September 27, 2011

Q&A: What is Alignment?

what is alignment?Those of us in law of attraction world toss around terms like alignment, vibrational match, line up, etc. … and I thought it helpful to pin down exactly what we mean by that.
I’ll offer my two cents below, but I know from experience that some folks hear it better with someone else’s words.
So what does alignment mean to you? How would you explain it to someone who didn’t know what it is to deliberate creators, and why is it important?
Looking forward to your brilliant descriptions!
In the meantime, here’s mine:

I learned the term from Abraham, so when I say “line up with it” or “check your alignment,” I mean pay attention to whether your thoughts and feelings are taking you where you want to go.  Or simply: feel it now.  Feel what you want now.  That’s alignment.
Your thoughts and feelings (i.e. your vibration) are an instruction/signal to Universe (or whatever you call higher power) that says “more of this.”
It has to send back whatever you’re offering vibrationally.
So if you want financial abundance, but you’re dwelling on financial lack (by entertaining worries about how to pay the bills, or frustrated that you don’t make more money, etc.) then you are not aligned to abundance.  Rather, you’re lined up with lack.  And that’s what you get back.
So lining up with what you want can be as simple as feeling now how you would feel then.

I’ve heard Abraham describe aligning as the same as “getting in the vortex.”  Although more industry jargon may not be helpful in understanding the concept.  😉
Let’s hear your thoughts on what alignment is!

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  • Barbara says:

    Jeannette, I define “alignment” by the way I feel. It just feels free, playful and joyous to me. I know I’m “aligned” when I’m feeling that way. I am me. 🙂 Warmly, Barbara

  • Virginia says:

    I would define alignment as the way I feel when I am at “my best” when I am exhilarated by every breath I take, when I find purpose and meaning behind everything I do, but that purpose and that meaning derive from within. I know I am aligned when there’s joy in all that I do, am, think and say, it is so evident , that the people and circumstances around me reflect that every time. I could always trick myself into believing that I am in alignment but if I still feel anxious and worried or stressed I know that I am not coming from a place of peace. I believe that’s where that alignment resides, in a place of peace, peace comes from complete knowing, knowing that there’s nothing I need to do be or say except what I feel like being/doing/saying at that moment, and there’s so much freedom in that knowing…

  • Jeannette, I have had a lot of non-LOA-savvy and non-Aber clients ask this question. Even when explained, a lot of them have a hard time understanding the term. I’ve come to realize “alignment” is a term which requires acknowledgement that 1.) Everything is vibrational, including our thoughts and emotions, 2.) We can shift our experience by shifting our own vibration (thoughts/emotions) on a subject), and 3.) We ALWAYS have a choice of how we think and feel. Those 3 are no-brainers for folks like you and me, but not for newbies.
    I echo the comments that being in alignment means feeling good about a thought or subject. What trips many people up is HOW to shift from not being in alignment, when it REEAAALLLY does not feel good.
    In my experience, while it isn’t EASY, it is DOABLE. It often helps to entertain thoughts that feel neutral. When you can hold those well, you can begin to work your way to thoughts that feel good.
    Many blessings,

  • Milos says:

    For me, alignment is going with the flow. It is also a description with another jargon word, but I felt this is the right way to describe it. When you feel happy for what you are doing and what you should do in the days ahead, that is alignment. Then you are creative and then the law of attraction is working for you and not against you.

  • Kim Falconer says:

    This is so interesting. I think Jeannette said it all with the image of the ducks and her addition of the word ‘to’ as it, Alignment to . . .
    You can’t be in our out of alignment unless you are measured against something else. Like, in alignment to or in alignment with . . .
    This is the key to understanding the concept. I’m never out of alignment with myself, or in alignment with myself for that matter. I am myself. Once I start measuring my vibration against other vibrations, then we can add the ins and outs.
    In alignment to . . . it’s a fill in the blank sort of concept.

  • Peregrine John says:

    Missy: I think less a synonym than a symptom. You can feel good for any number of reasons, and people chronically out of alignment don’t always feel bad. Consider those who binge on food to dodge the need to face life or be what they know inside that they were made to be. They feel good… briefly. There are a lot of feelings that qualify for the description, and not all denote good alignment. The one Greg describes is the one we want. See also the song by that name. Scrumptious.

  • MissyB says:

    Would simply feeling good be another term for alignment ?

  • Greg says:

    Alignment for me is that juicy, delicious, delightful, floating feeling (like a no-holds barred kiss that knocks your socks off) ) of thinking about who or what I want, and really feeling the feelings of having it now.

  • Peregrine John says:

    Hum, in my pre-post editing I clobbered the last sentence. Should read:
    How much more should we be aware of the alignment of our thoughts and feelings, which drive our actions, our bodies being chariots for our minds?

  • Peregrine John says:

    Alignment is one of those words that used to give me trouble, almost as much as “congruence”, which turns out to mean more or less the same thing. Most notably, they both are ways of looking at integrity. Integrity refers to an internal wholeness or sturdiness. Being “out of alignment” means that there is a discrepancy between what you say and what you do, between your habits and your intentions, between your mind’s ideas and your body’s actions. They become incongruent. It breaks down your integrity, and any internal breakage will at least be uncomfortable.
    When your car’s wheels are aligned, there is no wobbliness about going the direction you want it to go. The means of going somewhere is aligned with the desire, as expressed by the driver, to go there. How much more should we be aware of the alignment of our actions, our bodies being chariots for our minds?

  • Pernille, I’m getting the feeling I should have asked you to write this as a guest post! That was great – thanks for responding.
    Your description of what alignment isn’t is also helpful. 🙂

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Another way of describing alignment could be:
    you feel good
    you are looking forward to the manifestation of X without attachment or need
    you enjoy imagining it
    you expect to get it
    you are not paying attention to it not being there yet
    you feel as if it is already there.
    you don’t feel good
    you are attached to the outcome
    you need it in order to feel good
    you give your attention to the absence of it
    you are constantly looking for it
    you wonder why it has not manifested yet
    you wonder what you are doing wrong

  • Oh, yeah! I know what you mean, Janette! I sometimes use the words “get familiar with” or “get used to” or “acclimate to.”
    Well said! Thanks for chiming in on this one! 🙂

  • Janette says:

    I use that language too, but when I want to go “non-jargon” I might talk about getting comfy with something, or getting cosy with it. Like – would you rather be snuggled on the couch with Abundance or Lack? If our attention is on Lack, then it’s hard for Abundance to climb up beside us and share our blanket. Plus, any language that reminds me of napping is a bonus!!! Gettin’ on my Slacker Mojo 😉

  • Great description, Caroline! Thanks for posting.
    I also love the radio tuning metaphor, but this summary you gave really hit home for me, too: “Thought, word and deed being the same!”
    Thank you for that!

  • Caroline says:

    Thought, word and deed being the same! I like Abraham’s analogy of being tuned in to a certain radio station, you can only pick up what is broadcasting on that station. To me, being in alignment with something is as simple as being tuned into it. Actions and manifestations are a result of your alignment so if you want to know what you’re a vibrational match to (in alignment with), take stock of your life, it will clearly show you. The tricky part in achieving alignment with something you are not currently tuned into is you pick up both sides of the coin! (the side of what you want and the lack of it.) Nearly always, it’s best to think about something else, other areas where you are in line with what you want, the alignment spills over into other areas. Don’t worry, it’s easier done than said!

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