What is the Vortex? (the What, Why & How)

what is the vortexEven those listening to Abraham regularly sometimes find themselves asking, “What is the vortex again?”

And those who don’t listen to Abe can be confused by the lingo.

Since I use the term often, here’s a quick reminder about what the vortex is and how to get in:

The vortex is Abraham’s term for alignment to Source energy. (Or whatever you call Universe, God, All That Is, etc.)

Being in the vortex means you’re at one with who you really are, you’re feeling fab, and in vibrational alignment to your desires. It’s represented by feelings like enthusiasm, inspiration, passion, joy, and appreciation.

Being out of the vortex means you’re energetically kinked, not letting in the good stuff you’ve been calling in.  It often feels frustrated, hopeless, fearful, or angry.

Here’s Abraham defining the vortex back in 2009:

“What do you mean? What is a Vortex?” A Vortex is a vibrational state of being that is a precursor of all positive motion forward of all that is. It’s like, encapsulated, condensed, straight-up Source. It’s pure positive energy. It’s the holding tank. It’s the anchor. It’s the touchstone. It’s the place where all dreams and wishes and hopes are held until we find vibrational alignment with them.

It’s the eternal pool of wellbeing to which each of us have added mightily along the path of our physical experience.   Abe in San Diego, California on 9/19/2009

The reason you want to be IN the vortex is because it feels good.

That’s reason enough, since it’s the basis of all desires. (The only reason we ever want anything is because we think having, being or doing it will make us feel good/better.)

Being in the vortex means you’re experiencing the kind of alignment that fosters magic and miracles.  It’s where you get inspired answers to your questions.  It’s where things come together beautifully.  It’s where you feel on top of the world!

You can tell whether you’re in or out of the vortex based on how you feel.

When you feel good, you’re in.  When you feel crappy, you’re not in.

The vortex is also where you want to take action from.  That “aligned” state is a great time to make the phone calls, place the orders, sign the agreements, say “I do,” create the business plan, etc.

Because if you do anything outside the vortex, it’s not likely to pay off in ways you’d prefer.

So getting in is pretty important for having a life of ease and flow like deliberate creators know it can be.

While the typical question is: “Ok, so how do I get in?” it’s more a matter of what am I doing to take myself out?

Because if we just stopped doing the stuff that kinks our alignment (worrying, fretting, resenting, doubting, fearing, blaming, judging, etc.), then it’s natural to be in.

Here’s my real world example:

My blind kitty Elvis is playing underneath my chair right now with a twist tie.  Watching him makes me smile.  It’s a quick ticket into the vortex for me.

Thinking I should be doing something else with my time takes me out.  Feeling bad because he’s blind takes me out.

Feeling the privilege of living with this fabulous cat puts me right back in.  Enjoying how easily entertained he is (and me, too, I guess) keeps me in.

Getting in the vortex isn’t tricky or complicated.

It’s way easier and more simple than we sometimes think.

And that’s partly why it’s overlooked and underpracticed, along with believing we have to work hard for our reward.

Because it may be as simple as watching the cat play with a twist tie.

If you’ve got a good way of describing or thinking about the vortex, please share it here!

PS – Abraham-Hicks released their Getting in the Vortex guided meditation CD designed to get you in your vortex that is getting big time rave reviews at Good Vibe University!

  • December 12, 2010
  • Matthew O'Grady says:

    I love the Vortex and the Vortex loves me! 🙂

  • Patty says:

    Thank you for sharing Elvis with us. I loved it and it put a big smile on my face this morning.

  • Ashley says:

    Thanks for the Elvis footage; he’s amazing! That kicked me right into the center of the Vortex.

  • Miracle says:

    GREAT Article! 🙂

  • Monex says:

    Life from inside the Vortex is sublime. – Abraham-Hicks.Like many of you Ive been listening to Abraham-Hicks talk about getting in the Vortex for some time now and perhaps like many of you Ive been wondering What IS the Vortex?and How Do I Get In? These questions and more are addressed in their book THE VORTEX Where the Assembles All Cooperative Relationships. Read on and well pursue The Magic of The Vortex together..WHAT IS THE VORTEX?.The Vortex is defined as the place where everything you desire has already been lined up for you.

