sort of a “touch and go” type of thing.
    yesterday I wrote a pretty extensive list about my soulmate (way too much to type here) and I also described how it felt to be with him. and at first I was having doubts about reading it so often because I’ve read about people who just stashed their list away; but reading this has helped me see that reminding yourself of what you want helps you easier resist the things you don’t!
    if I read it daily, I’ll only surround myself with my TRUE wants and won’t be distracted by the wants of others.
    also, I was concerned that I was too young to write my list. I’m not even able to DRIVE and I just feel this…happiness. like I’m in tune with myself and what I really want, God, and the Universe. and honestly, if I can picture “what he/it looks like” so clearly right now, it just means that I’m very lucky to have found my clarity so soon. 😀
    thanks for this wonderful post!

  • Look at you go, Kim!! Just like that!!

    Although I have no doubt your computer repair guy manifestation would have been just as fun! lol

    Seriously, you’re an inspiration, my friend. Thanks for bringing your amazing energy to share in this community! I LOVE YOU!!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Wonderful post Jeannette! Thank you!
    Today I did a ‘what’s it look like?’ and got instant results 🙂 It all began with a computer that hadn’t worked in a year. It’s a 2001 compaq–top of it’s line back in the day but past it’s use by date. It was sitting under a dust cover, waiting for me to call the computer whiz to a) see of there were any salvageable parts, but more importantly b) to see if we could retrieve some cherished birth photos from the hard drives. I looked at it and thought, ‘I don’t want to hassle with this. I want to plug it in, firer it up.’
    So, I hooked up the keyboard, mouse and monitor, plugged it in and turned it on. It crackled once and then the orange light blinked on and off. That’s somewhat akin to a flat-line in computer terms.
    I turned it off and closed my eyes, imagining the sound of it booting up, the monitor coming to life, everything humming along. Then I smiled as I realized how fast it is, how much I’ve missed it and how good it is to have it working again. I spent another few seconds thinking about how fun it would be to tell my son I fixed it myself with my thoughts AND I got the photos he’d wanted.
    I tried again. Nothing. Not even the blinking orange light.
    I laughed and thought, ‘Oh well, it can work now, or I can get a repair guy, either way’s cool. Who knows? Maybe the techie is a gorgeous guy that I would otherwise never meet. All is well.
    I pushed the on button one more time.
    It fired up.
    It runs like a dream!
    I’m typing from it at this moment and I have 5 CD’s of images to send my son.
    That’s what it looks like and that’s how it is.
    Thanks for giving me the chance to share. I feel so accomplished!
    Warm wishes to everyone,

  • Tia, you’re a hoot! I want to be one of those friends you have hot chocolate with in your favorite cafe after you’re done with client sessions for the day!

    Thanks for posting, girlfriend. 🙂

  • Tia Singh says:

    I lurveee LoA!! I am creating a fun and full coaching practice with my perfect clients who are such a great fit for my energy and style, a 20 hour work week working from home so I have time in between calls to meet a friend for a hot chocolate at my favorite cafe in town, and lots of fun, success stories, growth and inspiration for my super cool clients and all of us!! It’s the best feeling ever to be a part of people’s successes!
    Also, a gorgeous, wonderful man who is everything I ever wanted and MORE and by gosh, this is the best relationship I have ever been in and gets better by the DAY! We enjoy the same movies, love sitting in the back row and eating popcorn (and sometimes aiming it at the man-in-front’s collar .. hehe) and laughing together!
    Life is good and getting gooder by the minute ..

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