  • sophia says:

    Thanks Jeannette! for the reminder that “when we feel good, we’re in. When we’re feeling crappy, we’re not.” and it is as simple as that.
    I think we tend to make things appear more complicating than it really is. You are absolutely right that there are so many little things we can do to put ourselves in the vortex, as simple as being amused with watching our cats do the cute things they do.
    I guess the only tricky part is staying in the vortex, but I guess that comes with awareness and practice.
    Happy Vortexing everyone! =0)

  • You’re right about that, Jennie! Giggling is a sure sign you’re in! And Andy has a great way of inspiring that!
    Thanks for the link. 🙂

  • Jennie says:

    Jeannette, thanks for this. The quickest way for me to get back into the vortex lately is to watch one of Andy dooley’s videos. He just makes me giggle and that’s surely a sign I’m in there.

  • Seriously, Stacy, just like making too much about New Year’s – putting pressure on ourselves to make the most of it, etc. can spoil the fun – same thing with getting in the vortex! So true!!
    That was really helpful for me to think of it that way – thank you for that!
    And “cute gray floofiness” – especially with pink feathers strewn about – ha! If vortex had a picture in the dictionary, I bet it’d have both of those in it. (At least it would for me.) lol

  • Stacy says:

    Why am I JUST now realizing how my kitty Kabobby is a younger and (currently) smaller version of Elvis? Only main difference I see is Kabobby has more white on his face. Cute gray floofiness is an excellent Vortex getter-inner.
    In fact, Kabobby had me cracking up last night. I found this cat toy in the closet and he went nuts for it. As a result I have hot pink feathers strewn about and have gotten such a huge kick watching him play with it. I’ve discovered he’s quite the jumper!
    And I loved what you said about not figuring out HOW to get in but realizing what is keeping (or kicking) us out. I think trying too hard to get in the Vortex can keep us out. It’s like that New Year’s Eve syndrome – you work so hard to have a good time – but you’re not really. If you work too hard to get in the Vortex – then you’re not really in. Getting in is usually so easy and simple that you do it naturally. Of course you can do stuff that helps (ie watching the cats, funny videos, listening to great music, watching good tv or movies, reading a good book, dancing, what have you).
    Ok, enough rambling out of me. Time to do some Vortexy watching of The Big Bang Theory.

  • Lois, I’ll call that a mission accomplished! It’s one thing to TALK about the vortex, but if someone’s actually getting IN as a result of this post – that’s what it’s all about!!
    Thank you, my friend. 🙂

  • Lois says:

    Great blog, Jeannette. I was feeling a little out of the vortex this morning when I woke up. But just reading this blog has put me back in the vortex. It really is a simple concept.
    Nathaniel, I enjoyed your take on being in the vortex. Great visual.

  • I loved that discussion from Abe about how for many folks they get in the vortex easier and more reliably at a football game than they do at church. hee hee
    Yes, keeping it simple!! lol
    Thanks for that, Julie. 🙂

  • Julie B says:

    Thanks for this post Jeanette.. great stuff. A few of us were talking earlier about football = vortex. It’s not for everyone I know, but on the weekends I am just so happy!
    I guess it’s taking the complexity out of simplicity,eh? 😉

  • It’s HILARIOUS, VF – how sometimes he sits and the window and “looks” out. I’ve had to change my wording when I think about him doing it – that he’s “listening out” instead of “looking out.” ha
    In fact, my sister-in-law insisted he had some eyesight because he seemed to be seeing at least shadows – but since he doesn’t have any, pretty sure that’s not the case. The cutie patootie. 😉
    I could not agree with you MORE about how our animals are INSTANT Vortex inspirers! In fact, you’re making me want to see a video of Maverick. Hey, that’s in my vortex now, isn’t it?! lol

  • Okay, so can I just say how fascinating it is to me that Elvis appears to be looking at the twistie tie that has captivated him so?? He doesn’t look blind at all! I am so confused! I love it!!
    I think this is why cats (and dogs) are so incredible to have around…at any given moment they can captivate you with a mid-day snuggle or a randomly playful moment. Well dogs do this on a more regular basis…while kitties pick and choose their moments. My Maverick is like, 13 years old now, so he doesn’t play daily but out of NOWHERE he will start playing with something RANDOM (like a cube of post-it notes or my earphones for my ipod) and I just LOOOOVE it.
    INSTANT Vortex!!!
    Thanks for an excellent reminder of how easy it is to understand and choose the Vortex!

  • Julio Blanco says:

    Jeannette, thanks for explaining it so simply because I’ve had several times where trying to wrap my mind around the idea, well, knocked me right out of my vortex!
    And it’s great to realize that my vortex can be as near as a chocolate popsicle, looking at the clouds and mountains around here, taking a nap, petting our dog, or many other little pleasures. There’s so much power in simple things and simple thoughts.

  • There is, isn’t there, Julio? (So much power in such simple things.)
    Which is why I think they’re sometimes overlooked – because they seem too simple to be that powerful.
    Thanks for reading and especially for chiming in, my friend.

  • Nicole, I love your translation for non LOA savvy folks: “The Zone.” That’s very relatable!

  • Nicole says:

    I love you Barbara! hahaha
    Its funny – when I tell my friends that I’m in the vortex, their initial reaction is that sounds horrible! Like you are stuck in some place that you do not want to be in! So for my non-loa saavy peeps, I say “I’m in the zone!”
    It is an awesome place to be. I’m so grateful to experience it!
    I love your definition Chip – “The Vortex of where they meet is the highest place you can obtain and still remain physically focused.”

  • Barbara says:

    Aw, the Vortex! It’s the ultimate “high” without drugs..lol! Just “feel good” JOY! My photographs I’ve taken of the tunnel in Detroit airport reminds me of people flowing in and out of the Vortex. That’s why I use them for my “logo.” I feel “high” everytime I look at them. Each of us has our own “Vortex ticket” that gets us in. One of yours is Elvis (and I really like him, too!).
    Can you envision an online Vortex ticket agency where we could buy our tickets to get in? LOL Now that would be something! But who would want a round-trip ticket? There would be no expansion if we didn’t pop back out once in awhile, would there? Hmmm…I’m thinking of a Vortex Safari Ticket where we get to adventure around for awhile in the Vortex, come home, experience the contrast to create more safari experiences and get another ticket in! Maybe I should suggest this to Mike Dooley! lol
    As you can see, I just had a whole lot of fun in the Vortex with my playfulness! Woo hoo! Warmly, Barbara

  • How fun would it be, Barbara, to plan a vacation to the Vortex! That’s probably what lots of folks intend to experience on vacation, anyway, but … what a fun thought as to what my personal vortex vacation would be like! lol
    I’m having fun with this one right along with you!! Thanks for posting, girlfriend.

  • This is just lovely to revel in, Chip: “The Vortex of where they meet is the highest place you can obtain and still remain physically focused.”
    Thanks for that!

  • ChipEFT says:

    A vortex is nature’s way of efficiently blending of two opposing flowing forces. In the case of The Vortex, the energies we are talking about are the vibrational energy of you as a being of light and love, Source Energy. and that vibrational energy of you as a physically focused being.
    The Vortex of where they meet is the highest place you can obtain and still remain physically focused.

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Awesome article, Jeannette!
    I love how you make it sound very simple and easy to understand. And I particularly love how you turn it around, so the question is not how to get into your Vortex, but how to get out!
    It has helped my understanding of the Vortex to know that it is also sometimes referred to as “my vibrational reality”, meaning the “place” where all my wishes are coming true vibrationally and waiting for me to come into alignment and allow them to manifest in my physical reality.
    When I’m in my Vortex, my vibration matches my desires (not the lack or the things that have gone wrong), my vibration matches the solutions (not the problems), my vibration matches the answers (not the questions).

  • Oh, very well said, Pernille!! Thinking of the vortex as where all our desires are manifested!
    In fact, sometimes just THINKING about what’s in there can take us in. I’m sometimes inspired to do that when I’m knee deep in contrast – to think “Okay, so what is this (contrast) creating? And what is THAT (opposite of contrast) like?”
    That’s a pretty nice focus.
    Thanks for adding to this conversation, Pernille. That was perfect!

  • Thank you, Monika! 🙂
    He is SUCH an easy way in to the vortex for me! In fact, even you appreciating him along with me takes me right back in. lol
    And thanks to you, too, BarbaraM. I wish everyone could post THEIR videos of what takes them in the vortex, too!

  • BarbaraM says:

    I feel so vortexy today 🙂 Elvis is such a lovely and adorable kitty. Thank you Jeannette for the simple and understandable explanation.

  • M(onika) says:

    I love this!!!!
    The cat is absolutely adorable, and you rock, Jeannette.
    Such a nice posting <3

  • Mine has that same habit sometimes, Janette. ha
    Glad you found value here!

  • Janette says:

    Thanks for the Simple, Jeannette. My brain has a sneaky way of trying to complicate things, and a kitty with a twist tie is about as simple as it gets. And the perfect reminder of how to choose my perspective!

  • Ooh, I like that, Ryan when you’re in the vortex, everything is being pulled towards you. Energy in motion, indeed!
    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • Nathaniel says:

    Jeannette, I love how you just did a whole blog post on the vortex!! I think you did a great job explaining it!I remember Abraham said something like “when you are feeling hopeful you are knocking on the Vortex’s door when you are expecting and believeing you are in”
    I also wanted to add that it is called the vortex for its swirling energy in motion. In the vortex you are pulling everything you want to you. There is such a strong magnetic pull in the vortex.
    It’s like there is a universal game of Tug of War going on. And on one end is 2 million men that have all your stuff and on your end there is 2 million men trying to pull it over to you. And everytime you are in the vortex (feeling strong positive emotion) the men drag the stuff closer to you. Every time you are out of the vortex the other men pull it away from you. The stronger the emotion the stronger the pull. When you aren’t feeling much of anthing the men are at a stand still.
    So get in the vortex enough times and eventually your men will pull the stuff over to you. And there is a different Tug of War game being played for each item you want. The things that are easiest for you to get int he vortex on come righ over to you. Positive emotion fuels your men. Negative emotions fuels the other men. Now fortunately positive emotion is way more powerful than negative emotion so that’s why it is so easy to live in this world.
    That was a little analogy that I just came up with this moment. I hope it’s helpful!!

  • “Clear and calm” – thank you for that, Angela.
    I think a lot of people (maybe I’m making this up) think of the Vortex as this ultimate impossible ideal, and don’t realize how accessible it truly is.
    Thanks for your languaging around that – I’m finding it very uplifting!
    PS – big love to you and your recently transitioned kitty. 🙂

  • Jeannette,
    I loved seeing your kitty. I just lost one who loved to play just like Elvis. Watching Elvis really made my day!
    To me the vortex is exactly as you’ve described it. It means being clear and calm – free of the reactions and emotions that drag down our vibration and cause obstructions in our “flow.”

  • Aw, Judy! I know every cat mom thinks that about their cat, so when someone else agrees – it’s just heartswelling!! lol
    Thank you!! 🙂

  • Judy says:

    Yep, he’s pretty darn cute, alright.

  • As usual, you make me laugh, Lin!
    Thanks for that. 🙂

  • Lin E says:

    It certainly isn’t tricky or complicated now that you’ve explained it so succinctly, Jeannette. Then again, to me, you ARE the vortex! 😉

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